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Article: 21 Great Gifts for Guy Friends [Birthdays and More!]

21 Great Gifts for Guy Friends [Birthdays and More!]

Great gifts for guy friends

It’s not always easy to find gifts for guy friends. You obviously don’t want it to be romantic and you definitely want to keep it light and fun. Whether you’re looking for a great gift for your male friend for his birthday, for Christmas, or for anything else, you want him to know you appreciate him. Practicality, cool factor, and thoughtfulness all play a role in what you choose.

If this is something you’re having trouble with, no worries. We got you. We’ve curated a list of awesome gifts for guy friends that any of your buddies would enjoy and some are pretty unique gifts for men. Let’s go ahead and take a look at them now.

Great Gifts for Guy Friends: Birthdays, Holidays, and More!

Man holding gifts

1. Fine Time for Him to Have a Stein

Engraved Beer Stein

Your eyes aren’t fooling you, this truly is one of the coolest gifts for guy friends that you could’ve hoped to find. You’ve known your best bud for years, and you know a personalized beer stein is going to be one of the best gifts he could hope to ever get. From the beer aficionado to the guy who simply wants to feel like a king of old, this gift is perfect! It's the ideal gift for guys when they’re not drinking from it too. Whether he has some sweet home decor or bare-white walls, steins make great pieces of decor that any guest can’t help but talk about. You can be sure this will be up on his mantle or shelf for every time it isn’t in his hand for a drink!

2. A Gift for Guy Friends With Style and Sophistication

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Box Set of Gifts for Male Friends
Inside of personalized whiskey and cigar box set

If there is one thing that you can be sure your guy friends will love, it’ll be a custom gift box full of awesome cigar and whiskey gifts. Perfect for them to embrace their inner gentleman, this box set will have them feeling as dapper and sophisticated as a man can while he enjoys a whiskey on the rocks paired with the perfect stogie. Great for special occasions or just because, you can truly give your friend this gift idea at any time and he will surely love it!

3. Keep It Fun With Custom Face Socks

Custom face socks

The best gifts for guy friends are gifts that are simply fun. These custom face socks are an easy win and will definitely crack a smile on his face. They’re made of high-quality materials that are built to last, and you can even put up to three different faces on the socks. Simply upload your photos, choose your buddy’s favorite color, select his size, and you’re in business.

4. Get Your Cornhole On

Cornhole board on a lawn with bean bags

Since 1883, people have been playing a version of Cornhole, and it’s made a huge comeback in recent years. This custom cornhole board with bags is a perfect gift for guy friends who love some good bean bag toss action in their backyard. It’s perfect for all ages and it’s made from 100% American birchwood. This gift is built to last and is a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space.

5. Cool Whiskey Gifts for Guy Friends

Personalized Whiskey Stone and Glass Gift Set

Your male friend is a man who enjoys fine whiskey, but also likes to try new kinds. Make sure he has the proper tools for a whiskey tasting with this whiskey stone gift set! The two of you can sample any blend of scotch or bourbon without disturbing the flavor thanks to the chilling stones. Once your buddy tries out this set, he’ll never want to have whiskey on the rocks any other way! This must-have whiskey set is one of the most useful gifts for male friends who enjoy whiskey.

6. A Groomy Gift for Male Friends

Beard care kit

Bears have been in for a while, and there’s a good chance your guy friend’s got some facial hair. That’s good for you because this beard care gift set is one of the best gifts for guy friends with some whiskers. It comes with all the essentials: beard balm, bead shampoo, beard oil, a beard brush, and a straight razor. Keep your bearded buddy looking crisp with this unforgettable and highly practical gift set.

7. Whiskey Decanter Gift for Him

Engraved Liquor Decanter
Pouring whiskey into glass

One thing every guy needs in his life is a decanter! By giving your guy friend a custom liquor decanter, his home bar or office will instantly be classier. Decanters also keep liquor fresher and help aerate it to enhance the flavors more efficiently than their original containers do, so you’re also giving the gift of the perfect drink. Whether he’s into whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, or even tequila, his spirit of choice will look and taste amazing thanks to this whiskey decanter!

