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Article: 17 Outstanding Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

17 Outstanding Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

17 Outstanding Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

Standout with Awesome Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts!

It’s a tall task to be one of the groomsmen crew, but your friends who have been with you through first jobs and outdoor adventures won’t mind as it’s an honor to be standing shoulder to shoulder with you on your wedding day. So, how will you thank your best guys for their endless support and the killer bachelor party? For one, you could treat them to a thoughtful gift—something practical, personal, high-quality, and non-traditional that embodies how valuable they are to you. Buying groomsmen gifts is an art and lucky for you, we’ve done some digging and found the best ones below.

1. An Exceptional Tumbler Set

Set of 5 Custom Black Tumblers

From wild nights to your wedding day (finally!), your groomsmen have seen it all. You’ve shared many drinks together throughout the years, so it’s only fitting to gift them an accessory to celebrate your closeness. A high-quality custom tumbler is the kind of gift made for legends like your groomsmen. Not only does it keep their drinks hot or cold, but it’s one they’ll reach for to always stay hydrated from pre-wedding celebrations to everyday use.

2. Bond with Matching Pint Glasses

Custom Beer and Cigar Groomsmen Gifts

Shared experiences are what brought you and your groomsmen close together in the first place. You guys still talk about what happened on that Ft. Lauderdale Spring Break trip. That’s why you should look for gift ideas for groomsmen that will let everyone share another experience. They will love these matching pint glasses. Not only will they think of your wedding anytime they drink a beer, but they’ll think of their best friends with the same glass. It even includes a cigar cutter, so you can toss in a couple cigars and build some new memories before you start your new life.

3. Barista Quality Espresso On the Go

Poertable Nespresso Machine
Poertable Nespresso Machine

Men love coffee, and this portable Nespresso machine is the perfect companion for those who love a good cup, most especially your groomsmen. This handy coffee machine keeps them energized and refreshed, ensuring they can enjoy their favorite brew anytime, anywhere. It’s also compact enough to fit easily inside a weekender bag—making it ideal for travel, office use, and even a quick caffeine boost before the wedding festivities.

4. Beer Cap Map of Any State

Beer cap map

Your best friends all have a state that resonates with them. Maybe it was where they were born. Maybe it was where you guys first met. Whatever the reason, they will be stunned when they get this unique gift. These beer cap maps can be any U.S. state. They will hang these in their home with pride and love watching their collection grow. You’ll probably even get updates on the progress of each map through your shared group text with your closest friends.

5. To Hearty Toasts with Medieval Flair

Viking Horn Mug Gift Set with Custom Box

When it comes to non-traditional gifts to groomsmen, it can’t get any better than this beer gift set that includes a Viking beer mug made from genuine ox horn, a bottle opener, and a wood gift box. No ox horn is ever the same, so each beer mug crafted has a one-of-a-kind look that’s as unique and bold as the guys standing by your side. This Viking mug is perfect for toasting to your special day or enjoying a favorite brew at the bachelor party.

Creative shot of groom and groomsmen with disco ball sitting on couch

6. A Classy Touch to Their Everyday Essentials

Brown Leather Gift Set

Your wedding day is also a chance to splurge on something you know your groomsmen will appreciate and be proud to have now and in the future, so gifting this brown leather gift set is a wise choice. It comes with a slim profile wallet, a passport case, a cardholder, and keychain—with each piece crafted from premium leather that only looks better with age. This gift set is something they’ll sure to cherish even long after the wedding is over, especially if they're the traveling and organized type.


7. Custom Cornhole Game

Cornhole Set Competitive Groomsmen love

It’s all fun and games until… actually, it’s always been fun and games with your groomsmen. Get them this famous whiskey cornhole set to keep that attitude going. You’re all competitive to the bone, whether you’d admit it or not. Pair each of these cornhole boards with a bottle of whiskey and you guys are set for some nice R & R on your bachelor party weekend. They’ll be taking these to tailgates, reunions, or anywhere they want to show their best bean bag toss players in the world.

8. Adventurous Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

Custom Axe & Whiskey Gift Set
Custom Whiskey Glass

Your groomsmen were probably expecting a bottle of whiskey or a six pack of beer when they agreed to be there for you on your wedding day. Remind them that you’re an awesome, outside the box thinker with this cool non traditional groomsmen gift. It’s a rustic adventure set that comes with whiskey glasses for enjoying their spirits, whiskey stones to keep their drinks chilled, and a personalized axe to remind them that they’re a bunch of men.

