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Article: 33 Best Engagement Gifts for Couples

33 Best Engagement Gifts for Couples

33 Best Engagement Gifts for Couples

Check Out the Best Engagement Gifts for Couples!

Getting married is a wonderful time in any couple’s lives, and the future bride and groom you know are just getting started on planning their wedding. Show the newly engaged couple how excited you are for their upcoming wedding by getting them an awesome gift! The best engagement gifts are things that help the bride and groom prepare for their wedding or they can be gifts to enjoy during their marriage as well. The perfect time to give engagement gifts is at their engagement party if they have one, or if they don’t then you can just surprise them with a gift in the mail. Engagement gifts for couples should be something both the bride and groom can enjoy together, so make sure to consider both of them when picking out your lovely gift!

The Best Engagement Gifts You’ve Ever Seen

Best Engagement Gifts Engraved Decanter Set

How stunning is this crystal decanter set? The bride and groom will be absolutely speechless when they open such a luxurious gift! They will be delighted to see their soon-to-be shared last name engraved on all three pieces and they’ll love using it to have romantic drinks together to celebrate their new journey. This gorgeous decanter set is truly one of the best engagement gifts you can give, and it’s meant to last forever just like their marriage! Who knows? They might even pass it down to their children someday.

Adorable Sign for Couples

Custom Wood Sign Engagement Gifts for Couples

The happy couple can’t help but say, “Aww!” when they see this personalized sign! They will want to hang it up right away in their home and will surely treasure it forever. After all, the statement is true for their marriage now and for their future and they will definitely be toasting to this sign and many future special occasions for the rest of their lives.

Engagement Gifts for Couples to Use At the Wedding

Personalized Champagne Flute Box Set

You simply can’t have a wedding without champagne, so make sure the happy couple will have their flutes ready by giving them this lovely set as an engagement gift! They will adore having their own personalized champagne glasses, and the beautifully engraved box is the perfect place to keep them in between uses. They’ll be so excited to use this set to celebrate their engagement, at their wedding reception, and even for their future anniversaries!

Every Couple Needs a Cutting Board

Custom Acacia Cutting Board Engagement Gift

One of the most popular wedding registry items is a cutting board, so save the bride and groom the trouble of finding the right one by getting them one as an engagement gift! This beautiful acacia cutting board is great for food preparation or serving hors d’oeuvres as a charcuterie board. With all of the events coming up and the many guests they’re expecting, this cutting board is sure to come in handy!

The Best Engagement Gifts for Wine Lovers

Engraved Wine Decanter Set

Are the bride and groom fans of red wine? Then they’ll adore this personalized wine decanter set! With the decanter’s two-step aeration process, the happy couple can enjoy all of their favorite kinds of red wines to the fullest. Even the cheapest wine will taste top-shelf because the decanter makes it so smooth and sweet. Besides, they’ll need plenty of wine to get them through the stress of planning for their wedding, and once they’re married they’ll love sharing this set on romantic evenings together as husband and wife.


His and Hers Luggage

His and Hers Luggage

Save the bride and groom the trouble of having to get new luggage for their honeymoon by surprising them with this adorable his and hers set after they’re engaged! This gives them one less thing to worry about and they’ll be even more excited about their honeymoon now that they have these cute suitcases. These thoughtful engagement gifts for couples are best given at their engagement party or before the wedding!

Impressive Engagement Gifts They’ll Treasure Forever

Custom Decanter Presentation Set of Best Engagement Gifts

Whether you don’t want to wait until their wedding to give the happy couple your spectacular gift or you just want to go all out for their engagement, this stunning decanter set is certainly one of the best engagement gifts out there! This impressive six-piece decanter and serving set is sure to be enjoyed by the bride and groom, their family, friends, and guests for years to come. The set will be proudly displayed in their home in between uses at their parties and gatherings and it’s a lovely reminder of their marriage they’ll treasure forever. With the date on the design, you can choose the date they’re planning on getting married or the day they became engaged!