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8. 30 Cal Ammo Can Gift for Male Friends

30 cal ammo can gift set

It’s amazing what you can do with military-grade ammo canisters. With this 30 cal ammo can gift set, your best bud’s going to have a cozy place for his favorite vices. This is an epic gift idea for guy friends because it not only has a touch of personalization, but it also has something we’re always looking for when hanging with the buds: a bit of smoke and drink. And it’s durable, so it’s going to last him a long time. No doubt, this is one of the top gifts for male friends.

9. Personalized Tactical Survival Knife

Survival knife

This personalized tactical survival knife is a perfect fusion of functionality and personalized touch. This isn't just any knife; it's a versatile tool designed for a range of practical uses, from everyday tasks to outdoor adventures. The option to personalize it with a name or message makes it a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who appreciates practicality combined with a personal flair. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability in various conditions, while the sleek design adds to its appeal.

10. Get Him a Chill Personalized Whiskey Gift

Whiskey glass with perfect sphere whiskey rock
Two perfect sphere whiskey rocks

Get the coolest gift for your male friends with this custom whiskey glass that comes with cooling spheres. Now, while they chill their drink, they can feel like a fancy aristocrat or a daring Bond villain, the choice is theirs! However, with their name on the glass and the usefulness of their gift, you can be sure they’ll remember this gift for years!

Three men drinking whiskey

11. Legendary Ammo Can With All the Fixins

Engraved Pint Glass Ammo Can for Guy Friends

Gift ideas for guy friends need to fit their personality, and when you have a legendary guy friend, few things are better than this engraved ammo can beer set that quite literally calls him a legend! Great for outdoorsmen and beer lovers alike, this is the manliest gift he’ll probably ever get. Whether he needs a beer, a cigar, a knife, or something to store his ammo in, this gift set has him covered!

12. The Ultimate Whiskey Gift for Guy Friends

Personalized Whiskey Label Set of Gifts for Guy Friends

Give the ultimate set of gift ideas for guy friends with this personalized whiskey decanter and sign gift set. Talk about one hell of a gift! Every man would love these gifts all at once, and that is even without the personalization. He’ll know for sure that you are his best friend when he sees that this set has also been personalized for him in the style of his go-to whiskey brand. Perfect for decorating a home bar or man cave, he’ll raise a glass in cheers to you as soon as he fills up his custom decanter.


13. Personalized Wine Decanter Set With Glasses

Wine decanter set

We’ve all got a friend who’s a total wine-head. What better gift to get him than a personalized wine decanter set so he can keep his favorite wine properly aerated and ready to be enjoyed optimally. Like most decanters, the material is glass. But what sets this wine decanter set apart is the thickness of the glass, adding to its long-term durability. Your wine-drinking buddy will absolutely love this as a gift.

14. Bite the Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Bullet Whiskey Stone and Rocks Glass Set of Gift Ideas for Guy Friends

Take your best shot at getting great gift ideas for guy friends with this custom bullet whiskey stone gift set. He’ll be thrilled that you embraced his love of action movies or firearms. Just don’t be shocked when he fakes catching a bullet with his teeth with this gift set. Plus, this whiskey set also comes with two glasses, meaning the two of you can enjoy a perfectly chilled drink as you re-watch John Wick.

Man with a gift

15. Collecting Beer Caps the Cool Way

A Gift for Guy Friends is a Bottle Cap Map Shaped Like Home

As we grow older, friends often separate and lose touch. You and your best bud live in different states now after growing up together, and you’re looking for a nice gift for him. How about something that reminds him of home? Guys don’t want something cheesy like a Homesick candle, but a bottle cap collector sign shaped like their home state is perfect! Your friend will love having a unique piece of decor on his wall where he can show off his pride for his home state as well as his taste in beer. Depending on the liquor laws in both yours and his states, you could even send him a couple of local brews to help him get started on the map! This sign makes a fantastic gift for his birthday, Christmas, or even graduation.

