27 Cool Christmas Gifts for Dad

The holidays are quickly approaching and you have no idea what to get your dad for Christmas. As usual, he’s said he doesn’t want anything, but you want to get him something you know he’ll adore! Cool dad Christmas gifts are the perfect way for you to show how much you love and appreciate him while also making sure it is one of the coolest and most unique gifts he’ll get all year! When searching for these kinds of Christmas gifts, there are many things to consider: “What is something that’s personal that dad would like?” “What are some useful gifts that he would appreciate for work or at home?” Don’t worry, here are the absolute coolest Christmas presents for dad that you can find!

Presentation Set for Dad

Personalized Presentation Set for Dad

Nothing will make your dad happier than seeing this beauty under the Christmas tree! This monogram presentation set is one of the best dad Christmas gifts out there because he’ll feel like the classiest guy ever! He’ll love seeing this set on his home bar or coffee table, personalized with his initials, and giving him the perfect excuse to enjoy a glass of his favorite scotch. Talk about the Christmas spirit!

Barbecued Christmas Presents for Dad

Custom BBQ Tool Set Dad Christmas Gifts

Any little kid would be thrilled to receive a box with toys inside for Christmas. Get your father the dad version of a toy box! This BBQ tools set is a fantastic gift choice because your old man will definitely love how useful and handsome it is, and the customization will make him feel incredibly special too. He’ll be so excited for the next backyard barbecue with his loved ones to try out these awesome tools!

Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set for Dad

Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set

A dad as awesome as yours shouldn’t have to settle for any gift that’s not as incredibly awesome as he is. This customized ammo can gift set is one of the coolest Christmas presents for dad because it’s super unique and personalized just for him. He can store whatever he wants inside, such as hunting equipment or beer accessories. He’ll love celebrating Christmas and every other special occasion with a delicious cold beer using the pint glasses.

Classy Cigar Dad Christmas Gifts

Personalized Cigar Glass and Case Set

The classiest gifts you can think of are often the right choices for Christmas presents for dad. This cigar glass and case set is incredibly classy, and your father will be thrilled when he opens it up on Christmas morning. The cigar glass is perfect for celebrating Christmas or any other holiday, and he’ll love having a way to transport his cigars wherever he goes. He’ll feel so warmed by his whiskey and cigar on a cold December night!

Gift Set for a Top Dad

Engraved Whiskey Stone Box Set

You have the best dad, the top dad, and he deserves only the best dad Christmas gifts. This whiskey stone box set is awesome because it’s customized just for the awesome dad he is. So, why not get him a Christmas gift that allows you to give him a toast to just how amazing he is with this personalized whiskey stone set? He can even use the customized box to keep photos of his children or other mementos from fatherhood.

Very Delicious Christmas

Gift Box Christmas Presents for Dad

As a child, your dad helped put food on the table for you. Return that favor by putting delicious food under the tree for him! This food gift basket is one of the most amazing dad Christmas gifts  that will make your father’s mouth water instantly. He’ll love the pears, cookies, and other goodies in this gift and definitely consider it the best gift of the year.

Manliest Christmas Presents for Dad

Custom Ammo Can Manly Gift Set

For a masculine man like your dad, a super manly gift is a must. This ammo can gift set is an incredible choice that any father will instantly become obsessed with. He’ll really like using the ammo can to store mementos from fatherhood or his favorite tools. With those tools and the awesome multi tool, he can fix the Christmas lights to save Christmas! After working hard to shovel the driveway in true dad-like fashion, he’ll really enjoy relaxing with his favorite spirit from the flask and having a beef jerky snack.


A Sign He’ll Be Obsessed With

Personalized Wooden Sign

Put your dad in the holiday spirit with a personalized sign made just for his spirits! If he has a home bar already you know he’d love to see this hanging above it. If he doesn’t have one, this sign will be the perfect excuse to get started on one right after Christmas! The whole space will look incredible with this sign hanging up, which your dad will really like.

Gorgeous Glassware Set

Unique Decanter Set Dad Christmas Gifts

This Christmas gift is so stunning that your father will think the whole set had to have been crafted by Santa’s elves in the North Pole! He’ll adore everything about this whiskey decanter set, from the classy personalization on the decanter to the super unique shape of the glasses. Having a unique glassware set will make him feel really cool, especially knowing that none of his friends have anything like it. He’ll love nothing more than sharing a drink with his new favorite child every time you come visit!

Don’t Touch His Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

It’s a common yet true stereotype that dads like to be in control of the thermostat. That’s why this Nest Thermostat is an incredible choice for a gift! It’s one of the most unique Christmas presents for dad that he can set up to where he can change the temperature from his smartphone! He’ll be a fan of all the unique features this thermostat brings, and he’ll be sure to make it nice and toasty warm on during the cold winter months.

It’s ChristmasTIME

Personalized Watch Case Gift Set

When you can’t find a singular gift that’s good enough, an awesome gift set is the way to go. This leather watch case set is classy and sophisticated, and your dad will feel like a million bucks when he sees it. Dads love being fully equipped with awesome items, which makes this set even better. Nothing will make him happier than having a personalized watch to wear and a place to put it on his dresser or bedside table. He’ll always be equipped to enjoy a sip of his favorite spirit with this gift as well!

Most Fun-Filled Dad Christmas Gifts

Custom Bean Bag Toss Board

Dads are all little boys at heart, so you know your dad would love a fun game like this bean bag toss game for Christmas! He’ll love that it’s customized just for him as well as that it’s the perfect opportunity to bring the family together for some competitive fun! He won’t be able to wait to have his buddies over as well and challenge them to a game or two of bean bag toss.

