27 Cool Christmas Gifts for Dad

27 Cool Christmas Gifts for Dad

The holidays are quickly approaching and you don’t have any idea what to get your dad for Christmas. He says he doesn’t really need anything, but you want to get him something cool. Cool Christmas gifts for dad are useful funny, interesting, and personalized. Dads want to be able to laugh, use, and explore gifts that enhance life experiences. When searching for Christmas gifts, there are many things to consider: “What cool gadgets would dad like?” “What are some useful gifts that he would appreciate for work or at home?” “How can I give dad a gift that isn’t boring?” Don’t worry, here are 27 Cool Christmas Gifts for dad to help you find the coolest presents for this holiday season.

Presentation Set for Dad

Personalized Presentation Set for Dad

If your dad is the kind of guy who enjoys whiskey, liquor, or nice glassware, then he’ll love this cool presentation set. This handsome set comes with a decanter, 4 whiskey glasses, and a serving tray made of acrylic glass and sturdy birch wood. The coolest part about this set is that every piece is engraved with your dad’s initials for a unique personal touch. Your dad will love having this set on display at home or in his office to add a flair of luxury. Your dad can share his favorite scotch or bourbon with his friends or coworkers after a long day or as a celebratory drink of an achievement. This is one of those dad Christmas gifts that he’ll love because it is both cool as a decorative piece and as a functional serving set for whiskey.

World’s Best Dad Bottle Cap Sign

World's Best Dad Beer Bottle Cap Sign

Whether your dad likes beer or not, this bottle cap map is a really cool gift for him this Christmas. After cracking open a cold one, he can place it on the cap map for display. The map is made of birch wood and is carved to say “World’s Best Dad” and can hold up to 24 bottle caps. If your dad isn’t a beer guy, bottle caps from other beverages work just as well! Your dad can proudly display his new wall art anywhere in the home or at the office so that he can let everyone who sees it know that he is the best dad. Beer cap maps like this one are cool Christmas presents for dad not only because they are unique decor, but they are an interesting way to show off a bottle cap collection. Your dad can display his favorite beers, root beers, or sodas and remember the good times he had when he was drinking each one whenever he looks at this cool sign.

Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set for Dad

Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set

Is your dad a military man or in law enforcement? Or is he just a really cool dad who likes the outdoors? Either way, this personalized ammo can gift set is a very cool Christmas present for all dads out there. This set comes with a genuine ammunition can that is engraved with 3 lines of text of your choosing, 2 pint glasses that are personalized to match, a knife, and a bottle opener made from a .50 caliber bullet. The ammo can is great for storing all kinds of things from your dad’s ammo to liquor bottles. The pint glasses are a cool new addition to your dad’s glassware and ideal for sharing with you or a friend. Knives are always great Christmas presents for dad because they are versatile tools that most people carry with them at all times. The nifty bottle opener is an interesting conversation piece and decoration that will surely catch the eye of his brothers-in-arms. You can personalize the can and glasses with any 3 lines of text that you like, such as “To Dad, From (Your Name)” along with “Best Dad Ever” and “Christmas 2018” if you like, a memorable quote, or a inside joke to make him laugh whenever he sees it. The possibilities are endless with this cool gift set!

From Daughter Whiskey Decanter

From Daughter to Dad Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Does your dad enjoy whiskey? Then he needs a beautiful decanter to display it. Better yet, this cool whiskey decanter is engraved with “Dad, you will always be the first man I ever loved.” signed with your name. Dads and their daughters have a special bond that no man can compete with, and this beautiful gift is a great way to convey how much your dad means to you. This decanted is both cool and sentimental, the best of both worlds for this Christmas. Decanters are a great way to display and store whiskey as the glass shows off the gorgeous amber color while also keeping dad’s liquor fresh and crisp.

World’s Best Dad Shadow Box

Personalized Shadow Box Gift for Dad

Your dad is the best, and everyone deserves to know it. With this personalized shadow box, your dad can proudly display his status as the best dad in the world along with the birthdays of his children and small keepsakes of his choosing. Your dad can store cigar wrappers, bottle caps, golf balls, pictures, anything that he can fit inside. This Christmas, your dad can start collecting something new for years to come. He’ll always remember that you gave him such a cool gift that led to a new hobby that he can show off as a unique decoration.

DNA Test Kit for the Dad Who Loves History

Ancestry.com DNA Kit

DNA kits are all the rage right now because people are more interested in their heritage and ancestry than ever before. This Christmas, give your dad a way to discover his family’s history and any long-lost relatives through Ancestry.com’s test kit. Your dad can find out exactly where his ancestors came from and how he ended up where he lives today. You’ll be finding out all kinds of cool facts about your dad’s side of the family through this gift for him, so it’s also kind of a gift for you too!