Adorable Sign To Decorate Their Home

Personalized Wooden Sign for the Home

Since it’s fairly common for couples to move into a new home together when they’re engaged or married, a lot of their gifts can double as a housewarming present. Celebrate their engagement and as well as their new home with this adorable personalized sign! The happy couple will love seeing this cute sign every day and it will remind them that it doesn’t matter where they live because their hearts are truly home with each other.

Romantic Wine Set They Can Enjoy Together

Custom Shadow Box Wine Set of Engagement Gifts for Couples

One of the most important keys to a successful relationship is setting aside time to spend together, and this thoughtful wine set is all about a romantic evening between the bride and groom! Between the craziness of wedding planning and starting this new chapter in their lives, they probably won’t get to spend a ton of quality time together. By having a romantic evening with a bottle of wine, these adorable personalized glasses, and saving the cork from each bottle, this sweet engagement gift reminds the happy couple to enjoy these moments together. As their collection of wine corks grows over time, so will their wonderful memories of the quality time that they get to spend together.

Something to Use At Their Wedding

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Board Set

The best engagement gifts are those that help the bride and groom prepare for their wedding, like this adorable custom cornhole set! They will love watching their guests play at the reception, and they’ll be sure to jump in for a few throws. After the wedding, this awesome cornhole set will be a staple at every party and gathering they host because it’s such a fun and easy game for all ages to enjoy!

A Stunning Frame for Their Engagement Photo

Kendra Scott Mother of Pearl Picture Frame

Every couple has that one engagement photo that’s the best out of the entire shoot and it’s the one they use all over social media, on their engagement announcements, and they might even want to use it for the “save the date” they send out! Make sure they can display their incredible picture capturing this important moment in their lives in their home forever by giving them a stunning picture frame. This unique rose gold frame by Kendra Scott is the perfect way to show off their photo so that they can admire it every day, and they’ll love showing it to all of their guests!

The Bride and Groom Need This Giant Cocktail Shaker

Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker

With a wedding to plan, bachelor and bachelorette parties to throw, a bridal shower to host, and probably even an engagement party, that’s a lot of cocktails to make over the next several months! Help the happy couple out by getting them this gigantic cocktail shaker, which can make ten margaritas at once. No more frantic flipping through cocktail recipe books or scrolling through pinterest to find recipes for large batches of Mojitos or looking up everyone’s requested cocktail. Now, they can make sure their parties go off without a hitch with plenty of cocktails to go around!

The Coolest Engagement Gifts for Couples

Antique Globe Bar Cart is an Engagement Gift

Go all out for the happy couple to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with this incredible bar cart! They were probably going to put one on their wedding registry anyway, so this saves them the trouble of having to find one they like online somewhere. Designed to look like an antique globe, this unique bar cart will instantly add a touch of class to any room it’s in. The happy couple will love using it for their evening drinks and for entertaining their friends and family, especially so they can show off the hidden bar storage inside the globe.

Every Couple Needs a Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Whether the bride and groom are known for having nightcaps together every evening or they enjoy hosting parties with amazing cocktails, they need a proper decanter set! This stunning five-piece set is perfect for those romantic date nights together as well as for serving many guests a quality drink in style. The fact that the entire set is engraved with their soon-to-be shared last name makes this gorgeous set one of the most amazing engagement gifts for couples!

Make Their Home Together Official

Best Engagement Gifts Customizable Wood Home Sign

Now that they’re getting married, one of the best engagement gifts you can get the happy couple is a custom sign to make their home official! This lovely wooden sign is fully customizable with two lines of text and a year as well as three different color schemes so that your incredible gift is truly one-of-a-kind! The bride and groom will be so excited to display this beautiful sign in their home and will treasure it for years to come.


A Fun DIY Gift

Luna Bean Plaster Hand Casting Kit

Sure, the bride and groom have plenty of photos of their engagement that they’ll cherish forever, but they definitely don’t have a cast of their hands! This unique DIY kit is a fun way to create a keepsake unlike any other, which even features the bride’s beautiful new ring. The happy couple will love doing this plaster kit, and they can even use the cast as a centerpiece at their wedding!

