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Article: Drink Of Thrones - A Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Drink Of Thrones - A Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Game of Thrones Drinking Game

"Everything's better with some wine in the belly." -Tyrion Lannister

Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones fans: drinking is coming. With the imminent and much anticipated arrival of Season 5, it is hard to imagine that any more excitement could possibly be added to episodes come and gone, and those yet to air, but we would like to bargain a belly full of wine or beer might do the trick! So we created our own Game of Thrones drinking game. Whether you’re reliving the days of Joffery’s insufferable order, or watching the newest episode, you can get delightfully fuddled if you play by the rules. So pick your poison, grab a seat, and join us for some revelry, because when you play Drink of Thrones, you either win or get plastered. Please play responsibly.

A Game of Thrones Drinking Game

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Take a Drink

  • Every time Hodor says Hodor, shout “HODOR!” and take a swig
  • Anytime someone says “Mother of Dragons” screech like a dragon and swig
  • When Tyrion takes a drink, cheers the screen and drink along
  • Every time Jon Snow is called a bastard cry and take a drink, you sap
  • Every time someone says Valyrian steel take a drink

Chug Your Drink Game of Thrones Tyrion

  • Whenever someone is nude chug for the duration
  • Whenever Tyrion makes a quip or says something sexual chuckle heartily and chug for ten seconds
  • Anytime a White Walker appears do your best scared face whoever does the best only has to sip, everyone else chug for ten seconds
  • Every time someone mentions poor, dead Ned, chug your drink

Take a Shot

  • Every time a major character dies take a shot and look on in disbelief (although we’ve learned to not become too attached)
  • Every time Ramsay Snow tortures someone sigh and take a shot
  • Anytime the Iron Throne is referenced send one down the hatch
  • If a dragon breathes fire, you take a shot
Not just for the season five premiere, this Game of Thrones drinking game can be played during any episode, any season. This game is easily adjusted for those who prefer to drink on the light side, as well as those who plan on going all out (just be wary of any poisoned wine). Disclaimer: we do not recommend having a Game of Thrones marathon, or you may have to brace yourself for some dark times.

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres April 12 at 9pm Eastern on HBO.

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