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Article: 17 Personalized Police Gifts for Him

17 Personalized Police Gifts for Him

17 Personalized Police Gifts for Him

Check Out These Amazing Police Gifts for Him

Throw the sirens on because cops have been getting criminally underrated gifts for years. You don’t want to be charged with obstruction of good gift-giving, so get him some lawfully good police gifts for him by finding the most unique, useful, and even personalized gifts that he can put to use when he is off-duty! So, keep things awesome for him by getting one (or more) of these awesome gifts for him as well as these personalized gifts for police officers!

A Sign of His Pride

Thin Blue Line Police Sign

A great gift that you can give at any time of the year to a police officer is a custom thin blue line sign! These are great gifts because it not only shows your respect for the extraordinarily difficult job he does but also that he is proud of the work he does too! This gift is perfect for any room of his house from the living room to his man cave to his garage, wherever he spends his time the most is sure to be where he puts this awesome custom gift that is sure to mean more than you could ever know to him!

The Most Fitting Set of Personalized Gifts for Police Officers

Bullet Whiskey Stone Police Gifts for Him

In search of personalized gifts for police officers? Is there anything more fitting than this epically engraved whiskey stone and bullet bottle opener gift set? He’ll feel like the ultimate badass being able to enjoy a drink with what appears to be real bullets inside his personalized glass! After a stressful week or a promotion, what could be better than reaching for this whiskey gift set to finally throw his feet up and unwind for the weekend?

The Toughest Set of Police Gifts for Him

Personalized Gifts for Police Office Whiskey Ammo Can

Since he is a police officer, you already think he is one of the toughest guys you know, so why not get him an equally manly gift with this custom ammo can whiskey gift set? This set comes with everything he could ever want to indulge a bit when he is off-duty; however, you can make it feel even more personalized for him when you add in a few Cohibas or some ammo inside the ammo can, this way he can enjoy some of his favorite things as soon as you pop the top of the custom United States ammo can! Talk about one of the best police gift sets!

Organize His Life

Tactical Car Seat Organizer

When traveling in his squad car he is used to having everything just so. Then, when he goes into his civilian ride, everything just seems off. Help him stay organized with this tactical seat organizer to keep everything in its place as well as having fast and easy access to anything he needs! With two pockets and nine mole straps, he can set this seat organizer up the exact way he wants so he can be as tactical and efficient as possible.

A Gift for On and Off-Duty Officers

Custom Coffee Tumbler Flask and Survival Knife

A set of gifts he will be eternally great for will be the set that he gets to enjoy whenever and wherever he wants, and with this coffee tumbler, flask, and survival knife gift set, he can always have this set with him. Is there anything better than knowing that each day he gets to use his gift set? You know he runs on coffee, so the tumbler will only ever leave his cruizer for a refill and the survival knife will certainly be on his belt at all times. That just leaves the flask for when he clocks out and wants to celebrate a job well done!


For Patriotic Police Officers

Flag Case with Engravable Plaque

The perfect way to honor him for his service is with a flag case with an engraved plaque. Whether he is retiring or has accomplished something huge in his career, this flag case is a fantastic way to honor all he has done for his community and precinct. This case looks so good, you know he is going to want to put it up on display front and center on his mantle in the living room or on his shelf in the office so he can see it every day. When you’re looking for police gifts for him that he will always cherish, look no further than this flag case!

A Poker Set: A Cop Will Know if They’re Bluffing

Embossed Poker Set of Police Gifts for Him

Does he have a weekly poker game with his fellow police officers? Ensure that the card game can always be at his place or that he can take it anywhere he goes with an embossed poker gift set. From Texas Hold ‘em to Seven Card Stud, he has everything he will need to be the ultimate card shark!

A Gift for the Memories

Etched Shadow Box for Cigar Smoker

While personalized gifts for police officers that are covered with thin blue line or police badges make great gifts, not everyone wants to take their work home with them, let alone have it be their gift. So, for the man who likes to keep work and home life as separate as possible, this fun engraved cigar shadow box makes a great gift that will put a smile on his face no matter how tough his day was. He can add a cigar band inside or anything else he wants, as the perfect way to collect and show off his memories!

