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Article: 19 Must-Have Housewarming Gifts for Men

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19 Must-Have Housewarming Gifts for Men

19 Must-Have Housewarming Gifts for Men

Housewarming Gifts for Men Make His House a Home

When a guy moves into a new place, it usually is pretty barebones at first. He may have a couch, a chair, a tv, and a bed, but there may not be much else. Give him a hand in turning a house into a home with an awesome housewarming gift for men. These are items that he needs for his house, to make a place more personal, or add a touch of uniqueness so when people walk in the door they can see his personality has taken over the space. Getting housewarming gifts is all about fitting his personality. So, when you’re wondering: “What do you put in a housewarming basket for men?” “What is the most housewarming gift for guys?” or “What do you give as a housewarming gift?” Just think of what you think his place would look like if he’d lived there for years. Make his house feel incredibly unique with the best housewarming gifts for guys out there!

The Classiest Housewarming Gift for Men

Monogrammed Presentation Set is a Housewarming Gift for Men

Make one of the first striking objects in his house your gift with this custom monogram whiskey presentation gift set. These make for a phenomenal housewarming gift for men due to both their classy appearance as well as their functionality. He can easily serve friends and family a drink when they come over to visit his new place from your awesome custom gift!

For a Brew at Home

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Let him have a toast to his new apartment or house in style with an engraved beer mug box set. The only thing better than a brew with the boys at the bar is one from his new gift set in his new home, you can be sure that will be a drink he remembers forever!

Regal Whiskey Glasses for Him

Regal Whiskey Glass Set of Best Housewarming Gifts for Guys

One thing that you know every bachelor pad is going to need is a set of matching glassware, you can’t have him hosting his guests with old movie theater cups anymore after all. So, make it this phenomenal-looking set of crested whiskey glasses! They’re fantastic for neat or on the rocks glasses of whiskey, and their unique shape helps to funnel the aromas and tastes right to a person’s palate. The glasses are actually much like a Glencairn but less delicate. Talk about one of the best housewarming gifts for guys who love whiskey, right?

Engraved Wine Decanter Gift Set

Engraved Wine Decanter Set

For the man who knows there is more to wine than buying it in a box, this custom wine decanter gift set is a must-get housewarming gift! He may have left his glasses behind in the move for fear of them breaking, so surprise him with this set that has everything he needs to feel like a connoisseur of fine wines! The decanter is not only functional for increasing the flavors but looks great too! Plus, these stemless wine glasses are the ideal way to enjoy a glass of Bordeaux or Chardonnay!

Elevate His Home Bar

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

A new place means a new start. That means he needs to finally go all-in on creating the home bar he has always dreamed of–no more excuses. This vintage globe bar cart is the first step toward his dream! Whether his new place already has a home bar or not, this gorgeous and functional piece of decor allows him to bring the party room to room with plenty of room for glassware, liquor bottles, mixers, and more!


Top-Tier Knife Set

Shun Knife Block Gift Set

Knives are often overlooked in every kitchen. When in fact, a new knife set is a fantastic housewarming gift for men. Most people simply use whatever knives they’ve had forever without knowing that a quality set is essentially the difference between night and day! This Shun knife block has everything a guy needs to feel like a top-tier chef in the kitchen and will be slicing through food like nothing thanks to the quality edge on each of these blades.

Take a Cut at the Best Housewarming Gift for Guys

Custom Cutting Board is a Housewarming Gift for Men

Pair this custom cutting board with the knife set above to make a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift for men. After all, you can’t be chopping up vegetables and quality cuts of meat without a cutting board. Better still, this butcher block can even double as a charcuterie board thanks to the gorgeous wood grain and engraving. So, make his kitchen as functional and good-looking as possible with this unique gift idea.

Personalized Decanter Set

Custom Decanter and Rocks Glass Housewarming Gift

Make every drink feel like a special occasion with these personalized decanter and rocks glass gift set. Every time he pours a drink from his custom glassware he’ll feel as dapper as Don Draper. This set comes with four glasses, which means if you include it on his move-in day, he can share a drink with you and his two buddies who helped him move into his new place!

