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Article: 13 Great Golf Groomsman Gifts

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13 Great Golf Groomsman Gifts

13 Great Golf Groomsman Gifts

Check Out These On Par Golf Groomsman Gifts:

Make your groomsmen feel like the most fore-tunate guys in town when you give each and every one of them top-tier golf groomsman gifts! These are the gifts that each of them will be able to use on or off the course that have to do with golf, of course! From the green to the clubhouse, you and your friends can never get enough of your favorite game. Better still, you and the boys can use these gifts before and after the wedding. Still wondering what some of the best groomsmen golf sets are best? Where to find golf gifts? What groomsmen gift ideas are great for golf lovers? We have you covered! So, don’t give any bogey gifts, instead, make this the only time to be okay to be above par with these above-average groomsmen golf gift ideas!

A Custom Set of Golf Groomsman Gifts

Custom Set of Golf Groomsman Gifts

Although you are looking for an awesome set of golf gifts for your groomsmen, you also want to make sure that they feel like they’re getting amazing groomsmen gifts too. This personalized set gives them the best of both worlds! With their title, name, and the date of your wedding engraved, they’ll know they have an awesome wedding gift, and they even get to use the divot tool, bag tag, and flask while they’re on the course. Better still, the flask fits perfectly in their jacket on your big day, in case any of them need a sip of liquid courage or feel the need for a last-minute toast!

A Fore When They Can’t Make Tee Time

Travel Putting Golf Set

Not every wedding occurs during the perfect time of year for a full round of golf to take place. For those who can’t get to their tee-off like they would like to, this travel putting set is the ideal groomsmen golf gift. Now, your best friends can create a mini-golf course in their hotel and show off who has the best short game! Talk about a great way to ask them, "Will you be my groomsmen?" They'll both have a great gift and know they're going golfing!

Personalized Groomsmen Golf Gift

Personalized Sign is a Groomsmen Golf Gift

Just because the final putt has been sunk does not mean that the bachelor party golf day is done. Gift each of your guys their own 19th hole golf sign! After all, even when you’re not getting married, you and your boys often get a brew together and share golf stories. This way, every one of your best friends’ houses can now become the ultimate hang-out spot and is far more comfortable than any clubhouse at the course.

Unique Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

Place a personalized name or message on a whole set of golf balls so that during their next round of golf your groomsmen can drive, chip, and putt with a ball personalized just for them! Talk about one of the best sets of golf groomsman gifts! Plus, these professional-level balls are sure to help them shave a stroke or two during their eighteen.

Engraved Groomsmen Golf Gift Set

Engraved Groomsmen Gifts with Golf Accessories

Ensure that you ask your best friends to be a part of your wedding in the most fitting way possible. This golf groomsmen proposal gift set is a fantastic way to ask them to be there for your bachelor party as well as your wedding. With a glass and whiskey stone set for toasting to your happiness as well as professional-level golf accessories, there is no way they could say no!


Personalized Shadow Box

Engraved Shadow Box

Savor the best moments with you and your groomsmen with a custom shadow box. These are the easiest way to put your greatest memories on display. Start with a ball that each of you has hit during your bachelor party round, or have everyone sign a few balls so each guy can start his golf ball collection off with a set from one of their most memorable rounds ever.

Cover Them With Custom Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

Golf Club Covers Custom Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

Make their clubs look iconic with a set of custom golf gifts for groomsmen! The company Golf Iconic makes full-on custom covers for their clubs. From their favorite sports team to fluffy animals, you can have anything you want as your groomsmen’s custom gifts!

A Set to Keep Them Awake at Early Tee-Off

Engraved Golf Groomsan Gifts with Travel Mug

Don’t let the early morning tee time keep them from being at their best! With this set of engraved golf gifts, they’re going to look the part of a PGA touring player; however, the travel mug golf set will ensure that they’ll be wide-awake and ready to play their best round ever!

Sleek & Subtle Golf Groomsmen Gifts

Engraved Flask Set of 5

While plenty of gifts so far have had golf accessories, you simply can’t be a simple and sleek flask. This set of 5 flasks is personalized for each of your groomsmen and while they have a tie for the big day, they’ll be using these flasks to toast you during your whole round on the course!

Arm Them With Golf Gifts

Personalized Ammo Can with Seltzer Cooler and Golf Gifts

Present them with one of the most badass golf groomsman gifts on the market with this ammo can gift set that also comes with golf gifts as well as a matching can cooler! Now, even in the heat of the hottest July day, they can keep ice-cold seltzers which will most definitely help them stay one or two strokes under their previous course record.

Custom Visors

Custom Golf Visors

Look like a team while you are out on the course with a matching set of custom visors. Put their name or titles on each of their visors and ensure they all wear them for the whole round. Now, no one can blame the sun being in their eyes as to the reason that they missed their putt!

A Sign You’ve Found the Best Golf Gifts

Groomsman Golf Sign Gift

Give your groomsmen the ultimate thank you golf gift with this personalized sign. Now, they’ll have a gorgeous piece of home decor for their man cave, garage, or anywhere else they please that will always remind them of your epic bachelor party, wedding, and of course, the unforgettable round of golf you all played together!

Novelty Golf Gift

Novelty Golf Gift for Groomsman

Asking them to be your groomsmen takes balls, so make sure you get them a fitting groomsmen golf gift with this novelty golf gift! They’ll be laughing the whole round. Each time they go back to their bag for a ball or a club, you can be sure you’ll be hearing more than just a chuckle!


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