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Article: 61 Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2024

61 Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2024

61 Best Groomsmen Gifts

As you gear up for the big day, you might find yourself wondering: What would make a great gift for my groomsmen? No sweat—we've done the heavy lifting for you, sifting through countless options to bring you this definitive guide to the best groomsmen gifts out there. Our team has put in the work, meticulously reviewing hundreds of products for their quality and functionality. The result? An all-star lineup of unique, personalized groomsmen gifts that will elevate your entire wedding party. From timeless classics to the latest must-haves, we've got you covered. Dive in and discover the perfect way to thank your crew for standing by your side on your most important day.

groomsmen receiving gifts smiling

1. Light Up Your Groomsmen’s Night with This Gift

whiskey smoker gift set for groomsmen
cocktail smoker

These Halo Whiskey Smoker Kits allow your groomsmen to make smoked cocktails in their own apartment or home. They come in a variety of different configurations for all gift budgets. Entertaining and wowing guests has never been so easy or fun!

2. Hatchet and Ammo Can Gift Set – Perfect Outdoor Groomsmen Gift

Monogrammed Ammo Can Gift Set with Hatchet

A man should never stray far from his tools, and this unique hatchet and ammo can gift set makes that easier than ever. You get two traditional monogrammed drinking accessories, but the icing on the groom’s cake is the real, usable hatchet, ready for cutting, chopping, or whatever the hell you want to do with it. Everything in this set of groomsmen gift ideas comes packed in an authentic military surplus ammo box, so it’s especially great for troops, reserves, and shooting enthusiasts.

3. Groovy Groomsmen Gift for Audiophiles

bluetooth speaker gift idea for groomsmen
groomsmen holding bluetooth speaker

If your groomsmen love music, then this custom Bluetooth speaker made of exquisite cherrywood from is going to rock their socks off. Don’t let the tiny size fool you, this tiny speaker packs a punch! Not only does it flawlessly combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, but it also offers a personalized touch that shows your deep appreciation for their role in your special day.

4. Custom Knives for Your Wedding Party

Custom Set of 5 Liner Lock Knives

You want to get a groomsmen gift that stands out. That’s completely reasonable. You also want to take care of everyone in your wedding party with the touch of a button. Thankfully, these engraved liner lock knives are available so you can get your groomsmen a gift they won’t ever forget. You can still customize each one to their liking. This multi-function knife will fit in most pockets and won’t add any extra bulk. It’s the perfect knife for everyday use or while in the great outdoors. It’s a thoughtful token of their friendship throughout the years.

5. A Groomsmen Gift Every Guy Needs - DOPP Kit

toiletry bag groomsmen gift set
groomsman holding toiletry bag

Up their shaving game and give them a place to put all that bathroom clutter with this Hayden Toiletry Kit. No only does it come with a personalized straight razor for the closest shave of their lives, this DOPP toiletry bag will be a gift your groomsmen can can use everyday and when traveling for many years to come.

wedding party

6. Small Wood Gift Box Set - An Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Idea

Personalized Whiskey Gift Box Set

Wooden boxes always carry a certain mystique. Maybe because they tap into that boyhood dream of digging a hole in the yard and discovering a buried treasure chest. Maybe it’s the memory of Dad’s strongbox, home to antique pocket watches, coin collections, and the like. Whatever the case, this inexpensive whiskey stones and shot glass gift set of groomsmen gifts is truly memorable and perfect for everyone in the wedding party.

7. Will You Be My Groomsmen Gift

Custom Cigar Box of Groomsmen Gift Ideas

What a fun way to propose to your groomsmen! This "will you be my groomsmen" gift set is the perfect way to ask your best friends to be there on the day that matters most to you. With a bow tie, cigar gifts, and a customized card, this unique gift box has everything you need to invite your friends into your wedding in the manliest way possible!

