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Article: 27 Best Gifts for Police Officers

27 Best Gifts for Police Officers

Best gifts for police officers

Law enforcement is a demanding career. This makes finding the best gifts for police officers that much more difficult since you want something that they'll truly appreciate. Police officer gifts should express your recognition of the bravery and commitment that make every single day. To protect and serve is no small feat, and your gift should recognize that.

Whether they're graduating from the police academy, progressing through their career, or about to retire, we've got the police gifts for them. From practical tools they can use on the job to personalized keepsakes that honor their service, our list of the best gifts for police officers is sure to resonate with the police officer in your life.

Best Gifts for Police Officers: Graduation, Retirement, and More!

Law enforcement officer in front of squad car

1. 50 Cal Bullet Bottles Openers for Your Buds

Personalized Bullet Bottle Opener Police Gift Set
Opening bottle with bullet bottle opener

Looking for multiple gifts to give to the cops in your life? Look no further than these badass .50 caliber bullet bottle openers. Seriously, these are made from real bullets! How cool is that? Aside from having their name engraved on the side of the shell, you know for a fact this will be one of the coolest gifts that the whole squad can use to crack open a cold one at home or even to pop open a bottle of cola at the office too!

2. Personalized Police Badge Ammo Box

Police officer ammo can

A great way to measure the quality of a gift is how much of a conversation starter it is. With this police badge ammunition box, the police officer in your life will have that in spades. This ammo box is an authentic military surplus box. It even carries the original government stamp and it comes with the original bullet measurements and lot numbers. Large enough to hold a decent amount of anything. Get his name, badge number, and precinct engraved, and you’ve got a winning gift.

3. Hidden Badge Wallet For Undercover Moments

Hidden Badge Wallet with police badge inside

Everyone needs a wallet to hold their money and ID, but police officers especially need them to hold their badge. This bifold wallet has plenty of space for cash, cards, and a slot for his police badge with a cover to keep it hidden while undercover and protected from wear. Made from genuine leather, this simple but incredibly useful gift for police officers is something they will definitely need and greatly appreciate. Undercover gear makes the best gifts for police officers who are detectives or secret operatives.

4. The Perfect Whiskey Gift Set for Police Officers

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Police Gift
Pouring whiskey into police badge whiskey glass

Fill the officer in your life with joy with these police gifts they’ll want to fill just as quickly when you get them a personalized decanter set that has their name and badge number engraved right into it! This is the perfect gift that lets them celebrate milestone occasions in their career or even enjoy a relaxing night in. A cocktail or neat glass of whiskey from this police gift set is a great way to celebrate catching a baddy or even as a way to relax and put their feet up after a day of hard work. In fact, they’ll love this set so much, they’ll make you stop in the name of the law to give you the biggest “Thank you,” ever!

Two police officers standing in front of a squad car

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5. Custom .308 Bullet Pen for Police Officers

Thin Blue Line bullet pen with name engraving

Gift a sleek bullet pen to a police officer - a truly unique choice. Crafted from a real 308 bullet, this custom bullet pen offers style and ruggedness. With a smooth writing experience, it's perfect for notes or signing important documents. Featuring the iconic thin blue line, it's a thoughtful, functional, and stylish nod to those who serve and protect. A daily reminder of appreciation and support.

6. Smith & Wesson Police Watch

Smith and Wesson Police Watch

Working 10 or 14-hour shifts a day, police officers can easily lose track of time. Give the officer in your life a Smith & Wesson watch that has a handsome blue face and a small police badge design. This tactical watch has everything an officer needs: date, backlight, glow-in-the-dark hands and markings, an adjustable and durable nylon band, and it is water resistant up to 90 feet. This watch would be a great gift for a police academy graduate or as an occasion gift for an active duty officer.

7. Thin Blue Line Customized Wooden Sign

Thin Blue Line Personalized Sign Police Officer Gift

You’re looking for police officer gifts that are unique and show your appreciation for their service. This handsome personalized wooden sign is what you’ve been searching for! Handcrafted from birchwood, this personalized sign features a vintage-looking black and white American flag with the signature thin blue line over two lines of text of your choosing. A lieutenant or captain would love this custom sign for their office or it would be an awesome birthday or appreciation gift for the officer in your life.


8. Engraved Ammo Can Humidor

Ammo Can Humidor Gifts for Police Officers
50 cal ammo can cigar humidor

Police serve and protect, right? So, you should serve and protect their cigars for them! This way, while they are clearing the streets of bad guys and locking them away, your engraved ammo can humidor can lock away their cigars from any humidity or dry air that could potentially spoil them. Humidors are great gift ideas for police officers when they’re retiring, getting promoted, or even having a birthday!