9. Unique Cologne for the Modern Man

Solid Base Cologne

You know your best friends work hard to make sure they’re always at their best. A solid gift idea is to make sure they smell their best at your ceremony. After all, a couple of them have already inquired about who the bridesmaids are going to be. Misc. Goods have created a solid base cologne that blends wild herbs, leather, pipe tobacco, fresh ale, and wood. It’s a scent of all the manliest things out there. It even comes in a solid wood case so it can easily fit in a Dopp bag since they’ll be taking this gift with them everywhere after they get their first whiff.

10. Non Traditional Ammo Can Set

All the Vices Custom Gift Set for Men in Ammo Can

Everyone you’ve asked to be a groomsman has had said yes. You chose them for their loyalty, friendship, and, in large part, because they know how to enjoy the finer things in life. Now, you can mirror all of that with these clever gift ideas for groomsmen. They’ll never have experienced anything like having their own genuine U.S. military ammo can. They’ll take it hunting, camping, or even for storage around the house. Of course, they’ll have to empty out the matching whiskey glasses and cigar accessories first. Not that they’ll mind digging them out and using them immediately. After all, they always make sure to have drinks and stogies on hand.

11. Ultimate Groomsmen Poker Night Set

Monogrammed Poker & Whiskey Glass Set

Before you get hitched, it’s a great time to remind your wedding party that you won’t be changing just because you’re getting married. This personalized poker gift set will give them the subtle reminder that you’ll always be there to take their money at your annual card games. Of course, they’ll love having a set that’s made just for them. Plus, the whiskey cigar glass is a revolutionary way to enjoy their vices while you walk away with the winnings for the evening. They’ll at least have a free hand to shake yours at the end of the night.

12. Engraved Sturdy Axe

Engraved Groomsmen Axe

Yes, that’s an axe. Yes, it comes customized for each member of your wedding party. This is the kind of gift that will make them feel like a kid on Christmas. They’ll constantly be figuring out new ways to use the axe. They’ll be chopping firewood, cutting the fat of steaks, one of them will probably even try and give himself a shave. Don’t be shocked if you learn they all got holsters to wear their axes on their side at all times.


13. Full-on Mixology Experience

Engraved Cocktail Smoker
Torch Smoker

Another non-traditional gift that’ll give your groomsmen a full-on mixology experience is this cocktail smoker kit complete with a smoker, torch, wood chips, and a metal filter—perfect for crafting pre-game drinks during the wedding day celebration or as a luxe bar keepsake they’ll be proud to own. This set will be the life of every party they host, infusing their drink creations with a rich and smoky flavor that are sure to impress their guests every time.

14. Manliest Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stones with Whiskey Glasses

One of your groomsmen still watches Westerns almost every day. Another can name his top 3 gun ranges in twenty-one different cities. Some of them just like any excuse to have a glass of whiskey. Each and every one of them will never expect to get a set of whiskey stones made to look just like bullets. It’s a unique experience that makes their favorite spirit just a little bit more manly. Pair that with a set of whiskey glasses, and they’ll have everything they need to get even more excited about your wedding.

15. Let Them Grill Up a Storm

Engraved Grilling Tool Set

Great memories are made around the grill, and if you’re looking for an outdoor-themed gift, they’ll appreciate this set of grilling tools that includes a spatula, tongs, and a meat fork. It has everything they need to become the ultimate grill masters during a pre-wedding cookout or a weekend barbecue with friends and family.

16. Elevate Their Whiskey Cocktails

Barrel Aged Cola Syrup

It’s honorable to lead a healthier lifestyle as you get older. Your best man now orders a kale salad instead of fries with his double cheeseburger. Whiskey and coke is still a go-to drink for your best friends. Now, you can get them a better tasting whiskey coke and have it be a bit healthier than what they get from a can. Tippleman has carefully crafted the ideal cola blend for whiskey. This one bottle will last longer than they ever imagined.

17. Every Groomsman Needs a Flask

Set of 5 Groomsmen Flasks

Remember when you were too broke to get a drink at the bar and your best friend slipped some of his flask into the free coke you ordered? Show your groomsmen you remember that kindness with a set of matching flasks for everyone. Each flask is tailored uniquely to each member of your wedding party. It doesn’t matter if they prefer vodka or tequila, they’ll love finally having a flask of their own. It will be by their side on vacations, the golf course, BBQs, and probably in their pocket on your wedding day.

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