8. Custom Meat Cleavers - A Unique Groomsmen Gift They Never Knew They Needed

Meat Clever Chopping Meat
Groomsmen Gifts Set of 5 Meat Cleavers

Possibly the coolest groomsmen gift ever, we wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of your groomsmen high-five you on the spot when they open these awesome Be Bold Meat Cleavers. Besides the cool factor, these meat cleavers are a practical addition to your groomsmen's kitchen arsenal, and a symbol of the strength and sharpness of your friendship.

9. Vintage Whiskey Barrel – Made into a Watch

Vintage Whiskey Barrel Watch
whiskey barrel watch for groomsmen

We’ve seen a lot of good uses for wood rescued from whiskey barrels, but this one is sure to stand the test of time. These nifty watches are made with reclaimed American oak bourbon barrel wood, stainless steel, mineral crystal glass, and quartz functionality. You can even enjoy the faint smell of whiskey when you wear it, a good excuse when your significant other asks, “Have you been drinking?”

10. Custom Decanter Set - A Groomsmen Gift They Will Use Forever

groomsmen decanter set
decanter pouring

This Custom Whiskey Glasses and Decanter Set is not just a gift; it is an emblem of appreciation and a testament to the bond you share with your friends. This handsome groomsmen gift set, with its timeless design and personalized monogram, speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and consideration. The precision in the craftsmanship ensures that each piece is not just a container, but a vessel that adds to the richness of the whiskey it holds. The custom monogram adds a touch of individuality, making it a keepsake that your groomsmen will treasure for years to come.

11. Fun Groomsmen Gift Idea for The Mixologist

cocktail infusion kit
cocktail infusion spices

Bestow upon your groomsmen the gift of infinite possibilities, the key to unlock a realm where they are the masters of their own drinking destiny. With this spectacular Speakeasy DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit, your groomsmen shall have the power to transform ordinary spirits into the extraordinary, as they master the alchemical art of infusion.

12. A Groomsmen Wedding Gift for Totally Awesome Toasts

german stein engraved with groomsmen names

Whether you’re looking for ideal best man gifts or trying to find the perfect vessel for a toast, this traditional beer stein is an awesome gift idea! Plus, this engravable gift lets your present feel completely unique, just like each of your groomsmen. Having a toast with those who mean the most to you has never been easier! Even when the bachelor party starts to get wild, it’ll be easy to figure out whose stein is whose thanks to the gorgeous engraving on each beer stein.

13. Survival Knife for the Coolest Groomsmen

Set of 5 Groomsmen Survival Knives

Sometimes, you simply have some manly groomsmen who would like nothing more than their own personalized knife as a gift while other weddings feel like an event that needs a bit of survival equipment. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this set of personalized survival knives. From cutting last-minute dangling threads off dress shirts to crazy adventures in the wilderness, these knives have your groomsmen covered!

14. Personalized Classic Groomsmen Whiskey Glass Set

groomsmen gift box with whiskey glass and stones
man holding custom whiskey glass

These personalized whiskey glasses will make every sip feel like a toast to your friendship. And the wooden box? It’s not just for keeping the glasses safe – it's like a little piece of the celebration that your groomsmen can take home with them. Plus, it looks pretty cool sitting on a shelf or a home bar. Trust me, when your groomsmen unwrap these bad boys, they'll know you went the extra mile to get them something special. It's the kind of gift that says, "Thanks for being my wingman all these years, now let's celebrate."

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groomsmen with bride

15. An Engraved Hip Flask Gift Set

Hip Flask Box Set

A cool hip flask is a traditional groomsmen gift that they can actually use on the big day. Have them open up the gorgeous gift box, tuck the flask inside their jacket, and they’re ready for a quick nip wherever and whenever they need it. This boxed set is even great for the bachelor party since it comes with a set of shot glasses. Such a unique gift allows you and your best friends to get into the celebratory spirit with ease. Whether you have shots at home or need a quick sip before going into a bar, this gift set has you and your groomsmen covered!

