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Article: 15 Top Shelf Vodka Gifts for Drinkers & Cocktail Lovers

15 Top Shelf Vodka Gifts for Drinkers & Cocktail Lovers

15 Top Shelf Vodka Gifts for Drinkers & Cocktail Lovers

Enhance Your Next Drink with One of These Awe-Inspiring Vodka Gifts:

When it comes to giving a practical and reliable gift, it’s nearly impossible to mess up gifting alcohol. It’s straightforward and foolproof—almost everyone of legal drinking age enjoys a nice, top shelf bottle of liquor, specifically vodka. Now, you could go plain and simple and grab a bottle of Tito’s or Grey Goose or you could spruce it up with personalized vodka-themed gift sets and accessories to be more creative like high-end cocktail infusion kits, a chilled vodka decanter, premium glassware, or a cocktail smoker. With that in mind, here are awesome gift ideas vodka and cocktail lovers will surely stock up on and appreciate.

1. Vodka Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Vodka Decanter with Glasses

Vodka is incredibly popular because it mixes well with just about anything: olive juice, tomato juice, sparkling water, you name it. One of the best mixed drinks I’ve ever had was made with Grey Goose, apple flavored soda, and Tabasco. This vodka decanter set is the perfect way to try out new cocktails with a friend. Keeping your vodka stores in this airtight decanter is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will keep your favorite spirit fresher than it would in its original bottle and it is easier to pour from a decanter. The two matching lowball glasses are the perfect size for most vodka cocktails, such as a Gingered Apple Sparkler or a First Down. This handsome decanter set also makes one of the best vodka gifts you can give to any fan of the clear spirit!

2. Vodka Gift Set of Stemless Martini Glasses

Set of 4 Personalized Martini Glasses

One of the challenges of traditional martini glasses is stability, especially when you are on your third round. The classic shape is excellent for sipping and looks majestic to be sure, but is also prone to little spills here and there. These “stemless” martini glasses mitigate the difference, giving you the timeless feel, but with a less-tipsy base. Sold in a set of four or singles, they make glorious gifts for vodka lovers who enjoy long nights solving the world’s problems one drink at a time.

3. Splendid Vodka Gift Set

Vodka Martini Gift Set

If there’s a vodka martini gift set any vodka lover will go crazy for, it’s this gift set capable of winning you as the best guest of the night. Included is a small batch vodka, a bar spoon, orange bitters, cocktail picks, a travel-sized scented candle, and chocolate covered almonds masquerading in the form of olives! It contains all the tools the vodka lover needs to create the perfectly stirred cocktail that you’ll be hard-pressed not to buy one for yourself.

4. Dedicated Decanter as a Classic Vodka Gift

Personalized Vodka Decanter

You wouldn't put wine in a beer growler, so why put vodka in a whiskey decanter? Give your Russian water the respect it deserves with a dedicated etched vodka decanter. They look chic on your home bar or office shelf, and you won't have to worry about the flavors of other alcohols getting mixed in with the crisp neutral taste of your Stolichnaya thanks to this awesome liquor decanter.

5. Vintage Inspired Leather Flask Set

Rustic Personalized Flask Set

Any liquor lover will know that a stainless-steel flask—especially one that’s leather-wrapped and engravable—is a classic gift. The rugged leather of this flask gift set gives it that rustic yet refined look, perfect for those who want their vodka mix on the go or for sharing with a friend for a celebratory sip. It comes with two stainless steel shot glasses and a funnel and works well for storing whiskey and gin, too.

Barman making cocktail

6. Perfect Fizz for Your Vodka Gift

Classic Sodamaker

Turning any basic vodka-based creations to the classiest drink is this classic sodamaker. It features a gorgeous aluminum and glass vintage-style design that’s sure to be a keeper at any vodka lover’s home bar. It has a measuring tube that prevents overfilling and a pressure-regulated valve for easy, DIY bubbles that even vodka novices won’t feel too intimidated to use. They’ll be crafting citrus vodka spritz, berry vodka smash, and the classic vodka soda non-stop once they receive this gift.

