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Article: 29 Lovely Engagement Gifts for the Happy Couple

29 Lovely Engagement Gifts for the Happy Couple

29 Lovely Engagement Gifts for the Happy Couple

Check Out These Must-Have Engagement Gifts!

Pop the bubbly and say Mazel Tov, you know a couple who just got engaged! Now it’s time to get them a gift either for their engagement party or you can just send them something nice if you can’t attend. Engagement gifts should either help them prepare for the wedding, be something they can use in the wedding reception, or be a housewarming gift for their upcoming lives together. If you know you can’t attend any of the wedding-related events leading up to the day of the ceremony such as the bridal shower or bachelor party, you should definitely send them a gift to celebrate their engagement. You want to give the happy couple something nice, after all, especially to show that you’re excited for their wedding! Engagement party gifts don’t have to be fancy, but they should definitely be all about the bride and groom and the day they say “I do!”

Every Couple Wants a Personalized Cutting Board for an Engagement Gift

Monogrammed Cutting Board

Now that the happy couple will be moving in together (if they haven’t already!), they’ll be spending even more time cooking and preparing their meals together in the kitchen. One of the most thoughtful engagement gifts you can give is a monogrammed cutting board featuring their initials! They’ll love using this durable wooden cutting board for food prep and cooking meals together. When it’s not being used, it looks lovely in the kitchen!

The Perfect Engagement Party Gift

Customizable Whiskey Stone and Glass Set

With all of the upcoming wedding planning, the bride and groom will be stressed out and super busy. Help them relax with this whiskey gift set! After a long day of wedding planning, they can sit back and relax together with a nice glass of whiskey. They don’t even need to worry about ice thanks to the whiskey stones! The happy couple will enjoy using this set for relaxing drinks together for years to come.

Must-Have Insulated Wine Tumblers

Custom Wine Tumblers Engagement Gifts

The couple will be so busy with working and wedding planning that they won’t even have time to think about chilling wine, much less drinking their entire glass before it gets warm. Solve their problem with these awesome wine tumblers! The double walled stainless steel will ensure their wine is the perfect temperature for hours, even if they forget about it amongst the wedding planning. They’ll be using these handy tumblers as often as possible for wine and other beverages too!

Cute Sign for the Bride and Groom to Be

Cute Couple Sign for Engagement Party Gift

Whether you’re looking for an engagement gift to bring to their engagement party or you want to send them a gift, this adorable sign is perfect! You could even pair it with a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne so they can enjoy some bubbly in their dining room under their new decor. This cute decor is sure to remind them to enjoy a glass of wine together now and then, even if it’s not a special occasion.


Diamonds Are a Future Bride’s Best Friend

Diamond Decanter Set Engagement Gift

Pardon the pun, but seriously, this gorgeous diamond decanter set is perfect for celebrating an engagement! After all, the new diamond ring is the centerpiece of an engagement, so it’s the perfect engagement party gift. This stunning decanter set is a must-have for the upcoming parties and makes a fabulously unique set to treasure forever. Every time the bride and groom use it for after-dinner drinks and entertaining, they’ll remember the wonderful day they became engaged.

Something Sweet for Their Wedding Day

Customizable Cake Topper

How cute is this custom wedding cake topper? It’s one of the most unique engagement party gifts that can be used over and over for the engagement party itself, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and finally the wedding! After the nuptials, it makes a unique keepsake or ornament, and can even be used in the future for every anniversary. This adorable little cake topper has many great uses, so it’s a gift that just keeps on giving!

Something for the Groom

Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set for the Groom

Engagements and weddings are all about celebrations, which means that the groom will probably be enjoying plenty of drinks and cigars with his friends while celebrating. Make sure he’s celebrating in style with this unique cigar and whiskey gift set! He’ll love the awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass, which allows him to enjoy both a stogie and scotch at the same time in one hand while having a free hand to fist bump and high five everyone. This set is sure to be one of the coolest engagement gifts he’ll get, and he’ll be using it even after the wedding!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Custom Champagne Flutes

Engraved Champagne Flutes

What’s a wedding without champagne? The bride and groom will be needing a set of champagne flutes for the wedding reception, so make sure they’re prepared by giving this set of personalized glasses as engagement party gifts! This lovely pair is perfect for the wedding toast and for using on every anniversary in the future as they make great keepsakes!

Commemorate The Day They Were Engaged

Personalized Wine Glass Engagement Gifts

One of the most thoughtful engagement gifts you can give is something to commemorate that special day. Everyone usually gives gifts centered around the wedding day, but the happy couple will want to remember the day they vowed to get married as well! This cute wine glass set is the perfect keepsake that will remind them of the day they said “Yes” for years to come.

