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Article: 27 Ingenious Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

27 Ingenious Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

27 Ingenious Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year that you get an excuse to truly spoil your man. However, he may not always want gifts for Valentine’s Day which can make getting him the perfect present a bit tricky, but that is why we are here! We’ve got the down-low on the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him that every guy wants. You’ll need to get him a gift that he will love at first sight, something he can use right away, that is practical, looks great, and might even be customized just for him. Does this sound like a truly difficult task? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got a truly amazing selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that he will absolutely adore. We’ve searched high and low to ensure these will be the most ingenious gifts he’ll have ever seen!

Personalized Box Set of Valentines Gift for Him

Engraved Whiskey Stone Gift Box with Glasses

To make your Valentine’s Day gift for him stand out, you will want to make sure that everything about the gift is unique. Fill a custom engraved gift box full of his favorite things, and he’ll be so surprised and happy when he opens it to find goodies, a set of glasses and whiskey stones! Now, he can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with his new favorite gifts and with his favorite girl!

A Beer Set He Will Love

Beer Tasting Set of Valentines Gift for Him

A gift by itself is one way to show your love but when you get him an entire box set, he’ll know you mean business this year! When he finds this box set full of personalized beer glasses inside his matching keepsake box, he will know that you have searched high and low for one of the most badass valentines gift for him that he will love. You may want to have the supply a six-pack of his favorite drink too, this way he gets to use his new gift right away!

Throw This Gift Idea Around

Personalized Cornhole Set

Give an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift for him this year with a gift set that combines both things guys love, games, and his favorite brand! Getting out and tossing bean bags onto a cornhole board customized to look like he’s got his own whiskey brand will be his favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day ever!

A Gift that Will Steal His Heart

Valentines Day Gift for Him is a Wine Tumbler Set

A classic tradition on a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day is to share a drink, and what better way for him to do that than with the sleekest tumblers he’s ever gotten? These tumblers will have him in awe with their matte black finish and because his initials are engraved on each glass. Whether his drink of choice will be a cocktail or a glass of wine, you can be sure he’ll be having it from one of these glasses from now on.

The Love of Nostalgia

NES Gaming System

Make him feel as nostalgic as possible with a gaming system that will be a blast from the past for most guys. A NES will have him sitting cross-legged in front of the television in no time. Make sure he is prepared with a few classic games, and you’ve given a Valentine’s Day gift for him that will last him thousands of hours!

His New Favorite Cocktail Set

Engraved Whiskey Stones and Old Fashioned Glass

Have cocktails become a simple but intimate experience for him with his new custom glass and his whiskey stone set for Valentine’s Day. This gift is the perfect way to show your love for it. It’s a gift he can use every day, and it even has his name on it! From now on, when the day or week is done and he wants to unwind from the stress of work or life in general, you can be sure it’ll be this glass set he uses, who knows, he might even give you a small toast for giving him this gift he gets to use for years to come!


He’ll Love His Lounge Sign

Personalized Cigar Lounge Sign

Ensure that the heat of your love is felt by getting a personalized sign that is ideal for your man on Valentine’s Day. Have him put his sign on display in his favorite area to enjoy a stogie and he’ll now have his own official cigar lounge; how many guys can say they have one of those? Now, whenever he wants a cigar, he can sit back and enjoy a stogie while he gazes up at his perfect gift!

This Sear’s Greatest Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Grill Tools are Great Valentines Day Gift for Him

Yeah, Valentine’s Day is in February which means it may be a little cold outside, but when he opens up his gift to find his new grill tools, you can be sure he’ll be plenty warm from the heat of the grill. A personalized set of grilling tools is the Valentine’s Day gift for him that he will never see coming and won’t be able to believe that he never thought to get something this cool before! However, be warned that he may want to cook a romantic at-home dinner on the grill once he opens his gift instead of going to the restaurant!

Humidor for Him

Custom Cigar Humidor

The only thing that he loves almost as much as you is his collection. Make sure to keep his second love safe with a humidor that will guarantee he can enjoy his favorite cigars, comics, art, or more for as long as he wants. The personalized ammo can humidor won’t just be the coolest way to protect his cigars or baseball cards, it’ll be the strongest. If this thing is meant to carry bullets for the military, you know it’ll have his collection covered no matter what happens! Talk about one of the most unique Valentine's gifts for men!

The Hottest Shaving Kit

Shaving Gift Set for Men

Shaving, it is one of those things that all guys have to do regularly. A great gift will make this chore way more pleasant which is exactly what this bundle does! Facial care products aside, this razor is heated! How much cooler can a shaving experience be than with a nice warm shave? He’ll absolutely love using this gift where each shave feels like a trip to the barbers.

A Smoke Show of a Gift

Smoke Box Set for Men

A Valentine’s Day gift for him should really have you thinking outside the box. Although this gift is the box itself, you can rest assured your guy will love it! This smoke box gives him endless possibilities for enhancing his favorite drinks with assorted flavors of smoke from different woods and herbs. He can try all sorts of different drink and flavor combinations. Your most awesome Valentine’s Day gift will keep him busy tasting for years to come!

Ingenious Wine Set for Him

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Box Set

Every guy needs a good wine set in their home; however, that doesn't mean it has to be a run-of-the-mill wine gift. Get a unique set of Valentines gift for him with this matching stemless box set! When he sees this personalized gift, you can be sure his old set of glassware is going to become really familiar with the back of the cupboard. Now, on romantic occasions such as Valentines Day or an anniversary, you know for a fact you’ll be seeing this glassware set!

