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Article: 23 Uncommon Wine Glasses

Wine Gifts

23 Uncommon Wine Glasses

23 Uncommon Wine Glasses

Unique Wine Glasses You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Lovers of wine recognize the importance of the perfect glass when it comes to drinking wine. There are an almost infinite number of wine glasses out there you can buy, but it’s the less popular, uncommon ones that are really valuable and important. After all, the wine glass wine drinkers use is what separates the amateurs from the connoisseurs. You want to make sure you feel like a connoisseur every time you pick up your glass of wine, but finding the right set of personalized wine glasses for you and your wine consumption can be tough. For example, which glass should you get if you only like one kind of wine? What if you want matching glasses so you can share with friends? How about if you only want to use stemmed or stemless glasses? We’ve found the most amazing wine glasses that will make your wine drinking experiences better than ever.

In Your Element

Four Copper Wine Glasses

Originality is high on your priority list for the perfect glasses because you want them to stand out! These gorgeous copper glasses are just the wine glasses you need! The copper makes them look and feel incredibly unique. Also, the double-wall stainless steel will ensure that your Chardonnay or Riesling will stay cold. You’ll quickly fall in love with these classy, modern glasses.

Beautifully Sculpted Wine Glasses

Sculpted Glasses

These stemless, sculpted glasses are not only insanely gorgeous, but they’re functional as well! The curvaceous style allows your wine to aerate, getting rid of undesirable compounds, without you having to do anything. Your favorite red or white wine will taste better than ever when consumed from these hand-blown wine glasses.

Ultra Modern Look

Two Kolsch Glasses

When searching for super modern wine glasses, these handsome Kolsch glasses are an excellent choice. Their unique, heavy bases and shape separate them from other similar glasses, making them the perfect glasses to use when celebrating a special occasion or simply when you want to feel fancy. You’ll love showing them off to all your wine-drinking friends because of how snazzy and sophisticated they are.

Unbreakable Glasses

Personalized Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

Wouldn’t it be amazing to own a wine glass that’s shatter-proof? With this wine tumblers set, you can own two! You’ll love the feel of these stainless steel glasses in your hands as you sip on a chilled white wine. If they’re accidentally dropped? No problem! The box also makes a fantastic place to store this handsome pair so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

Red Wine Glass Beauty

Custom Balloon Wine Glass

There never seems to be quite enough of your favorite wine in your glass. That will change soon with this handsome balloon glass! The large bowl and surface area makes this wine glass perfect for your favorite reds because they’ll oxidize as you slowly swirl it around inside this glass. You’ll love how incredibly classy you feel holding this hefty yet elegant glass, filled with all the Pinot Noir your heart desires when you want to enjoy some wine.

Fun and Colorful Pair

Colorful Recycled Wine Glasses

These bright and colorful wine glasses will brighten up your life every time you use them! Made from old soda bottles, these eco-friendly glasses are small works of art that you’ll absolutely love drinking your favorite wines out of. You’ll feel so happy each and every time you do!

Fancy and Sophisticated Set

Custom Stemmed Glasses Box Set

The elegance of wine glasses is an important factor for many. That’s what makes this wine gift box set so desirable! The long-stemmed, personalized glasses are very gorgeous and sophisticated, making any wine-drinking experience feel like a fancy occasion. When you want to keep the extra wine fresh in its bottle, the wine stopper will ensure its freshness. That way, your wine will taste perfect the next time you want to use these distinguished glasses again.

Live on the Edge

Edge Wine Glass

Prefer glassware with a modern look? If so, this edge wine glass is the perfect glass for you. The really chic appearance of this glass will make you feel so sophisticated as you sip your wine. Any red, white, or rosé will both look and taste fantastic inside of this unique glass, and you’ll feel very happy knowing that you have the coolest glass out there.

Have Your Own Wine Tasting

Custom Wine Flight Set

Sometimes, just one kind of wine at a time isn’t enough! With this wine flight set, you and friends can sample different reds, whites, and rosés at the same time. The four wine glasses have wider bowls but a slightly smaller rim, making them ideal for any kind of wine you desire. The wooden paddle can be personalized on the handle and is the perfect sturdy material to ensure a mess-free wine-tasting experience.

Tools but No Stems

Wine Tool Glasses Set

For you, the stem just gets in the way. You like the feel of the whole bowl in your hands. With this wine gift tool set, you can enjoy your favorite wine from a handsomely personalized stemless glass! You’ll also be fully equipped with every wine tool you could ever need, so you can truly enjoy your wine with ease. When you’re in need of a terrific and unique wine gift for someone, this set is a fantastic choice.


Stunningly Vintage

Vintage Wine Glasses and Decanter Set

Incredibly unique, vintage glassware is something that not only is fun to drink from, but they make great decorative items and conversation pieces. That’s what makes this vintage wine glasses set so phenomenal! The intricate detailing on the stems of these glasses and the handle of the decanter set this set apart from any other such set, making the glasses super cool to drink from.