Slip into These Awesome Housewarming Gifts

Luxury Slippers for Men

Some of the best housewarming gifts for guys will have him feeling like he is the king of his castle, and few things do that better than a luxurious pair of slippers. These are perfect for him to lounge around on cold days, or to slip on when he’s got to walk outside early in the morning to grab the paper or walk his dog. They may not know it yet, but this is a gift that every guy seriously needs!

A Unique Glencairn Gift Set

Personalized Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Set of Housewarming Gifts

Got a guy who has made a major change in his life who had to move? Then you’re in the right place if you’re searching for a luxurious housewarming gift to make him feel confident. A Glencairn set is a great way to say you’ve made it! He can celebrate his new apartment, condo, or house with you while the two of you taste some of the finest whiskeys around!

Cool Copper Wine Tumblers

Personalized Copper Wine Tumblers

Put a spin on your gift-giving when shopping for bachelor housewarming gift ideas with these unique tumblers. As you can see, they are coated in copper making them not just great for wine but also for Moscow Mules. Add in that they insulate wonderfully, and he can use the tumblers for cocktails too. For the bachelor who needs multifunctional items, these tumblers are a must!

An Iron-Clad Housewarming Gift for Men

Cast Iron Skillet

A proper cast iron skillet makes for a phenomenal practical housewarming gift for a guy. He can cook nearly any meal he wants in a single pan, he doesn’t need to wash it with soap, and the more he uses it, the better his food tastes. A quality cast iron is a seriously good housewarming gift for any guy.

Throw Him This Awesome Gift

Personalized Cornhole Set of Best Housewarming Gifts for Guys

One space people never think of when coming up with the best housewarming gifts for guys is his yard! This personalized cornhole gift set will have him out enjoying his property with friends, family, and his new neighbors too! There is nothing like bonding over a little competitive game of bags.

Funny Housewarming Gift for Guys

Funny Housewarming Gifts for Men are Shotgun Shell Coasters

Few housewarming gifts for men are going to be as memorable as these shotgun shell coasters. Every man will feel like a bit of a badass each time they set their drink down on these fun and cool coasters. Plus, these are not incredibly expensive but they hold a lot of sentiment, so if you are shopping on a budget, look no further!

A Custom Wine Box Set for Him

Custom Luxury Wine Glass Gift Box

Create a feeling of class and sophistication each time he goes to enjoy his favored Riesling or Merlot with a classy wine glass gift box. This is the perfect way for him to christen his new home. Even when all of his clothes and books are still in boxes, enjoying a glass of wine from this gorgeous box set will help make his new place feel like home.

Growler Box Set of the Best Housewarming Gifts for Guys

Engraved Beer Growler Box Set for Beer Lovers

Help him indulge in his passion, even more, when he moves with this custom beer growler box set. The growler is simply a must for any beer lover. Now he can easily bring his go-to brews home to enjoy, or if he is moving far enough, he can bring beer from home all the way to his new place, and still enjoy it! Add in the coasters with bottle openers as well as the custom pint glasses, and this is the ultimate beer gift for a housewarming party!

Project This Awesome Gift on Him

4K Projector Housewarming Gift for Man Cave

Have him skip getting the big screen tv and instead have his wall be the biggest screen he has ever imagined having with a 4K projector for his home. From movie nights to football to video games, he is going to be head over heels with how good his picture looks while also having a screen bigger than he could have ever imagined.

Map Out His Love for Beer

Beer Cap Map Housewarming Gift for Men

Some of the best housewarming gifts for guys are items that they can enjoy more and more as time goes on. This unique United States beer cap map is a piece of home decor that will be 100% his. No one else will have the exact same beer caps in the same areas as he will. You know he will have a good time filling the map in with his favorite craft beers. If he is a true beer connoisseur, he may even try to get beer caps from breweries in those areas of the country.

An Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Engraved Whiskey Label Decanter

Add a unique touch to his home with a custom decanter. This housewarming gift idea gives him the feeling of owning his own whiskey label thanks to the unique engraving. This subtle touch is the perfect way to make this decanter feel extraordinary. He will have it on his home bar or liquor counter, surrounded by his other liquor and bar accessories to highlight that this is his favorite piece! The unique decanter is also a way of making that home bar feel like he has truly added a personal touch to his favorite area of the house.


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