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Article: 11 Groovy Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

11 Groovy Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

11 Groovy Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Get Yourself Smokin' Hot Groomsmen Cigar Gifts!

Nothing is more iconically associated with groomsmen than cigars. Whether it is at the reception, wedding, or bachelor party, everyone thinks (and is probably right) that they’ll have cigars on them. However, not every groomsman knows what they’re doing with cigars let alone have all the tools they need to enjoy them properly. So, when thinking of what groomsmen gifts you want to get or how to ask if they will be your groomsmen, why not check out these groomsmen cigar gifts? These sets of the best groomsmen gifts are the ideal way to ensure each man in your party will make Winston Churchill look like a cigar amateur! Whether it is a cool gift or a whole cigar gift basket, you simply can’t go wrong with any of these unique gifts for your groomsmen!

Personalized Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Classy Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Start things off with a bang when you are searching for the ultimate cigar gift basket for groomsmen with this gorgeous gift set! Inside, they’ll find every piece they could ever want to enjoy a proper stogie from a cigar case, lighter, to even a few whiskey accessories because everyone knows few things taste better than this famous combination. In fact, what makes this set even cooler is that whether the groomsmen uses this gift from home to celebrate, at the bachelor party, or takes the cigar case as a golfing groomsmen gift, he’ll always find a way to enjoy this custom gift set! Hint: try a J.P Wiser’s Rye whiskey with an Avo XO Preludio.

A Classy Twist on Gifts for Cigar Loving Groomsmen

Custom Twist Glass and Cigar Case Gift Set

Break tradition with classic glasses and instead get your groomsmen the coolest whiskey and cigar gift set you’ve ever seen with this one that comes with matching twist glasses! With every piece personalized, they’ll know you truly went the extra mile to get them an awesome gift for celebrating your wedding as well as enjoying for the rest of their lives anytime they want a cigar or some delicious whiskey!

An Engraved Cigar Gift Basket for Groomsmen

Personalized Cognac and Cigar Gift Basket

While whiskey and cigar gifts seem nearly universal, you can tailor your groomsmen gifts to your winter wedding or for the guy who isn’t big on whiskey with this awesome cognac set. They’ll love that you don’t even need to wrap their gift since their name is right on top. Nothing will make them feel classier than swirling their cognac while pairing it with a tasty stogie. You can even take this cognac and cigar gift set the extra mile by adding a few Wie Man Maduro, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, or My Father La Opulencia Robusto inside their gift box so they can enjoy their cigar gift set right away!

Etched Butane Lighter

Etched Butane Lighter

It doesn’t matter how tasty or rare your cigars are, without a lighter, there is no celebration. However, you don’t want just any lighter. Get everyone their own etched butane lighter so they can get the purest flavor for their cigar gifts every time they use them!

Badass Humidor Gift Set for Groomsmen

Ammo Can Humidor Set of Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Go all out for your groomsmen with a custom cigar gift basket that is so much more than your typical groomsmen gift. While some groomsmen gifts may be fun party favors or personalized items, this set is not only customized for each member of your bachelor party, it has everything they could ever need to enjoy a good stogie as well as be able to pair it with a glass of whiskey. Plus, they get a humidor made out of a freaking United States military ammo can! No other groomsmen gift is as cool as this!


Decanter Box Set of Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Engraved Decanter Box Set for Cigar Lovers

Take them to the top of the mountain when it comes to groomsmen cigar box sets with this gorgeous custom decanter set that comes with spectacular cigar whiskey glasses. Nevermore will they need to debate holding their drink and cigar and anything else. Now, when they need to send a quick text, shoot a video, give you a fist bump, they won’t need to set anything down, they can simply hold their cigar and whiskey all in one hand! Plus, this gorgeous set of personalized groomsmen gifts is great for after the wedding as one of the most unique centerpieces for their home bar or living room.

Luxury Leather Travel Humidor Set

Luxury Travel Cigar Humidor

A travel cigar humidor is an absolute must, especially if your wedding is far from home. With this awesome gift, it doesn’t matter if they have to travel to the moon and back, their Gran Habano, Davidoff Winston Churchill Churchill, or Vegas Cubanas Generoso are guaranteed to be in perfect condition. Plus, this case even comes with a cigar cutter, butane lighter, and a cigar holder, what more could they want?

Simple, Sophisticated Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Twist Glass Cigar Groomsmen Gift Set

Not every awesome set needs to be some huge gift. Sometimes, it is the smaller gifts that are truly appreciated. When the bachelor party is about to start, hand out this personalized cigar case and twist glass so that your groomsmen have one of the coolest ways to celebrate your upcoming marriage. Thanks to the initial on this set, you won’t even have to wrap it! Now, you know they’ll feel like Don Draper as they celebrate your wedding in style!

Embossed Poker Gift Basket

Embossed Poker Cigar Gift Basket

There is no better way to get a bunch of groomsmen together and enjoying the night quite like playing a few hands of poker, and there is nothing that makes poker better than cigars and whiskey! With this embossed poker set, you and the boys will feel like the snazziest poker players of all time as you have your cards or chips in one hand and both your drink and stogie in the other!

All The Tools They Will Ever Need

Cigar Toolset for Groomsmen

Never have one of your groomsmen, bite, tear, or pick at their stogie again. With this awesome cigar toolset, they’ll be able to have a quality cigar with perfect draws every single time. Plus, it fits so well inside a pocket that they can even have it on them on the day of your wedding and no one would know until they take it out to prepare a fresh stogie.

Cigar Sign for Groomsmen

Custom Cigar Sign for Groomsmen

One of the top things you can do for the guys in your wedding party who you know is absolutely in love with their cigars is to get them a personalized cigar sign! With these awesome gifts, they’ll be able to finally start or finish that cigar lounge they’ve been thinking about for so long. Now, they’ll have the perfect decor where they get to be the know-it-all they’ve always wanted to be anytime someone enters and shares a cigar with them.


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