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Article: 17 Must-Have Groomsmen Glasses for Toasting the Groom

17 Must-Have Groomsmen Glasses for Toasting the Groom

17 Must-Have Groomsmen Glasses for Toasting the Groom

Make Your Toasts Memorable with Awesome and Unique Groomsmen Glasses!

Your groomsmen want to celebrate you to the fullest at your bachelor party and wedding, and the best way to do that is with a toast using the perfect glass. After all, it’s all about you and the bride during and leading up to your wedding, and your groomsmen are so happy for you! Help them celebrate you even better and also give them awesome gifts by getting them super cool groomsmen glasses! These glasses are one-of-a-kind glasses that are often personalized and absolutely perfect for toasting to you at the bachelor party, right before the ceremony, or during the reception. Still don’t know where to look for the ideal glasses? Wondering if you should get a single glass or a whole set of glasses for your badass groomsmen? Don't sweat it! We tracked down a fantastic groomsman glass collection that your closest friends will definitely love.

Monogrammed and Leather-Wrapped Glass

Leather-Wrapped Groomsman Glass

This monogrammed leather-wrapped glass is absolutely to die for! Your groomsmen will be obsessed with this unique groomsman glass because not only is it personalized for them, which will make them feel really cool, but it also has a really classy look to it they’ll love. The leather will ensure that they have a solid, tight grip on the glass filled to the brim with scotch or a Mai Tai as they do a toast to you at the bachelor party or wedding. Talk about a great groomsmen gift!

Personalized Glencairn Groomsmen Glasses

Personalized Glencairn Groomsmen Glasses

Make your groomsmen feel classier than ever before with these Glencairn glasses! These glasses are especially fantastic for whiskey because they’re especially designed to accentuate the notes in different whiskeys, which your groomsmen will think makes them feel more sophisticated than they ever have before. Not only are these glasses perfect for doing a toast to you, the groom, but they’ll definitely treasure them as a memento from your big day and use them for years to come.

Perfect Pint Glasses with Cigar Cutters

Groomsmen Pint Glass Sets

There’s nothing like enjoying a good old brewski with your buddies, and these personalized pint glasses are the perfect groomsmen glasses to use to do so! Each one is specially personalized for each member of your wedding party, which they’ll greatly appreciate. As a bonus, these glasses come with cigar cutters, so your friends can enjoy a beer and a cigar with you at your bachelor party!

Keep Your Closest Friends Caffeinated

Custom Coffee Mug for Groomsmen

While a bit of an unconventional glass for your groomsmen? Coffee mugs are fantastic groomsmen glasses and will be much-needed for your sleep-deprived groomsmen. This personalized coffee mug is perfect for your groomsmen on the morning after staying up super late at the bachelor party, or on the morning of the wedding so they can ensure they’re wide awake for your big day!

Single-Handedly the Best Whiskey Glass

Cigar Holding Groomsman Glass

Make your groomsmen feel like the classiest gentlemen of all time with this cigar groomsman glass! They’ll feel so fancy holding their drink and cigar in one hand. It allows them to give high-fives, hold cards, or throw a dart with the other hand. Seeing their name on this unique groomsmen gift will make them feel incredibly special, and they'll definitely treasure this glass forever.

Unbreakable Glasses

Custom Stainless Steel Tumbler Set of Two

Bachelor parties can get a little rowdy, so a glass that won’t break easy is a must. A stainless steel glass will put your mind at ease! Your groomsmen will really appreciate such one-of-a-kind glasses that not only are incredibly sturdy but also keep their chilled beverages cold for hours. They’ll really like these customized, stainless steel groomsmen glasses that are perfect for partying hard at the bachelor party.

Multicolor Glasses

Light Up Tumbler Glasses

Stun your groomsmen with these incredibly unique light up drinking glasses! They’ll be absolutely obsessed with these fun glasses that will shine bright when they’re partying it up at the bachelor party or getting their groove on on the dance floor at the wedding. With eight color settings to pick from, they’ll have a blast changing up the color of their glass whenever they want.