7. A Groovy Vodka Gift

Modern Martini Personalized Sign

One of life's great pleasures is drinking the night away at a rooftop cocktail lounge. (Personal shout-outs to The Delancy in NYC, J. Parker in Chicago, and Three Sixty in St. Louis.) If you can't steal away to enjoy martinis with a view, the next best thing is creating your own cocktail lounge at home, dressed up by this groovy personalized sign. It's printed with your name, or whatever you call your home. Whenever you drink, it evokes the spirit of mid-century America.

8. A Vodka Gift to Brag About

Cocktail Infusion Kit
Cocktail Infusion Kit

Here’s a complete cocktail infusion set that’s too good to be true because not only does it look sleek from the get go, but has everything a vodka lover need to make the most creative and luscious cocktail creations. It contains eight jars of infusion ingredients, stainless steel cubes, a funnel and filter, a mixing spoon, two batch bottles to store their creations, and a handy recipe guide. With this set, they have all they need to experiment with new flavors and techniques.

9. Premium Vodka Gift of Highball Glasses

Monogrammed Highball Glass Set of 4

Making every cocktail drink look as palatable as ever is this premium set of high ball glasses. For the discerning vodka and cocktail lover, presentation matters as much as the drink itself, and this stylish set will make every vodka on the rocks, Moscow Mule, and refreshing Mojito a refreshing and sophisticated drinking experience. The set can be monogrammed with the giftee’s name so they can proudly show this set as a centerpiece in every cocktail party they host.

10. Custom Bottle as the Best Vodka Gift

Custom Vodka Bottle

My taste in booze is relatively promiscuous: I always go for something new. But some people stick with their usual, and for those guys, one of the best drinking presents is a custom vodka bottle. Available from a variety of brands, the company will take the liquor of your choice and apply a custom label with a name, event, date, or whatever.

11. Fun Jager Bomb Shot Glasses

Personalized Shot Glasses

Another glassware gift to kick off the night with a bang is this Jager bomb shot glass set. Cleverly designed with a unique two-in-one style, these shot glasses make for any creative vodka-based shot combo. They’re the kind of glassware to bring out when you want the host to engage in some icebreaker fun with the guests as it brings a fun, energetic vibe to any party or occasion.

12. One-of-a-Kind Bottle of Absolut

Custom Absolut Vodka Gifts

Awhile back, Absolut rolled out a line of 4 million limited-edition unique vodka bottles. Unique, as in the real sense of the term. Every single bottle was different, with literally millions of color and pattern combinations. It's rare to have a mass-produced commodity labeled with true distinction, but Absolut is known for being an industry leader in marketing and aesthetics. You can still find these bottles in some low volume neighborhood stores, and they make a great add-on idea for drink gift sets.

13. A Vodka Gift to Make Cocktails for Everyone at Once

Giant Cocktail Shaker Vodka Gift

You love entertaining friends and family at home. Your home bar is always fully stocked so that there are plenty of drinks to go around, but making everyone’s cocktail of choice can be a pain. You don’t want to make your guests wait, after all. The sasquatch cocktail shaker is here to rescue you! With a massive 110 ounce capacity, you can make 10 martinis all at once for everyone! Once you’ve used this monster, you’ll never want to use a regular-sized cocktail shaker ever again. It also makes one of the best vodka gifts, especially since you can use it to present a bottle of Absolut as a gift as it fits easily inside.

14. Funny Vodka Gift

Powered by Vodka Shirt

For some, vodka is a must-have when it comes to drinks with friends. If you’re that person, you need this funny sweatshirt! It might be simple, but it’s certainly one of the best vodka gifts. After all, Moscow Mules have been there for you from the week of finals to your most recent annual review from your boss! Vodka is your comfort on days like those, and this sweatshirt will help you relax even more with a cocktail in hand, of course!

15. Unique Cocktail Tumblers as Durable Vodka Gifts

Personalized Stainless Steel Tumblers

There’s nothing like an ice cold vodka mojito on a hot summer day. Usually, you have to drink it rather quickly before the ice melts and waters down your drink, but not anymore! These unique liquor tumblers are made of stainless steel and will help insulate your favorite cocktails. Talk about great vodka gifts! Both extra durable and even personalized, they’re perfect for drinks by your backyard pool or to bring to the local lake! Seriously, have you seen a better gift for vodka lovers?

Friends toasting in a cheery vibe holding tropical fruit cocktails


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