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Article: 23 Hop-timistically Great Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

23 Hop-timistically Great Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

23 Hop-timistically Great Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Celebrate Beer to the Fullest with Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Craft beer lovers are a unique grouping of people. While most people are fine with usually whatever beer is on tap, craft beer fans are always in search of the perfect beer. They have been working on their palate to taste the most minute flavors. These are people where beer is more than a drink, it is a way of life. So, that can make getting gifts for craft beer lovers feel quite intimidating. But, it is not as bad as you think! In fact, gift ideas for beer lovers simply need to build upon their hobby. Gifts that make their craft beer experience better and more memorable are just what they need. Don’t worry about getting them the perfect six-pack, instead focus on badass glassware, cool gadgets, unique box sets, and decor. With these gifts in hand, you’ll be able to give the perfect gift to a craft beer lover.

A Whole Box Set of Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Tasting Box Set of Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Start your search for gifts for craft beer lovers off on the right foot with this custom set of craft beer glasses and a matching keepsake gift set! Plus, this set even has snacks and a bottle opener, how cool! This is the perfect craft beer gift for an enthusiast to enjoy from the comfort of their own home while they taste unique beers to their fullest ability using craft and Spiegelau glasses.

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

There is no better way to enjoy gifts for craft beer lovers than when it is a personalized beer mug box set. After all, while there are glasses for every kind of beer, a beer mug is like the Swiss Army knife of glasses, it is perfect for every situation! Now, when they’re at home enjoying a perfectly chilled brew, they don’t have to think about what glass they need, instead, they know that their mug will be perfect.

The Toughest Collection of Craft Beer Gifts

Custom Ammo Can Set of Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Give one of the toughest-looking gift ideas for beer lovers with their own personalized ammo can gift set. Perfect for protecting their beer accessories or maybe even a six-pack, this ammo can is a genuine refurbished military-grade product. They’ll feel so tough when they know they’ve got their custom glassware inside an actual ammo can. Talk about a cool and unique craft beer gift!

Custom Tavern Sign

Custom Ale Beer Sign

Take your ideas for gifts for craft beer lovers and throw them at the wall. No, seriously. With a custom sign like this, they’ll want it on the wall as soon as possible. Instead of another six-pack, you’ll have given them an awesome gift that will last for decades and is the perfect way to start or finish off their home bar.

A Fantastic Flight for Beers

Personalized Beer Flight

What sort of craft beer list would it be if there wasn’t a beer flight? These are a fantastic way to enjoy multiple drinks on your own or to share with friends. Add in the personalization of two lines of text on the handle, and it provides a unique drink for every beer snob.

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Keep Things Frothy

Fizzics Beer Foamer

Got a craft beer that just doesn’t have the head you want? Give it the foam you need with a Fizzics draft pour machine. Adding a head to a drink is as easy as pulling the handle and easily works with all kinds of beers.

Great Growler Set of Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Personalized Growler Set of Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Don’t leave them stuck at the brewery when they want to enjoy one of their favorite beers. Make it so they can take that fantastic craft brew home with this personalized beer growler box set. Plus, at home, they’ll have the perfect set of glasses and coasters to enjoy their drink from. Every craft beer lover needs a growler, so make your gift memorable and be the one to give it to them!

Beeropoly Board

Beeropoly Board Game

Want to think outside of just glassware for gift ideas for beer lovers? Then a Beeropoly set is just what you need! It comes with markers and a board so you can start playing right away. Perfect for pre-gaming or for a night in, this board game is a blast to play with friends and family.

Mugs are Great Personalized Gifts for Beer Lovers

Oktoberfest Custom Mugs

While Oktoberfest may only come once a year, with these personalized mugs, it’ll be Oktoberfest every day at this craft beer drinker’s house. Wondering what goes with beer as a gift? How about some traditional mugs that are perfect for craft beer to more big names brands as well? This set will hold a special place in every beer drinker’s heart.

Engraved Ale Horn Box Set

Ale Horn Mug Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Nothing makes a beer feel truly special quite like the glass it is drunk from. With this ale horn mug set, the drinker will definitely have their fantasy fulfilled of feeling like a warrior with each sip. Made from real horn, every mug will be unique too, how awesome is that?

Craft Beer Soap

Milk Stout Soap

Gifts for craft beer lovers don’t have to be all about the drinking, some can be about enjoying a good shower. After all, everyone needs to clean off from time to time. Make bath time unique with a milk stout-scented soap for a craft beer enthusiast. Instead of Zest or Irish Spring, now they can smell like one of their favorite things, beer!

