29 Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Every year, you think long and hard about what to buy for your husband for Christmas. This year, you’re determined to give him the greatest gift ever that trumps all the gifts from holidays passed! The perfect Christmas gifts for husband don’t have to be difficult to find. They are simply gifts that you know he’d love using all the time, unique to him, and that are often custom made! So, before you begin thinking about “What to get my husband for Christmas” or “What is an awesome Christmas gift idea for him? Explore our amazing selection of holiday gifts that your husband won’t help but love.

Christmas Gifts for Husband You Can’t Go Wrong With

Custom Cigar Gift Box Set Christmas Gifts for Husband

Get him a gift that he’d never think to ask Santa Claus for because he doesn’t know something as amazing as it even exists! Nothing will cause your husband to have more holiday cheer than this cigar gift set. He’ll absolutely adore the customization on the glass and the box, which will make him feel so incredibly special. It gives him the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and other special occasions with a glass of spirits and a stogie.

It’s Game Time with this Sign

Billiards Sign Christmas Gifts for Husband

If you want your hubby to have that wide-eyed, thrilled little kid look when he opens up his Christmas present, this personalized billiards sign is the gift you need! He’ll be so pleased with the customization and bright colors of this gorgeous sign. It will look awesome hung up in his favorite room of the house. Talk about a merry Christmas!

For a Future Sommelier

Custom Wine Decanter Set

This holiday season, help him fully embrace his passion for all things wine with the most stunning set of wine glassware he (or anyone else spending Christmas with you) has ever seen! This wine decanter set is one of the greatest Christmas gifts for husband because it’s perfectly personalized and will be put to good use on Christmas and every other holiday! Your husband won’t be able to stop talking about this amazing gift that helps him enjoy his favorite red or white more than ever before.

Most Versatile Christmas Gifts for Husband

Allbirds Men's Shoes

Who could possibly appreciate a versatile piece of fashion more than a man who doesn’t want to have to deal with tons of options? Your husband will love these wool runners because they can be dressed up on a date night or dressed down for a casual walk in the park, and he’ll look great wearing them. He’ll be a big fan of the convenience of one pair for any occasion, and he won’t ever want another pair of shoes!

Very Impressive Glassware Set

Personalized Twist Whiskey Decanter Set

This whiskey decanter set is so amazing that Santa’s elves will consider it their best work ever, and your husband will agree! Nothing will make him happier when he wants to relax or celebrate a special occasion than pouring his favorite spirit from his personalized decanter into the handsome, unique twist glasses. He’ll admire this gorgeous set of cool Christmas gifts forever and always remember this special Christmas.


As Amazing as Him

Custom Ammo Can Beer Set Christmas Gifts for Husband

Because your husband is so fantastic and incredible, get him the Christmas gift to match! This ammo can gift set is a really great, personalized gift that he’ll appreciate a lot because he’s never seen anything quite like it. He’ll love using the ammo can to store his own ammo, fishing tackle, or anything else he wants. The pint glasses are perfect for celebrating a special occasion with a buddy or even his amazing wife, making them terrific Christmas gifts for husband.

Infuse His Whiskey

Smoke Box Christmas Gifts for Husband

There’s no way he’s ever received a gift as awesome as this one! This smoke box is an incredible holiday gift because it gives him the opportunity to get creative with his whiskey and enjoy it in a whole new way. He’ll love infusing different flavors into his favorite whiskeys and drinking them on special occasions!

Travel the Right Way: In Style

Toiletry Bag

Men rarely buy nice, useful items for themselves. Instead of stuffing all of his toiletries inside a Ziploc bag during his next time traveling, he’ll be so thankful to have this handsome travel kit instead! He’ll be so appreciative of this nice, convenient gift that makes his life easier, and you won’t have to wonder, “What to get my husband for Christmas?” any more!

That Coveted Bar Vibe

Personalized Bar Sign

Help your husband either make his home bar even better or have the right piece to start one with this customized tavern sign! It’s an attractive, versatile sign that will look perfect hanging on the wall in the bar area and give the entire space an authentic bar vibe! He can hang it up on the wall and enjoy a mug full of beer to celebrate Christmas!

A Useful Gift for Him

Leather Valet Box

“Oh, what to get my husband for Christmas?” It is a question that seems to be on your mind every year because he has everything he wants. Shift your focus into something he doesn’t even know he needs—a leather valet box! Your husband will love having a place to keep and display his watches as well as keep track of every tie clip, ring, cufflink, and any other small accessory he tends to lose occasionally. He’ll wonder how he ever lived without this ingenious gift!

A Simple Way to Celebrate Good Times

Custom Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Christmas gifts for husband don’t have to be huge or complicated. This cigar gift set is simple yet will be enjoyed on many Christmases and other special occasions from here on out! He’ll love raising his glass for many toasts with you as well as having the perfect place to store his cigars when he’ll be doing his celebrating away from home.

Capture Every Single Moment

GoPro Camera Christmas Gifts for Husband

One of your favorite things about your amazing husband is how sentimental he is. Help him embrace his sentimentality with this GoPro camera! He’ll love capturing every sweet moment he experiences with you and your family and friends. It will make looking back on those moments years from now so special.

Bet on this Christmas Present

Custom Poker Set

He is a hardworking man who deserves to have some fun once in a while. For one of the best Christmas gifts for husband, get him this customized poker gift set for the perfect way to have fun. Whether it’s with family in from out of town for the holidays or with his buddies on a weekend game night, your man will get tons of use out of this amazing Christmas gift set!

New Kitchen Adventures Await

Smokeless Grill

With this fancy smokeless grill, your main man will have a better experience in the kitchen than ever before! From making burgers for the family on casual weekends to smoked sausage during the holidays, your husband will have a blast grilling in this whole new way. He’ll really appreciate being able to grill when the weather is bad and he doesn’t want to go outside!

