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Article: 11 Unique Tequila Gifts

11 Unique Tequila Gifts

11 Unique Tequila Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for tequila lovers who appreciate nothing else but this vibrant spirit is an adventure in itself. With its rich agave origins dating back to the Aztecs, this liquid courage has become front and center of countless festive moments, party scenes, and flavorful cocktails. A party wouldn’t be a party without it. Going on tequila tours or straight to Guadalajara to learn more about its fine craftsmanship is one thing, but gifting tequila lovers something unique that expresses their love for this golden nectar is another. It could be a set of artisanal tequila glasses for their next taco night with friends or a curated tasting kit so the host is always ready for an impromptu tasting party. Either way, the tequila lovers you know will surely raise their shot glass in delight with these unique gifts below.

1. An Elegant Decanter

Custom Tequila Liquor Decanter

Just like other high-quality liquors, tequila can benefit from decanting, so your first step in finding unique tequila gifts simply has to be a custom decanter! This is the perfect gift for a fan of the agave-based drink, especially because they can use it for any tequila they want! You don’t have to worry about getting them the wrong bottle or anything, instead, with a decanter, they’ll always have the ideal glassware to perfect the taste of their liquor while also having a gorgeous piece of glassware for their home!

2. Clearly a Great Tequila Gift Set

Crystal Tequila Glasses

Speaking of matching glasses, check out this classy crystal tequila gift set! A silver or golden tequila will look even better inside these glasses than it did in the bottle. Perfect for slow sips or shots, these crystal tequila glasses are one of the fastest and easiest ways to make every glass of tequila feel like a refined experience!

3. Tequila Gift Set for Sharing

Patron Tequila Gift Set
Patron Tequila Gift Set

There’s no better gift that embodies their love for the spirit than this limited-edition tequila gift set that includes a 1.75L bottle of Patrón Silver and two Patrón-inspired mule mugs. The stylish mugs keep the drinks cool and refreshing while the tequila provides a smooth, flavorful base for those tantalizing cocktail creations. This is also one of the most versatile tequila-themed gifts to give no matter the occasion.

4. Engraved Box Set for Tequila Lovers

Engraved Box Set of Tequila Gift Set

While enjoying a good glass of tequila, if there is one thing that will make it better, it simply has to be a personalized decanter box set! These engraved glasses make fantastic tequila gifts since they make each sip feel more personal than the last! Plus, when you give these as a gift, each time your friend or family member serves up a drink, they’ll feel like they’re a top-quality bar sharing their high-end tequila with their favorite guests thanks to this awesome liquor decanter set!


5. A Custom Tequila Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Stones and 6 oz Shot Glasses Gift Set

There is something unique about a set of glassware that comes neatly packaged inside a wooden box. When you give this gift, you’ll see their face light up like never before when they see their name on the lid, only to find the engraved tequila glasses and stones inside. This is the perfect set of gifts for a tequila lover since it is just as easy for them to throw a shot back as it is for them to slowly sip on a top-shelf drink. Better yet, they can share their tequila with their spouse or a good friend thanks to the second glass!

Group of happy friends outside drinking

6. Makin’ Margaritas

Margarita Blender

Now, what would the state of things in the world be if Margaritas weren’t mentioned? Make sure that you put this premium blender on your list so no matter what the occasion is, perfect Margaritas can be enjoyed at the touch of a button! Just make sure to bring some limes and a bottle of Clase Azul and you’re to have given the best gift for a tequila lover ever!

7. A Sign this is the Best Tequila Gift

Tequila Master Personalized Bar Sign

Make sure when people walk in the door, they immediately know that they’re in the home of an absolute tequila master with this engraved sign! This is an ideal gift for any home since they can hang it up from the kitchen to their home bar, and no matter what, this sign will fit in perfectly! Spruce the gift up with a bottle of Don Julio and this will be a tequila gift they’ll never forget!

8. One of the Hottest Tequila Gifts

Tequila Hot Sauce Gift

Can’t get enough of your favorite liquor in day-to-day life? Why not add a unique hot sauce to your mac and cheese or scrambled eggs with a sauce that is made from tequila and black truffles? This has got to be one of the classiest hot sauces out there that also lets you fully embrace your love for your favorite drink!

9. Get Ahead with This Tequila Gift Set

Cocktail Infusion kit
Cocktail Infusion kit

They’ll sure love this treasure trove of mixology magic that lets them try their hand at making a variety of craft cocktails. With eight jars of premium infusion ingredients, six stainless steel cubes, a funnel, filter, two batch bottles, a mixing spoon, and a recipe book, this cocktail infusion kit has everything a tequila lover needs to craft the perfect tequila-infused cocktails.

10. Get Creative with Cocktails

Viva Mezcal Book

Not everyone is a legendary at-home bartender, but when you get this cocktail book, you can make sure to do your best! From simple recipes to more in-depth mixers, you’ll be able to make any concoction you want! Make tasty drinks for yourself and impress your friends with your understanding of mixology with this literary influenced cocktail book!

11. Custom Shot Glasses

Tall Personalized Shot Glasses

Although tequila is meant to be sipped, that doesn’t mean that every now and then you can’t throw back a couple of shots the not so old fashioned way. With these initialed shot glasses, you'll always have the perfect set for you and your friends to throw back your favorite tequila. Just don't forget to have some salt and limes at the ready!

Creative close up shot of cocktail drinks


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