Biggest Beer Mug Ever

Etched Colossal Beer Mug

A groomsman glass that holds an entire liter of beer? Say no more! This etched colossal beer mug will absolutely make their entire month when you give it to your groomsmen! They’ll be crazy about how big it is and how much beer it can hold, and it’ll make the bachelor party or wedding reception even more fun when they’re all using them to enjoy a whole lot of brewski.


Keep Their Drink Chilled

Whiskey Groomsman Glass with Whiskey Spheres

It’s always a bummer when your drink gets watered down with ice. Make sure that doesn’t happen to your groomsmen with this rocks glass with whiskey spheres! These unique spheres will ensure that your groomsmen’s drinks stay chilled until the last drop in these handsome personalized glasses as they’re partying it up at the bachelor party or enjoying dancing and mingling at the reception.

Groomsmen Glasses for Taking Shots

Personalized Shot Glasses

When it’s party time, there’s no glass your groomsmen will appreciate more than these Jager bomb shot glasses! With these ingenious glasses, your groomsmen can enjoy their shot and chaser with one fell swoop in one glass. They’re absolutely essential when your groomsmen are taking shots in your honor at your bachelor party or even right before they all walk down the aisle for some liquid courage!

Set of Five Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Set of Five Rocks Glasses

Make getting a glass for all of your groomsmen super easy with this set of five whiskey glasses! They’ll really appreciate that each one is engraved just for them, especially in the special whiskey design to really showcase their love for whiskey. They’ll have a blast raising their matching glasses to you at your bachelor party and then again at the wedding reception. These glasses also make terrific mementos from your wedding for your groomsmen.

Coolest Cocktail Glass

Custom Gin and Tonic Glass for Groomsmen

Help your groomsmen enjoy a cocktail from the most stunning groomsman glass ever! This custom gin and tonic glass is absolutely stunning. Your groomsmen will love seeing every bubble and color of your drink while looking at this glass, making the vodka soda, white wine spritzer, or any other cocktail look incredibly awesome. It’ll be their honor to raise these glasses up to you at your bachelor party or wedding!

Groomsman Glass with Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

Your groomsmen will be obsessed with this personalized glass set because not only it is etched just for them, but it includes a set of uniquely-shaped whiskey stones! Thanks to this awesome groomsmen gift, no matter how long they are playing video games, out on the dance floor, or otherwise occupied, they'll never need to worry about their drink getting diluted from ice melting. They’ll be so thankful for this glass and whiskey stone set that they’ll use not only at your wedding but for years to come!

Can or Glass?

Beer Can Shaped Groomsmen Glasses

Your groomsmen will be absolutely obsessed with these unique groomsmen glasses! They’ll think it’s a lot of fun to pour a can of Michelob Ultra or Corona Extra into these can-shaped glasses that make it feel like they’re still drinking out of a super-classy beer can. They’ll love raising their “cans” in the air to do a toast to you!

Rolling Glasses for Your Groomsmen

Rolling Whiskey Glasses

As they’re dancing in the club for your bachelor party or on the dance floor at the wedding, their glasses will be dancing on the table! These rolling whiskey glasses are incredibly unique in that the base isn’t flat, so they roll around when they’re on flat surfaces. Not only is that really cool, but it aerates their drink as it rolls around! Your closest friends will get a big kick out of these one-of-a-kind glasses and have so much fun enjoying beverages from them.

A Classic, Hefty Beer Mug

Customized Beer Mug for Groomsman

The classiest of groomsmen deserve the classiest of groomsmen glasses. While a beer mug is a classic gift, it is absolutely perfect as a groomsmen gift since you have had it customized for each member of your wedding party. Your groomsmen will love hanging out with you at your bachelor party, drinking beer and watching the game or playing a game of pool. They’ll greatly enjoy clanging these hefty mugs together, doing a toast to you and how awesome you are.

A Groomsman Glass for Whiskey and Cigars

Round Cigar Groomsman Glass

Get them a personalized, modern-looking cigar glass that they’ll be obsessed with because of how convenient they make enjoying their favorite things! They’ll really enjoy sipping whiskey and smoking a cigar using one hand so their other hand is free to give you a thumbs-up or pat on the back. They’ll love raising these super unique glasses high in the sky to do a toast to you at the bachelor party, before the ceremony, or at the reception.


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