His, Hers, and Ours Decanter Set

Three Piece Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

What’s more perfect for an engagement present than a three-piece decanter set? Entirely engraved with their new shared last name and initial, the happy couple will have their own glasses and a matching decanter to drink from! This cute set is a great centerpiece for their new home bar or dining room so that they can enjoy drinks together or to serve to guests in style. Pair this set with a bottle of their favorite liquor and you’ve got the ideal gift!

The Perfect Decor for the Reception

Wedding Welcome Sign

The bride and groom want to make their guests feel welcome to the wedding as well as make sure they know where to go for the reception, which makes this lovely welcome sign the ideal engagement party gift! Once this sign is used for the wedding, it makes the perfect entryway decor for their new home together. How sweet is that? This beautiful personalized sign is an engagement, wedding, and housewarming gift all in one!

The Fancy Way to Chill Wine

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Since they just got engaged, you know they’ll be having a lot of visitors and parties to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. One gift that can help them out is this trendy marble wine chiller! This gorgeous chiller is the classiest way to present and chill a bottle of wine for guests, and it makes a fantastic centerpiece for the table. They’ll certainly be using this handy wine chiller for every future event they host, and maybe even for themselves on special occasions and date nights.

Fun Game for Their Family and Friends to Play

Cute Bean Bag Toss Engagement Gift

Keeping guests entertained is important for any event, but especially so for the parties leading up to the wedding and the reception! This personalized bean bag toss game is perfect for playing at the engagement party, bridal shower, and especially the wedding reception. It’s a fun, easy game for all ages so the kids will be preoccupied with playing it while the adults visit with one another. Plus, it’s perfect for future family reunions or other parties! This bean bag toss game is certainly one of the most unique and practical engagement gifts you can give.

Christen Their Home with a Custom Sign

Monogrammed Welcome Mat

Whether they’re moving in together after the wedding or are already living together, the happy couple will definitely need something to make their house a home. One of the most thoughtful engagement party gifts is this adorable custom welcome mat featuring the initial of their soon-to-be shared last name! How cute is that? This lovely welcome mat will surely make them smile when they see it every day.

Unique Serving Set

Engraved Decanter Set with Serving Tray

With all of the upcoming parties and visiting loved ones, the newly engaged couple will need a serving set to serve everyone drinks! This gorgeous personalized decanter set is exactly what they need. The entire set sits snugly in the unique acrylic tray so that they can bring their guests drinks and the decanter for refills with ease! Plus, it makes a fantastic centerpiece in the dining room or home bar. Whether you give this serving set as an engagement gift or wedding gift, they’ll love it and use it no matter what!


Document the Wedding With a Unique Photo Album

Wood Photo Album

You know the bride and groom will want to take plenty of pictures during the wedding planning and at the ceremony, so a photo album to store the many gorgeous photos is an ideal gift! This lovely wooden photo album is the perfect place to document the engagement, all of their celebrations and special moments such as wedding dress shopping, and finally all of the beautiful photos of the wedding itself. The happy couple will be looking back at this lovely collection of wedding pictures for years to come!

A Sweet Way to Commemorate Their Engagement

Constellation Map

Right now is all about celebrating getting engaged, and what’s a better way to do so than with a keepsake they can treasure forever? This beautiful print is what the night sky looked like when and where the happy couple got engaged! How cool is that? They will treasure this thoughtful gift for years to come. You could even get them another one for their wedding and they can have a set!

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Bottle of Wine as an Engagement Gift

Wine Bottle Tool Box Engagement Gift

Not sure what to give the happy couple for their engagement party? When in doubt, a bottle of wine is always appreciated. Don’t just give them a bottle on its own though, you can dress up your gift with this beautiful personalized wine tool gift box! It not only holds a bottle of wine, but comes with every tool they’ll need to enjoy it. You could even give them a special bottle that they are meant to save until their wedding night or 1st anniversary to make it extra special!

Complete Scotch on the Rocks Gift Set

Cocktail Set Engagement Party Gift

Did you know that ice buckets and decanter sets are some of the most common wedding gifts? Save them the trouble of putting them on their registry by getting them this ultimate gift set for their engagement! This complete set will ensure that they have everything they need to enjoy a glass of scotch on the rocks together or to serve their guests the perfect cocktails. It might even inspire them to create a unique cocktail to serve at the wedding, which is a popular trend this year.

