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Article: 19 Luxurious Cigar Gift Sets

19 Luxurious Cigar Gift Sets

Best cigar gift sets

Finding the right gifts for cigar lovers can be challenging, whether they’re just starting out or their cigar aficionados. Thankfully, a luxury cigar gift set that’s tailored to where they’re at in their cigar-smoking journey is easily found, if you look in the right places. That’s exactly what we’ve done in this piece; provided you with a detailed walkthrough of the best cigar gift sets he’ll absolutely love.

Whether you’re looking for luxury cigar gift sets or something simple, yet personalized, our list will help. Enhance his smoking experience the right way by getting him one of these amazing gifts that’ll certainly be something he’ll never forget.

Luxury Cigar Gift Sets: Cigar Accessories, Humidors, and More!

Men smoking cigars in suits

1. The All-Encompassing Cigar Gift Set

Cigar Case and Whiskey Set
Whiskey stones in cigar gift set box

Enhance your friend’s cigar game with this whiskey and cigar set that will make any cigar aficionado giddy with excitement. This cigar gift set combines the two hobbies of cigars and whiskey to create a perfect gift set. The lucky owner of this amazing set can use the beautiful personalized cigar box to store cigars or anything else they may choose. The matching personalized whiskey glass and whiskey stones are necessary for enjoying their whiskey with their cigars, which can be stored in this cigar holder and cut with the stainless steel cigar cutter.

2. The Executive Luxury Cigar Gift Set Basket

Cigar gift set basket

If you’re looking to spend some money on an all-around great cigar gift set, go with a gift basket. This cigar gift basket not only comes with cigars, but also some whiskey, a flask, chocolate, and other cigar accessories. Treat him like an executive who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. A touch of luxury goes a long way when it comes to giving gifts, and this set will most certainly do the trick.

Man lighting cigar wearing suit

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3. Black Diamond Engraved Cocktail Smoker Kit

Cocktail smoker gift set for cigar and whiskey lovers
Torching whiskey drink with flame

Elevate your home bar with the black diamond engraved cocktail smoker kit. This sleek kit adds a rich, smoky flavor to your cocktails, complete with a smoker, wood chips, and a torch. It's not your typical luxury cigar gift set, but it brings a similar sophistication to your drinks. Perfect for creating smoky whiskey sours or negronis, this kit makes every sip an unforgettable experience.

4. One-of-a-kind Santiago Wood Cigar Box Set

Santiago wood cigar gift set

A luxury cigar gift set that serves as a centerpiece to his cigar-smoking experience can enhance each smoking session. This personalized wood cigar box is perfect for your cigar lover since it’s not just a container, but a tribute to them. Made from Santiago wood, this handcrafted cigar box speaks volumes about quality, craftsmanship, and taste. Help your cigar lover protect his favorite cigars and preserve their flavor with this stunning, handmade cigar box.

5. Ammo Can Filled With Cigar Accessories

Ammo Can Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

For some men, few things say luxury more than a legitimate, repurposed ammo can. This ammo can gift set is a perfect gift for cigar lovers because it contains the essentials: a lighter, cigar cutter, and two lowball whiskey glasses. The glasses are great for him to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey with his favorite cigar, which is a great way to relax after a long, hard day. This set makes a fantastic gift for a cigar lover because it has all the essentials for enjoying whiskey and cigars to the full.

6. Fancy Matte Black Flame Lighter

Black Cigar Accessory Set

Some people are fancy, and fancy people need fancy cigar sets. This luxury cigar gift set includes a jet flame lighter for easier lighting. As well as a tactical pen that has an integrated pen and striker as well as a butane lighter bleeder tool. Both items are coated in a handsome matte black color, making this set very attractive and fancy, perfect for any cigar lover.