Golf Grill Set

Golf Inspired Grilling Tools for Dad

If your dad loves golfing and grilling, get him a gift that’s a combination of the two: grilling tools designed like golf clubs! These cool grill tools have that comfortable rubber handle of a golf club with a professional stainless steel tool on the end. This set comes with a putter-shaped spatula, tongs that resemble a golf ball, and a sleek turning fork. This is the perfect set for him to use to whip up a couple of burgers or steaks for his friends after a successful day on the golf course. Novelty items that are a combination of things that your father loves are the best kinds of Christmas presents for dad.




Magnetic Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher

If your dad is always leaving bottle caps all over the place, your mom will thank you for getting dad this cool 2-in-1 bottle opener and magnetic cap catcher gift. Shaped like a bottle cape and made of handsome acacia wood, this bottle opener is the perfect solution to your father’s littering problem. This would look great on the refrigerator or in your dad’s lounge area. Another cool thing about this bottle opener is that its powerful magnet enables your dad to stick it onto any metal surface and even move it if he wants. He can stick it on the side of his car for when he goes to a tailgating party! Multifunctional gadgets like this bottle opener/cap catcher are the best dad Christmas gifts you can give because it is both functional as an opener, helps prevent a mess of bottle caps all over the place, and is an interesting way to display the latest brews he’s been drinking.

Large Wine Glass for the Dad Who Loves Wine

Extra Large Personalized Wine Glass for the Wine-Loving Dad

If your dad is a wine lover rather than a liquor drinker then he needs an extra special wine glass. This custom glass is extra large and can hold an entire 750 ml bottle of wine! Personalized with his name and a year of your choosing with the phrase “Vintage: Aged to Perfection,” this cool wine glass is the perfect gift for the wine loving dad. This Christmas, your dad can have all the wine he wants without needing a refill while he watches his favorite holiday movie with the family.

Beer Gift Set for Dad

Personalized Beer Gift Set for Dad

If your dad enjoys beer, he’ll love getting this gift set for Christmas. This cool beer set comes with a personalized stainless steel growler, a matching pint glass, and a bottle opener. Your dad now has a new favorite pint glass as it is engraved with his name and initial and a bottle opener that he can keep with him. The growler is great for traveling, such as BYOB parties, BBQs, camping, hiking, fishing, and more. The double-walled growler will keep any cold beverage chilled and fresh for hours. This is one of those dad Christmas gifts that you can never go wrong with.

Beer Making Kit

Beer Making Kit by Brooklyn Brewshop

Has your dad always been interested in craft beer? With this beer making kit, your dad can make his own craft brews and IPAs from home! Dad might even take up brewing as a new hobby if he really likes it. This kit comes with everything he needs: an all-grain ingredient mix, a gallon (3.8 L) glass fermenter, a glass spirit-filled thermometer, vinyl tubing, a racking cane & tip, chambered airlock, Brooklyn Brew Shop cleanser, and a screw-cap stopper. The best part about this kit that everything is reusable and your dad just needs new mix for his next batch! This is a really cool Christmas gift for your dad because he can make beer for his friends and family, host beer tastings, and experiment with flavors to come up with a unique concoction. Brewing beer will soon become dad’s new pastime after this Christmas.

Shot Glass Chess

Shot Glass Chess

If your dad is a fan of chess and shots, then this cool shot glass chess is the gift for him! This set is made entirely of glass, which will add a unique and elegant touch to any room. Each shot glass has the engraved silhouette of traditional chess pieces on the sides. Your dad will love playing chess in a new way with a friend, and it’ll double as a cool drinking game! The rules are simple: every time one of his rooks or pawns are captured, he takes a shot. This is a great gift for dads who like to host parties, a fun-loving dad who is always willing to try new things, or the cool dad who enjoys drinking with his kids now that they’re 21. Interesting novelty items such as this shot glass chess set are the best kinds of Christmas presents for dad because dads appreciate unique and fun twists on everyday items.

Liquor Flask Set

Shot Glass and Flask Gift Set for Dad

If your dad travels a lot or enjoys going on outdoor adventures, then he needs a hip flask! And not just any ordinary flask, but this leather wrapped flask has a hidden collapsible flask in it. This cool flask is ideal for a dad on the go who needs a shot for himself or a friend once in a while. Now your dad can carry his favorite spirit with him when he goes hiking, fishing, camping, sailing, anywhere! Dads love cool Christmas gifts that have hidden features like a shot glass as it adds a fun quirk that they can show off to their friends.

