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Article: Best Man Gifts - 37 Top Gift Ideas He'll Love

Best Man Gifts - 37 Top Gift Ideas He'll Love

Best Man Gifts

Your best man deserves the perfect gift that aligns with his likes and interests. These are the gift ideas that truly stand out for honoring your best man. Each gift was selected either because of its ability to function as a heartwarming keepsake or because it aligns with various diverse hobbies and tastes. Let us look at a few fun and practical options so you can gift the ideal present!

1. Custom Rocks Glass with Whiskey Spheres

Custom Whiskey Glass with Stones are Great Best Man Gifts

Your best man deserves only the best gifts for being your #1, and this awesome whiskey gift set is the perfect way to show him how thankful you are for his friendship and support. He will love having his very own personalized whiskey glass to use during his toast at your wedding and for drinks when you come over to visit. The chilling spheres will keep his drink ice cold throughout his entire toast, and he’ll have an extra one to spare when you two hang out next so that you can try it too!

2. Personalized Pocket Knife Best Man Gift Set

Personalized pocket knife best man gifts set

Finding the perfect best man gift can be scary. Thankfully, we are here to make your job a little easier. This personalized pocket knife gift set is not only customizable, but also comes with a bottle opener. The stainless-steel knife is durable and versatile. As such, your best man will love it for its practicality. The elegant wooden box completes this set. Shower your best man with appreciation with this perfect memento.

Groom with two groomsman laughing together

3. Tiffanys Classic Oval Cuff Links

Tiffany's classic oval cuff links on man's dress shirt
Tiffany's classic oval cuff links

This Tiffany’s oval cufflinks is a gift worth giving to your best man. The durability of this gift along with its sophisticated design make it a top pick. The best part about this gift is its ability to elevate any outfit. The sophisticated box only adds to the allure of the gift. Mark this important day with these attractive cufflinks and show how much you appreciate your best man.

4. Theodore Mens Duffle Bag - A Winner Among Best Man Gifts

Theodore men's duffle best man gifts bag

Is your best man popular for being reliable and stylish? His gift should reflect these two traits. This large weekend duffle bag is stylish and functional, just like your best man. The bag uses premium materials and as such, it is a great choice for travel or gym. Thanks to its multiple pockets, this bag is extremely spacious. Your best man can comfortably carry all of his essentials in a hassle-free manner, which is an advantage of its adjustable straps. This bag is not only practical and elegant, but also a great travel companion. All of these characteristics make this duffel bag the perfect gift for your best man.

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5. Sentry Leather Watch by Nixon

Man holding a camera wearing Nixon watch

A gift that you choose for your best man must combine functionality and style. So, why not gift this elegant timepiece? The matte black perfectly contrasts the gold to leave people awestruck. Its luxuriousness and sophisticated design make it a great gift. It is perfect for everyday use thanks to its comfortable and durable leather strap. This watch is a perfect statement piece to honor your best man.

6. Homebrew Starter Kit - Best Man Gifts for Beer Lovers

Home brewer starter kit best man gifts from Northern Brewery

In the list of best man gifts, this homebrew starter kit definitely stands out. If brewing a beer appeals to your best man, you must splurge on this kit which comes with several delicious ingredients, bottles and a fermenter. To guide your best man, it also comes with detailed instructions. Both beer connoisseurs and novices will definitely appreciate this kit as it is both fun and thoughtful. Make your best man fall in love with his hobby all over again with this unique gift. It is beyond a mere gift; it’s an experience.

7. Personalized Hatchet Makes a Unique Gift

Custom Hatchet is a Best Man Gift
Groomsmen holding a personalized gifts for best man hatchet

Why not give him a present that he’ll never forget? Well, nobody ever forgets a hatchet. It cuts, it slices, and it has your right-hand man’s name right on it. With this personalized 9 inch hatchet with its natural Packwood handle and imposing black blade, nobody will get in his way as he delivers those rings to you and your bride. It’ll be the gift that everyone talks about.

8. Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

Wine chiller best man gift with wine bottle inside

A chilled glass of wine is the perfect end to a long day. Make this moment even better with this sophisticated marble wine chiller, which is stylish and extremely useful. Its natural marble construction regulates the drink’s temperature to make sure the drink tastes its best. Customize this set for a unique and thoughtful gift that your best man will truly love.

