21 Thoughtful First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Celebrate a Year Together With Our Incredible Frist Year Anniversary Gifts for Him:

The two of you have been together for an entire year, congratulations! At this point, so many things have probably changed and happened that it may seem like it was just yesterday that you were planning your wedding in the first place. But, since a whole year has passed, you know it is time to buy your first wedding anniversary gift for him (how exciting?)! While you’ve definitely gotten gifts for him in the past, you truly want to make this occasion special, after all, you only get one first. So for your first year anniversary gifts for him, you’ll want to get him something personal, that can be useful or that he can enjoy while he thinks about all the time the two of you have spent together. Sound vaguely specific? Yep, that is because it is. However, instead of fretting over what exactly fits that definition, we’ve rounded up the top first anniversary gifts for your husband that any guy will love!

A Classy First Anniversary Gift for Him

Whiskey Cigar Decanter First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

As it was mentioned before, this first anniversary is a BIG deal, so make sure that your first anniversary gift for him is equally as big of a deal by getting him this engraved whiskey decanter and cigar glass gift set! This set is the perfect way to show him that even though you’ve been hitched for a while now, you still want to get him an awesome and unique gift! Perfect for occasions like celebrating your anniversary or other major milestones, you can also be sure he’ll be breaking this set out just because the glasses and decanter look so good!

Time For Modern Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Watch Case Flask Watch and Rocks Glass

Keep up with the times with a modern anniversary gift set he is going to love! This personalized watch case gift set with a watch is a neat and fun way to get him that modern first year anniversary gift, a clock, while still getting him other cool things too! It’s perfect for him to enjoy on your anniversary as well as every day after since he can easily take his watch and flask everywhere with him. Plus, you know, from now on he’ll be starting each morning by reaching into his watch case to make sure he always has his favorite accessory on him.

Arm Him with Beer

Custom Beer Ammo Can Husband Anniversary Gift

Make a statement when you get this set of first year anniversary gifts for him since his new personalized beer glasses will come inside a matching ammo can! This has got to be one of the coolest anniversary gift ideas for him. The set is manly, he can use it for beer, storing photos from the wedding, or even carry ammo to the range. This set is so good that he’ll still be drinking from the glasses when you’re shopping for 2 year anniversary gifts for him too. Talk about a multi-purpose, masculine anniversary gift for him!

The Perfect Personalized Sign for Him

Game Room Sign First Anniversary Gift for Him

A dream of his, since before you were even married, has always been to have his own game room. Now that the two of you have finally tied the knot and live together, he can start creating the room of his dreams! So, whether he already has a pool table and beers on tap or this is the first step, he’ll love taking this personalized sign and claiming a room in the house as his official game room! Whether it becomes a beer and billiard central or it is where the two of you like to unwind with a glass of wine and darts, you can be sure this will be one of the best anniversary gifts for him you can imagine!

A Fresh Take on First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Tie Clip and Cufflinks with Paper Insert

Take a unique approach to the traditional first year anniversary gift for him (paper) with these cufflinks and tie clip! Inside, they have a rare, hand-made paper called Kinkaku, that comes all the way from Japan which makes each set as unique as your husband. These are a great set of classic gifts for his anniversary that he can wear to any formal occasion or even on date nights with you!

Celebrate with a Stogie Box Set

Custom Box Set of Cigar and Whiskey Gifts

Part of your expectations for reaching your one year anniversary has got to be a celebration! So, ensure he can celebrate in style with the most badass looking cigar and scotch gift box set you’ve ever seen! Engraved with his name, he’ll love using his cigar glass, stand, and cigar case to mark the one year anniversary of your wedding! Now, whether he is toasting to you for another great year or decides to unwind with a cigar and scotch, he has the perfect gift to do so!


A Gift to Meat His Expectations

Bamboo Cutting Board First Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Got a guy who can’t get enough of the grill? Does he feel like he already has everything he could need from seasonings to grill tools? Well, he is wrong! You know he simply can’t live without this personalized cutting board! It is the perfect first year anniversary gift for your husband. Now, thanks to this bamboo board, he can easily cut, season, and serve food on a quality board he can be proud of. Just don’t be surprised when he cancels dinner plans so he can make your one-year anniversary dinner at home.

Coolest Crystal Decanter Set

Glencairn Decanter Set of First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Let him feel like the luckiest and most sophisticated man alive when he opens up his anniversary gift only to find that you have gotten him a crystal Glencairn decanter gift set. These are great gifts for the guy who absolutely loves finer liquors and they work great for those who want to get further into the whiskey, bourbon, or scotch game. Not only will this gift make every drink special, but it’ll also enhance the flavors thanks to the unique shape and decanting. Now, he’ll have a special set of glasses he can use for years as he expands his whiskey palate!

Oh the Memories

Personalized Shadow Box with Pint Glasses

Over the last year, there is no doubt that special memories have been created between the two of you. While a picture frame may work for some, help him collect the memories that matter the most to him with this personalized shadow box and pint glass gift set. This way, whether he loves the nightly beers you and he share and wants to savor each cap, or he prefers to fill the shadow box with tickets, photos, or other small objects, he can! This will be the coolest custom display for him that he’ll love seeing every time he passes where it hangs on the wall.