Impress Him Big Time

Beer Gift Box Set Dad Christmas Gifts

An incredible gift set like this beer box set is just the gift that will surprise your dad because of how phenomenal it is! He’ll really like having a huge growler to take beer, coffee, tea, or any other beverage with him on the go, and he’ll be so impressed with the customization of this set. When the bar is closed for the holidays, he can enjoy his favorite drinks at home with this gift!

Keep It Hot

Mug Coaster Warmer

Make sure his coffee or tea stays hot forever! This thermostatic coaster is one of the most ingenious dad Christmas gifts because you know he’ll put it to very good use! He’ll wonder how he ever lived without this amazing gift that keeps his morning green tea or afternoon Starbucks warm until the last drop.


Handsome Monogram Box Set

Monogram Whiskey Box Set Christmas Presents for Dad

When it comes to cool Christmas presents for dad, this ultimate whiskey and cigar gift set is the coolest of them all! Your dad will love using this brilliant gift set to enjoy his favorite vices, both on special occasions like the holidays or just when he wants to relax after working hard. It’ll make him so happy seeing his monogram on all these awesome items and be so grateful that you found the perfect gift for him!

Poker Christmas Presents for Dad

Custom Poker Gift Set

Christmas is the perfect occasion to think outside the box for gifts so you can really surprise them. This personalized poker set is an amazing choice because your pops will think it’s the coolest thing ever! He’ll love having everything he needs for a game of poker or any other card game inside this handsomely customized case. He’ll really appreciate that you thought outside the box and got him such an awesome present!

King of the Grill

The Grillfather Personalized Cutting Board for Dad

Dads love perfecting and showing off their grilling skills. It’s just a fact. He’ll love receiving this cutting board because it’ll remind him that he’s the king of the grill! It will make grilling even more enjoyable because he can cut or serve the delicious meats on this personalized board!

Make the Food Even Better

Grill Spice Set Dad Christmas Gifts

Speaking of grilling, one of the most unique dad Christmas gifts is this grilling spice set! Your dad will be so excited to try these glazes, pepper blends, steak rubs, and more to try to make his steaks, burgers, brats, and other meats even better! He’ll feel like a professional chef using this set. Maybe your dad will dig into it immediately and use it to cook Christmas dinner!

Legendary Dad Christmas Gifts

Custom Ammo Can Set for Men

Your dad is the most legendary man you know, so this ammo can gift set is simply calling his name! He’ll love using the ammo can to easily transport his hunting equipment on a hunting trip or drinking accessories to the holiday party. It’ll also look awesome displayed in his man cave or living room! When he wants to relax or celebrate a special occasion like Christmas, he’ll always grab his customized glass and whiskey stones to enjoy a nice cold drink.

Perfect Set for Dads

Custom Crystal Decanter Christmas Presents for Dad

If you want to give your dad something both cool and sentimental, this crystal decanter is the best of both worlds. It’s one of the greatest Christmas presents for dad because it allows him to not only have a way to store his favorite liquor, but it lets him proudly show off his favorite people—his children. He’ll love having this decanter displayed on his home bar or dining room table.

A Little Bit of Everything

Engraved Whiskey Gift Set with Multi Tool

This gift box set is an awesome Christmas gift for any dad because it has everything a dad could ever want: something for having a nice cold drink, something for fixing the heater or changing a flat tire, and a nice wooden box! Your dad will love this handsome gift set and show it off to everyone who comes to Christmas dinner!

His New Favorite Luggage

Carry-On Luggage Christmas Presents for Dad

This handsome carry-on luggage is one of the most useful dad Christmas gifts because it’ll come in handy so many times. Whether he’s traveling on multiple flights, on a road trip, or going somewhere close but bringing a lot of things with him, this luggage will be his go-to. With the combination lock on the side, your dad can rest assured that no one will get into his suitcase.

A Set He’ll Adore

Dad Sign and Golf Gifts

Dads tend to be huge fans of golf, and they also are big fans of their kids, of course! This unique sign gift set combines those two passions to form one of the most awesome Christmas presents for dad out there. He’ll love having this sign with his kids’ names and birthdays displayed prominently hung up in his home! When he wants to go golfing with his buddies, he’ll be equipped with an awesome personalized bag tag and divot tool.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Set for Him

Personalized Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

Don’t make him indulge in his annual glass of holiday wine without brand new amazing glassware! This set of stainless steel tumblers is one of the best Christmas gifts for dad that your pops will use for the rest of his life! Whether it’s his favorite wine, a cocktail, or a glass of scotch, he’ll really enjoy these customized glasses and the handsome box they come inside.

Christmas Presents for Dad and His Love of Golf

Golf Putting Set Dad Christmas Gifts

You wish you could buy your dad his own private golf course, but you can get him something that’s just as cool and way more practical! This golf putting set lets your dad work on his short game no matter where he is! If he’s taking a break at the office, or chilling at home on a cold December’s night, he can simply take out this handsome red case and have a blast playing a little golf!

A Mega Set of Tools

Ultimate Tool Set

Tools are always popular dad gifts, but this huge tool set will definitely be crowned one of the most amazing Christmas presents for dad he’s ever gotten. Your dad can tinker, repair, or build a myriad of things with this 184 piece set. With screwdrivers, hex keys, ratchets, drill bits, and wrenches, this set truly has any tool he could ever want or need!

Sophisticated Holiday Present

Cigar Glass and Ashtray Set

This handsome gift will add a touch of sophistication to your dad’s cigar lounge, home bar, or man cave. Your dad won’t be able to stop talking about this cigar gift set! He’ll be a huge fan of how so incredibly classy the ashtray is and how sophisticated he feels holding the cigar glass with his monogram on it.