16. Custom Growlers are Great Gift Ideas for Guy Friends

Engraved Beer Growler Box Set for Guys
Pouring beer into pint glass

Bring out the big guns in your search for the perfect guy gift with this personalized beer growler box set. This set feels like it has everything that a beer-lover could ever need (save a six-pack or growler full of beer, which you could easily add). Perfect for the guy who is into craft beers more than anything else in life, he’ll be thrilled at the fact that he can easily enjoy a couple of brewskis in style from the comfort of his home, or thanks to the growler, nearly anywhere on the planet!

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17. The Best Gift for Guy Friends Who Love to Gamble

Custom poker set

Keeping your eye on the flop when playing Texas Hold ‘Em is riveting for all poker players. With this personalized poker set, your buddy can experience each turn of the card as a unique event he’ll never forget. With two decks of cards, five dice, and enough poker chips to last an evening, your guy friend will have a blast. If your friend loves to play cards, this is absolutely the gift for him.


18. Now He Won’t Have to Look for a Bottle Opener Ever Again

Monogrammed Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

You enjoy going over to your friend’s house for a couple of beers, but he always has to rummage around the kitchen and bar area for a bottle opener. Why not surprise him with a handy wall-mounted bottle opener that he can’t possibly lose? He’ll love that you solved his problem for him, and now you both can get up for another beer and return before the next attack comes on your video game!

Men cheers with beer bottles

19. Slick Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray ban aviator sunglasses

These Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses represent a timeless blend of style and function. These iconic sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement; they offer superior protection and visual clarity. The classic aviator design exudes a sense of cool, retro style, making them suitable for a wide range of personal styles and occasions. The lenses are crafted to provide excellent UV protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful rays. Their durable frame ensures longevity, making them a reliable accessory for both daily wear and special occasions. Perfect for anyone who values a classic look coupled with modern eye protection technology.

20. The Best Flask Gift for Guy Friends

Oakhill flask set with shot glasses
Oakhill flask set box top view

This gift for your guy friend whispers one simple word: style. By gifting your guy friend with this engraved flask set with shot glasses, you’re giving him numerous experiences he’ll remember every time he opens it up. Add that up with the flask and shot glasses being made of 100% stainless steel and cherry wood keepsake box, you’ve got a gift that’ll last a very long time. Lots of amazing memories to be made here.

21. Badass Mug Set Your Guy Friend Will Love

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Keep his glasses and belly full of his favorite beer with these engraved beer mugs. This box set is the perfect set of gifts for guy friends. After all, every man loves an ice-cold beer at the end of the day, and what better way to enjoy a brewski than with his best friend out of a set of matching mugs? And yeah, that is right, this set comes with two mugs, so you know the two of you will put these on their maiden voyage together the day he opens this epic beer gift set for guys!

Gifts for Male Friends FAQ

What can I gift my guy friend?

When you’re searching for gifts for guy friends, truly anything can work as a gift. It all boils down to what your guy friend likes. Is he a big outdoorsman? Does he like sports? Is he into video games? Once you figure out what his passions and hobbies are, try to find something that supports those interests. When a gift makes his hobbies better or more enjoyable, he will use and appreciate your gift more than you could ever know.

Is a single gift enough for my guy friend or do I need more?

For most guys, one gift is enough. However, it doesn’t hurt to think about what else he might like apart from what you originally had in mind. Consider getting him one gift that’s practical and another gift that’s flat out fun.

What’s the difference between normal and birthday gifts for male friends?

The main difference between a normal gift, like for graduation, a holiday, or a special occasion, versus a birthday gift for guy friends is birthday gifts are when you go all out. Other occasions can come with gifts that are thematically related while birthday gifts are very personal and close to their heart. Definitely more thought is required.

What should I gift to my guy crush?

Any of the awesome ideas above are perfect for your guy crush! Men love unique and manly gifts and there isn’t an item here that doesn’t fit that category. Find the one that you believe suits him best and it’ll be the best surprise gift he’s ever gotten.


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