9. Cigar Ashtray and Cigar Glass Gift Set

Cigar ashtray and cigar glass police officer gift

For the police officer who moonlights as a cigar and whiskey lover in your life, get him this cigar gift set. Fully personalizable, this set contains a cigar ashtray made from pure marble, a cigar glass that holds both his favorite drink and favorite cigar, and a black flip-top lighter. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to kick back after a long day's work and just relax. This is one of the best police officer gifts you’ll find.

10. Keep Alert With This Gift for Police Officers

Coffee tumbler gift for police officers
Police badge coffee mug top view

Coffee on the go is a requirement for any line of work, but that certainly goes double for police officers. This personalized insulated coffee mug is perfect for any law enforcement officer on the go due to its stainless steel, double-walled insulation that keeps liquids at their perfect temperature. Ever have a mug that keeps the temperature for a whole six hours? That’s exactly what you get with this gift for police officers. Keep your police officer alert with this personalized coffee mug.

11. Arm Him With Badass Police Officer Gifts

Pint Glass Ammo Can Police Gift Set

Ensure the officer you’re getting a gift for has everything they could ever need to celebrate a bust in a big case with this badass engraved ammo can police gift set! They’ll be using these glasses every time they need to toast to a job well done with you or their partner! Better still, you won’t even need to wrap these police gifts because they come inside this awesome ammo can that makes a fantastic gift box that they can also use to store their gifts, ammo for the range, or even to keep their tools in too!

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12. Thin Blue Line Custom Sign for Law Enforcement Officers

Police Thin Blue Line custom sign

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind, personalized gift for police officers, look no further than this Thin Blue Lign custom sign. He can proudly hang this sign in his home or office and know that his honor, duty, and courage are appreciated by you and those around him. Fully customize it with their name, badge number, precinct name, or anything else up to three lines of text. It also comes with pre-drilled holes, so it’s incredibly easy to hang wherever he wants.

13. Make Every Drink a Moment for Him

Buckman glass with whiskey and police badge engraving
Man holding whiskey glass with police badge on it

Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax with your favorite drink, especially after a long day at work. With this police badge engraved liquor glass, you can give a gift to your police officer that’ll let him do just that. Personalize his glass with his name, badge number, and more, so there’s no mistaking whose drink it is. It’s not only practical, but it’s a great conversation starter since it’s just a unique and thoughtful gift. This is a perfect, simple gift for any police officer.

14. Tactical Sunglasses for Police Officers

Sunglasses for police officer gifts

Police officers depend tremendously on their eyesight while on the job. With these tactical sunglasses for police officers, the law enforcement officer in your life will have nothing to worry about when it comes to his eyes. Made from super tough nylon frames with shatterproof selenite lenses and ANSI Z87.1+ certification, these sunglasses can take a beating. On top of that, it also comes in a number of lens colors and is extremely lightweight. This is an excellent gift for police officers.

15. An Awesome Award for an Awesome Police Officer

Acrylic Award as a Police Gift

Celebrate their latest and greatest achievement with a personalized police plaque. Whether they’ve just had the case of their lifetime, a workplace anniversary, a promotion, or maybe even they are retiring, you can’t go wrong with a personalized plaque. They’ll be filled with pride each day they see this on display in their home or office.

Two law enforcement officers posing

16. Personalized Whiskey Decanter - Promotion Police Gift

Personalized Whiskey Decanter - Promotion Gift for Police Officers
Whiskey pouring into glass

Does the cop in your life enjoy fine spirits? Then he’ll love this whiskey decanter to display his favorite cognac, bourbon, or single malt whiskey. The decanter will be the statement piece of his home bar to pour his fellow officers a glass from after a grueling day. Just as beautiful as it is functional, the decanter is made from the finest crystal and personalized with a police badge design. This custom gift for police officers has the name and badge number of your choosing laser etched on the decanter forever.


17. A Car Seat Organizer for the Tidy Police Officer

A Car Seat Organizer for the Tidy Police Officer

Believe it or not, squad cars can become cluttered very quickly. Help the police officer in your life with this handy adjustable car seat organizer! With a dozen pockets for everything you can think of, this organizer will help any officer have everything in order to make his job a little bit easier. The attached strap secures it to the seat’s headrest or it can be used as a shoulder strap to carry when needed. This is a great gift for detectives, troopers, and all officers who like to be organized. Organizers for the car or the office are always nice gifts for birthdays, holidays, and appreciation.

18. The Coolest Ammo Can Gift Set Ever

Police Badge Ammo Can Gifts for Police Officers

There’s absolutely no way they’ve ever seen a police gift as awesome as this awesome ammo can gift set! Without a doubt, this ammo will become their favorite way to store prized possessions of theirs, from their most important police accessories to mementos from their favorite memories as an officer of the law. For example, they’ll be really grateful for the useful tactical knife and flashlight, both really awesome items that will definitely come in handy at least once in a while while they’re on the job. Also, after they’ve had a long week and have a couple of days off, they’ll definitely be spent in part sipping on their favorite cold drink using these glasses and whiskey stones.

