22 Best Boyfriend Gifts for 2018

22 Best Boyfriend Gifts for 2018

Finding the ideal boyfriend gift is no easy task. From bar-ware to basketball shoes, the amount of options available online are staggering to say the least. So what makes a good boyfriend gift? How much should you spend on a gift for your boyfriend? What are the best boyfriend gifts for 2018? In order to answer these questions, while guaranteeing that your man gets something special, here’s a list of gifts that are ideal for any boyfriend.

1. Backpack Drink Dispenser – for the Tailgating Boyfriend

Drink Dispenser Backpack

He may be the perfect guy for you, but he’s also the world’s greatest tailgater of all time. Secure his place at the top by turning him into the ultimate portable party animal! With 210 ounces of uninterrupted liquid indulgence on tap, separate canisters for dual refreshment serving, and a mesh bag for extra cups, typical boyfriend gifts can’t even come close to this portable beverage dispenser.

2. Personal Signage and Man Cave Tackers

Mens Man Cave Sign

A man cave isn’t complete without a little decor on the walls. Surprising your boyfriend with a gift that both represents his personal preferences and looks sharp anywhere he hangs it means that both of you will be happy with what hangs on the wall for years to come. Available in a myriad of different designs and materials, decorating his “man space” for him with personalized man cave signs has never been more agreeable for both parties.

3. Grilling Tool Sets Engraved with Your Boyfriend’s Name: The Perfect Pitmaster Present

grill gift set engraved for boyfriend

Guys can be pretty picky about their tools, especially when it comes to something as time-honored as grilling. A sleek barbecue tool set that is designed to be both useful and stylish is what he wants, even if he doesn’t know it yet, making this personalized wooden carrying case perfect for your “pitmaster.” Packed with a meat fork, tongs, and a serving spatula, this set features unique finishing touches like wooden tool handles, stainless hardware, and a black velvet interior finish for unparalleled practicality and appeal.

4. Ashtrays – A Distinguished Boyfriend Gift for Cigar Smokers

ashtray for boyfriends who smoke cigars

May they be intended as anniversary gifts for boyfriends, or are unexpected early Christmas presents, surprising the cigar smoker in your life with high-end ashtrays is always a smart bet. May it be made out of marble, or assembled from a mixture of natural wood and horn, making his affinity for tobacco indulgence an upscale affair is easily one of the best boyfriend gift ideas for 2018.

5. Cutting Board Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Loves to Cook

Bamboo Guitar Cutting Board

Girls love a guy who knows his way around the kitchen, and what better way to repay him for his hard work than with a customized cutting board? The design options are endless, the materials are sustainably sourced, and any form of engraving imaginable can be scrawled across the chopping block of his dreams for a modest fee with this clever culinary gift winner.

6. Liquor Sets- For the Boyfriend Who Loves to Rock

Skull Decanter and Rocks Glass Set

Giving personalized glassware to your boyfriend as a gift is one thing. Giving him a matching decanter that is just as unique as he is takes things to a whole new level. While there are plenty of options out there for guys who are happy with laser engraving, giving a phantom skull decanter will make any bottle of booze look both spooky and spectacular.

7. Beer Hats – for the Casual Boyfriend

Bottle Opener Hat for Men

While the trucker look may not be desirable to most girls, guys sure do love some flannel shirts and mesh trucker hats. We suggest getting him a brimmed hat with a bottle opener and a vintage look for a gently used look. He’s going to dress casual anyways right? You might as well help him accessorize a little.

8. Engraved Wedge Rocks Glasses – Help Him Take the Edge Off

Wedge Ice Whiskey Glass

His ability to stand out is what makes him special to you, and his glassware should mimic this mantra. Forego the traditional approach and get your boyfriend the Whiskey Wedge rocks glass. This unique design features an integrated triangular silicone insert for easy preparation and slower melting speeds, and can be engraved with a wide array of styles and designs.

9. Watch Collector’s Box – for the Sharply Dressed Boyfriend

watch gift box for boyfriend

Ladies love a sharp dressed man, but that doesn’t always mean that his accouterment arrangements back home are as dapper as his evening attire. Giving your boyfriend a gift box that organizes his accessories and looks stellar on the shelf offers him the best of both worlds. You’re not just going to want to look for something with room for all of his wristwatches either, but a valet box that packs a plethora of extra compartments for things like cuff-links, tie clips, and more.

10. Clever Cooking Upgrades – for the Boyfriend Who Loves to Grill 

Chicken Wing Grill TrayThe best boyfriend gifts come in the most unexpected form sometimes, because even though he may think he’s hot stuff behind the grill, sometimes those chicken wings don’t come out exactly as they should. Enter the stainless steel wing rack, which not only prevents dangerous flare-ups, but encourages even cooking without the need for rotation, while allowing all of the drippings to coat whatever vegetables rest in the tray underneath.



11. Unique Beer Glasses for His Favorite Suds

german stein for men who love beer

From the classic German stein and the enormous Oktoberfest “Beer Boot,” to laser-etched pilsner glasses and beer flight paddles, there’s something out there for every kind of beer guy. If you don’t know what kind of glass to get him don’t worry. Just find out what his preferred style of beer is, and then do a quick search online in order to determine what the best beer glass is for his personal taste.

