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Article: 17 Incredible Personalized Gift Boxes

17 Incredible Personalized Gift Boxes

17 Incredible Personalized Gift Boxes

What is better than getting a single gift? A whole set of gifts, of course! But what is still better than a gift set, one that has been personalized! With personalized gift boxes, you’re able to give unique gifts that deliver a whole experience and show the person you're giving too just how much you care! Better still is there are gift boxes for every occasion. So, whether you’re shopping for their birthday, anniversary, or something a little more niche, you can find the ultimate personalised gift box that suits your needs right here!

Luxury Gift Box for Whiskey Lovers

Decanter Personalised Gift Box Set

Make every drink feel as luxurious as drinking in the back of a limo or with Frank Sinatra when they get this custom black box and decanter gift set. Every piece of this set is simply gorgeous and you know they won’t want to ever put that decanter box in the box. Instead, they will display it full of their finest whiskey on your home bar or countertop. With the decanter on display, that means you get to use the keepsake for anything you want, from storing mementos to whiskey bottles you’re saving, the choice is yours!

Toughest Personalised Gift Box

Personalized Gift Boxes for Beer Lovers

Take your personalised gift box to the next level with this custom ammo can that has quite literally everything that any fan of beer could possibly want! With pint glasses, a bottle opener made from a bullet, and snacks, no matter what the occasion is, they’re sure to be set for one of the best nights ever! Just make sure to throw a six-pack in the fridge so they can get to using their new gift right away!

Monogrammed Gift Set for Cigar and Whiskey

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gift Box

Smoking a stogie and enjoying a good whiskey should always be relaxing. It should never be a constant series of juggling to figure out how to hold your cigar, whiskey, phone, or anything else. Instead of needing cigar holders, ashtrays, coasters, and anything else imaginable, this gift box set comes with a cigar glass that allows them to single-handedly enjoy their favorite things! Better still, the lighter, glass, and gorgeous black keepsake are all monogrammed to match, making it one of the coolest gift sets they’ve ever seen, let alone received!

A Custom Gift Set for the Memories

Personalized Shadow Box Gift Set

Use personalized gift boxes as the perfect way to keep their closest memories near and dear to them! This engraved shadow box and beer snifter set is a great way to keep things like beer caps, movie tickets, or photos as they create new awesome memories! Thanks to the shadow box, they can put these on display in their office, man cave, home bar, or anywhere where they get to see them daily.

A Fully Engraved Keepsake

Custom Wooden Keepsake

Speaking of collecting memories, if that last gift wasn’t big enough for the person you’re planning on getting a gift for, this unique wooden chest has plenty of room for them to put anything they want to keep for years inside. Plus, it even comes with a custom engraving on the bottom of the lid, greeting them with a special message each time they open the box.

Personalized Gift Boxes for Whiskey Lovers

Engraved Decanter Box Set

There is nothing like celebrating every occasion in life, no matter how large or small, with a toast! However, this year, your gift is going to add more to the toast than usual with a gorgeous decanter gift set! Now, instead of mismatched glasses, you can celebrate their anniversary, birthday, or the holidays in style with a personalised gift box that has not only four matching glasses but a decanter and box set with an engraving to match too!

Unique Wine Presentation Set

Personalised Gift Box for Wine Bottle

Do you want to know what is cool about a personalized gift box? It takes something ordinary and makes it an extra-special gift. Instead of simply gifting them a bottle of wine (you know they would love that anyway) this embossed gift set creates a gorgeous presentation as well as equipping them with all the tools they’ll ever need to properly enjoy a glass of wine to the fullest.

Engraved Decanter Box Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Don’t let them miss out on one of the biggest joys of enjoying whiskey and that is owning a whiskey decanter set. Whiskey gifts that come in personalized gift boxes not only show that you took time to get an epic gift but that they now have an awesome set to enjoy their favorite adult beverage from! With four glasses and a decanter, they’ll be sharing drinks with friends and family as they all become the whiskey aficionados they’ve always aspired to be!


Vintage Personalized Gift Boxes are Great Gifts

Personalized Gift Boxes for Vintage Clothing

Keep things unique by sending someone a gift box full of unique vintage clothing! Instead of gifts engraved with a name, you’ll be helping them craft their personal style instead! Talk about a unique gift box. They won’t just be enjoying their gift at home, no. With custom vintage clothing they can show off their personalized gift everywhere they go.

Sophisticated Wine Gift Set

Unique Wine Gift Box

Not everyone is into extravagant whiskey or beer gift sets, some prefer the sophistication of wine, and when they see this gift set, they’ll be glad they do! After all, who wouldn’t want to indulge in a little Merlot or Riesling when they see this gorgeous wine box set. Whether this set is for an anniversary, birthday, or something more special, make sure you’ve got wine on hand so they can toast to this amazing gift as soon as they can get the wine cork out!

An Awesome Humidor Gift Set

Cigar and Humidor Ammo Can Set

Want to give a gift box that is so unique that there is no way they knew something so cool even existed? Then you must check out this personalized ammo can humidor! Sure, they may have seen an ammo can gift set outside this blog before but never one that also doubles as a humidor to keep their stogies safe. However, that isn’t to mention that it has whiskey and cigar gifts too! Talk about the ultimate gift set for their vices!

Monogrammed Poker Set for Everyone

Monogrammed Poker Gift Box

Ensure that with your gift box that they can have a bit of fun whenever they like with a monogrammed poker gift set. Being the card shark at the table will never have been easier than when they’re sitting with a flush in one hand and both their cigar and whiskey in the other thanks to the matching glass that comes with the embossed gift set.

A Legendary Gift Box

Personalised Gift Box with Hatchet and Rocks Glasses

Need to find a gift for one of the toughest people you know? You can’t go wrong with this personalized gift box! With a hatchet and whiskey glasses, they’ll think you put this set together yourself to make one of the manliest gifts on the planet. Simply add a bottle of their go-to whiskey and you’ve got a gift that will bring a tear to the eye of even the manliest of men.

DIY Personalised Gift Box

DIY Gift Box

Craft a DIY gift box that can be as cheap or expensive as you like with this black box gift set! From handwritten cards to mugs to sweatshirts, you have a ton of options to fill inside one of these personalized gift boxes. With the choice of gifts, this is a great gift to send when you can’t be there in person for their big occasion!

Badass Pint Glass Gift Set

Pint Glass Ammo Can Gift Set

Show even the toughest person out there who thinks they don’t need no stinking gift box that there is a present waiting for them with this engraved ammo can gift set! Filled with beer supplies, cigar gifts, and even a survival knife, you can be sure they’ll use every part of this gift set; especially when they venture into the woods and reward their travels with an ice-cold pint!

Personalized Gift Boxes for Everything

Bourbon Snack Gift Box

Got a guy who needs something cool and unique? Check out this gift box with a little bit of everything! Cheese, cookies, snack mix, crackers, and bourbon, what more could he want? However, don’t miss out on the personalization this gift set has to offer; so make sure that you add a custom handwritten gift card (courtesy of the website) for one of the more unique takes on a personalised gift box!

The Coolest Keepsake Gift Box

Wooden Personalised Gift Box

Still haven’t found the personalized gift box you're after? Why not make your own with this keepsake box? After all, you know the giftee better than anyone. So instead of an assortment of gifts online, you can put together gifts that you know are unique to the person who needs this awesome gift!


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