Give the Gift of Chilled Wine Anywhere

Engraved Portable Wine Chiller

There’s nothing worse than having to wait for a bottle of wine to chill before a nice evening together. Make sure this never happens to the bride and groom ever again with this custom wine chiller! Perfect for giving to them as an engagement gift so that they can enjoy it before and after the wedding, this stainless steel wine chiller will ensure their fine champagne they’re saving for their wedding night is the perfect temperature all night long!

A Place to Store Their Wedding Keepsakes

Custom Wooden Keepsake Box Engagement Gifts for Couples

Getting engaged and then married is such an exciting time in a couple’s lives, and it’s bound to be full of amazing memories and keepsakes! The best way to help the happy couple cherish these mementos is with a keepsake box, which makes a great engagement gift! This personalized wooden box is perfect for storing photos, the bride’s bachelorette party sash, the groom’s bachelor shot glass, the menu from the wedding reception, their wedding planning book, and more!

The Perfect Decanter Set for a Newly Engaged Couple

Monogrammed Decanter Set

While it’s important for the bride and groom to have their own things to enjoy, as a married couple they will find new things to enjoy together as one, instead of as individual people. Now that they’re getting married, this cute decanter set represents their union by showing off their new shared last initial! This lovely monogrammed set is perfect for a couple to enjoy drinks together after a long day of wedding planning, After the wedding, they’ll love using this cute set for sharing nightcaps as newlyweds.

The Wine Glasses Every Couple Wants

Personalized Wine Glass Set

Most couples put wine glasses on their wedding registry anyway, so surpass their expectations with these gorgeous custom wine glasses! Engraved with the last name they will soon share, this lovely set of wine glasses is sure to be enjoyed over and over again. The bride will love using them at her bridal shower, and the groom will enjoy sharing a romantic drink with his beloved using their new glasses. Plus, these unique glasses can be used for red or white wine!

Make Sure They’re Fed

Hello Fresh Kit

With all of the stress and craziness of planning their wedding, the bride and groom don’t have a lot of time to worry about cooking or even grocery shopping. Help them out by getting them Hello Fresh! Delivered straight to their door, these handy meal kits have everything they need to whip up a tasty meal for two with ease and quickly. Thanks to your thoughtful engagement gifts, they’ll have plenty of energy to get through the dreaded seating chart and decide on their menus!

A Cool Piece of Decor for Their Home

Personalized Gatsby Sign Engagement Gifts for Couples

Whether you know they’re having a Gatsby wedding or you’re just looking for something unique to make their home more official now that they’re getting married, this awesome sign is such a fun gift! The beautiful art deco style will add a subtle 1920s vibe to any room they display it in, and the lovely gold accents will look great with any of their other decor. Best of all, you can customize the two lines of text however you like! You can make this fun sign sweet, cute, funny, or cool, which makes your gift mean all the more to the happy couple when you give it to them at their engagement party.

Engagement Gifts for Couples You Can’t Beat

Custom Decanter and Glasses Set Best Engagement Gifts for Couples

Celebrate their union with this stunning decanter set that’s engraved with both of their first initials! Together now and forever, the happy couple will adore having this gorgeous decanter set on display in their home. It’s sure to be enjoyed at their engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even after the wedding! With four glasses to go around, they can share drinks with their friends and family in style for years to come.

Unique Grilling Gifts for the Couple Who Loves BBQ

Engraved Bamboo Grilling Tools

Is the groom known for his legendary BBQ and the bride the best cook you know? Then they’ll both love this custom set of grilling tools! Whether she’s making her famous chicken kabobs or he’s grilling up steaks, this classic three-piece set is ideal for all types of BBQ. They will especially love how lightweight the bamboo tools are and how convenient it is to bring their trusty tools wherever they go so that they can grill at the lake, their parents’ houses, or even the local park! These practical tools are some of the best engagement gifts for the happy couple who enjoys cooking.

