17 Unique Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Make Each Drink Memorable with Unique Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Every bourbon drinker feels like they’re missing out when people give gifts. Usually, all anyone knows to get them is a bottle of bourbon, but you might not know what flavors or brands they like, and sometimes people want something different. These unique gifts for bourbon drinkers are a fantastic way to give them a gift that they can enjoy for much longer than a simple bottle of bourbon. In fact, these sets and accessories are the best way to enhance their next drink! Now, that still may leave you wondering, “What goes with bourbon as a gift?” If you’re shopping for your family you might ask, “What should I get my dad who loves bourbon?” or even “What is a good bourbon gift?” Well, worry no longer! We’ve got years of experience and have found just the unique gift for a bourbon drinker you need!

Set of Monogrammed Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Monogrammed Bourbon Decanter Set

A monogrammed bourbon decanter set is one of the best gifts out there for a bourbon drinker. Even if they have a decanter you know they don’t have one with their initials on it! Just think how classy they’ll feel sipping on a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle or Blanton’s from this epic gift set. In fact, this gift is so good it doesn’t even need to be for an occasion, simply because it makes their bourbon more enjoyable is all the justification they’ll need for receiving such a cool gift!

Coolest Custom Gift Box Set

Twist Whiskey Glass Set of Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Getting a unique gift for a bourbon drinker isn’t quite as hard as it may seem sometimes. After all, you already have this awesome custom twist glass box set right in front of your eyes. It is only a few clicks away from being yours too! You know you want to get this for the absolute bourbon fiend in your life. They’ll not only love sipping on their liquor from this set but the way the light refracts through the amber hues of their bourbon and twists in the glass will have them feeling far more classy than they would when drinking out of a regular rocks glass.

Their Own Bourbon Label

Personalized Bourbon Label Decanter

What could be cooler than having your own bourbon label? Pumping out barrel after barrel of liquor that you have had your say in exactly how it tastes. Well, that is a hard gift to give. So, the next best thing is this custom decanter! After all, once they put their liquor inside, who’s to say it isn’t their brand now? This is a great gift to pair with their go-to bottle of bourbon since they’re going to want to see this gorgeous piece of glassware filled to the brim, enticing them with a drink each time they glance at the custom engraving.

Ultimate Tasting Gift for Bourbon Drinker

Glencairn Glass Set of Unique Bourbon Gift Ideas

Elevate their drinking experience with these custom gifts for bourbon drinkers–a unique Glencairn box set! Whether they love to have a bourbon flight or tasting party, these glasses are the ideal way for them to experience flavors and aromas within their go-to bourbons they’ve never experienced ever before. Plus, when a gift comes in a classy gift box like this, what isn’t to like about it?

A Chill Bourbon Glass

Custom Rocks Glass with Bourbon Sphere

Never have them suffer a warm glass of bourbon ever again with this engraved rocks glass and bourbon sphere. Even if they leave their drink out on the warmest counter-top, a chilled sphere will quickly and evenly cool their drink to an ideal sipping temperature in minutes. Besides, to help chill the bourbon they’ll be swirling their drink to move the sphere around, and they’ll just feel so damn classy while they do so!


Don’t Shelf This Gift Idea

Bourbon Barrel Liquor Shelf

Create the coolest atmosphere in someone’s home with a bourbon barrel liquor shelf. This is an awesome gift for someone who simply can’t love bourbon any more than they currently do. Whether they display this in their home bar, kitchen, or garage, you can be sure it’ll be displayed with pride!

Classic Crystal Glassware Gift Set

Gift for Bourbon Drinker are Crystal Bourbon Glasses

Now, when shopping for gifts for bourbon drinkers, there are few things better than a classic crystal rocks glass gift set. These are great for any kind of bourbon drinker and for any occasion. Why? Well, crystal is simply perfect! It is classic but still feels modern and it also makes every drink just feel classier because of the history behind crystal glassware.