7. Game Night Gift for Cigar Lovers

Poker Set Gift for Cigar Lovers
Cigar glass containing whiskey

Nothing’s better than a game night with your friends, especially if you are all enjoying your favorite cigars. With this personalized poker chip gift set, you can have fun with one of your favorite card games while enjoying cigars and whiskey, making game night better than it ever has been before! The awesome cigar glass makes it easy for you to enjoy your cigar and whiskey while playing games at the same time! With all the essentials included, you and your friends will have hours upon hours of fun playing poker and other card games, making memories that will last a lifetime, thanks to this awesome set of gifts for cigar lovers.


8. Personalized Cedar Cigar Humidor With Hygrometer

Cigar gift set with humidor, stand, cutter, and lighter

If you really want to impress the cigar aficionado in your life and offer him a gift he’ll use for a lifetime, consider getting him a personalized cedar cigar humidor. Along with the cigar humidor, he’ll get a cigar stand, refillable lighter, and cigar cutter. He’ll have everything he needs to keep his cigars in good condition before he opens his humidor to enjoy a celebratory cigar. With this luxury cigar gift set, you’ll ensure each one of his cigars is fresh and full of flavor. Trust me, he’ll notice.

9. Classy Personalized Set for Cigars and Whiskey

Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set
Men drinking and smoking cigars

Some cigar lovers can’t fully enjoy their cigars without a glass of their favorite whiskey. Help your husband enjoy cigars to the max with this gift set. The cigar glass in this luxury cigar gift set makes it very easy to enjoy both whiskey and cigars simultaneously. Toss the chilled whiskey stones into his new glass, and his favorite whiskey will stay ice cold until the last drop. He’ll be incredibly grateful when he sees this amazing cigar gift you bought him.

10. A Proper Resting Place for His Cigars

Marble cigar ashtray gift with cigar

A one-of-a-kind luxury cigar gift set for him starts with a true gift just for him. This black marble cigar ashtray is the perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life. Not only is this a standout piece that exudes style, but it’s extremely durable as it’s made of pure, high-quality black marble. This cigar ashtray fits well in any surrounding, so you can feel confident that it’ll find a nice home wherever he smokes his cigars. The ashtray also comes with other cigar accessories, rounding out the reasons why it’s one of the best cigar gift sets you can buy.

11. Personalized 50 Cal Cigar Box and Beer Gift Set

Beer and luxury cigar gift set

Introducing the personalized luxury cigar gift set, the perfect combination of two pleasures in life. This cigar and beer gift set includes a durable beer mug, a cigar cutter, and a holder, all customizable. It's the ideal gift set for any cigar aficionado, creating a luxurious and personal experience. Perfect for unwinding or celebrating special moments, this set brings sophistication right to your fingertips.

12. The Ultimate Customizable Cigar Flask

Engraved cigar flask with two cigars

A fantastic luxury cigar gift set is one that’s not just for smoking his stogies, but that’s also functional across his other interests. This stainless steel cigar flask is right up his alley if he happens to be a cigar aficionado who enjoys a sip of liquor with his smoke. It’s not only a personalized cigar gift, but it’s extremely practical since it’s made of stainless steel and it’s quite compact. He can fit two whole cigars in his flask while also fitting 4 ounces of his favorite liquor. A fantastic personalized cigar gift set that he’ll absolutely love.

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13. Can’t Go Wrong With a Whiskey Decanter

Cigar Glasses and Decanter Cigar Gift Set

Whiskey decanters are all the rage, especially for big cigar fans. This set of two cigar glasses and a stunning crystal whiskey decanter is a fantastic gift for cigar lovers. These square cigar glasses have a built-in indentation where a cigar fits snugly. This makes it easy for the person who owns this set to hold their glass and cigar together in one hand, so the other hand will be free. Many cigar and whiskey fans enjoy using decanters to oxidize the whiskey, so this decanter is a great addition to this set. Any fan of whiskey, cigars, and convenience would love this gift set.

