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Article: 21 Handsome Glass Beer Mugs for All Beer Types

21 Handsome Glass Beer Mugs for All Beer Types

21 Handsome Glass Beer Mugs for All Beer Types

Unique Glass Beer Mugs That Make Your Beer Better

Beer mugs and steins are those awesome drinking glasses that everyone is familiar with but very few people know that much about. You probably love the classic way they look and that they bring beer to your mouth; so that is cool, but why do you want one? You want a glass beer mug because they are one of the best ways to drink beer. Custom beer mugs and steins turn a normal drink into something that feels like an occasion every time you pour beer into it! An added bonus to these pieces of glassware is they always look great on display too! Find the best beer mug or stein that suits you so you can get your beer on!

A Mountainous Glass Beer Mug

Large Personalized Beer Mug

Make yourself appear as the ultimate authority on all things beer with a mug so large that no one would ever dare to question your knowledge of hops and yeasts! This enormous glass beer mug is basically the lifted pick-up truck of glassware. Yeah, you could still drink just fine with a normal sized mug, but why would you when you could have the biggest and best mug there is? Holding up to a liter of your favorite pilsner, you are sure to never run dry with your own gigantic mug!

German Glass Beer Stein

Engraved Pewter Beer Stein

A timeless look and combination is the glass beer stein with a pewter lid. This glass has the classic styling the steins are known for. This style of glassware has been around for centuries and is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon. The beer stein has a wealthy history as the primary drinking vessel at Oktoberfest and is probably always going to be the only true glass for it. Even when it isn’t filled with a Spatan or Augustiner Hell, it will be a fantastic display piece in your home as well. Make this your next and only drinking glass! If it is good enough for the Germans, who are known for beer, it is definitely good enough for you!

A Mug Fit for a King

Engraved Glass Beer Mug

This mug is a classic, either one of your favorite beers is the Weihenstephan, which is one of the oldest beers in production or you are a huge fan classic mug design. To you, drinking out of a modern styled glass just feels wrong, you need something that will give you that old world feel. A glass beer mug that can give you that feeling and take you back to when kings ruled is this dimpled mug! The pewter crest on the mug combined with its classic appearance will make it look like it has been in your family for years. The classic look is gorgeous but with it being a modern replica, that means it is a fantastic glass to use each time you want a beer!

The Classic Glass Beer Mug

Custom Beer Mug

One of the most classic ways to enjoy a beer is in a mug. No matter who you are, drinking from a mug somehow makes you feel a little more badass. You feel like an outlaw, a biker, a Viking, or hell, even a knight! Make sure to get that feeling of badassness all the time by making your home drinkware all beer mugs! Fill it with a stout or even a good mead to keep that feeling going. With this mug, your house will soon become the kingdom of badassdom and you’ll always feel like the coolest person in the world while drinking from your own personalized beer mug!


Crystal Beer Mug

Crystal Beer Mug

A slightly different way to approach your new beer mug is to get one made from crystal. Getting a mug made from crystal will add a layer of refinement to your drinking experience. This lead-free mug will use the natural beauty of crystal in combination with your lager or ale to create a beautiful looking drink. The light will highlight the perfect amber tones of your best beer!

A Classic German Stein

Customized Pewter Lid Beer Stein

To make your glass beer stein drinking experience feel authentic, you’ll want it to be made by the right people. Well, look no further. This stein still has classic styling and is made by the best in the world! The stein is made from Italian glass while the lid is an authentic German made pewter lid! This customizable beer stein is perfect for the person who has to have the closest thing to the original stein as possible! And since it is not an antique stein, you’ll have the pleasure of being able to drink out of it every day!

Personalized Glass Beer Mug

Engraved Glass Beer Mug

At your next barbecue or get together be the talk of the party with your very own personalized beer mug! On a hot day top this glass off with your favorite flavor of Budweiser or Dos Equis and take a long refreshing drink. With this mug you won’t simply be another guy drinking, you’ll stand out as the dude with the awesome mug! Stand apart from the crowd by having the coolest custom glass beer mug at the party! Even if you happen to run into another beer mug drinker, there's no way their mug is going to be as cool as yours! British

British Beer Mug for Bitter BeerEngraved Crested British Beer Mug

Most glass beer mugs are thought to be purely German. However, in Europe, there is another great beer drinking country, Britain! The British beer mug is stouter but wider, giving it a large drinking mouth and huge surface to let your nose catch some of your beer’s aroma. Make this drinking experience a bit more British with a bitter or red ale beer! The classic styling along with the customizable engravable regal crest is perfect for those who love to have an authentic drinking experience with their beer!

Thumbs-Up Mug

Personalized Glass Thumb Hold Beer Mug

Some people who drink out of a mug care more about the fit in their hand than the classic styling; not that there's anything wrong with that. One of the most comfortable features to grace beer mugs within the last century is the small bump at the top which fits the thumb perfectly. Never worry about your handle slipping in your hand or having your hand get tired from drinking countless mugs of beer ever again! The simple thumb protrusion will keep this mug secured in your hand from your first drink of the night all the way to the last!