16. Groomsmen Bobble Heads

groomsmen bobblehead gift idea

Everyone loves bobble heads, there is just something inherently fun about them. This delightful and fun groomsmen gift captures the essence of each groomsman in a playful and creative manner, serving as a lasting reminder of your special day. The expert craftsmanship of these groomsmen bobble heads ensures that each bobblehead is a true likeness, adding a personal touch that is sure to be appreciated.

17. Vintage Style Laser-Etched Colossal Beer Mug

Large Engraved Beer Mug

Groomsmen mugs are a popular gift idea and with good reason. You can use them to get the bachelor party started, or for the big toast at the reception. These vintage-style beer mugs are on our list of favorites because of their massive size they stand out and have a uniquely detailed base. The sculpted texture is almost diamond-like, a nice nod to wedding rings and studded cuff links. Each person gets their own name on the side, too.

18. Classy Groomsmen Duffle Bag

leather duffle bag gift idea for groomsmen

Every guy needs a solid quality bag they can depend on. Your groomsmen are no exception. Enter Mahi Leather, the purveyors of finely crafted leather bags that seamlessly transition from business to weekend escapades, and all the adventures that the open road has to offer. Don’t be surprised if these leather duffle bags instantly become their new favorite bag, faithfully accompanying each of your groomsmen as they embark on your bachelor party.

19. Stainless Steel Flasks for Everyone

5 Black Engraved Groomsmen Flasks

Take care of your entire wedding party with these custom flasks. With these inexpensive gifts you easily take care of your usher, father of the groom, or anyone else at your wedding who deserves a thank you without breaking the bank.


20. Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Personalized Set of 5 Groomsmen Beer Mugs

Have a handful of beers on ice for each of your wedding party, and let the good times flow by allowing your groomsmen to indulge in a few brewskis with these mugs!

Groomsmen and Groom Having Fun

21. Get Your Manly Groomsmen “The Choppa”

The choppa meat clever gift for groomsmen
two engraved choppa meat knives

The Choppa Personalized Meat Cleaver Hatchet is the ultimate manly groomsmen gift for the true man's man. This isn't your grandma's kitchen cleaver; it's a rugged, powerful tool that can take on the toughest cuts of meat without breaking a sweat.

With its razor-sharp blade and solid ebony wood handle, this hatchet is built to last. The weight of the cleaver feels just right in your hand, giving you the confidence to chop, slice, and dice like a professional chef. It's the perfect combination of form and function, a badass groomsmen gift that looks as good as it performs. It's the kind of gift that says, "Thanks for standing by me, brother. Now let's go grill some steaks."

22. Ultimate Groomsmen Gift for Cigar and Whiskey Lovers

Engraved Rocks Glass and Cigar Case Box Set

If the Rat Pack taught us anything, it’s that whiskey and cigars are the ultimate sidekicks. Enter this Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set – your groomsmen won't know what hit them. This isn’t just a gift; it’s an entry ticket to the good life, where the whiskey is smooth, and the cigars are rich. And those personalized Buckman glasses? They're not just for sipping; they're a nod to your impeccable taste and epic shenanigans yet to come. So, raise a glass, light up a stogie, and let the good times roll. Here’s to whiskey, cigars, and, most importantly, your band of merry groomsmen.

23. Rugged Outdoor Groomsmen Gift - Bose Speaker

bose rugged outdoor speaker

Allow your groomsmen to rock their beats outdoors, in the mud, rain or shine with this ultimate outdoor speaker. Bose is known for their quality, and these speakers do not disappoint. These speakers are amazing outdoor groomsmen gifts that your best guys are sure to love.

24. Monogrammed Poker & Whiskey Gift Set

Monogrammed Poker Set with Cigar Glass

This monogrammed poker gift set has everything you need to have an incredibly fun guys night. With one hand holding your cigar and whiskey and the other your cards, this set ensures that you’ll have a blast at your bachelor party.

25. Manly Groomsmen Gift - Viking Horn Mug

best groomsmen gift for manly men - horn mug

Unleash the primal man inside your friends with these horn mug gift sets. Made of real horn they are the manliest groomsmen gifts you’re going to find. They are an instant conversion starter that your best guys are sure to love.