Legendary Spiegelau Glasses for the Dad That Loves IPA Beer

Personalized Spiegelau Glasses

You think your dad is the coolest guy ever and you want to show him that, but how? Take his favorite beer and give him a specially made beer glass that has a unique personalization just for him. For the dad that enjoys IPA beer, these custom Spiegelau glasses are the perfect gift because Spiegelau glasses are specially made to make his IPA beer taste better through the unique shape and base of the glass. Your dad will get a kick out of the engraved phrasing with his name followed by “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” This set of two is perfect for sharing with you or a friend and boast about how cool he is thanks to these authoritative glasses. Spiegelau glasses are made to enhance the flavors of IPA beer, making everything about these Christmas presents for dad the coolest ever.




Personalized Cutting Board for the Dad That Cooks

The Grillfather Personalized Cutting Board for Dad

Does your dad like to cook? Is he a fan of The Godfather? Then this cool cutting board is the perfect gift for him. This bamboo cutting board is engraved with a funny play on words, “The Grillfather,” along with your dad’s last name. Your dad will love this funny but cool cutting board to use for chopping and seasoning everything. The pun will surely give him a chuckle every time he uses it and remind him of the classic movie. This cutting board will be a great addition to your father’s kitchen, but don’t forget the board oil to keep it smooth. Cutting boards are great dad Christmas gifts whether they’re a professional chef or just enjoy cooking, but this cutting board is a fun twist on a classic gift.

Ultimate Grilling Spice Gift Set for the Dads That Grill

Grill Spice Set

If your father is an avid griller, then he’ll love this ultimate grilling spice set containing a variety of spices, rubs, and marinades. Your dad will never have a bland barbeque with this cool 9 piece set that has everything he needs for any kind of meat or veggies. The set includes glazes, pepper blends, steak rubs, and more. Each jar has bundles of flavor that will make anything your dad makes into an incredible gourmet dish and make your dad feel like a cool professional chef. Maybe your dad will dig into it immediately and use it to cook Christmas dinner! Cooking and grilling sets that improve the experience and the food are the best Christmas presents for dad if he enjoys cooking.

Personalized Whiskey Glass

Personalized Whiskey Glass

No, you’re not seeing things, this whiskey glass really does have a mountain in it. Cool, huh? This personalized whiskey glass is inspired by the Matterhorn, and it just looks really awesome to have a mountain in your drink. Your dad will love this cool glass for Christmas for its unique design and personalization. You can put any 3 lines of text you want in your choice of font. You could say “For the Coolest Dad Ever” or “World’s Best Dad” “To Dad From [Your Name],” the options are endless. This unique glass one of those dad Christmas gifts that he can’t help but love because of its pure coolness.

Wine Box and Tool Kit

Wine Box and Tool Kit

If your dad is a wine lover, this gift set is perfect for him. The handsome gift box is engraved with 3 lines of text in your choice of font and has a corkscrew, stopper, aerator, and foil cutter inside. This cool wine gift for dad has everything he needs in an elegant gift set. It’s a unique way to gift a bottle of wine, that’s for sure. Make sure to include a bottle of your dad’s favorite red or white to make it a complete gift! The 3 lines of personalization give you an opportunity to engrave the box with a sweet sentiment, such as “Merry Christmas to the Best Dad Ever” or something funny like “Dad’s Emergency Wine.” There are so many ways to make this a set of great Christmas presents for dad.

My Favorite People Call Me Dad Flask Gift Set

Personalized Dad Flask Gift Set

If you want to give your dad something both cool and sentimental, this flask set if the best of both worlds. This handsome gift set comes with a crested gift box, a matte black flask personalized with up to 4 of you and your siblings’ names, a funnel, and 4 matte black shot glasses. Your dad can proudly show off that his favorite people, aka his children, call him dad. He can pour a round of shots for himself and 4 friends when he’s out and about on a fishing, camping, hiking, or lake trip. Flask sets like this one are really cool dad Christmas gifts because they are classy and practical.

Google Home

Google Home

Google Homes are really popular as dad Christmas gifts because they do so many different things and dads love gifts that will make things easier to do. The Google Home can control dad’s television, lights, music, alarms, calendar, and even phone calls all with voice activation. Now your dad can sit back and relax and tell Google to turn on ESPN, dim the lights, and tell him his to-dos for tomorrow without ever lifting a finger. Dad can even Google whatever he wants via voice without having to use his phone or computer and get immediate answers. Google devices like the Home are pretty cool devices that work together to make everyday life a little bit easier.

