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Article: 31 Incredible 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

31 Incredible 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

31 Incredible 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your husband, dad, or brother is turning the big 5-0 and you want to get him something that celebrates this milestone, a gift that is worthy of a great man such as him. In his lifetime he’s accomplished a great many things such as becoming a dad, moved up in his job, and has been a valued mentor to everyone with his words of wisdom. In this gift guide there are 31 excellent expert chosen gifts organized by type and ranked. We will answer your questions such as, what gifts make the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men, and how to choose gifts for a 50 year old man?

These answers and more are contained below. Pay special attention to our crack editorial team notes below the titles and at the bottom of each gift idea. Note beneath each gift idea, you will find tips for what each gift is best for, and why we chose that gift as one of the best birthday gift ideas.

Man celebrating his 50th birthday

#1 Ultra Rare Ammo Can Gift Set for His 50th Birthday

Best Birthday Gift for Manly Men

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your father or husband is turning 50 this year and you’re on the hunt for something truly special for him. He’s the man you look up to and you want to get him something that shows just how much you appreciate everything he does for you as well as a gift that doesn’t make him feel old. Luckily for you, this incredible ammo can gift set is the best of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men! He will be in awe of the awesome custom design on the ammo can and glasses, especially since you went to the trouble of making it unique just for him. Once he pours himself a glass of his favorite scotch in one of his new glasses and lights up a stogie with the handy cigar accessories, he’ll feel cooler than James Bond himself on his birthday!

Why We Love It: This gift set is truly unique and it checks so many boxes that make a great gift. A quick rundown: Ammo boxes are endlessly useful for storage of anything from actual ammo, to important documents, to his favorite socks. The custom whiskey glasses can be used for anything from scotch to gin and tonics, and the lighter and cutter are great to have around for cigar smokers or for visiting friends (even if he doesn't smoke).

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#2 Give His Drinks a Whole New Flavor

Best Gift for Cocktail Lovers

Drink Smoker Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to 50th birthday gifts, you need to think outside the box. What’s something he doesn’t already have? A cocktail smoker! This handy little kit and personalized rocks glass is a fun way for him to experiment with smoke-infused drinks. He can use the smoke topper on other glasses, too, which means he can make unique smoky cocktails for everyone! Once he tries a smoked Old Fashioned with his favorite bourbon, he’ll never want a regular drink ever again.

Why We Love It: Have you ever had a smoked gin, vodka, or whiskey cocktail? If not you're missing out, they are astonishing liquid delights. This set makes all that astonishing smoky goodness possible. Save yourself the guesswork and get it already, and get a second for yourself too while you're at it. You won't regret it.

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#3 Make Weekends in His 50s Amazing - Travel Bag for Wine & Spirits

Most Unique 50th Birthday Gift

weekender wine and whiskey bag gift idea for 50 year olds

weekender wine bag interior

Does the man in your life enjoy traveling? As you approach your 50s expand your ability to enjoy the moment no matter where the weekend takes you with this weekender bag. Perfect for trips to the lake, weekend getaways, gatherings of friends, vineyards, or distilleries alike, this bag will safeguard your favorite wines, whiskey, or liquor as you enjoy new destinations. Not only that, it holds up to three days' worth of clothes and is a safe and practical way to bring back special bottles you’ve bought during your travels.

50s couple wine dinner

Why We Love It: Endlessly practical, it is a handsome travel accessory as well. Makes a super unique 50th birthday gift idea for guys who love to indulge in fine wine, spirits, or whiskey.

#4 Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Love to Grill

Best Grill Gift

50th Birthday Gift Ideas Custom Acacia Butcher Block

Give the 50-year-old man who loves to grill the perfect place to do all of his preparation for his birthday with this awesome personalized butcher block! With the vintage-inspired design declaring him the Grill Master, your dad or husband will want to prove his skills by grilling up burgers, steaks, kabobs, brats, hot dogs, and more as often as possible. Built to last for years just like he is, this amazingly sturdy butcher block will help him out by being his dedicated place to do all of his seasoning and chopping. Thanks to your great gift, he won’t be scrambling for paper plates to put the burgers on or making a mess of the countertops when he’s preparing the kabobs!

Why We Love It: This cutting board with its humorous design is a playful, fun 50th birthday gift idea. Not the mention, the board itself is endlessly practical for cutting and serving all kinds of meats.