26. Genuine .50 Cal Bullet Bottle Openers

bullet bottle openers make cool groomsmen gifts

If you’re looking for cool customized groomsmen gifts that won’t break the bank, these super cool bottle openers will do the trick. Made from a genuine .50 caliber bullet, these awesome bottle openers will be a huge hit among your groomsmen. They’ll love having them for their home bar or always at their side in their pocket. Each bottle opener is engraved with their name, too! Can it get any cooler than this? Keep scrolling to find out!

27. Cool Groomsmen Socks

groomsmen standing in circle showing their socks
groomsmen socks

This might be the first time ever we’re calling socks cool. However on a special day like your wedding, playful socks are one of the only ways your groomsmen can express themselves. Choose what fits each member of your wedding party best from the dozens of styles Happy Socks has and throw them in the gift sets for your groomsmen. Your future wife will be happy because they won’t be wearing worn out socks with holes to her wedding, and your buddies will be happy to slap on these fresh styles.

28. Gift Your Groomsmen Their Favorite Spirit

Personalized Liquor Gift Box

Sometimes a simple gift is what will be most memorable. Their favorite bottle of liquor is an obvious choice, but not very memorable. Make it memorable and special by encasing their favorite wine or liquor in a custom liquor gift box. This way, they’ll get to feel like they will know you took the extra effort to make their gift special.

groomsmen and wedding party posing on a balcony

29. Custom Groomsmen Gifts for Beer Loving Best Friends

Simple groomsmen beer mug sets

There are no groomsmen who don’t want to feel as mighty as Thor when he has Mjolnir in his grasp. While a legendary hammer may not be available, this custom beer mug gift set is! Thanks to this set of 5, each of your groomsmen will get to hold onto the handle of their own custom mug and feel as mighty as the Norse God of Thunder himself! How cool is that? This whole box set comes chock-full of the top groomsmen gift ideas. Not only will they be able to take their beer gifts to the reception or your bachelor party, but they will also forever have the coolest way to enjoy a beer from now on!

30. Charger Valet Tray - A Practical Gift For Groomsmen

Wireless Charging Leather Valet Tray

As you and your friends have gotten older, you’ve learned the importance of keeping things organized. With a leather, wireless charging valet tray, your groomsmen can keep every day things that are important to them organized, on their desk or near the bedside, and most importantly, with style and panache.

31. Axe Them – Will You Be My Groomsmen?

set of 5 engraved groomsmen hatchets
groomsmen holding his gift a engraved hatchet

A fun way to propose to your groomsmen, these custom axes are some seriously cool groomsmen gifts. These fully functional survival hatchets are a great way to honor the men you’d take into battle, the guys you can’t survive without, your best buds.

32. A Set of Legendary Glasses

Custom Twist Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stone Set

Don’t leave your best man out from all your groomsmen shopping. After all, he is the best of the best. Make sure he knows that he stands out from the crowd with these personalized twist glasses! He will be so thankful that you got him such a standout set of groomsmen gift ideas from the rest of the groomsmen. He may even want to break the set in by handing you the other glass so he can have a toast with the groom!

33. Ammo Box Groomsmen Cigar Humidor

Ammo Can Humidors are Great Groomsmen Gifts
cigar humidor detail

If there is one thing that weddings bring out in every guy, it is their inner-cigar aficionado. When everyone is celebrating and at the reception or bachelor party, there are bound to be stogies everywhere. Not only are they great for the moment, but they let people relive and reflect on your wedding. Make sure that any cigars they have from here on out are as fresh as their main course was at your reception with this personalized cigar humidor. You simply can’t ask for a more useful or more badass groomsmen gifts than this!

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34. A Groomsmen Gift for Beer Lovers

Beer Growler Box Sets

Never let any of your groomsmen feign being thirsty ever again when you get them this engraved groomsmen gift set perfect for beer lovers. The stainless steel growler ensures they can bring their favorite pilsner or IPA anywhere they go and still have an ice-cold drink when they arrive while the pint glasses are the perfect way to enjoy a brew. Make it a truly remarkable gift and top off each growler with their go-to beer so you can start the bachelor party off the right way!