9. Dante Personalized Cigar Gift Set with Cedar Cigar Humidor

Personalized cigar best man gifts set with humidor and hygrometer

A cigar is the perfect item to make a good day even better. Gift your best man this personalized cigar gift set to improve his good days and bad. This set comes with a high-quality humidor, which will certainly take away his breath. It is designed to store and safeguard your best man’s premium cigars. For a thoughtful personal touch, customize the set with his name or initials. The cutter and lighter make this a holistic and incredibly practical gift. Redefine the concept of luxury gifting with this gift set and show your best man how much you appreciate him.

10. Liquor Flask with Built-in Shot Glass for Sharing

Flask with Shot Glass Set of Best Man Gift Ideas

Does your best man like to drink on the go? Is he the kind of guy who’s always ready for the party to start? If that’s the case then the engraved dual liquor flask with shot glass set is perfect for him. Wrapped in beautiful black leather and engraved with your best friend’s name, this flask is the pinnacle of class. When it’s time to imbibe, the collapsible shot glass pops right out of the side of the flask like magic. He’s always been there for you when it was time to party, why not help him continue his noble work with this awesome best man gift idea?

11. Giant Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker

Extra Large Cocktail Shaker
Man shaking the extra large cocktail skaker

Is your best man a master of mixology? Gift him this giant cocktail shaker so he can refine his skills further. Thanks to its size, it can mix several cocktails simultaneously and is perfect for large gatherings or get-togethers. It combines elegance and style effortlessly and will give the host the credit he deserves.

Groom and groomsman smiling and holding drinks

12. Custom Whiskey Glass Best Man Gift Set with Box

Single custom whiskey glass with case and whiskey stones

If your best man loves indulging himself, he must enjoy a delectable glass of whiskey. Gift this customized whiskey glass to your best man, as it is the epitome of sophistication. The custom whiskey glass complements the sophisticated box, and makes each drinking experience memorable. If whiskey is your best man’s go-to drink and he appreciates the finer things in life, this is the perfect set to honor his role in your life and your special occasion.

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13. A Sharp Gift for Your Best Man

Custom Pocket Knife

Practical gifts are always a good idea, and this personalized hunting knife is by far one of the coolest, most useful best man gifts you can get! Your best friend will love that this knife has so many features: a serrated edge, rope cutter, glass breaker, and even a carrying case, but the best part of this awesome gift is the fact that you had it personalized just for him. Whether it’s engraved with his name or a simple “Best Man,” he’ll be using this handy knife every day!

14. The Whole Shebang Craft Jerky Best Man Gift Bundle

Beef jerky close up
Beef jerky best man gift basket

Afternoons are reserved for snacking in most households. If your best man loves snacking, this gourmet jerky gift basket will make his day. The jerkies burst with bold flavors to create mouth-watering results. Each product uses only artisanal ingredients so your best man can go on an adventurous journey with each bite. Each pack in the sampler is cooked using top-quality ingredients. If your best man is a foodie and enjoys exciting flavors, this is the ideal gift for him.

15. All-in-One Personalized Best Man Gifts Box Set

Engraved Flask and Rocks Glass Best Man Gifts

Show your #1 groomsman he’s truly awesome with this personalized gift box set. Including a flask, a bowtie, and matching personally engraved box and glass, what more could your best friend ask for? In fact, consider getting one for every member of your groomsmen party. As far as best man gifts go, this awesome set is one of the best!

16. Handsome Toiletry Bag and Razor He Can Use Daily

Dopp kit for best mans gift with toiletries laid out
Man wearing jeans holding dopp kit

Your best man probably starts his day with some quick grooming – brushing his teeth, fixing his hair, shaving, and spraying some deodorant. Help him get a little organized to make the process stress-free. Gift him this spacious toiletry bag, so he can store all of his grooming essentials at the same place. The straight razor and the customized case make it an extremely useful gift and an ideal choice for your best man.