14. Custom Portable Cigar Stand

Portable cigar stand with cigar
Portable cigar stand in breast pocket

Sometimes you know exactly what he wants when it comes to his cigars, and this portable cigar stand might be just the thing he needs and wants. Simple and stylish, this cigar stand is easy to move around and it’s made from high-quality acrylic, so it’s built to last. With a touch of personalization, it’ll be 100% certain whose cigar this stand holds. This is absolutely perfect for the cigar lover in your life who’s on the go and can slip it in with his daily items.

15. Custom Cigar Travel Case for Cigar Lovers

Cigar travel case with four cigars and cutter

Perfect for the cigar aficionado, this custom cigar travel case with cigar cutter stands out in luxury cigar gift sets. Made from high-quality leather, it's both stylish and durable, holding several cigars securely. The included cigar cutter offers precision, enhancing the smoking experience. Personalize it for a touch of class, making it a memorable gift for any occasion. Ideal for travel or daily use, it's a blend of elegance and practicality.

16. Whiskey Decanter and Cigar Glasses To Share

Whiskey and Cigar Set Gift for Cigar Lovers

Few things in life bring more joy than relaxing with a nice glass of whiskey and your favorite cigar with a good friend. It’s an even more enjoyable experience if you can pour your friend a glass of whiskey from your stunning matching decanter. This personalized decanter set contains two square cigar glasses that have a spot for your cigars, so you don’t have to use two hands. Along with the decanter is a big brown wooden box, perfect for storing several cigars or anything else you want to store.

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17. His Cigar Lounge Is Now Official

Personalized cigar lounge sign
Man in cigar lounge with whiskey

Whether he’s got a man cave or he’s got a chill zone in the garage, he’s got to have his space to smoke cigars. With this cigar lounge wall sign, no one will be mistaken for where he sits back and lights up his stogies. This sign not only sets the tone for his space, but it’s very versatile as a gift for any occasion for him. This is one of those luxury cigar gift sets he’ll cherish for years because wherever he lives, he’ll always find his nook where he can hang his sign.

18. Good Humidity Keeps Good Cigars

Travel cigar humidor with handle and latches

For the cigar pro in your life, a top-of-the-line cigar gift is most likely what you’re looking for. With this travel cigar humidor, you’ll not only be giving your cigar lover a useful gift, but one that’s both impressive and thoughtful. Built with an airtight and watertight case, he’ll be able to keep the exact humidity levels his cigars will be exposed to perfectly. This means his cigars will be fresh and preserved for the moment he’s ready to enjoy them. Easily one of the best cigar gift sets for cigar lovers.

19. Everything He Needs in a Cigar Gift Set

Custom engraved ashtray cigar gift set
Cigar gift set engraved wood ashtray

One way to ensure he’ll love his luxury cigar gift set is to have it include everything he’ll need to sit back and relax. This engraved cigar ashtray set is a perfect gift for a cigar lover looking to do just that. Not only is it highly personalizable with the cigar ashtray, cigar holder, and whiskey glass, but it also includes a durable cigar cutter refillable lighter. With this luxury cigar gift set, he’ll be able to have any spot in the house as his cigar getaway.

Gifts for Cigar Lovers FAQ

What should I look for in a gift for cigar lovers?

You want to always prioritize quality and functionality with whatever you get for him. Personalization also goes a long way, as it shows your thoughtfulness and increases his connection with you and the item. Also, consider what he already has in his cigar repertoire and find something to complement it.

Should I get a cigar gift set for someone who’s new to cigars?

Absolutely! This is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart his love for cigars. An all-around cigar gift set that includes a cigar ashtray, cigar stand, cigar cutter, and refillable lighter will always win in this scenario. If you want to go the extra mile, also consider getting him a cigar humidor.

How much should I spend on a cigar gift set?

A cigar gift set is a special gift for him, so you don’t want to go too cheap. Somewhere between $50 and $200 is probably good, depending on how well you know the cigar lover as well as the occasion. Thankfully, there are plenty of items that fall within that range that are high-quality and tasteful.


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