35. Subscription to Upgrade Their Style

Manly Beard Care Groomsmen Gift Box

Your groomsmen are modern men. They like to take care of themselves. Make it easy with a manly soap and beard care gift box. Each member of your wedding party can tailor the service to their interests. If they’re into shaving, gear, skincare, or style, they’ll love having specialized items sent to their house every month. Talk about one of the best sets of groomsmen gift ideas!

36. A Decanter is the Best Groomsmen Gift Ever

Personalized Liquor Decanter

There’s no more definitive choice for a handsome-yet-practical keepsake than a custom engraved liquor decanter. Ready to serve as the centerpiece of any home bar or office shelf, a high-quality decanter can turn an average bottle of whiskey into a prestigious vessel of spirits. The laser engraved monogram on the front adds creative detail without compromising the chic look and feel. Your best man won’t want to stop at just one toast when the drinks are poured from this superb container.

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37. Beer Gift Basket

beer gift basket for groomsmen
beer gift basket interior

If your groomsmen are anything like ours, then the way to their hearts is definitely through their love of the golden nectar we call beer. That’s why this Ultimate Beer Basket is the perfect groomsmen gift. It’s not just a gift, it’s a beer lover’s dream come true!

Each set comes with personalized pint glasses, because let's face it, beer just tastes better when it's in a glass with your name on it. And to make sure your friends have the full beer-tasting experience, they’ve also included some top-notch beer snacks. It's like a party in a box!

38. Custom Cigar Band Holder

Engraved Shadow Box for his cigar bands

Weddings are a thing to be remembered. After all, it is about two people joining together on what is likely the most memorable day of their lives. While many groomsmen gift ideas are about celebrating, get something that lets your boys remember every night you hang out, not just something memorable from your wedding. With this custom shadow box, every time you come over and enjoy a few stogies they’ll be able to add a wrapper inside, making it a perfect excuse for you and the boys to still have a guys night, even years into your marriage.

39. Bespoke Suit Accessories

groomsmen in suit
Tie Set of Wedding Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Take away the burden of dressing appropriately for your wedding day and future parties with this set. Perfect for your big day, and something they can use well into the future, this set of dress accessories will have them dressed to the nines. The best part is that they can keep those awesome accessories for the next time they need to get all dressed up, and nothing will remind them of your wedding day more than when they look themselves in the mirror and like sharp as a tack.

40. Personalized Whiskey Glass Gift for Groomsmen

Custom Whiskey Glass

Start your bachelor party off right with a toast to all those who are supporting you on your path to the altar with your bride. These personalized whiskey glasses are a great gift to give when asking a guy to be your groomsman or to hand out before hitting the bars at your bachelor party. Better still, not only can they use these custom glasses for years to come, but these are some of the best gifts for groomsmen because now they all have matching glassware to drink out of at your reception.

Groomsmen and Groom

41. Engraved Ammo Can Set of Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Ammo Can Set of Groomsmen Gifts for Wedding

Arm your groomsmen to their teeth with this personalized ammo can gift set. It comes filled with awesome and manly gifts like engraved beer glasses, a .50 caliber bullet that is also a bottle opener as well as a cool pocket knife. This is a great "will you be my groomsmen" proposal set and they can even take the glasses to the bachelor party and the knife with them wherever they go. With a gift basket like this, you know your best friends in the world will always find a way to use their gifts as much as possible.

42. Groomsmen Earbuds Gift - Beats By Dre

Bluetooth Earbuds by Dre

Go high-tech with your cool groomsmen gift ideas a set of Bluetooth earbuds so they can jam out while getting ready on the big day or when they're at the gym. These Beats Fit Pro are a breeze to take anywhere. Now, you and your groomsmen can take the party on the road and anywhere you go, and so will your tunes!