#5 Whiskey and Food Modern Men's Gift Basket

Best Gift Basket

Gift Basket for 50 Year Old Men

A new modern gift basket for men, this personalized birthday gift set is a one-two combo gift for 50 year old men that checks multiple boxes for bourbon and whiskey lovers. Not only does the decanter and glasses come personalized, it’s packed with savory nuts and snacks such as toffee peanuts, pistachios, & peanut crunch to boot.

Why We Love It: What guy wouldn’t love a 50th birthday gift that packs two of his favorite vices in one gift basket? For the whiskey, scotch, or bourbon lover this set is sure to please.

group of men celebrating

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#6 Custom Bean Bag Toss - Fun Gift for a 50 Year Old Man

Best Outdoor Gift

Personalized Cornhole Set for 50th Birthday

When thinking about the perfect birthday gift for a 50 year old man, make sure you consider the things he enjoys doing. For the man who loves spending time with his friends and family, get him something he can share with them! This custom cornhole set will quickly become a staple at every family gathering and party that he hosts. Not only is this a classic, easy-to-play game for all ages so that even the grandkids can enjoy it, but he can play it indoors, outdoors, or even take it with him on the big family camping trip! A gift like this will be enjoyed by him and all of his loved ones for years to come.

Why We Love It: These cornhole bean bag tosses are just the right size and are great for summer & fall parties, cookouts, and get-togethers. Everyone loves cornhole, it's a great American pastime. The fact that these come personalized with his name is just icing on the cake.

#7 Coffee Sampler and Custom Mug

Best Gift for Coffee Snobs

coffee subscription 50th birthday gift

custom coffee mug birthday gift idea for 50 year old man

Gifting a coffee subscription to a 50-year-old man can be a blend of thoughtfulness and innovation. The coffee subscription offers access to artisanal beans from diverse regions and roast profiles, while the custom coffee mug tells them you went the extra mile. The mug itself also serves as a reminder of you every time they use it. As they brew the various beans, the act of brewing becomes an adventure in itself, providing comfort, discovery, and sometimes even an avenue for shared experiences with loved ones.

Why We Love It: As coffee snobs ourselves, there is probably one thing we love more than our daily joe, which is trying a new expression of coffee in our favorite mug. This gift set gives him the ability to experience this for his 50th birthday; allowing him to keep that special coffee for himself, or to share the experience with family and friends.

#8 Make His Dream Home Bar Come True

Best Gift for His Home Bar

Custom Tavern Sign Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

Over the years, you’ve heard him talk about how much he wants to create the ultimate home bar someday. Now that the big 5-0 birthday is coming up, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a gift that will help make his dream come true—a custom home bar sign! With this, he will be inspired to get started on his home bar right away. In fact, you could get everyone who is coming to his birthday party to make your gifts themed around his home bar such as a new TV, bar stools, tap handles, and more! Such a unique and thoughtful gift is one of the best possible gift ideas for men who want their own home bar someday. For a man who already has an impressive home bar, this sign is the best way to make it official!

Why We Love It: Signage is an important factor in any bar, if you look around the next time you are out, you'll see almost every wall at your local pub is covered with some form of sign or artwork. This sign is the personalized touch his home bar has been waiting for.

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#9 Bespoke Wine Chiller Set for 50 Year Old Wine Lovers

Best Gift for Wine Enthusiasts

custom marble wine decanter and glasses gift idea for his 50th birthday

Celebrate his 50th birthday milestone with a personalized touch for the wine aficionado in your life. This bespoke wine chiller set is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for wine connoisseurs and novices alike. Each item in the set, from the chiller to the glasses, is delicately engraved with an initial and name. The distinctive design of the wine glasses, with their stable base and low center of gravity, ensures they remain upright and resist tipping.

Why We Love It: The elegant wine chiller is great for everything from wines to champagnes, while the personalized wine glasses compliment most any decor. Not to mention the wine chiller is an impressive decorative piece for the countertop when not in use.

#10 Elevate His Cocktails - Custom Serving Set

Best 50th Birthday Gift for Cocktail Lovers

Cocktail Serving Set for His Birthday

Does your 50 year old man love to entertain? Then gift the connoisseur in your life this Carraway monogrammed presentation set. This handsome set seamlessly marries tradition with modern practicality. The included liquor decanter and glasses can be used to serve a variety of cocktails to guests. Meanwhile, the tray's foundation, carved from natural birch wood, not only provides an aesthetic appeal but ensures sturdiness so you never spill another drink while serving.

man opening whiskey decanter

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Why We Love It: This set elevates the entire hosting experience; not only making the serving of guests so much easier, it transcends the typical here’s your drink into a special presentation. Bonus, it makes a handsome addition atop the bar when not in use.

