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Article: 23 Surprisingly Cheap Groomsmen Gifts in 2023

23 Surprisingly Cheap Groomsmen Gifts in 2023

23 Surprisingly Cheap Groomsmen Gifts in 2023

Find the Ideal Gift Without Breaking the Bank with These Cheap Groomsmen Gift Ideas:

You’ve already gotten the bill for the wedding. There’s no need to stress about gifts for your groomsmen. In fact, you can find awesome ideas that are surprisingly cheap groomsmen gifts that your best friends will love. With these gifts, you won't need to worry about how much money do you spend on a groomsmen? What should be in a groomsmen gift box? Or even what to get your groomsmen inside a gift box. With these incredible gift ideas, you'll be able to get an awesome gift for each guy in your wedding party without having to spend a small fortune. We were able to scour the internet to find inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas that not only look way nicer than you would expect but are also something each of your groomsmen will love to have and use as often as they can. Go ahead and take a gander at our incredible list of unique groomsmen gifts that will impress your wedding party and not break the bank at the same time.

A Great Gift for Toasts

Unique Whiskey Glass is a Cheap Groomsmen Gift

A custom whiskey glass has got to be one of the best inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas on the market. After all, your groomsmen are going to be drinking to you from the moment you ask them to be part of the wedding to the bachelor party to the reception! With their name, title, and date of your wedding engraved, this will be an unforgettable and practical groomsman gift.

Personalized Knives Are the Best Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Set of 5 Engraved Knives for Groomsmen

Groomsmen knives have become the latest craze in gift-giving. They’re practical, fun, and you can add your own personal touch on these serrated blades. They come in a set of 5 and each one can be engraved differently for every guy you’re shopping for. This is a handy tool they’ll love to have around the home, while working in the garage, or while they’re relaxing on a nice fishing trip. A gift that’s useful for all occasions is something your groomsmen will surely appreciate.

Awesome and Cheap Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

Cheap Groomsmen Proposal Gift Set

Ask your groomsmen to be a part of your wedding with this incredibly unique proposal gift box! Inside, they’ll find everything they’ll need to be one of the best groomsmen there have ever been. However, what makes this gift stand out more than the customization and awesome nature of the gifts, is that it is incredibly affordable! So, whether you have four, five, or fifteen groomsmen, you can afford a proposal gift box for each one of them! You can even find even more amazing groomsmen gift ideas with this curated list.

A Cheap Groomsmen Gift They’ll Never Expect

Custom Ammo Box for Groomsmen

You want to get all of your groomsmen awesome gifts to thank them for being by your side on your big day, but you don’t quite have the budget to do so. How about one cool gift for each of your groomsmen that’s personalized just for them? Ammo boxes are by far the most unique and cheap groomsmen gifts you can get because they’re super practical, look awesome, and are designed to last for years. Every time your bros use their ammo cans for bringing along fishing gear or to get tools out of, they’ll remember the good times they had with you and how cool it was to be your groomsmen.

Luxuriously Cheap Groomsmen Gift Idea

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Just because you’re in search of cheap groomsmen gifts doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than they deserve. In fact, you should treat your groomsmen to their own engraved liquor decanters! No matter what their spirit of choice is, they will be so excited to enjoy it from this luxurious decanter. Each of your groomsmen will want to keep their custom decanter on display after the wedding on their desk, home bar, or even the coffee table in the living room because they love your gift so much!

Inexpensive & Original Bullet Bottle Opener

Engraved Ideas Bullet Bottle Opener

Want cheap groomsmen gifts that are better quality than most high-end gifts? This .50 caliber bullet bottle opener is exactly what you need. Or rather, it’s what your groomsmen will realize they needed all along when you hand them one that’s been engraved just for them. They’re perfectly sized to fit in any pockets without being bulky, but sturdy enough to open countless drinks. This is a gift they’ll take with them to the beach, to backyard BBQs, or anywhere someone needs a cold one cracked open.


All-in-One Wallet Tool

Credit Card Sized Multi Tool

Even in this modern world having the right tool for the job is just as apt as it ever was. Tool Logic makes this incredible wallet size tool that’s essentially a modern-day pocket knife. Want to look sharp before a big meeting? Your groomsmen can use the toothpick and tweezers. Need to cut a loose thread? It has a knife. Lost in the woods? It even has a compass. The fact that it all fits slimly inside a wallet is even more incredible. Your groomsmen will want to have any excuse to break out all the tools that are a part of this awesome gift.

Custom Mug Set of Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Personalized Beer Mug Set of Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Ensure that your inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas are as manly and badass as possible with this set of 5 personalized beer mugs. Your groomsmen will feel like knights of the round table celebrating an epic victory when they fill their unique mug up with bottle after bottle of their favorite brewskis as they celebrate the fact that you are getting married!

Incredible Whiskey Cigar Glass

Custom Whiskey Cigar Glass Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Want to get a jaw-dropping gift for your groomsmen and still leave your bank account happy? This whiskey cigar glass will do just the trick. Capable of holding your groomsman’s favorite liquor and a cigar in one stylish glass is something every single guy would love. It leaves them a free hand for their phone, to raise during a game over poker, or to high-five you during your bachelor party. They will never expect this awesomely cheap groomsmen gift and will be eternally grateful for your gift-shopping prowess.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas That Will Keep Them Looking Sharp

Complete Styling Kit for Men

You’ll want to look back at your wedding photos every year. Make sure your groomsmen look sharp with Cole Haan’s styling kit. These are awesome inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas because whether they’ll ever admit it or not, your groomsmen loved to look their sharpest, especially for an occasion like your wedding. Plus, if there’s going to be a couple of cute bridesmaids, it’s even better. Pretty soon, they’ll be keeping themselves styled whenever they leave the house with this gift.