Perfect Personalized Presentation Box

Custom Bourbon Bottle Gift Box

Sometimes, the best gift ideas for bourbon drinkers are just a bottle of bourbon. However, if it is an occasion worth seeking out a bourbon blog, you’ve already thought of that. So, instead of being too simple, you can spice things up with a personalized presentation gift box. This allows you to easily gift a bottle of bourbon while also giving a gift that will last long after the bourbon has been drunk. Whether they use the box to store special bottles for memorable occasions or it is used as a keepsake, you can be sure they’ll be keeping your gift for a long, long time.

Hone Their Senses

Nosing Gift Set

Become the aficionado you feel like you only ever hear about in movies with this bourbon nosing kit. You may have thought that people saying they smell the cherries in their bourbon were lying, but with enough practice using this nosing gift for bourbon drinkers, you’ll be the connoisseur you’ve always dreamed of!

Superb Stogie Glass Gift for Bourbon Drinker

Cigar Glass and Decanter Set of Unique Bourbon Gift Ideas

Bourbon and cigars are simply a classic pairing. When shopping for a gift for a bourbon lover, making enjoying their favorite vices at the same time easier than ever with this personalized decanter set! The unique cigar glasses make holding both their stogie and drink as easy as pouring themselves another drink! And with a decanter like this, you can be sure they’ll be looking for any excuse to enjoy another round of their favorite bourbon brand.


Take a Shot at a Custom Bourbon Gift Set

Custom Bullet Stone Set of Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Not every set of bourbon gifts for men needs to be deadly serious, some can be a ton of fun like this novelty bullet stone bourbon set that also comes with cigar accessories. They’ll always get a kick out of seeing his go-to bourbon being chilled by the novelty stones. Plus, the cigar stand is the perfect classy accessory that lets them enjoy both his vices at the same time with ease!

A Neat Sweatshirt

Neat Bourbon Sweatshirt

Help them express their love in style and comfort with a unique bourbon glass sweatshirt. They’ll find this gift “Neat,” of course. And, they know anyone that asks about it will be someone they get to share their knowledge and love of their favorite liquor with!

Classically Engraved Bourbon Gift Box Set

Personalized Bourbon Decanter Box Set

A classic decanter box set is the gift for a bourbon drinker that they’ve always been wanting but have never gotten around to getting for themselves. This classy set is guaranteed to always be sitting out on their home bar, with a fully topped-off decanter. This way, whenever someone asks about this epic gift, they can tell them the story of how they got it while they both enjoy a delicious drink on the rocks!

Get A-Head with a Fun Decanter Set

Skull Decanter Gift for Bourbon Lover

Give that novelty gift that the special someone in your life who loves bourbon will drink out of on a daily basis. Whether they’re a sucker for Halloween, love all things spooky, or think this set is just badass, a skull decanter set is definitely a gift that no one will ever forget!

Custom Cocktail Smoker Gift Set

Cocktail Smoker Kit Gift for Bourbon Drinker

A great thing about gifts for bourbon drinkers is that if you look hard enough, you can find something truly unique. This cocktail smoker set is one of those unique gifts. Now, each drink can be tailor-made and custom flavored to the bourbon drinker in your life’s specifications. With wood chips, they’ll be able to infuse every drink with delicious smoky flavor from here on out!

Seriously Good Smoking Gift Idea

Bourbon Smoking Chips

Got something you need to smoke? Maybe you got the cocktail smoker above? Then you simply must have these Blanton’s bourbon smoking chips. Whether you’ve got your signature ribs in need of a new flare of smoke with bourbon infusion or you are making a unique smoked cocktail, you simply can’t go wrong with these perfectly aged smoking chips.

Ultimate Box Set of Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Classy Bourbon Gift Box with Cigar Glass and Decanter

A gift that helps them savor their stogie and bourbon at the same time, say no more! This luxurious set of personalized bourbon gifts comes packed inside of a gorgeous black gift box that has been engraved with their last name and initial, just like the glasses and decanter in this gift set. You can already see them on their big occasion, opening their set, and immediately wanting to indulge in their gift. Don’t let them down, and pair a bottle of bourbon and a good cigar with their gift too!