Cheese Boards are Must-Have Engagement Party Gifts

Engraved Slate Cheese Board

Cheese boards are incredibly handy for hor d'oeuvres and appetizers at parties, and you know the newly engaged couple is about to have plenty of celebrations before the wedding. By giving them a custom cheese board at their engagement party, they’ll be even more prepared for entertaining together now and in the future after they’re married! This lovely cheese board even has convenient rope handles to serve guests with ease, and it looks great in the kitchen on display when not being used. All around, a cheese board is one of the best gifts for the happy couple.

Crystal Ring Holder for the New Engagement Ring

Crystal Ring Holder

The bride will need a safe place to keep her shiny new engagement ring, as well as a place for her future wedding band, which makes this crystal ring holder an ideal engagement party gift! Her fiance could use it, too, especially if they keep it on a bedside table or vanity. This way, they always know where their wedding rings are when they’re not on their hand. You could even pair this lovely ring holder with a jewelry cleaning kit so that the happy couple has everything they need to keep their wedding bands and the engagement ring clean and secure!

Essential Wine Decanter Set

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Set Engagement Gift

The soon-to-be-married couple will certainly want to enjoy a proper glass of red wine together, so make sure they have everything they need for a romantic evening with this lovely monogrammed wine decanter set! This three-piece set will look great in their dining area or on their home bar when they’re not using it. It’s sure to come in handy when they have company over who drinks red wine so that they can serve it properly as well as on date nights from now on!

Cute Wedding Sign for a Coffee Bar or Kitchen

Personalized Coffee Bar Sign for Wedding

Are the future bride and groom a pair of coffee lovers? Then they’ll love this beautiful coffee bar sign for the wedding where they can serve their favorite coffee blend or even create a custom coffee concoction. Even if they’re not having a coffee bar at the wedding, this lovely piece of decor will look great in their kitchen or breakfast nook!

Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Wedding Guest Book Shadow Box

One of the cutest new trends is to have a shadow box as the wedding guest book! This adorable personalized shadow box is ideal for giving as an engagement party gift or even at the bridal shower. When it’s wedding time, guests can sign a small object such as a wine cork or a little wooden heart and drop it in the shadow box so that the happy couple has a one-of-a-kind keepsake that they can treasure forever!

Personalized Keepsake Box

Custom Wood Keepsake Box Engagement Gift

What’s a good engagement gift for a couple who doesn’t want anything? A personalized keepsake box! This large wooden box is great for storing the invites to the engagement party and wedding ceremony, the bride’s shoes, her preserved bouquet, the groom’s tie, photos, or anything else they wish. With this unique gift, they can put together pieces of the wedding that they can use to cherish forever. Every time they open it, they’ll be able to remember the day they said “I Do” like it was yesterday.

An Engagement Gift that Helps Them Cook Better Together

Newlywed Cookbook

When in doubt, get the happy couple something they can use from their engagement party throughout their marriage, like a cookbook! This one is specifically designed for newlyweds in mind in order to help them get used to cooking together and romantic dinners to create for one another. This sweet cookbook is ideal for newly engaged couples who either just moved in with each other before getting married or will live together afterward as it helps them get used to being in the kitchen together. You could even pair this cookbook with a cutting board or get them a nice set of cutlery for the wedding so that they can use both gifts together!

Beautiful Aerating Wine Glasses

Aerating Wine Glasses

Why mess with a decanter or an aerator for a quality glass of wine when the happy couple can just enjoy it straight from the glass? These uniquely aerating wine glasses are perfect engagement presents for the couple who are too busy to wait for wine to breathe. These multi-tasking glasses gently aerate wine as they are swirled and sipped from, ensuring that every sip tastes better than the last. The soon-to-be-married couple will certainly impress many guests and save time at dinner with these awesome glasses!

Custom Mimosa Bar Sign for the Reception

Personalized Mimosa Bar Sign

Are you looking for a cute piece of decor to give at the engagement party that can be used for the wedding? This adorable mimosa bar sign is perfect for the reception, especially if you know that they are planning on serving tasty mimosas and other fruity cocktails. After the celebrations are over, it makes a really cute keepsake!

Coasters Are the Most Underrated Engagement Party Gifts

Monogrammed Gold Dipped Coasters

What’s the one thing that couples always forget to put on their wedding registries? Coasters! Yes, seriously, coasters are essential for every household and often get overlooked. Make sure that the future Mr. and Mrs. are prepared with these beautiful copper-dipped wooden coasters as engagement party gifts! They’ll be grateful that you thought of something they didn’t even know they needed. You could even pair the set with a matching set of monogrammed glasses to create a complete gift set!


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