Clocking in as the Most Modern Anniversary Gift

Cog Clock Anniversary Gift for Him

Give him one of the coolest examples of a modern first anniversary gift for him with this cog clock! It is a unique take on the clock idea that also gives him a cool and functional piece of decor. Thanks to the awesome design, this clock will look just as good in the living room as it will in his man cave or the garage!

The Toughest First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Blackout Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Box Set

Your husband is tough, like REALLY tough which is why he can’t just get any wine gift set as his first year anniversary gift. Instead, he needs one that is fully blacked out to perfection, just like this engraved stainless steel wine gift set. Now, whenever he finds the urge to enjoy a Chardonnay or Riesling, he can still look tougher than Chuck Norris while doing so. Add in that it comes with two glasses, and the two of you might just be celebrating your first wedding anniversary with his new gift set!

An Engraved Whiskey Gift for the Rarest Guy

Whiskey Ammo Can First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Take this opportunity of getting a first anniversary gift for him as the perfect chance to make him feel as manly as you’ve always seen him! This personalized whiskey and cigar ammo can gift set might even have a few extra chest hairs grow on him just from seeing it. But once he looks inside, a full-grown beard might just erupt too! Whether you fill the ammo can with whiskey and cigar accessories or clear it out for things like fishing tackle or tools, you can be sure this will be an anniversary gift he will never forget!

For His Sacred Space

Personalized Garage Plaque

Now that the two of you have been living together for at least a year, make sure that he can easily claim one part of the house as his with this engraved garage sign. This is a space every guy finds to be his tranquil sanctuary. No matter how many curse words you may hear when he is attempting to rebuild an engine or create the coolest woodworking project, this is his relaxation temple. So let him mark it with the coolest sign ever to make it feel even more like his own space!

The Manliest First Anniversary Gift for Him

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Speaking of men feeling like true manly-men, once he flips the latch on his personalized beer gift box, he’ll feel like he is pulling the Excalibur of beer mugs out when he grabs onto the handle of one of these engraved mugs! Can you think of a cooler set of first year anniversary gifts for him? Now, he can feel like a Knight of the Round Table or a king each time he sits on his throne (recliner or sofa) while he throws back some of his favorite brews!


Keep His Tunes Coming

Luxury Headphones First Anniversary Gift for Him

Create a unique listening experience with a set of headphones that are sure to blow away any other set in competition with these Mexe Empyrean headphones! They come in the choice of two colors and are ideal for comfort as well as crisp sounds and deep bass. Whether he needs to tune out the world and jam out to his favorite album or wants to immerse himself in a video game, you can be sure these headphones will deal top-quality sound for him!

The Gift for a Gentleman of a Husband

Personalized Cigar Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Have him feel like the classy gentleman you’ve always seen him as with an engraved cigar and whiskey gift set perfect for occasions like your anniversary and ideal for unwinding after a long week at work. Thanks to this unique gift set, he can easily hang his arm around you while still using his other hand to both smoke a cigar as well as enjoy his favorite drink! How cool is that? Plus, you can even fill his travel cigar case so he can get to use his new gift right away!

An Anniversary Gift with Some Flavor

Smoke Box Drink Infuser

Each day with your husband has been something new, unique, and exciting, which is why his gift should reflect that with this smoke box system! Now, each drink he makes can be as unique as the day the two of you spent together. From here on out, he’ll be taking different woods and seasonings to smoke his whiskey, bourbon, or scotch to create unique and tasty flavors!

His Own Personalized Bean Bag Set

Engraved Bean Bag Toss set

Your first anniversary gift for him should be fun! And is there anything guys find more fun than competition? This custom bean bag set is a great way for him to always have a way to complete and play games with his buddies at BBQs or tailgates. Plus, the two of you could easily create a tradition of playing a game of bags on your anniversary, how cute and fun would that be?

Presenting His Favorite Liquor Box

Personalized Liquor Gift Box

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is his favorite bottle of liquor. However, this is your anniversary you are talking about. A bottle in the brown paper bag or with a bow around the neck simply won’t do. Instead, make it a unique gift by placing it inside this custom liquor gift box. Engraved with his name, your anniversary date, and a title (like “Best Husband Ever”), this will be the coolest way he’s ever gotten a bottle of Maker’s 46 or Buffalo Trace given to him!

Keep Him Classy

Tie Gift Box

One accessory a man can never have too many of are ties. They are cool, easy, and unique gifts that help him look his best every single day, while also being something easy for you to get for him. So for your anniversary, look no further than this set of eight ties that come in a box, this way, he will always have a tie that matches every shirt he owns!

The Coolest First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Whiskey Stone Set of First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

After all of those gifts did you think that these first year anniversary gifts for him couldn’t get any cooler? Well, this set may have just proven you wrong! The engraved whiskey stone box with the crystal glasses is by far the coolest gift (get it, cooling stones, coolest?) on the list! Not only is it an awesome looking gift for him, but the two of you can toast each year to another happy year together using this gift set!