17. Halo Whiskey Smoker Kit with Engraved Decanter Set

Halo smoker with whiskey decanter 8-piece gifts for best man set
Torch smoking a glass of whiskey

Smoked whiskey is truly a heavenly blessing and what better way to elevate the drinking experience than with this whiskey smoker kit with an engraved decanter set? This 8-piece set is equipped with all the tools needed to transform your best man’s favorite whiskey into a smoky delicacy. The wood chips, smoker, and customized decanter set are truly a blessing for a whiskey lover. The elegant decanter and glasses will redefine his home bar and revolutionize his style of drinking for good. This whiskey smoker kit will certainly create heartwarming memories for years to come.

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18. Cool Fly Fishing Rod Kit

Sawtooth fly fishing rod kit
Tenkara Fly Fishing Rods

What is a good gift for the head groomsman who is also the ultimate outdoor adventurer? A fishing pole, of course! And not just any fishing pole will do for your advanced fisherman buddy. He needs the challenge of fly fishing, the manliest of fishing styles. The Tenkara Rods Mini Sawtooth Fly Package collapses to a mere 13 inches so it can easily be carried to the remotest of fishing holes. Even if he’s not the outdoor type, this rugged gift will make him want to be. Show your best friend that you’re not afraid to invest in his outdoor survival. Let him know he’s the manliest of men. Those fish won’t stand a chance with one of these awesome gifts for best man.

19. The Best Man Gifts in One Place

Whiskey Stone Set with Custom Glass

Give your best bro the best man gifts he truly deserves with this awesome whiskey stone set! He won’t know which part is his favorite, the badass bullet whiskey stones, the gnarly bullet-turned-bottle opener, or the engraved rocks glass! He’ll be sure to use his cool new bottle opener to crack open a cold one for you the next time you come over or make you a drink with a few of the awesome whiskey stones. From now on, this set will be his favorite way to enjoy a drink whether it’s straight whiskey, a cocktail, or a beer!

20. For the Best Man with an Impressive Poker Face

Custom Poker Set of Best Man Gifts

Whether your best man often hosts a poker night with the guys or he’s always wanted to, he would love to get a custom poker chip set as a thank you gift for being your best man! He will enjoy using the set to play Blackjack, 7-Card Stud, and even Texas Hold ‘Em as it comes with everything he needs for a variety of classic poker games. The perfect time to give this to him is at your bachelor party so that he can try it out right away with the rest of your groomsmen.

21. The Ultimate Best Man Gifts

Personalized Best Man Gifts as a Watch Case and Glass Set
Black leather watch case on table

Can’t decide what to get your best bro? This unique gift set is absolutely perfect! He will be so surprised by the personalized flask, whiskey glass, and watch case that he’ll be speechless when you give it to him at your wedding reception. You could make this unbelievable gift even better by putting a new watch in the watch case or including a bottle of his favorite liquor!

22. Custom Glencairn Whiskey Best Man Gift Boxed Set

Glencairn whiskey decanter set


Whiskey is often associated with elegance and so is this whiskey gift set. This experiential gift set adds a touch of luxury to drinking. Its custom-made Glencairn glasses are designed to improve the smell and taste of your favorite drinks. The wooden gift box makes this set a classy option for your best man, who will cherish it for many drinks to come. This gift is ideal for those who love to sip on whiskey to unwind after a long day.

Groom standing with best man and groomsman

23. Custom Cornhole Game Set Board - Fun Best Man Gifts

Cornhole best man gift ideas with bean bags

Backyard gatherings are incomplete without some fun. If your best man loves hosting people, this custom bean bag toss board will transform him into the best host ever. This game is Oakmont-themed and is extremely fun and entertaining. Personalize this gift with your best man’s name or initials. These boards add an element of fun to all kinds of gatherings and transform a boring Sunday into an eventful day. This game is very easy to set up and will make your best man’s events the talk of the town. It is sure to create some great memories and will always be a reminder of the bond you share.

24. Leatherman Free K2 Best Man Gift

Leatherman Free K2 knife fanned out
Leatherman Free K2 opened up being held by man

Your best man is known for his versatility and reliability and his gift should demonstrate the same values. This all-in-one pocket knife is exactly that. Its multifunctionality complements its elegant design, making it an ideal best man gift. This compact toolkit will equip your best man with everything he needs when life throws a curveball. Everything that comes in this kit is extremely easy to use and long-lasting. Your best man will love and cherish this present for years to come!