Sip On Your Wine

Set of Four Port Sippers

Get super creative with your wine-drinking experiences! With these handsome port sippers, you can sip your wine through a straw. How fun is that? These glasses are especially great for dessert wines, such as Moscato or Riesling. As you hold the bases of these glasses, the heat from your hands warms the wine inside the glass, making your favorite dessert wine taste absolutely delicious.

One of a Kind Glasses

Wooden Wine Glasses

Who said that glasses have to be made of glass? This set of wooden wine glasses is very uncommon yet incredibly cool! You’ll get compliment after compliment about these super unique glasses. The wood helps keep your wine inside insulated, so bring on the cooler, sparkling wines!

Wine Glass with a Gorgeous Stem

Engraved Long Stemmed Glass

Sure, stemless glasses are trendy, but there’s just something about a long, elegant stem that really excites you. This long-stemmed, tall glass not only has a handsome stem, but the shape of the bowl is unique as well. The special bulb shape and narrow rim are perfect for your favorite whites as it concentrates the aromatics of your white wine.

Aeration is Important

Monogram Decanter and Glasses Set

Aerating wine is important, especially for red wines, because the oxidation and evaporation are necessary to reach your wine’s peak deliciousness. The oldest and most common method of aerating is with a wine decanter. This classic, monogrammed decanter set is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it’s the best shape for decanting your favorite red wine. The stemless glasses will bring out the delicious flavor of your aerated wine.

Flat-Based Set

Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses

You want your glasses modern, maybe a little sophisticated, but without the flash of a super fancy wine glass. That’s what makes this unique set of stemless glasses perfect for you. The completely flat base differentiates these glasses from anything like them, and the narrow rim makes them perfect for wine specifically so the full concentration of flavor will be at your nose.

Good Compounds Only

Large Bowled Stemless Glass

Life is too short to feel like your wine isn’t reaching its full flavor potential due to the shape of your glass. This wide-bowled, stemless glass is totally awesome, and not just because it’s personalized just for you. The extra wide bowl makes this wine glass perfect for aerating reds such as Pinot Noir, so when you drink it from this glass, you’ll taste the delicious flavors in full without having to taste the bitter compounds.

A Unique Way to Chill Wine

Chilled Wine Glass Set

Few things are more disappointing than realizing you’ll have to settle for drinking room-temperature wine when you would have preferred it cool or cold. With this chilled glass set, that problem will be solved immediately! Simply pour your wine of choice into these glasses after they’ve been in the fridge or freezer, and they’ll keep your wine at the optimal temperature until the very last drop!

Easiest Oxidation Ever

Aerating Glasses for Red Wine

We all know that red wines taste better aerated, but what if you simply don’t have time to oxidize your wine before you drink it? With these special aerating wine glasses, you don’t need any extra time at all! They’re very similar to the sculpted glasses mentioned previously, but they’re slightly larger size makes them better at aerating red wines. As you pour the wine into these glasses, the sharply defined curves will oxidize it immediately. You’ll adore drinking the most delicious wine you’ve ever had from these unique, useful glasses!

Super Spooky Glass

Skull Glass Goblet

Wine isn’t always consumed on a restful evening or during a laid back dinner party. This spooky skull goblet is tailor-made for you if you can picture yourself sipping wine in the dark with a scary movie on. This wine glass is great for holding other beverages as well or even food. It’s crafted from high quality borosilicate glass so they can withstand high temperatures better than other kinds of glass. Whether you are throwing a Halloween bash or just enjoying a spooky night in with friends, this glass is a must have.

Shadow Box and Wine Glasses

Shadow Box and Glasses Set

Having a glass of wine is a special shared experience between you and your loved one, and it’ll be made even more special with this shadow box wine gift set. The two of you will love these personalized, stemless glasses, perfect for reds, whites, and rosés. Once you pop open a bottle of whichever wine you’re in the mood for, you’ll love saving it inside this shadow box, a perfect representation of how much both of you love each other and love enjoying wine from your stemless glasses together.

Dark and Dramatic

Frosted Black Goblet

You have a flare for the dramatic, so this frosted black goblet immediately caught your eye. It’s incredibly handsome and detailed, making every wine-drinking experience feel like a chic event. The bowl shape is excellent for capturing the flavors of red wines, but whites and rosés will taste delicious inside it as well.

Pouring is Overrated

Giant Wine Glass Bottle

Don’t waste time by pouring glass after glass of wine. Get this wine glass that is a bottle of wine, too! The bottom of this unique glass is shaped like a wine bottle, but the top takes the shape of traditional wine glasses. And, of course, it holds an entire bottle of wine, so no need to keep pouring wine into it! If your birthday or bachelorette party is coming up, pour your favorite white, red, or rosé and get the party started!


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