The Sharpest Valentine’s Gift Set

Monogrammed Ammo Can Valentines Gift for Him

Create the ultimate gift basket for him with this ammo can gift set! This engraved ammo can is packed full of everything a guy could want: a hatchet, flask, and pint glass! There is no way he won’t absolutely love this custom gift set. You know he’ll be ready to put these Valentines gift for him to use right away, and use the ammo can for anything from taking bullets to the range to a keepsake for his favorite collection. However, if you want to take it to the next level, inside the ammo can you can add some more small goodies to turn this into a personalized box he’ll never forget!

Oh the Memories

Rustic Personalized Journal

Get creative with a personalized album for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift. He’ll love the rustic look of the wooden cover but he will also enjoy the contents. Fill the pages with pictures, notes, letters, cards, and anything else you can find that will take him down memory lane for Valentine's Day.

A Great Golf Gift

19th Hole Personalized Sign

Some of the best parts of golf are reflecting on the stories from the day’s round, which almost always happens at the bar. Well, instead of always going out, have his house become the famed nineteenth-hole where he and his buddies can shoot the bull and enjoy a brew. Golf is already his second love which would make this one of the most ingenious and fitting Valentine’s Day gift for him ever!


A Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Monogrammed Whiskey Tasting Set

A gift box filled with gifts to make him feel like a classy man or reflect back on simpler times is something that can never be beaten. This simple, yet sophisticated gift set is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him. Instead of crazy candies and chocolates, he’ll get to sit out with a great stogie while swirling his favorite bourbon. How cool is that? He can use his whole gift set at once to celebrate a fantastic holiday with you while also making it his ultimate sophisticated unwind kit!

Map Out His Beer Love

Beer Cap Maps are Valentines Gift for Him

Take a turn from the typical Valentine’s Day gifts with a piece of home decor he will get way more out of than just looking at. This beer cap map is the perfect interactive sign for his home. Depending on his beer habits, he can fill it with his favorite brand or take the time to get beer from craft breweries all across the United States and fill the map in accordingly.

The Ultimate Valentines Gift for Him

Beer Mug Box Set and Personalized Knife

Don’t make surviving Valentine’s Day a challenge this year, instead get him the ultimate gift box that he will never see coming. The engraved keepsake comes with all the Valentine's Day gift for him he could ever possibly want. He’s got a mug for drinking and a knife for all sorts of uses. This is a gift set that he’ll want to use all the time and he will always be talking about what a great gift he got this year for Valentine’s Day.

For the Pro on the Go

GoPro Camera

What guy doesn’t want or need a GoPro? They are sure to find plenty of uses for this awesome camera. From recording mountain bike runs to small home videos, he’ll love making and editing creative videos thanks to this powerhouse of a gift!

Legendary Drinking Gift

Whiskey Stone Set Valentines Day Gift for Him

Before your guy even gets to what is held inside his gift box, you’ll have made his day when he sees his name engraved on a box that talks about how awesome he is. This ego-boosting gift is the perfect way to get him something he will always want to have within arm’s reach. His new whiskey stone gift box set will always be on his end table or home bar, not just because he enjoys using it, but because he’ll love looking at this perfectly personalized Valentine’s Day gift for him.

The Best Hand in Gift Giving

Embossed Poker Set for Him

Guys may not be big on heart covered presents, but he’ll find joy when he sees the hearts and spades inside the card deck of this poker set. A game set is the perfect guy gift. He gets his own personalized poker set he can enjoy with the boys, or on date nights with you. He’ll be taking this set out any chance he gets. You can bet this is a gift he will love, and that is no gamble!

Show-Stopping Whiskey Stone Gift

Personalized Old Fashioned Glass and Whiskey Stone Set

Give him the absolutely most badass whiskey gift set to make him feel like the coolest guy around this Valentine’s Day. A fully engraved drinking set is exactly what he will want to have in his hands each time he is in need of having a sip of his favorite drink. Thanks to your gift and to the awesome looking onyx whiskey stones, he’ll always have a perfectly chilled drink.

A Gift from Meat to You

Meat Gift Box

Chocolates, flowers, and cards are things that may not ring true when looking for gifts for your guy—but meat—meat will always be a winner. Get him a box full of steaks as a gift for Valentine’s Day that he can’t help but love. Just don’t be surprised when he cancels your fancy dinner reservation and makes you steaks at home!

His Own Whiskey Label Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Label Decanter Set

Give your guy one of the most unique gifts for Valentine’s Day that will change his drinking experience for the rest of his life. This decanter set will have him feeling like a classy gentleman but it will go to a whole new level when he sees it is personalized to look like he is his own whiskey brand! With this gift, you’ve just given him the gift that he will want to drink out of for the rest of his life!

Steins are Stellar Valentines Gift for Him

Custom Beer Steins are Perfect Valentines Gift for Him

Still searching for an ingenious gift? Look no further than this custom beer stein! There is something about a stein that every man can’t help but love. It doesn’t matter if he uses it for the coolest piece of home decor or as the most unique drinking glass, no matter what he is going to love using this Valentines gift for him!

This Sounds Like a Great Gift Idea

Portable Bose Speaker

Enjoying music in style is important, so a portable stereo is a fantastic gift for any guy. Sure, he has his phone, but that only gets so loud and it never sounds as good as a full-blown stereo. These Bose speakers will blast crystal clear sound everywhere he goes: indoors, outdoors, no matter where he wants to take it, this speaker is the best way to listen to music!

A Cigar Valentines Gift for Him

Cigar Box and Cigar Case

Some men are really into cigars but just because they enjoy the occasional stogie does not mean they are as equipped as they should be. Prepare your man with these cigar gifts that he simply won’t be able to keep his hands off of. Now, with a cigar holder and box set, he’ll have a great place for his stogies and cigar accessories, all thanks to your awesome Valentine’s Day gift for him!


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