#11 Duffle Bag Appropriate for a Man of 50

Best Gift for a Weekend Getaway

leather bag for men turning 50

At 50, many men have reached a point in their lives where they appreciate gifts that are both functional and sophisticated. A travel duffle bag such as this with its rich texture and durability, signifies maturity and refinement, qualities that resonate with a man who's celebrating half a century of life.

Why We Love It: This versatile duffle bag is high quality without breaking the bank. It is perfect for weekend getaways, business trips, or visits to the gym. Every time he packs or carries it, he'll be reminded of everything he’s achieved in his 50 years of life and the thoughtfulness of the gift.

#12 Golf Gifts for Men Turning 50

Best Golf Gift

Golf gifts for men turning 50

For the 50 year old golfer dad, husband, or brother, this personalized golf gift is not just a set of items; they're symbols of dedication, passion, and the countless hours spent perfecting the sport. They reflect the golfer's unique journey and commitment over the years. This set of birthday gifts for golfers will go everywhere with him as he plays different courses, turning into cherished keepsakes that capture the essence and memories of countless rounds played and milestones achieved on the greens.

Why We Love It: This golf gift set not only serves practical purposes on the course but also elevates the golfer's style and connection to the game. Perfect for someone who spends most weekends on the back nine.

#13 Watch Box to Upgrade His Style and Organize His Closet

Best Gift for Watch Collectors

Leather Watch Box and Valet Tray Mens Gift Idea

Many men over the years amass a collection of watches, cufflinks, and other odds and ends. Those accessories typically end up in a drawer, cabinet, or out on the dresser much to their spouse’s displeasure. Upgrade his style and organize his closet with this leather watch box. It provides an elegant and protective space for these timepieces, highlighting their value and his appreciation for fine details. Meanwhile, the integrated valet tray complements this by offering a dedicated space for his daily essentials like keys, cufflinks, or pocket change.

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Why We Love It: As he celebrates his birthday, this top gift idea will not only help him organize his watch collection and dresser; it also resonates with a sense of sophistication. It serves as a daily reminder of his journey, milestones, and the preciousness of time.

#14 Take the Bull By the Horns with This Gift Set

Best Gift for His Office

Bull decanter office gift for men

A natural conversation piece, this bull decanter is perfect for anyone in a professional office setting such as financial advisors and brokers (bulls are a symbol of a bull stock market), lawyers, and many other professional careers as well. The bull also resonates with people in the agriculture industry and cowboys as well. Add in the custom glasses and you have an incredible gift set for your 50 year old gift recipient.

Why We Love It: The bull exudes masculinity, almost any guy would love it. Plus it will look distinguished in his office or on his home bar.

#15 Cedar Humidor & Unique Cigar Holding Glasses

Best 50th Birthday Cigar Gift

50th Birthday engraved cigar humidor and cigar holder glasses

custom cigar holding glass

If your best guy friend, dad, or husband is a cigar smoker, this birthday gift set is exactly what you are looking for. This isn't just any humidor; with its hydrometer, it promises the perfect environment to cradle cigars, ensuring they age gracefully, much like a fine wine. Meanwhile, the personalized cigar holding glasses round out this gift set. A genius blend of design and function, they allow one to simultaneously savor a choice beverage and cigar - an experience every connoisseur can attest to being unparalleled.

Why We Love it: This birthday gift idea is not just about celebrating age, but about celebrating a legacy of taste, tradition, and the art of living well.

#16 Make Sure He Feels Like a Legend on His Birthday

Most Unique Beer Gift

Beer 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men in an Ammo Can

Turning 50 is a big deal, and your gift should make him feel like it’s an awesome achievement without making him feel old. The best kind of 50th birthday gift ideas that does just that is this badass ammo can gift set! Declaring him “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.,” this awesome gift set is something he’ll be proud to use, and it will certainly make him feel like a young man every time he drinks from his pint glasses or uses his awesome new tactical knife. He’ll especially appreciate the cool ammo can, which he can take to the range full of ammo for target practice or bring it along on the next camping trip as it’s perfect for storing tools and gear. Such a versatile and awesome gift set is a great way to celebrate this milestone birthday!

Why We Love It: Not only is this gift ultra macho, it's also super practical. The uses for these air-tight ammo cans are almost endless for storage and the the beer glasses + survival knife, well, speak for themselves.

