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Article: 11 Of the Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

11 Of the Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

11 Of the Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

It is that special time of year again, Christmas! As exciting as it is to see the snow on the ground, the trees up and decorated, it also means that it is time for you to get a gift for the guy in your life, which we all know can be tough. However, this year you don’t need to struggle! We’ve got the best Christmas gifts for guys that will make his favorite hobby better than ever, the holiday season more relaxing, or are simply a sentimental gift he will love! So, do the holidays normally make your blood pressure go through the roof? Do they lose all their fun and magic because of the need for a good gift? Don’t make the holiday season any more stressful than it needs to be by racking your brain for the perfect gift, instead, check out these awesome and cool Christmas gifts!

A Legendary Set of the Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

Whiskey Box of Christmas Ideas for Him

Make him feel like a legend on Christmas morning with this personalized whiskey stone and glass box set! These are some of the best Christmas gifts for guys. Not only does this gift come with his name on it but it also makes it a breeze for him to get into the holiday spirit. After all, with a perfectly chilled whiskey in hand, who wouldn’t be ready for the holidays, no matter how delightful or frightful the weather is outside? It even comes with a second glass, so you might even get a shot or two from his gift set in celebration of finding him the perfect Xmas gift!

The Coolest Custom Cigar Sign

Personalized Cigar Sign

Help him enjoy his winter holiday the way he wants to, with a stogie in hand, of course! This custom cigar sign is one of the greatest Christmas ideas for him. After all, during the holidays he’ll be smoking like a chimney in celebration anyway. However, he is now able to have a room in the house that acknowledges his love and affinity for a perfect stogie!

Personalized Beer Stein

Steins are the Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

Make his whole year with a Christmas gift he never knew he needed until he got it into his hands with this personalized beer stein! He’ll be toasting and having cheers with everyone in the family as soon as he can get a bottle of his go-to craft beer inside his gift! Even when he isn’t thirsty, this gift will look awesome on his desk or mantle as the coolest and manliest piece of decor he owns.

Best Christmas Gifts for Guys Who Love Whiskey

Custom Decanter Christmas Gift for Him

Give him the most badass looking whiskey gift you’ve ever seen with a custom decanter gift set. This makes for one of the best Christmas gifts for guys since not only will he love that he can enjoy a neat whiskey or Old Fashioned from a glass with his name on it, but this holiday season he can share his must-have liquor with three of his friends and family during Christmas. So, go the extra mile with this set of Christmas gift ideas for him and top it off with a bottle of Old Forester or Buffalo Trace and give the best whiskey lover Christmas gift ever!


An Electronic Chess Set

Electronic Chess Set are Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

Need unique Christmas ideas for him? You can bet that he has never seen something as cool as this electronic chess set. He can of course use it to play someone else or himself; however, he can also play the board itself! It is programmed with moves and he can actually play a full game just against his gift. How cool is that?

A Gorgeous Cigar Humidor

Custom Cigar Humidor Gift Set

Use this Christmas as an opportunity to make one of his hobbies more luxurious than he could have ever imagined. This personalized cigar humidor gift set has everything he needs to be a true cigar aficionado. He can finally start the collection he has always dreamed of with a humidor that holds up to 50 cigars. Now, he can try different flavors all the time and not have to worry about them spoiling thanks to this unique gift. That isn’t even to mention the cigar stand, light, and cutter that come with the set too!

Leather Duffle For Him

Leather Duffle Bag Christmas Gift for Him

Every man needs a good quality duffle bag, which is why this Christmas gift for him is simply a no-brainer! Even if he has a bag, you know one that is made of leather and looks as good as this Buffalo Jackson bag is simply a must-have. From the office to the gym to even weddings, he’ll always look like a dapper gentleman with this epic Christmas gift!

Classy Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Gift

Cigar and Whiskey Christmas Ideas for Him

Get your guy a gift that Santa couldn’t have picked out better himself with an engraved cigar and whiskey gift set. He’ll be more excited than Ralphie from A Christmas Story when he begins unwrapping his gift. An added bonus of this gift is that there is no way he’ll shoot his eye out. Instead, he’ll have the time of his life enjoying both his cigar and whiskey with one hand which will allow him to use the remote, text, or give out high-fives this holiday season!

The Most Fun Christmas Gift Ever

Personalized Cornhole Christmas Gift

What could be better than a game of cornhole? How about his own set that makes it look like he owns his own distillery! A game of bags is often played with a drink in hand, so when he has a glass of whiskey in his off-hand and is racking up the score on the competition, it’ll give him so much satisfaction seeing his name on each of the boards he is playing on. Talk about a phenomenal Christmas gift idea for guys!

Comfiest Star Wars Christmas Ideas for Him

Star Wars Christmas Socks

While socks may seem like the boring staple of Christmas, you can step things up with this awesome set of Star Wars socks! There are few better ways for him to spend the holidays than in these comfy socks while watching one of his favorite movies. So load up his favorite Star Wars trilogy, ensure he has his socks on, pop some popcorn, and create one of the most memorable Christmases for him ever!

The Biggest Beer Gift for Christmas

Etched Large Beer Mug

If a man likes something, sometimes all you have to do is make it bigger! Take this engraved beer mug, for example, it holds up to 3x more than your average beer mug by holding a full liter of beer. Add the cool, custom engraving, and this is a gift that you’ll see him using every time he watches the NFL and NHL have a game, this way he never has to miss a second of his game to get a new beer!


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