A Wild Mug

Wildlife Beer Mug

Beer mugs and steins are famous for their intricate designs and details. Make your next piece of glassware engraved with an intricate wildlife scene with a glass that is hand-blown, hand cut, and polished in Germany, with this exact beer mug! The explicit detail in the glass is of a wildlife scenes that cannot be replicated by a machine! This modern glass will feel as if you are drinking from a piece of history when you remember all of the classic techniques used to make it!

Biergarten Glass Beer Mugs

Personalized German Biergarten Glass Beer Mugs

Whether you are filling these beer mugs with your favorite German black beer or your local craft beer, you are sure to enjoy the dimpled finish of each of these glasses! This styling is done to replicate the famous German beer gardens where you are able to enjoy food, beer, music, and games all in one place. Embrace a bit of the German tradition with these modern classics! So, fill up your mugs and bottoms up to a great beer glass!

A Spooktacular Mug

Skull Mug

Get ahead in the glassware game with this uniquely styled glass beer mug which will be the spookiest addition to your glassware! Perfect for Halloween, bone lovers, or simply anyone who think skulls are cool! You’ll love your very own skull mug that holds a full 16 ounces of beer at a time! Just make sure to get a beer to match the decor; like a New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale or a Lost Abbey Witch’s Wit.

Oktoberfest Glass Beer Stein

Hofbräuhaus Glass Beer Mug

Show your love for all things German beer related with your own dimpled Hofbräuhaus beer mug! The badge on the mug is for the German royal brewery which has been using the same recipes since the Duke of Bavaria Wilhelm V in the 16th century! These mugs are also one of the most common pieces of glassware at Oktoberfest. So, if you couldn’t make it this year, get yourself a replica festival glass, fill it with your best beer, and celebrate Oktoberfest in your own way!

Ornate Gold-Rimmed Beer Mug

Engraved Gold Rimmed Mug

Feeling fancy while drinking? Show it! You love to add those little touches to everything in life that makes what you’re wearing or living in look just a bit nicer than what comes standard. You love a good set of cufflinks or maybe a nice set of earrings. Do the same with your beer mug! A gold rim is subtle but noticeable to those with astute eyes! They’ll see how much detail you put in your beer drinking and know you take this stuff as serious as your appearance!


Classic British Beer Mug

Personalized Dimpled Mug

Made in the classic British glass beer mug style, this dimpled mug is perfect for those who want to feel like they are experiencing an English pub! Make this mug a custom drinking experience too by engraving your name on it! The stouter glass may be shorter than the Germanic style, but it makes up for it by holding 20 ounces, you get an extra half-pint per glass with this mug than most common German ones!


Ornate Glass Beer Stein

Sometimes a simple glass beer stein just isn't enough. You need the end all of all steins, nothing can top the ornateness of the stein you want. To stand out. make sure you get a stein that has it all. The hand-blow style has a diamond cut pattern into the ram’s head which is made from pewter. To make sure each detail is right, each figurine is made by hand. Any beer you put in here is sure to taste all the better because of the amazing stein it rests in!

Non-Glass Mugs and Steins

Classic Ceramic Stein

Custom Ceramic Beer Tankard

When you want to keep your beer cold and have that classic Germanic beer styling you are in need of a mug like this! The ceramic will keep your beer colder far longer than a traditional glass mug. It also gives off a rustic rather than refined look to your drinking experience. This tankard is also a great conversation piece to have around the house too! Whether you are drinking from it or have it on a shelf with the rest of your glassware that is on display it is sure to strike a conversation!

Pewter with a Peephole

Engraved Glass Bottom Tankard

The glass bottom tankard is a mythical cup with an unsure past. This style of beer mug has been around for a long time and the pewter tankard is just gorgeous; however, no one is quite sure why the bottom ever became glass. It may have been from a person being hit in a bar fight while drinking, to avoid the King’s Shilling, or even to see the clarity of the beer. Either way, this unique styling makes for a fantastic mug that will allow you to see through your beer as you drink!

A Modern Day Heirloom

Ornate Pewter Beer Stein

The use of a pure pewter beer stein dates all the way back to the 18th century in Europe. They came in both simple and ornate fashions just like this one. Your next stein should be one that looks like it has been handcrafted and was passed down as a family heirloom for generations! This stein can fill that roll as it is fully engraved and made my high-quality pewter craftsmen.

Custom Ceramic Tankard

Engraved Ceramic Beer Stein

Taste a bit of the old-country with this traditional beer mug. This style of tankard is perfect to drink any beer out of. The wide mouth will help bring all the flavors to you while the ceramic material keeps everything at the perfect temperature. The classic styling gives this mug the authentic feel you have been looking for in your beer mugs! Fill it with a Berliner Kindl Weisse or Radeberger Pils to keep your classic German drinking experience going!

Celebratory Ceramic Mugs

Personalized Ceramic Beer Stein Set of 2

Raise this set of custom ceramic beer steins to your lips in celebration! “Celebration, for what” you may ask? Doesn't matter, when you have an awesome set of steins like these, you’ll find any reason to celebrate. A promotion or sealing the big business deal? Break out the steins. Someone’s wedding? Bring out the steins. Your kid lost a tooth? Celebrate with your awesome steins!


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