More Refined Christmas Present

Monogram Whiskey Box Set

Classy, refined, poised: all words to describe the kind of man your husband is and words that should describe the Christmas gifts for husband you get him. This monogrammed decanter set is a phenomenal gift choice because it’s the classiest gift set out there. He’ll feel like royalty when he pours his spirit of choice from the decanter into the fancy glasses to enjoy a drink.

Golf…at Work?

Golf Putting Set

No matter what level of enthusiasm your husband has for golf, it will skyrocket on Christmas morning the moment he opens up the beautiful red box! This golf putting set is totally awesome because when he’s at the office, at home, or anywhere else, he can practice his short game. He’ll love the constant practice this gift gives him as well as a fun break from hard work it provides!

His Very Own Box for Bottles

Engraved Wooden Gift Box

Still wondering, “What to get my husband for Christmas”? Look no further than this wooden liquor gift box! This is the perfect way to gift your husband his favorite whiskey while also giving him a special personalized present that he’ll never forget. He’ll love using the box to save a bottle of liquor for a special occasion, keeping photographs of loved ones, or whatever else he wants!


The Best Way to Shave

Complete Wet Shave Kit Christmas Gifts for Husband

When you’re a kid and open up that one amazing gift on Christmas morning, it’s practically glued to you for weeks after. This wet shave kit probably wouldn’t cause a similar reaction in a child, but for your husband, it definitely will! He’ll be a huge fan of this fancy gift that will make shaving more enjoyable and easier.

Relaxation and Celebration

Monogram Cigar Gift Set

When you can’t think of any good Christmas gifts for husband, consider his favorite vices. This whiskey and cigar gift set is an excellent present because your cigar-loving man will really appreciate having brand new, monogrammed accessories that help him enjoy his favorite spirits and stogies more than ever before. Starting with Christmas evening, he’ll love using this gift for every celebration as well as every night he wants to relax.

Checks Every Box for Christmas Gifts for Husband

Custom Shadow Box Christmas Gifts for Husband

A way to save important mementos? Check. An awesome, masculine piece of home decor? Check. Personalization? Check! This customized shadow box has all the makings of a legendary Christmas gift that he will talk about for many Christmases to come. Your man will love storing cigar bands, wine corks, ticket stubs, or any other small items inside this handsome box, and he’ll be a big fan of how it looks hanging up in his man cave or bedroom.

Takes Gaming to a New Level

VR Gaming Headset

Video games are one of his guilty pleasures, and he deserves to indulge in those when he wants, especially at Christmastime! Help him enjoy them more than ever before with this amazing VR gaming headset! He’ll love experiencing his favorite games in a whole new way using this gift, and he’ll feel happy that you support his interests.

Thinking “What to Get My Husband for Christmas?” Check this Out!

Personalized Ammo Can Whiskey Set

A good way to ensure he’ll be thrilled with this holiday present is to find a gift that’s so unique and amazing that he’ll be surprised something like it even exists which is what makes this ammo can set the perfect gift! He’ll instantly be drawn to the customized ammo can and be so excited to use it to store his drinking accessories, mementos from the holidays, or anything else he wants in one of the most unique Christmas gifts for husband he could have fathomed.

Help Him Achieve His Grilling Tools

Custom Bamboo Barbecue Tool Set

There could be no bigger compliment for many men than telling them they’re a master of the grill. Help your husband achieve this coveted title with his very own personalized set of barbecue tools for Christmas! He’ll love when the two of you host a backyard barbecue and he gets to use the tools to make the best brats, burgers, and any other items that your guests have ever eaten! The case makes it easy for him to bring along to friends’ barbecues too!

A New Activity

Hot Cause Making Kit Christmas Gifts for Husband

Your man is nothing if not adventurous. He is always willing to try new things. You know he’d have an absolute blast with a unique holiday gift like this hot sauce making kit! He’ll want you to help him, of course, as he tries his hand at making the most delicious hot sauce known to man. He’ll love receiving such a creative, fun Christmas present!

Most Handsome Sign Christmas Gifts for Husband

Personalized Whiskey Sign

You want to get your husband a whiskey-related gift for Christmas, but he has plenty of glassware and other accessories. Instead, buy him one of the coolest Christmas gifts for husband that he’ll be so proud to have hung up in his home! This personalized whiskey sign is a phenomenal holiday gift because he’ll absolutely love the rustic feel it brings to his home bar area or man cave. He’ll be a big fan of the look of the oh-so familiar label, and he’ll love showing it off to all his guests.

Out of this World Christmas Gift

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

While of course your husband doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, the moment he opens up this wine tumbler gift set, he might question his own disbelief a little bit because of how amazing it is! He’ll love using the handsome matte black glasses to enjoy a glass of wine on Christmas evening or a nice cold cocktail on the front porch when it’s warm outside. The personalization is the icing on the cake to this stunning gift set!

Just Like a Kid Again

Pajamas Set for Husbands

Sometimes, a super cheesy Christmas gift for your husband is just a necessity so he never forgets the magic of Christmas. These Christmas pajamas are actually handsome and comfortable, and he’ll have to admit that he’s a big fan! He’ll love going to bed on Christmas wearing these cozy pjs that give him a taste of that true Christmas spirit he felt when he was young.

Quintessential Handsome Christmas Gift

Custom Globe Decanter Set

No longer struggle when you ask yourself “what to get my husband for Christmas?” This globe decanter set couldn’t be more perfect of a gift! You know he’ll feel like the coolest man ever with this decanter displayed on his home bar or dining room table, with the crystal ship gleaming as it sails through his whiskey. Using the personalized glasses to sip on a spirit as he relaxes with you on Christmas evening will cap off the most perfect Christmas ever.