Elegant Engagement Gift Ideas

Custom Whiskey Stone and Glasses Set

One look at this gorgeous whiskey glass gift set and the bride and groom will want to use them for a toast to their engagement right away! This lovely whiskey gift set is one of the classiest engagement gifts for couples because they’re perfect for romantic drinks together after a long day of wedding planning, to use at their wedding toast, and for celebrating many future special occasions. The happy couple can even keep the whole set tucked away in the matching personalized gift box so they stay safe and sound in between uses.

An Ornament to Remember Their Engagement Forever

Lenox Ring Box Ornament

One of the sweetest engagement gifts you can give a couple is a Christmas ornament that will remind them of that wonderful day the groom popped the question every holiday season! The beautiful ring box will match perfectly with their Christmas tree’s decor, and it’s sure to become a must-have ornament on their tree every year from now on. This ornament is especially perfect for couples having a Christmas or winter wedding because it fits in with their theme!

For the Couple Who Loves to Travel

Etched Globe Decanter Set Engagement Gifts

Help the newly engaged couple plan their honeymoon and future adventures around the world together with this worldly decanter set! They’ll love sipping on their favorite liquor as they decide where to go next, and they can even use the amazingly detailed map on the set to narrow down their choices. When this set isn’t being used, it’s sure to be an impressive display piece for their home bar or office!

The Must-Have Gift Every Couple Wants

Custom Slate Cheese Board

With all of their events leading up to the wedding, the happy couple have a lot of entertaining to do which means they’ll need the supplies to do so. One of the best things to have at any party or gathering is a cheese board! From their engagement party all to the way to the rehearsal dinner, this slate cheese board will be great to have for each and every event. The rope handles make it easier than ever to serve gourmet cheeses, hors d'oeuvres, and snacks, and they can even write on the slate with chalk to label everything.

Give Them a Nice Bottle of Wine

Engraved Wine Bottle Engagement Gift Box

Are you totally stumped on what to give the happy couple as an engagement gift? You can't go wrong with a nice bottle of wine! However, you can make an ordinary bottle of wine extra special by giving it in a personalized gift box like this one. You can have the acrylic lid engraved with their names and the date of their engagement or wedding and even tell them it’s to save for opening on their wedding night to enjoy as a married couple! They will appreciate your touching gift no matter what, and this is definitely the perfect gift for a bride and group who have everything.

Design Their Own Whiskey Label

Customizable Whiskey Label Decanter Best Engagement Gifts

Surprise the happy couple with a gift they’ll never expect: a custom decanter engraved with their own unique whiskey label! This fully customizable design is reminiscent of the famous Jack Daniel’s label and no matter how you personalize it, this decanter will be a one-of-a-kind gift unlike any other. In fact, they’ll love it so much that they’ll want to have it at their wedding reception!

The Ultimate Wedding Planner Book

Wedding Planner Book

Not every couple wants to hire a wedding planner, in fact, some prefer to do it all themselves. So, make sure they can stay on task throughout the process by getting them this amazing planner book! Filled with all kinds of tips, guides, and plenty of room for their notes, this planner will help keep everything organized. The happy couple will be so thankful for such a helpful engagement gift and remember your thoughtfulness forever!

His and Hers Glasses

Personalized His and Hers Glasses Engagement Gifts for Couples

How adorable are these his and hers personalized glasses? The bride and groom will love having their own custom glasses to use for their drink of choice, but the matching design is a cute way to represent that they’ll always be joined in unity even though they’re different people. They’ll be sure to enjoy these glasses to relax after a long day of wedding preparation, to celebrate their marriage, and enjoy a nice evening together.

Engagement Gifts for Couples No One Thinks About

Custom Wooden and Marble Coasters Best Engagement Gifts for Couples

Everyone needs coasters, and these personalized ones are the absolute best gifts you can give a newly engaged couple! Whether you choose the date on the design to be their engagement date or wedding date, they’ll absolutely adore this lovely set. After all, you can never have too many coasters in a house and they’ll definitely need them with all of the company coming over and to protect the new furniture they’re getting.


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