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Article: 19 Best Damn Whiskey Accessories

19 Best Damn Whiskey Accessories

19 Best Damn Whiskey Accessories

Upgrade Your Next Drink with Top-Level Whiskey Accessories

Whiskey and bourbon culture is more than just a whiskey lover’s favorite brand of bottle—be it a Jameson, Yamakazi, or Elijah Craig. When unlocking this age-old elixir, you need the best accessories to be able cherish and experience its full flavors. You can enjoy it any way you want to—either straight up or mixed as there are no set of rules, but if you can take it up a notch with crystal decanters, a bitters set, or novelty chilling stones—the better. You may also want to consider accessories that overall improve the whiskey lover’s bar and grow his collection. Just as every bourbon and whiskey has its unique note, we’ve come up with a curated list of accessories that they’ll truly appreciate.

1. Custom Rocks Glasses as the Best Whiskey Accessories

Custom Rocks Glass

With whiskey being the main part of, well drinking, that makes a classic rocks glass the perfect accessory that everyone needs in their life! After all, sometimes it may not be appropriate to take a pull straight from the bottle. However, this engraved rocks glass isn’t just great because it can hold liquor better than you, it also looks better, too! The fantastic engraving and unique base make this a glass every whiskey lover must have in their cabinet at home!

2. The Boldest Set of Whiskey Accessories

Bull Decanter Set with Whiskey Accessories

If a glass is considered an accessory, that must make this personalized bullet decanter set with glasses and whiskey stones the ultimate gift! These whiskey accessories have you covered from top to bottom! You’ve got one of the most unique and coolest ways to display your liquor on your home bar while simultaneously having a personalized glassware set. You can be sure that you will be the talk of every inner circle of all whiskey and bourbon lovers!

3. Best Whiskey Accessories for Travel

Whiskey Bottle Flight Travel Set
Whiskey Bottle Flight Travel Set

For a spirits and tasting professional needing a whiskey set that would make every travel a breeze, this bottle flight set is godsend. If he needs to transport samples of various spirits from distilleries and tasting events, this handy kit has four silicone wrapped glass bottles to help him out. It’s also TSA-compliant so he can keep the liquor content within his control thorough his airport travels. It also comes with a glass marker, too, so he can keep track of all his special sips!

4. Perfect for Pairing Vices

Engraved Cigar Case and Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Whether whiskey, scotch, or bourbon is your thing, there is one thing you know for sure–these liquors make a hell of a pairing with a stogie. With the right El Fuente or Padron, you’ll have an unforgettable evening, feeling relaxed and in a great mood. Make that evening something you can do whenever you want with this custom cigar case and rocks glass gift set. You’ll feel like Don Draper each time you light up as well as pour a drink into your custom gift set.

5. Must-Have Bourbon and Whiskey Accessories

Tasting Glasses are Bourbon Accessories

Bring the best out of your bourbon with these custom crested tasting glasses. Seen as the ultimate bourbon accessories, these glasses are not only stylish but they’re incredibly functional, as well! Due to their unique shape, they bring flavors and aromas to the surface of tried and true bourbons that you never knew existed. Add in that you get four of them, and bourbon tastings will now be a common event in your evenings!

Two happy men hvaing a toast

6. Scrumptious Bourbon and Whiskey Accessories

Black Amarena Cherries

A scrumptious surprise to any whiskey-themed cocktail like a Classic Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, or Old Fahioned, these black Amarena cherries are the literal cherry on top of every drink and are lauded by the best bars in the world. It has a rich, sweet, and tart finish that adds a spirited touch to any cocktail drink that any sweet-toothed whiskey lover won’t be able to resist, they’ll be sure to get a second helping.


7. For Those with a Custom Taste

Engraved Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

There is no better way to enjoy the full flavor of a neat drink than from a Glencairn glass. So, that makes this personalized whiskey gift set even better since it comes with four Glencairn glasses! Become the aficionado you’ve always dreamed of or the person who can taste cherries or dark chocolate in their drink when you use this engraved gift set. If you’re a person after the most subtle of flavors, there is no better way to find them than with this awesome gift set.

8. Everyone Needs a Decanter

Personalized Liquor Decanter
Personalized Liquor Decanter

A decanter is a staple for whiskey, bourbon, and scotch drinkers. This engraved decanter is the finest way to display your bottle while also making it a breeze to enjoy a nip or two. The gorgeous glassware is perfect for home bars or even offices. After all, after closing a major deal, a long day at the office, or simply because it is Friday, nothing tastes as good as a drink that's been decanted!