Stainless Steel Growler Set for the Dad Who Loves Beer

Personalized Beer Growler and Pint Glass Gift Set for Dad

If your dad is the kind of guy who loves beer, drinking with friends, and bring his favorite brew when he’s out and about, then this is the perfect gift set for him. Made of matte black stainless steel and double-walled, each piece of this cool set is engraved with dad’s name and initial. It comes with a growler and 4 pint glasses, which makes this set perfect for dad to share a couple of beers with his buddies. He can take the growler with him to parties and outdoor adventures so that he always has his favorite beer with him. Christmas presents for dad that he can share with his friends are always great ideas so that it’s a gift for all of them.

Cigar Glass Set – An Elegant Christmas Gift for Dad

Cigar Gift Set

This cool cigar set is for the classy dad that enjoys his stogies and Cubans. Containing an awesome cigar-holding glass, a marble ashtray, and a Zippo-style lighter, this handsome set will add a touch of sophistication to your dad’s lounge or bar. Your dad can now smoke a cigar and drink whiskey with one hand thanks to the revolutionary cigar-holding glass. The ashtray is elegant and will look like a handsome decorative piece on an end table. Both the tray and glass are engraved with a classic monogram of your dad’s initials, which make this set a more personal gift. The Zippo-style is great for carrying around thanks to its small size, but your dad will now always have a handy lighter on hand when he and friends break out a couple of stogies at guys’ night. Gifts sets such as this one are ideal dad Christmas gifts because they have multiple items that serve different purposes which makes for a more appealing and useful gift.



Ever heard of inhaling rather than drinking alcohol? It’s a cool new way to enjoy any liquor. If your dad is a cool guy who likes to try new things, then the Vaportini is going to be an awesome Christmas gift for him. All your dad has to do is light the tealight, pour an ounce of any alcohol in the globe, and inhale the vapors. Your dad will feel the effects immediately because inhaling it absorbs directly into his bloodstream. Your dad and his friends will all want to try this new way of drinking! Cool gadgets such as the Vaportini are always the best Christmas presents for dad because it gives them a new thing to try.

Globe Glasses for the Dad That Travels

Rolling Globe Glasses

Whether your dad travels a lot for work or leisure, he’ll love these beautiful globe glasses. Not only are they etched with the world map, but they also spin like a globe! These glasses are as fun to play with as they are to drink out of. Your dad will love spinning the glasses and admiring the detailed map of Earth as he enjoys his favorite whiskey or wine. It’ll surely enhance his drinking experience. And, since they come in a set of 2, your dad can share the cool new glasses with your mom or a friend. These glasses are really cool dad Christmas gifts that will be unique new additions to his glassware.

Bar Tool Set for the Aspiring Bartender

Hammered Steel Bar Tool Set

If your dad enjoys mixed drinks and cocktails, then you should give him a complete bartending set. This cool 9 piece hammered steel set comes with everything your dad could possible need to make any cocktail he wishes: a 26 oz cocktail shaker, strainer, stir spoon, bottle opener, fruit knife, double jigger, 14-inch serving tray, and an ice bucket. Your dad can make cocktails for all of his family and friends and create his own drinks as an aspiring bartender. Whether he’s already a professional bartender or he just enjoys mixing drinks at home, your dad will love receiving this complete bar tool set for Christmas.

Tool Set for Christmas

Ultimate Tool Set

Tools are the most popular Christmas present for dad, but they are necessary for the handyman of the house. Your dad can tinker, repair, or build a myriad of things with this 200 piece set. With screwdrivers, hex keys, ratchets, drill bits, and wrenches, this set truly has it all. This cool tool set is a great Christmas gift because it’s a perfect collection of tools that every dad needs for the home instead of a stereotypical ratchet or screwdriver set. While tools are the best go-to dad Christmas gifts, you should give him a set that is both cool and useful.

Great Men Like Dad Smoke Cigars Sign

Great Men Smoke Cigars Personalized Sign

If your dad is a cigar lover and has a lounge area or man cave that is missing something, how about a custom wall sign? This personalized wooden sign reads “Great Men Like [your dad’s name] Smoke Cigars.” This sign will add a cool, personal touch to any room your dad hangs it in. Your father is a great man and everyone who sees this sign will know it. The unique coloration of the lettering that is made to mimic the end of a burning stogie adds a really cool effect to the sign, making it both handsome and interesting.




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