Something Simple But Thoughtful

Customizable Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Thinking about giving each of your groomsmen a bottle of their favorite liquor as a thank you for being part of your wedding? Don’t just hand them the bottle, give it in this personalized wooden gift box! By far one of the most thoughtful and cheap groomsmen gifts, you can get really creative with the personalization on this gift box with its two lines of text and choice of four different fonts so that each one is unique to each groomsman. The engravings can say anything from simply their name and title to a more thoughtful “Thank You for Being a Groomsman.” They will all appreciate the extra effort you put into your gift and will enjoy having a cool gift box they can use to store keepsakes and pictures once they finish the liquor!

The Only Beer Glass They’ll Use From Now On

Engraved Beer Stein

When it comes to inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas, you want to get something that they’ll actually enjoy that won’t put a deep hole in your pocket. How about an engraved beer stein? It’s cool, practical, memorable, and won’t set you back too much. Your groomsmen will love feeling like kings as they clink their badass new beer steins together at your bachelor party and will never want to drink beer any other way from now on!

An Impressive and Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Idea

Custom Whiskey Set of Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

You don’t have to break the bank to get your groomsmen a nice gift, they’ll all be amazed when they receive their custom whiskey gift sets! Before you walk down the aisle, you and your groomsmen can raise the personalized whiskey glasses you got them and toast to your wedding day together. They will be enjoying this handy gift set all the time from nightcaps to casual drinks when you come over to visit!

Personalized Louisville Sluggers

Custom Wood Bat for Groomsmen

Personalized, full-sized bats. Does anything else need to be said? Probably not, but rest assured that having a bat that’s custom made just for them is a boyhood dream that never dies. Your groomsmen will feel that same childhood happiness when you hand over this gift. They’ll be sure to find a prominent place for it in their home. Don’t be surprised if at least one of them tries to get an impromptu game going.

The Manliest Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Cheap Groomsmen Gift Set of 5 Engraved Hatchets

You won’t find a cheap groomsmen gift set of 5 gifts better than these engraved hatchets! They’re the ideal ceremonial gift that lets all your groomsmen know just how badass and manly you truly think they are. They can even help you cut your wedding cake using one of the awesome hatchets!

A New Twist on Affordable & Classy Gifts

Custom Whiskey Stone Set of Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Just because you are shopping for surprisingly cheap gifts doesn’t mean they have to look or feel that way. With these engraved twist glasses and whiskey stones, your groomsmen will feel as dapper as Don Draper each time they clink their glasses in a toast to you and your future bride!


Gift Set for Manly Groomsmen

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts Mug and Knife Set

Got a bunch of manly groomsmen? Then get a gift that ticks all of their boxes. Beer mug? Check. Flip-top lighter? Check. Cigar cutter? Check. Engraved tactical knife with enough tools hidden in the handle to survive a Bear Grylls level survival challenge? Another check. After your groomsmen receive this awesome gift from you every other groomsman gift they get will pale in comparison. Set the standard at your wedding.

Affordable Combo Flask for Groomsmen

Inexpensive Cigar Flask

If you’re going to carry a flask around, it shouldn’t create a flask-shaped bulge in your pocket. That’s what makes this Monte Carlo flask a perfect groomsmen gift that won’t break the bank. Well, that and the fact that your groomsmen can also store a couple of cigars next to their liquor of choice. You could even have a couple of cigars waiting inside before you hand this gift over to thank your friends for how they’ve stuck by your side through the years. You can even get a bunch more practical groomsmen gift ideas right here.

Custom Cufflinks for Groomsmen

Your guys need cufflinks for your wedding. They’ll be needing cufflinks for more and more occasions the older they get. Why not get cheap groomsmen gifts that are also practical? Each cufflink can be engraved with their initials. They also have a timeless style, so they’ll be great with any suit, for any occasion for decades to come.

Whiskey Glasses for All Your Groomsmen

Set of 5 Whiskey Glasses for Groomsmen

Want to knock out gifts for your groomsmen in one fell swoop? This set of 5 rocks glasses can each be personalized for every member of your wedding. These glasses are all-encompassing inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas where you can also take care of your best man, father-of-the-bride, and even the ushers. The way these glasses are expertly crafted, your wedding party will be convinced you spent a king’s ransom on their gift.

Elevate Your Groomsmen's Whiskey Drinking

Black Onyx Whiskey Stones Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Your college days are in the rearview. You’re getting married and it’s time to push your groomsmen one step closer to adulthood. They don’t need to tie the knot, but you can get them these inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas that will transform them into refined whiskey drinkers. Or, at the very least, give the illusion that they know what they’re doing. These black onyx whiskey stones are the latest thing out there for avid whiskey drinkers. And it’s never a bad idea to gift your groomsmen with the latest and greatest available.

A Travel Mug with a Secret

Travel Bottle with Hidden Compartment

Your groomsmen can’t sit still. They love to be active. Get them a Bindle Bottle so they don’t need to stop. It will keep their drink insulated. It works great for coffee or water, but the really cool feature is the waterproof storage compartment. They can store their keys, wallet, or whatever else they like and not worry about it getting lost, damaged, or having to lug it around. This is a gift your groomsmen will use long after your wedding.

Take Your Beer Everywhere

Wooden Beer Tote for Groomsmen

Everyone knows the pain of schlepping around a loose collection of beer, banging around in a cardboard container that’s barely holding it together. Or even worse, not being able to bring any beer at all. Get a next-level groomsmen gift that solves this problem with this custom wood beer caddy. Your friends, especially your best man, will love being able to throw in six of their favorite beers and take them wherever they’re needed. The attached bottle opener is the perfect accessory to this original gift idea.


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