#17 "The Choppa" - Gift for 50 Year Old Men of Intrigue and Mystery

Most Unique Birthday Gift

The choppa gift idea for the 50 year old man of intrigue and mystery

So your guy is hard to shop for huh? Well, this is one amazing gift idea he’s unlikely to have in his drawer. Part meat chopper, part hatchet, 100% awesome. Personalized with his name on the ebony wood shaft he’ll be able to chop a brisket or most anything else you can think of. This meat axe can also be used in a number of equally absurd ways such as axe throwing competitions, wild game hunting, or vegetable prep for our vegetarian friends.

Why We Love It: This hatchet speaks of a man of intrigue and mystery. Definitely, the kind of 50 year old we want to party with.

#18 Amazing Steaks as Gifts for His 50th Birthday

Best Meat Gift for Carnivores

Steak and Meat Gift Birthday Gift Ideas for 50 year old men

Gifting steaks for a man's 50th birthday is a tasteful nod to indulgence and a celebration of something primal inside of most every man. For many men, the pleasure of grilling or enjoying a well-cooked steak is unparalleled, making this a gift that promises not just great taste but also memorable experiences. Whether he's a seasoned grill master or simply someone who appreciates gourmet food, premium quality steaks such as these offer a taste of luxury, signifying the richness of the experiences accumulated over 50 years and the savory moments yet to come.

Why We Love It: There is just something primal and satisfying about a great steak. Omaha steaks has been around for generations. Prime and Angus steaks such as these are great gift ideas for his 50th birthday and he’ll think of you each and every time fires up the grill.

#19 Personalized Cutting Board

Best for The Home Cook

Monogrammed Cutting Board Gift for 50 Year Old Man

Does the guy in your life have a love for cooking? He’s always coming up with something new in the kitchen whether it’s an exotic dish he read about in a recipe book or an intricately baked pastry with unusual ingredients. He’s even making his own birthday cake because no one else in the family is as talented at baking as him and he refuses to eat any store-bought cakes! You’ve noticed that his cutting board is a little beat up from years of chopping veggies, so why not get him a new one for his birthday? This handsome Sheesham hardwood cutting board can withstand his chopping and meal prepping without so much as a scratch, and it’s even engraved with his last name and initial!

Why We Love It: This sensible 50th birthday gift idea is something he can use every day in his kitchen to prep anything from vegetables to meat and the personalization adds a welcomed upgrade that sets it apart from store bought gifts.

cooking gifts for 50 year old men

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#20 A Decanter Set for the Well-Traveled Man

award winner

Best Gift for World Travelers

Globe Decanter Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your husband has lived on the Earth for half a century and has explored as much of it as he could. He went backpacking through Europe after graduating college, traveled all over the place for his job, and always wanted to go somewhere new and exotic each summer with the family. Now that he’s older and well-traveled, he wants to revisit his favorite places.

One of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men who have been all over the world is this awesome decanter set. Expertly etched with the map of the world on the decanter and glasses, this set is an incredible reminder of his travels. The glass-blown ship sailing through his rum inside the decanter is just the cherry on top of this handsome decanter set. In fact, the only thing he'll wish was different about this set was that he got it as some of his 30th birthday gift ideas so he could have enjoyed it for 20 years already!

Why We Love It: For the worldly traveler this set will remind him of all the memories of places traveled to in the past and the adventures yet to come.

#21 Infuse His Drinks with a New Smoky Flavor

Best Gift for Entertaining Guests

Smoke Box System with Glencairn Glasses

The guy in your life enjoys whiskey as much as the next guy. He likes to have a glass every evening after dinner while he watches the news. He has a few go to favorite whiskeys and likes to try different kinds now and then. For his birthday this year, you should surprise him with an upgrade do his evening routine: a smoke box system and engraved Glencairn glasses! With the smoke box, he can infuse his drink with a whole new smoky flavor! He can choose the kind of wood chips he wants to use, too. The Glencairn glasses are specially crafted to enhance the flavor of the whiskey through its unique design. By far, this set is one of the most unique 50th birthday gift ideas

Why We Love It: For bourbon, scotch, and whiskey drinkers this smoker set is a no-brainer. However, it can also be used to smoke gin, vodka, and even tequila cocktails! It not only adds flavor to individual drinks, it creates a lively event to be enjoyed by all when hosting.