9. Pick These Unique Whiskey Accessories

Scotch and Bourbon Toothpicks

Enjoy your next toothpick with a kick of your favorite liquor. These scotch and bourbon-infused toothpicks are a must-have accessory for anyone who simply cannot get enough of their go-to liquor while also not wanting to go overboard and drink at inappropriate times. So, whether you’ve got a constant toothpick in your mouth or you need something to clean your teeth after a meal, enjoy either the cinnamon, mint, single malt, or bourbon toothpick. As far as a liquor accessory you can use every day, you can’t do much better than this!

10. Smoke Out the Other Whiskey Accessories

Cocktail Smoker Gift Set

Bring the hottest whiskey accessory in town to your cocktail game with this personalized smoker set. The topper is the ideal way to bring new flavors to your drinks. Plus, you get to play with fire when you torch your wood chips, how fun is that? Create custom flavors for you and your guests to enjoy with this unique whiskey gift!

11. Unique Bourbon Gift Ideas for Those on the Go

Personalized Flask with Shot Glass

Not all awesome bourbon gifts need to be large sets, some can be smaller and more practical like this flask and shot glass combination. This gift is ideal for the person who knows they’ll need a celebratory shot when they're on the move. Plus, the shot glass allows them to either pour their drink or share their go-to bourbon with a friend! Perfect for any jacket pocket, this is a sleek and custom gift that bourbon lovers simply can’t pass up!

12. Kentucky Bourbon Map

Bourbon Trail Map

Every bourbon lover needs to take a trip on the bourbon trail at some point in their life and this map is the perfect reminder of that. They can use it to either plan their next trip to a distiller, mark off which ones they’ve gone to, or display it as a piece of decor unique to their favorite interest–bourbon!

13. Worldly Whiskey Accessories

World Whiskey, Custom Brown Leather-Bound Book
World Whiskey, Custom Brown Leather-Bound Book

Taking any whiskey lover on a global journey through the finest whiskies is this leather-bound World Whiskey book featuring detailed profiles of over 700 whiskies from around the world. It has insider tips, as well as tasting notes and distillery information behind every famous bottle. This clever accessory will make him gain a deeper appreciation for the craft and the ritual that goes into every whiskey while enhancing his home bar or library.

14. Bullet Bourbon Accessories

Bullet Whiskey Stone Set of Bourbon Accessories

Take your shot at getting some of the coolest bourbon accessories around with these custom bourbon glasses and novelty bullet stones. This set is perfect for enjoying perfectly chilled drinks just like any other set of stones; however, due to their shape, you get more fun and personality out of this set. Are you a gun lover? Enjoy action movies? Retired military? Then you know this set will look perfect in your living room while you’re enjoying a drink and watching the big game!


15. Coolest Custom Cigar Glass

Monogrammed Cigar Whiskey Glass

Want the coolest glass around for the whiskey and cigar aficionado? Look no further than this monogrammed cigar glass. Perfect for cocktails and neat drinks alike, this unique glass also has a shelf built into it, allowing you to easily hold both a stogie and drink at the same time. This is such a revolutionary idea that every fan of cigars needs this in their place. Now, they can hold their poker cards, pour a drink, or give you a fist bump with their spare hand while still holding onto both their cigar as well as their drink.

16. Decanter Box Set of Whiskey Accessories

Classy Decanter Box Set with Whiskey Accessories

Indulge yourself in an over-the-top experience with this classy decanter box set. Complete with a set of matching double old-fashioned rocks glasses, you simply can’t feel any more regal than when you’re pouring a drink for yourself, friends, or maybe family. Perfect for occasions when you’re hosting guests or simply for a nightcap, you can be sure that once this set comes out of the box, it’ll never go back in!

17. Unique Bourbon Whiskey Accessories for Tasting

Personalized Black Onyx Twist Whiskey Gift Set

Custom tasting glasses and an onyx stone set are just the set of personalized bourbon accessories that you need! Think about how much better each glass of bourbon will be when you know you’re using a gift set that maximizes not only the flavors but the experiences of drinking bourbon. With your initials on the gorgeous glassware, you’ll never feel more sophisticated enjoying a drink!

Creative Shot of a Man in Suit Holding a Cigar and Tasting Glass

18. Infusion Spiral

Infused Barrel-Aged Spiral
Infused Barrel-Aged Spiral

Add a new layer of flavor to your bourbon, whiskey, or scotch with a bottle spiral! These infused spiral pieces of wood are used to enhance flavors in your favorite liquors. Simply add it to your go-to bottle, allow it to sit for 2 weeks, and bam! A whole new world of flavors awaits you.

19. Leather-Wrapped Whiskey Accessories

Whiskey Glasses with Custom Leather Wrap

Good whiskey requires a good glass, and this leather wrapped version is kind of an overachiever. Not only does it insulate your favorite dram and keep it at the perfect temperature, but it also protects the glass from scratches and bumps. The added layer of security and visual impact of a leather-wrapped whiskey glass is unparalleled, just like the sophisticated whiskey connoisseur you’re giving this gift to.


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