12. Custom Wine Decanters – for the World’s Best Boyfriend

wine decanter for boyfriends who love wine

Beer isn’t for everybody. Some men really enjoy wine, and for those kinds of boyfriends gifts like the horn-shaped wine decanter seen here are a vino fanatic’s dream come true. Personalized to his liking and sporting handcrafted looks that are impossible to replicate, a custom decanter is a must upgrade for that special guy in your life.

13. Whiskey Decanter Box Sets – for the Educated Liquor Connoisseur

Whiskey Decanter Box Sets for him

He may appreciate good sipping whiskey, but your boyfriend has no idea what he’s been missing, especially when you surprise him with a customized liquor decanter set. Boxed in genuine maple wood that has been engraved with his name and initial, with matching inscriptions adorning decanter and Glencairn Canadian whiskey glasses alike make this box set a great gift for the world’s best boyfriend.

14. Rocking Rocks Glasses – for the Iced Liquor Lover

Rocks Glass for whiskey drinking boyfriends

Sometimes understanding exactly what he doesn’t want will work in your favor. Knowing that he likes his liquor on the rocks but complains how quickly the ice waters down his beverage opens up options that he may never have considered. Snagging him something like a roller rock glass, with its unusual base giving the unique ice ball the chance to cool and melt slowly proves that thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend don’t always have to be complicated or overly expensive.

15. Guys Love Metal Beer Growlers 

Personalized Metal Growler for beer loving boyfriends

While glass is good, it doesn’t insulate well and is prone to shattering. Boyfriend gifts rocking double-walled structures to create a heavy-duty metal growler that keeps light out and beer cold is a solid bet for any man who likes to fill up when visiting their favorite local brewery. If going this route we suggest opting for something with a hinged lid and a customized inscription for added swank and security.




16. Custom Hip Flasks – for Stealthy and Classy Boyfriends

Engraved wood flask is a great boyfriend gift

For retro alcohol consumption fans, there is no substitute for the traditional hip flask, except maybe when it’s wrapped in real rosewood and etched with one’s initials. The best boyfriend gifts are typically the ones that go beyond basic, so getting him something stealthy and sturdy like an engraved Matterhorn flask is always a safe bet.

17. Custom Bottle Openers and Beer Caddies –  for Party-Hopping Boyfriends

Custom Beer Caddy presents for him

Gifts for men don’t always have to be large in order to make a big impact. Small gifts sometimes make the biggest impression, especially when said presents are for a new boyfriend. Getting him a custom engraved beer tote and bottle opener won’t set you back a whole bunch and will make an impressive statement when he hands a bottle of suds to a buddy.

18. Chilled Compartment Trays – All Hail the Condiment King!

Keep his toppings cold with Condiment Ice Trays

Even if your boyfriend doesn’t drink much, chances are he won’t hesitate to whip up a quick cocktail for friends when they come over. Make sure he has what he needs at his disposal at all times with a chilled condiment tray. We recommend getting your boyfriend a gift with at least five compartments that is also dishwasher safe, comes with a separate ice tray, features a skid-proof bottom, and can be easily opened and closed with one hand. He not into drinks but loves grilling? These trays also double as burger and hot dog topping protectors during summer time.

19. Beer Cap Maps – for Decorating His Place Tastefully

Beer Cap Maps for Decorating His Place

You two may or may not be from the same state, but there’s no denying the decorative appeal provided by the land of his birth being decorated with colorful bottle caps. A beer cap state map sign doesn’t just look great in his man cave, but it will also give him a fun excuse to save his bottle caps, especially if they happen to be from that particular state.

20. Bar Tools for Car Guys

Men's retro Fuel Pump Liquor Dispenser

Let’s admit it, guys love cars. So why not bring the hot rod fun indoors with something retro and unique? gas pump liquor dispenser creates a fun way for your boyfriend to pour drinks and talk cars at the same time. Designed to be a useful conversation piece, going with an unusual present is a guaranteed way to make sure that your boyfriend is grinning when you give him his big gift.

21. Custom Chalkboard Tap Handles – for the Boyfriend Who Loves Beer 

Chalkboard Tap Handles for draft beer men

When it comes time to pour a pint, certain guys will always prefer draft beer. So if your man is a kegerator fanatic these Easy Mark Chalkboard tap handles are sure to make Mr. Brewskie happy. Crafted out of real maple hardwood, and then finished with reusable chalkboard panels, these practical tap handles make for a very unique boyfriend gift once finished with his initial.

22. Wet Bars – for Small Spaces and Old World Romantics

globe bars make a cool gift for boyfriends

Not everyone has the room for a full wet bar in the basement, with most men making due with whatever kitchen real estate is available. Clear up the counter top and classy up your man’s place with a 16th Century Italian globe bar, a must-have gift for boyfriends with an affinity for classically styled old world ways. These bars typically come in a range of sizes and are designed to secretly hide bottles and glasses within their confines for a polished look when unneeded.





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