Whiskey tasting party with Glencairn Glasses

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#22 For the BBQ & Grill Master

Best Grill Tools Set

50th Birthday Gift Ideas Custom Bamboo Grilling Tools

Men love getting practical gifts, but they also love getting presents that they can use with their favorite hobbies. For the man in your life who enjoys cooking, you’ve definitely given him plenty of grilling gifts over the years: spices, meat rubs, a new grill, and all kinds of gadgets to make BBQ easier than ever. One thing you haven’t given him, though, is his own set of custom grilling tools! By far the most unique 50th birthday gift ideas for men, these awesome bamboo grilling tools will be his favorite go-to BBQ tools from now on. They are lightweight, heat-resistant, top quality, and even portable so that he can bring his trusty new tools everywhere he goes from the lake to the in-laws’ house. Plus, the engraved carrying case makes sure that everyone knows who these awesome tools belong to!

Why We Love It: Grill tools are something that every guy needs to replace/upgrade every few years. This grill tool set with its handsome engraved wood case will undoubtedly be an upgrade over his old tools, and the personalization will remind him of your connection to him each time he uses it.

#23 50th Birthday Gift to Keep Him in Top Shape

Best Gift for Gym Rats

Massage Gun 50th Birthday Gift Idea for Athletes

Whether he’s still incredibly active or gets stiff from work, a Theragun is one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for men because it's like getting a personal massage whenever he likes! These therapeutic machines are a fantastic way to relieve knots and tension. Now, he’ll always feel relaxed and ready to go since he can simply loosen up any time he wants.

Why We Love It: As we age we ache in new places, it's a fact of life. This gift takes away that soreness in joints and muscles so he can do the things he loves well into his 50s.

#24 Cigar and Flask Combo

Most Unique Cigar Gift

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Case for 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Your dad is a simple guy. He has a routine every day when he gets home from work that you’ve known him to follow for your entire life. He walks in the door, takes off his shoes, and makes his way to his recliner. There, he pours a glass of Knob Creek and lights up a cigar. He stays there until mom says dinner is ready and you know not to disturb him until then. You’ve been wracking your brain trying to think of the best 50th birthday gift idea for him, but you’re stumped. Worry not, this cigar gift set is here to save the day!

This awesome cigar glass will replace his old rocks glass and make it easier for him to enjoy his stogie and bourbon. The cigar case will ensure that his cigars are fresh and secure, and it even comes with a cigar cutter! Once you give this gift set to him on his birthday, he’ll be reaching for these two items as soon as he gets home.

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Why We Love It: Cigars and whiskey are guy favorites as old as time. This set makes it easier than ever for him to enjoy both no matter where he is.

#25 Damascus Steel Knife - A 50th Birthday Gift Which Reflects a Lifetime of Experience

Most Useful Birthday Gift

Damascus Steel Knife Gift Set

Damascus steel, known for its distinctive patterns and exceptional durability, represents a fusion of tradition and craftsmanship, mirroring the wisdom and experiences gathered over his 50 years of life. Pocket knives are a versatile tool and practical as well. They serve numerous purposes from simple day-to-day tasks to outdoor adventures. As you think about gifts for his 50th birthday consider a keepsake item such as this which reflects the intertwining of strength, beauty, and the intricate journey of life.

Why We Love It: Damascus steel knives are sought after worldwide for their renowned strength and beauty. The patterns in the steel embody a lifetime of experiences and the wisdom that come with a milestone 50th birthday. This knife is also incredibly functional; well suited for everyday tasks and outdoor expeditions alike.

#26 Gift Set in a Custom Bespoke Box

Most Versatile Gift

11pc whiskey gift basket set
older man drinking out of a whiskey glass

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t decided on the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for him, think about what he doesn’t have. If he doesn’t have a whiskey decanter set, you can’t go wrong with getting him this 11 piece gift set. It's got a custom decanter, unique twist glasses, nuts and snacks galore and it comes packaged in a bespoke black wood box. He will love how classy and impressive this set looks.

Why We Love It: This monogrammed 50th birthday gift set is one you can't go wrong with. Regardless of if he loves whiskey, gin, vodka, or just club soda and lime he's sure to find dozens of uses for this set.

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#27 The News From When He Was Born

Best Gift for Nostalgic 50 Year Olds

When searching for some of the most unique and memorable 50th birthday gift ideas for men, there are few things more touching than this newspaper article. Each article is curated to the most important events that occurred on the day he was born! Not only is the world lucky to have him, but now he gets to see all of the amazing things that happened on his first day on Earth!

Why We Love It: Hey we'll be the first to admit we're not very nostalgic. However, we realize a lot of men turning 50 are. Hence this gift suggestion for those of you with fathers who are history buffs. This is a great gift idea for dads who love to celebrate the past.