19. A Gift for Police Officers That’ll Light up the Room

Flashlight gift for police officers

No one wants to be caught off guard, especially in the dark. This, of course, goes double for any police officer. With this personalized LED flashlight, not only will your police officer have clear vision in the dark, but everyone will know whose it is with the custom engraving. Get whatever you want engraved on it as long as it speaks to your law enforcement officer in a special way.

20. A Tactical Whiskey Decanter

Shotgun Decanter Set of Gifts for Police Officers

This police gift will put a whole new spin on taking shots off the clock. Every officer will love this unique shotgun decanter for their home bar, officer, or as a display piece for their work office. It is not only a ton of fun to look at, but the shotgun shells in the glasses make it a blast to have shots or whiskey on the rocks from! Whether they’re hanging out with family, friends, or fellow officers, you can be sure they’ll want to take this decanter out to enjoy a few shots together!

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21. A Police Officer Gift That Honors Him

Custom Police Officer's Prayer Sign

What is a nice thing to do for a police officer? Show them that you’re always thinking of them by giving them this personalized police officer’s prayer sign! With this awesome sign displayed in their home, they’ll be reminded of you and your thoughtfulness for such a nice gift every time they see it. In fact, they might read the sign’s prayer to themselves every time they’re about to leave for work. Any officer currently serving or even a new police academy graduate will appreciate this amazing sign as a gift.

22. Gun-Themed Whiskey Gift Set With Buckman Glass

Police badge engraved whiskey gift set

One of the best gifts for police officers is this personalized gun-themed whiskey gift set. Not only can it be personalized to the level of your police officer’s name, badge number, or precinct, but it also looks great. Crafted with quality materials, this gift pays tribute to the careers of those who protect and serve. The whiskey glass is a Buckman-style design while the unique bullet-shaped whiskey stones and authentic 50-cal bottle opener are simply amazing.

23. A Police Officer Retirement Plaque To Remember

Thin Blue Line retirement plaque

Entering retirement as a police officer is a big event. One that should be cherished and celebrated. With this personalized acrylic retirement plaque, you can honor your police officer’s career and welcome him into a new chapter of life. With this plaque, he’ll be able to create a constant reminder of his service wherever he wants in his home. Made with 1-inch thick plexiglass, this piece is built to last.

24. Classy Police Officer Gift Basket

Personalized Twist Whiskey Glass Gift Set
Twist whiskey glass and whiskey stones

Show the cop in your life how amazing you think they are with this classy whiskey gift basket! They’ll feel like the coolest and most important police officer as they sip their favorite scotch from their new elegant whiskey glasses. They’ll especially enjoy sharing a drink with their spouse or their partner using this set after a long shift. Thanks to your impressive gift ideas for a police officer, they will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing drink in style to help them unwind.

25. Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stones Gift for Police Officers

Bullet whiskey stones box set

When enjoying a nice glass of your favorite whiskey, you’ve got to keep it cool. A great way to do just that is with these bullet-style whiskey stones, which come in a set of six and are stored in a personalized wooden box. This lasting keepsake is something your law enforcement officer can cherish for years without having to dilute his favorite drink with ice cubes. Celebrate their dedication to the force with this thoughtful, practical gift.

26. Gunmetal Police Memorial Flag Case

Police memorial flag case

A great way to commemorate a stellar career in the police force is with a personalized police memorial flag case. This gift shows a deep respect and appreciation for a police officer’s service. This handcrafted flag case is made from gunmetal hardwood and made 100% in the USA. On top of that, the nameplate is fully customizable with up to three lines of text. This is hands down one of the best gifts for police officers in your life.

Police officer saluting American flag

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27. Rifle Decanter Set of Gifts for Police Officers

AR 15 Decanter police officer gift

Take your best shot at getting the most unique police gift ideas with this AR-15 decanter set. This is such a good gift, it should be criminal! You can already see the officer in your life, their face lighting up when they receive this gift and making all the bullet puns possible! You know this will look perfect in their liquor cabinet or home bar and it simply makes for a great thank you for your service or promotion gift.

Police Officer Gifts FAQ

What do police officers like as gifts?

Think about what they might like in the line of duty or even something that they can relax with when off-duty. Chances are you'll think of a gift pretty quickly this way, especially if you know the police officer well. Either way, something that they like, something that will help them, and, most importantly, something that is personalized to them.

What gift should I get a police academy graduate?

Commemorating an important achievement like graduating from a police academy should be accompanied by a thoughtful gift. Consider what they'd need on day one of the job and what might make their first day go smoothly. Also, consider getting them something that'll remind them of their accomplishment on a regular basis.

How much should I spend on a police officer gift?

The amount of money you spend really depends on how well you know the police officer as well as what exactly you're celebrating by gifting them something. For a casual acquaintance, spending somewhere between $20 and $75 is good. If you're close with them and/or the occasion is big, like retirement, you want to be in the $100 or more range.


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