43. Gun Lover Groomsmen Gift

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stone set

What manly guy wouldn’t love having this badass custom set of bullet whiskey stones, bullet bottle opener, and a whiskey glass? They’ll have a great time feeling like the ultimate action movie hero as you and your groomsmen indulge in a few drinks with each other before or after hitting the bars.

44. Custom Liquor Decanter for Your Groomsmen

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Groomsmen Gift Idea

Your guys are a ton of fun to be around, but they can class it up when they need to. There is no better way to bring out their inner aristocrat than with a gorgeously personalized decanter. A personalized groomsmen gift like this gift makes a beautiful addition to a study, office, or home bar. Your groomsmen will love storing their favorite liquors in this fantastic display. Every time they pour a drink (or get to share one with you) they will definitely remember your big day.

45. Groomsmen Watches - That Won’t Break the Bank

groomsmen watches set of 5
groomsmen watch

Similar to the watches mentioned earlier in this gift guide, but at a much better price point, these groomsmen watches will knock your friend’s socks off. They are a stellar choice for groomsmen gifts, embodying sophistication, timelessness, and a deep sense of appreciation for those who have stood by your side on your journey to matrimony. These watches are not just a means to tell time; they are a symbol of the moments and memories you have shared with your friends, a testament to the bond that has been forged over time.

46. Louis Vuitton Wallet - A Luxury Groomsmen Gift

Louis Vuitton wallet - luxury groomsmen gift idea
Louis Vuitton wallet interior

We’ll admit this luxury gift idea is outside of most groomsmen gift budgets but we'd be remiss if we didn’t add these to our best groomsmen gifts list. We’ve tested these wallets from Louis Vuitton extensively and can vouch for their quality. When you give a man a gift like this they can use every day for years on end it becomes a special reminder of your friendship and the great times you’ve shared together every time you break out your wallet to pay a bill.

47. An Arsenal of Awesome Ammo Can Creations

Ammo Can Set of 5 Groomsmen Gifts

Why not go all out for your groomsmen? The personalized whiskey and stones ammo box gift set has everything that they need for great whiskey anywhere they go. They can keep their glasses, stones, and the bottle of their choice is a handsome ammo can with their name on it. An ammo can set of groomsmen gifts is a wonderful gift that they can bring with them when they go on a hike or vacation with the guys. Even better, when your big day arrives, they can keep everything they need in one place.

48. Groomsmen Cufflinks for When You Tie the Knot

Your brothers and your best friends need to look their best for your wedding day, but the hard part is getting everyone on the same page about the finer details. So, a set of matching cufflinks for all of your groomsmen is the way to go. What makes these even better is the fact that they will always be reminded of when you “tied the knot” with an accessory as specific and elegant as this!

49. Tremendous Travel Tumblers

Set of 5 Engraved Coffee Tumblers
coffee tumbler gift idea

A wedding is an all day event. From the rehearsal, to early morning photos, to greeting guests, and finally the reception? Your groomsmen will need a little pick-me-up. One of the most practical wedding gifts for groomsmen is a personalized coffee tumbler, because it is the best asset ever for such a long day. By itself or in addition to something else, these tumblers are a great practical gift idea.

50. Groomsmen Grooming Sets

Gifting these Jeremy's Razors sets as groomsmen gifts for your best guys is the ultimate way to say "Thanks for scrubbing up and standing by me!" This isn't just any old shave kit; it's like the Rolls-Royce of facial hair management. The precision-engineered razors are so top-notch, your groomsmen might just start looking forward to shaving.

51. The Best Beer Growler

Engraved Beer Growler

Perfectly insulated beer on the go? What more could a man ask for? That is precisely why the double-walled beer growler is such an awesome groomsmen gift for wedding. Your guys will be able to fill up with their favorite beer at the beginning of the day and have it on hand whenever they need it throughout the whole day. For men on the go, this gift is perfect because it will keep their favorite drink safe during tailgating or hiking due to its incredible durability. A growler like this will definitely come in hand during a bachelor party, on the day of the wedding, or when everyone gets to finally relax and celebrate during the reception!