Keep His Boots on the Ground

Police Gifts for Him are Redwing Boots

As an officer, he has gotten used to wearing boots every day at work, but he’ll want a separate pair for when he is off-duty, so get him a classy set of Redwings to keep him looking like a total badass even when he is off the clock. Because of the high-quality construction, these boots could possibly last his entire career as an officer!

A Set of the Coolest Police Gifts for Him

Custom Onyx Whiskey Stone Set

Let him cool off from a high-pressure job with this custom whiskey stone gift set which is perfect to honor an officer who has just retired, been promoted, or just because! The matching glass and box set will show that you truly went out of your way to find the perfect gift that he simply will have to love! Include a bottle of his favorite bourbon, whiskey, or scotch, and you’ll have the perfect gift set for him!

Protect and Serve His Cigars

Custom Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

While he is out protecting the community, a crime has been happening at home. His Cohibas and Padrons have been sitting out, spoiling. Never let his service to the community cause suffering in his cigar world ever again with this badass and manly personalized cigar humidor that's made from a repurposed United States military! Police gifts for him should be more than just a cool gift, they should serve and protect him too, and this gift definitely does!

A High-Caliber Pen Set

Thin Blue Line Tactical Police Pen

Part of being a cop, fortunate or not, is doing paperwork. Add some additional pride to his John Hancock with a set of thin blue line pens that he can use not only day to day, but even at the office. These tactical police-themed pens will be the talk of the office and all his desk mates will wish they had their own set!

Personalized Gifts for Police Officers to Unwind With

Cigar and Whiskey Personalized Gifts for Police Officers

The boys in blue aren’t all about law and order, in fact, they like to relax with people just like civilians too. So, get him the ultimate set of gifts to help him relax with this custom cigar and whiskey gift set! Whether he wants to toast you with the extra glass or it becomes his go-to set to break out when his partner comes over to the house for a visit, you can be sure this will get more use than his standard-issue equipment.

The Perfect Gift for a Police Officer

Coffee Mug and Flashlight

Cops run on coffee. There is a reason every cop in every movie, TV show, and one you see patrolling your neighborhood always has a cup of Joe with them. So, whether he needs some pep in his step in the morning or needs some help to make it through the graveyard shift, this personalized coffee mug gift set is sure to be his go-to way to have some liquid fuel. Plus, he’ll even have a matching flashlight. That means in those early mornings or late nights, he can find perps and clues with your gift, how cool is that?

The Most Useful Police Gifts for Him are Multi-Tools

Engraved Wrench Multi Tool

A police officer always needs to be ready for any situation that comes his way and this personalized wrench multi-tool is sure to have him equipped to deal with nearly anything he faces. Plus, he can keep this on him during his off-duty time too, meaning that whether it is a loose thread needing a cut or a leaky faucet, he still has the tools in his pocket to fix anything!

Light Up His World Like Nobody Else

Thin Blue Line Latern

Show your support for the police officer in your life with an indoor light that is the perfect way for them to add a bit of decoration and light to their end table or man cave. Much like his sense of duty, this light will always be a light in the darkness! That is because this lamp-style light will always automatically turn on once it senses the room has gotten dark. Fill him with pride much like how this gift will fill the room with light with this awesome thin blue line gift.

The Ultimate Set of Personalized Gifts for Police Officers

Police Gifts for Him are Custom Decanter Set

Want to wow him with the most over-the-top and classy gift for a police officer he has ever seen? This engraved decanter set is perfect! It simply doesn’t matter what occasion you’re getting this set for because it is just that good! This over-the-top, classy, and sophisticated gift set will make him think you broke the law or found this on the black market to have gotten something so unique. It’s so good that you know for a fact that he will always keep this decanter ready to go on his home bar or table so he and the boys can sit back and throw a few drinks back!


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