#28 New Set of Wine Glasses Guaranteed to Make Him Laugh

Best Humorous Wine Gift

Custom Vintage Red Wine Glasses

Want to give your husband something nice but also a bit humorous? These custom wine glasses are the best of both! These stemmed wine glasses are engraved with your husband’s name and the year he was born along with “Vintage” and “Aged to Perfection.” It might make him feel old, but he’ll get a kick out of it every time he pours a glass of cabernet. These glasses are just classy enough to use for family dinners and when friends visit, and are certainly a conversation piece, making them a great 50th birthday gift idea for men!

Why We Love It: This gift idea is an instant conversation piece that you can use time and time again.

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#29 Espresso Maker for Caffeine Addicts

Best Gift for Caffeine Addicts

Espresso Coffee Maker Gift Idea

Even at 50 he still loves to get caffeinated on the daily. But upgrade him from the long waits and basic coffee at those country-wide chains with his own luxury espresso machine. Now, he can make his own coffee to taste exactly how he wants it without the wait!

Why We Love It: We've tested this exact Barista Touch machine extensively over the past few months in one of our expert gift testers Keith W's house. It makes consistently excellent coffee. It is an expensive luxury gift for a 50 year old man. However, if he's a coffee addict, and loves to experiment with different coffees, there is little doubt he's going to love this gift.

#30 Birthday Gift to Conquer the World - AK47 Whiskey Decanter

Best Gag Gift for Men

Gun Whiskey Decanter Gag Gift for 50th Birthday

“Say hello to my little friend.” Recognize this famous phrase? If you don’t rest assured any guy turning 50 instantly will. It's a throwback to Al Pacino’s famous scene as “Tony Montana” in Scarface. This humorous AK-47 decanter is guaranteed to bring a smile to his face whether he wants to “rule the world” like Tony Montana or he’s complacent with ruling his man cave at home.

Why We Love It: A very tongue in cheek gift, this gift has all the right ingredients to make it the best 50th birthday gift he’ll get this year. Useful yes, but also wildly absurd at the same time. It has all the hallmarks of a great guy gift in our book.

#31 The Perfect Beer Tasting Birthday Gift Box

Best Birthday Beer Gift

Craft Beer Tasting Set of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Take charge in getting some of the most badass and practical 50th birthday gift ideas out there with this awesome craft beer-lover gift set. With custom glasses and a matching gift box, he’ll think you went all out for his 50th birthday gift. Add in a six-pack of craft beer and he’ll be toasting you out of his new craft glasses before the wrapping paper has even hit the floor!

Why We Love It: If your guy turning 50 is a beer lover, this set will allow him to enjoy his favorite brews in new ways he never knew were possible.


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50th Birthday FAQs

What is the traditional gift for a 50th birthday?

While gold is the traditional symbol of 50 years, not every guy is going to want gold jewelry or trinkets. A thoughtful gift for his 50th birthday would be a bottle of his favorite whiskey or wine vintage (don't go cheap), a personalized decanter set to display his prized liquor, or a unique gift set full of his favorite things. Keeping his interests in mind when choosing his gift will mean so much more to him than a new gold ring or chain.

What is a great gift for a guy who has everything?

You want to get him an amazing gift, but he says he doesn’t want anything or has everything he could possibly need. One way around this is to get him a new and improved version of something he already has, like the latest model of his watch or a personalized decanter that’s similar to the one he uses all the time. Another way to give a great 50th birthday gift for the man who has everything is by getting him something practical, but unique, like a set of glassware with his name on it or an ammo can turned into a cigar humidor to replace his basic wooden one.

What do you get for a 50-year-old?

Whether you’re looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband, brother, dad, or friend, one thing is for certain: get him something cool and unique! You want to make him feel special on this milestone birthday, but you also don’t want to make him feel old. Some of the best 50th birthday gifts are a new watch from his favorite brand, personalized glassware he can use with friends, a new set of grilling tools, or even a custom sign to give his home a fresh new look. These gifts are all practical, which is important for a 50-year-old man, but they can also all be personalized to make them extra thoughtful.

Which is the best gift for your husband?

The best 50th birthday gift ideas for husbands start with his favorite things. What does he enjoy doing to relax? Can you get him an upgraded version to a well-loved item he’s been using for years? Is there something he’s always wanted but has been putting off getting? Thinking about these types of things will help you narrow down the list of possible gift ideas. If you are wanting to treat your partner to a truly amazing gift, there’s no better time to do so than his 50th birthday.

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