52. 2-1 Cigar Flask

2-1 Cigar Flask Gift for Groomsmen

This engraved cigar flask is one of the best groomsmen wedding gift ideas out there. It’s perfect not only for keeping their favorite liquor in their pocket, but a cigar as well when they want to smoke a stogie and they’re out and about or at a friend’s house! At the bachelor party and wedding reception, this is the perfect way for them to celebrate your marriage with a drink and stogie before you tie the knot.

53. Mini Speaker with Lightshow

groomsmen holding mini speaker
mini speaker next to computer

This Personalized Bluetooth Speaker with Lightshow isn't just a speaker; it’s the ultimate groomsmen mic drop. Wrapped in sleek bamboo, this bad boy brings the party with its light show that syncs to your tunes. And with Bluetooth tech, it promises clear sound, so you won't miss a beat or a laugh. But here's the kicker – you can engrave a message or name on it. So, gift your groomsmen this little number and watch them light up like their new favorite party companion.

54. Custom Whiskey Sets for all Your Groomsmen

Knock out all your groomsmen gift giving in one fell swoop with this set of five whiskey gift sets! These unique sets are fantastic because they provide your groomsmen with their own customized glasses along with their own whiskey stone set to use to keep their whiskey ice cold. You can even set up the reception or afterparty with these sets so your groomsmen can use their custom gifts to celebrate you!

55. Custom Groomsmen Footballs

Personalized Football

You have fond memories of watching various football games with your closest friends. That’s why you know a personalized football is one of the greatest groomsmen wedding gift ideas! Not only does it function as a really cool keepsake from your big day, but if you give these footballs to them at the bachelor party, you can play some football with them!

56. Cigar and Whiskey Engraved Groomsmen Gift Set

Cigar and Whiskey Personalized  Groomsmen Gift Set

Start your search for the go-to set of engravable groomsmen gift ideas on the right track with this cigar and whiskey gift set. It is the ideal way to not only thank your best friends for being there on the biggest day of your life, but this set also gives them a way to live it up! They’ll have a blast toasting you with their custom glasses and enjoying a stogie with you as well!

57. An Engraved Gift Set of Beer Mugs

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set

Men often feel 10x more manly when they are holding onto a mug, while there are no stats on this, you can be sure it is true because it was said here, on the internet. So, make your best man and groomsmen feel as manly as Chuck Norris if he were a Viking riding a T-Rex that is shooting lasers from its eyes with this engraved set of beer mugs! They’ll be clinking glasses all night long and enjoy brewski after brewski with this unique set of mugs.

58. Custom Straight Razors for Your Groomsmen

straight razor groomsmen gift idea
man shaving

The Benton Custom Straight Razor Kit is no ordinary groomsmen gift. This is the kind of kit that separates the men from the boys, a tool that turns the daily chore of shaving into an art form. With a razor sharp straight razor and a supply of replacement blades, your groomsmen will be equipped to tackle even the toughest stubble with precision and ease. And let's not forget about the custom engraving - this isn’t just a personal touch, it’s a mark of distinction that says, "You're not just a groomsman, you're a brother.

59. Non-Alcoholic Groomsmen Gift Idea - Custom Cutting Boards

custom cutting board for groomsmen who do not drink

For the guy who knows his way around a kitchen (or at least pretends to), this Engraved Acacia Butcher Block Cutting Board is the perfect non-alcoholic groomsmen gift. It's a step up from the usual bottle of spirits, and let's be honest, a lot more useful the morning after the wedding!

This butcher block isn't just a slab of wood; it's a culinary canvas, ready for whatever masterpiece your groomsman decides to whip up. And with its personalized engraving, it's sure to become a cherished kitchen staple. So, if you want to give a gift that's practical, personal, and won’t leave your groomsmen reaching for the aspirin, this is the groomsmen gift you’re looking for.