25. A Luxurious Decanter

Engraved Whiskey Decanter

You’re in search of best man gift ideas that show him just how grateful you are for having him by your side throughout the wedding planning process and making sure he keeps your rings safe on the big day. How about a personalized liquor decanter? He will love being able to display and decant his favorite spirit in this handsome decanter, which also makes sure his spirit of choice doesn’t evaporate! Thanks to your thoughtful gift, he’ll always have plenty of his favorite liquor on hand when he feels like a drink. In fact, you should pair the decanter with a bottle of his preferred liquor so that he can fill it up and display it in his home right away!

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26. Engraved Grilling Tools Best Man Gifts Box Set

Engraved grill tools for a best man gifts set

Is your best man someone who loves to throw backyard barbecue parties? Then, you must gift him these engraved grilling tools, which transform each event into a memorable day. Every tool required to host the perfect barbecue party is included in this premium set, such as a fork, tongs, and a spatula. Performance and durability are prioritized with this set, as each tool uses top-of-the-line materials. A tough wooden box holds each of these tools. If you love to extend thoughtful gifts, you can customize both the box and the tools with your best man’s initials or name. This gift is certainly practical and ideal for your group’s grill master.

27. Personalized Box and Beer Mug Best Man Gift Set

Personalized beer mug best man gift set

Does your best man love beer? Then, this personalized beer mug set may be the right gift for him. The customized box holds sturdy beer mugs and will certainly please those who love cold brews. Whether your best man enjoys gulping some beer on a quiet evening or is an enthusiastic host, these mugs will add a personal touch to gifting that he will appreciate.

28. Proposal Box Set of Best Man Gifts

Personalized Best Man Gifts Proposal Box
Box full of best man gifts

Use your gifts for best man to ask him to be a part of your wedding in style. With this cigar gift box, it’ll be the perfect bro way to ask him to be your best man. Not only is he going to get an awesome wooden cigar humidor, but he’ll also have a card on the inside that can do that asking for you! Add in some cigars for him to enjoy with the cigar accessories, and you’ve got one hell of a best man proposal gift box!

29. Personalized Ammo Can and Whiskey Best Man Gifts Set

Ammo can box best man gifts set

On the prowl for a best man gift that is both unique and utility-driven? This personalized ammo can fits the bill. Previously employed by the military, it is now the perfect décor item. Moreover, since it provides storage space, it is extremely practical. If your best man loves customized gifts, you can even engrave his name and title onto the ammo. Finally, since it is manufactured using premium materials, it is durable and long-lasting. Tools, fishing gear, and other valuable items can be stored in this ammo, which is a perfect gift to show your appreciation for your best man.

30. Headphones He Can Jam Out To

Man wearing headphones looking into distance
Meze Audio 99 Classics Wood headphones

So your closest friend is a music lover. We suggest the Meze Audio 99 Classics Wood Headphones. For late at night or on an airplane, these headphones will let your best friend know that you cared enough to say thank you with the gift of music. With their noise canceling, bluetooth functionality and sleek wood finish, he’ll be in sonic heaven for years to come.

31. Personalized Traditional German Beer Stein

Beer Mug with Pewter Lid

Nothing beats the experience of sipping cold beer from a classic stein. Gift your best man this personalized traditional German beer stein and watch him rejoice. A long-lasting pewter lid and a timeless design make this product the epitome of elegance and sophistication. A thoughtful message is just the final touch needed to complete this elegant gift. This is the ideal gift for your best man if he enjoys gulping beer or is an admirer of sophistication.