Unique Beer Chiller

Beer Chiller

Give a chill gift with an engraved beer chiller. What makes this one special is not only can it keep cans cool, but it can chill bottles too! This will undoubtedly be one of their favorite and most used craft beer gifts. Add in the bottle opener it has as well, and other than a can or bottle of beer, they have everything they need.

Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers are Shadow Box Sets

Shadow Box Set of Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Shadow boxes are great craft beer gift ideas. However, you can step things up a notch by including a matching engraved craft beer glass and bottle opener. With these gifts, each beer can feel like a special memory they hold onto forever. Plus, when they see the cap on display inside the shadow box, they’ll feel like a legend with their limitless knowledge of craft beers and breweries.

Engraved Beer Tap Handle

Personalized Beer Tap Handle

What do you get someone who makes their own beer? How about custom beer tap handles? After all, if they have their own beer on tap, they’re going to need a way to pour it. The wooden handle has that classic bar feel while the chalkboard middle allows them to easily name their newest batch.

The Largest Mug They’ll Ever See

Custom Colossal Mug

Want to give a gift that feels like you’re going over the top but not break the bank? You need this enormous custom beer mug when searching for this unique gift idea for a beer lover. Perfect for the person who can never find a mug large enough for them to not need constant refills, this mug holds up to a liter of beer which means they can easily make it to halftime with just one glass.

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Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers are Caramelizer

Caramelizer Set of Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Make their drink as masculine as you can by adding fire to the equation. A beer caramelizer takes a red hot piece of metal and inserts it into your drink, caramelizing the sugars and creating a smoother, richer taste. This is an experience not every beer lover has had, so make sure they can have it over and over again with this awesome gift set.

State Beer Cap Map

Wooden State Beer Cap Maps

Have some fun with your gift ideas for beer lovers with a wooden state beer cap map. Get the state they live in, grew up in, or maybe even from where their favorite team is from. Then, they can fill the state up with beer caps from some of their favorite breweries, best memories involving beer, or for any other reason!

Custom Tasting Glasses for Beer

Custom Tasting Beer Glasses

Craft beer is all about taste, so make the most out of each glass with the ultimate tasting glasses. With a long stem to keep the hand from warming the drink and a tulip shape, these engraved craft beer glasses are the perfect way for any serious connoisseur of beer to enjoy their hoppy drink.

Coolest Custom Copper Growler

Engraved Copper Growler and Pint Glass Set

Gifts for craft beer lovers are a great opportunity to get them something luxurious that you know they’d never get on their own. Sure, they may have a growler, but not one as cool looking as this engraved copper growler, plus it comes with two matching pint glasses! Perfect for brews away from the brewery, they’ll feel like the finest beer aficionado each time they use this set for a drink!

The Perfect Home Bar Sign

Personalized Bar Sign

Skip the glassware and give them a custom sign to decorate their home bar. After all, a custom sign is sure to last for years and years and it brings that personal touch to their home that makes it feel like a true drinking establishment. Each time they bring people over to enjoy a craft beer, they’ll be so proud to serve them with this sign hanging on their bar wall.

Craft Beer Cookbook

Craft Beer Cookbook

Expand their flavor horizons with a new way to incorporate craft beer into their daily life. A craft beer cookbook will help them learn how to marinate pork chops with citrus IPAs or use an amber ale to create caramel sauces. This cookbook is not only a great gift but a life changer when it comes to just how much and how often they get to enjoy their finest brews.

Unique Glasses are Fantastic Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Tulip Tasting Glasses are Great Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Tulip-tasting glasses are fantastic gift ideas for beer lovers. After all, if they’re into their drink as much as you believe them to be, they’ll love a glass that is purpose-built to enhance their drink’s flavor. Due to the tulip shape, aromas are funneled into the olfactory senses as well as the palate. So, when they use this gorgeous glassware, they’ll be finding subtle flavors in old favorites that they never knew existed.

An Engraved Beer Caddy

Engraved Wooden Beer Tote

The worst feeling in the world is carrying a six-pack of your favorite beer somewhere, only to have the handle break and all your beer falls to its doom. Never let that happen to their precious craft beer (which can be truly expensive) with this engraved wooden beer caddy. Sturdy and secure, this gift also has a bottle opener, so no matter where they go they can enjoy their brewskis with ease!

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