60. Custom Cocktail Smoker Kit

Custom Cocktail Smoker Kit

For the guys who like to craft their own unique cocktail, this cocktail smoker kit is the perfect custom groomsmen gift. This luxurious gift set will have all of your groomsmen playing mixologist as they create unique cocktails infused with varying levels of smoke. For your weekly guys’ nights of poker, video games, or board games, having a few cocktails is an absolute must.

61. Grill Master Groomsmen Gift

Grill Tool Set Custom Engraved with Groomsmen Design

Surprise your groomsmen with one of the coolest tool sets your groomsmen have ever seen! This bamboo barbecue tool set is one of the best inexpensive groomsmen gifts that they can use all the time. They’ll feel so cool hosting a barbecue with close friends and family and using their very own personalized tool set to cook up delicious hot dogs, steaks, and any other food they want! You can even host a BBQ for your bachelor party and give these gifts out then, which they’ll think is an awesome way to be appreciated as groomsmen.


Groomsmen Gifts FAQ

Shopping for groomsmen gifts can be a fun but challenging task. Here are some common questions you might have, along with their answers.

What is an appropriate budget for groomsmen gifts?

The amount you budget for groomsmen gifts depends on a variety of factors including your overall wedding budget, the number of groomsmen, your age and stage in life, and your relationship with each groomsman. A common range is between $40 to $100 per groomsman for younger couples, for older couples or second marriages a much more expensive gift is appropriate $200-$300. Typically your wedding party will also be smaller so you will be able to cover the expenses more easily. However, it's important to note that the sentiment behind the gift is more significant than the price tag. The goal is to show appreciation for their support and friendship.

Should I give all my groomsmen the same gift or personalize each one?

Both options are acceptable and have their own merits. Giving the same gift to each groomsman can create a sense of unity and is often easier to manage. On the other hand, personalizing each gift according to the individual's tastes and interests can make the gift feel more special and meaningful. Ultimately, the decision should reflect your relationship with each groomsman and your personal preference.

Should I give my best man a better gift?

Many times the best man and maid of honor get a nicer gift than the general groomsmen. In most cases we’d say yes it is perfectly normal to spend more on your best man. Here are some great best man gift ideas.

What are some popular groomsmen gift ideas?

There are numerous popular groomsmen gift ideas that can suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Some common options include personalized items such as flasks, pocket knives, whiskey decanter sets, or watches. Other ideas could be practical items like a high-quality wallet or a nice pen. You might also consider giving an experience, such as a day out, a special event, or even a mini vacation that you all can enjoy together.

When should I give the groomsmen their gifts?

Typically, groomsmen gifts are given at the rehearsal dinner or sometime before the wedding day. You want to avoid giving the gifts to your groomsmen on the wedding day itself, you’ll be plenty busy and won’t have time for it. Giving them their gifts early allows you to have a special moment with your groomsmen and thank them for their support and friendship in person. It's also a good opportunity to take photos of everyone together with their gifts.

Can I make the groomsmen gifts myself?

Of course you can! Handmade gifts can be very meaningful and are often appreciated because of the time and effort you put into making them. However, making a groomsmen gift is a time consuming process. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete each gift, and consider your crafting skills when deciding what to make. No one wants a gift that looks poorly made, take an honest assessment of your skillset before starting. Many times it’s easier to buy a pre-assembled gift and have it personalized by a specialty gifts company like HomeWetBar due to these reasons but the choice is yours.

Can I give a gift that's related to my wedding theme or colors?

Incorporating your wedding theme or colors into the groomsmen gifts can be a great way to tie everything together. However, it’s best to think about what your groomsmen will actually like. If you’re on the fence we suggest erroring toward choosing gifts your groomsmen will love rather than a specific color scheme. If you do want to tie your gifts into your wedding colors here are some examples of ways to do this. 1. If you have a rustic-themed wedding, you might consider giving an engraved axe or pocket knives. 2. If your wedding colors are blue and gold, you could look for items that incorporate those colors such as a gold money clip or blue socks + another 2-3 items to make a full groomsmen gift set.

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