Groom and two groomsmen laughing outside

32. Personalized Tactical Survival Knife

Personalized tactical survival knife best man gifts

Is masculinity the defining trait when you think of your best man? This personalized tactical survival knife may be a great gift for him. Your best man will appreciate its functionality. In addition to being strong and durable, the knife is also very versatile, since it includes a seatbelt cutter, a serrated blade, and a glass breaker. This knife finds use in a variety of settings. Moreover, to mark your special event, you can even engrave your best man’s initials or name. Way to transform it into a thoughtful keepsake, isn’t it? Show your appreciation for your best man, whether he is an outdoorsy individual or likes to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

33. Personalized Bourbon Decanter

Tennessee Bourbon Decanter

When searching for those best man gift ideas, few things can top the charts quite like a personalized bourbon decanter in the style of his favorite brand! This custom bourbon decanter will have your best man feeling like he is the owner of his go-to company each time he has a drink! Not only is it a great thank you gift for the wedding, but your best man will get to enjoy this unique gift for years each time he wants to have a neat glass of bourbon.

34. Beard Oil - For the Bearded Best Man

Beard Oil Best Man Gifts Set

Your best man should have a soft beard. It should smell nice, too. For these simple reasons, this beard oil will be the perfect gift for him. The ladies will love the aroma of coffee and chocolate and he’ll be able to twirl that mustache and part that long beard however he sees fit. Of all the fancy beards out there, your best friend’s will be the fanciest of them all.

35. Engravable Bonacorso Wine Best Man Gift Box Set

Bonacorso Wine Best Man Gift Box Set

Special moments and occasions deserve sophistication and elegance. This wine gift box set brings just that to the table. Your best man will love this customized gift set. Its wooden box is designed to reflect elegance and convenience. With this gift set, each sip of wine will turn into an unforgettable moment. Take your best man on a luxurious and sophisticated journey with this gift set.

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36. The Vittore Wallet by Maxwell-Scott

Vittore leather wallet sitting on a table
Man in suit holding a Vittore leather wallet

Every man is on the lookout for a classic accessory that is practical and stylish. This luxurious leather wallet is all that and more. The premium leather it uses will age to create a distinct patina. Since it is extremely spacious, it is very functional. Your best man can carry both cards and cash in this wallet. If your best man has refined taste and appreciates fancy items, this gift will certainly delight him.

37. Legendary Best Man Gift Ideas

Engraved Gifts for Best Man are Pint Glass Ammo Cans

He’s your best friend, the coolest guy you know, and now he’s going to be by your side on your wedding day! Show him just how much you appreciate him for being there for you on the most important day of your life with this badass ammo can gift set. Everything in this set is as awesome as he is from the tactical knife to the custom pint glasses, and he’ll enjoy using each and every piece. He’ll especially love how cool he’ll look wherever he takes the ammo can from the gun range to the mountains with all of your buddies.

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Best Man Gifts FAQ

Is it necessary to give the best man a gift?

In traditional weddings, it is certainly a custom to demonstrate gratitude for your best man’s efforts with a thoughtful gift. This gift must be meaningful and useful. More importantly, it should cater to his tastes and interests.

Can I gift my groomsmen and the best man the same thing?

A best man takes up several additional responsibilities on your important day. As such, his gift should reflect his contributions. That is why it is customary to choose a unique gift for a best man. Typically, all of the groomsmen receive the same type of gifts. On the other hand, the best man’s gift is carefully chosen or is more valuable. The goal is to demonstrate your gratitude for all of his extra efforts.

What is an appropriate gift for the best man?

The gift for the best man should be meaningful and show gratitude. The gift must be carefully chosen to reflect his importance on the D-day. Grooms often gift their best men items such as cufflinks, engraved watches, and hip flasks. However, the gifts may be customized depending on his likes and interests, such as a beautiful leather wallet or some fine whiskey. Essentially, the gift should reflect who he is and function as a lifelong keepsake.

What does the best man spend money on?

Traditionally, the best man pays for his own outfit for your wedding. Additionally, he may purchase a gift for the couple along with the groomsmen. Often, the best man also pays entirely for the bachelor’s party or partially contributes to it. Finally, when attending the wedding, all the expenses associated with his personal travel and accommodation are incurred by him.

How much should you spend on best man gifts?

The best man gift tends to fall within the price range of $30 to $150. Make sure that the gift is meaningful and thoughtful. A personal touch is always appreciated. The price tag doesn’t matter here as much as the thought. Show your best man some appreciation with the gift you choose.


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