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Article: 11 Best Cocktail Smokers

11 Best Cocktail Smokers

11 Coolest Custom Cocktail Smokers

Infuse Your Drinks with Smoky Flavors Thanks to These Cocktail Smoker Kits

Bring a whole new world of flavor to your favorite drinks; whether that be bourbon, whiskey, scotch, vodka, or cocktails in general. A cocktail smoker is a perfect way to make some of those old favorites feel new again or for you to create brand-new drink flavors overall! These kits typically come with a smoking vessel of some kind so your liquor can be infused with flavors such as hickory, cherry, maple, oak, or apple wood. Some kits are even in the form of a cocktail smoker box which allows you to smoke one or multiple glasses, or even some of your favorite foods which makes for a unique snack while you drink! Check out all these awesome drink smokers that you’ve been missing out on!

Cool Custom Cocktail Smoker

Personalized Cocktail Smoker

The perfect way to start your search for new flavors is with the ideal combination, this cocktail smoker kit is simply a topper, torch, and wood chips. The set has been personalized to give it that extra touch of luxury; however, it will still infuse your drinks with all the flavor you want. Pour your drink, add your whiskey, some bitters, maple syrup, and some smoke and you’ve created a delicious cocktail from this amazing whiskey smoker kit.

Crystal Bourbon Smoker Kit

Luxury Crystal Whiskey Glass Set

For the home bar owners, few things are cooler than a whole set of custom crystal glasses along with a bourbon smoker kit. This luxurious gift set is a fantastic way to kit your bar to have you looking and feeling like a top-shelf bartender when you’ve got friends and family over. Put your own smoky twist on a Boulevardier or a sidecar to impress your guests with classic cocktails but with a brand new flavor profile.

Luxury Cocktail Smoker Box

Smoker Box Kit

Remember how cocktail smoker boxes were brought up in the introduction? This is the perfect example of one! Think of how easy it is to not just use this for drinks but to use the smoker box to infuse things like meats and cheeses with delectable smoky flavoring?

White Oak Smoke Box

White Oak Whiskey Smoker Kit

This white oak smoke box is a fun way to create some rustic-feeling cocktails. The glass fits snugly inside the lock box and you light the pellets below to create some of the most delicious old fashioned or neat glasses of whiskey you’ve ever had.

Luxury Cocktail Smoker Box Set

Engraved Whiskey Glass Box Set with Topper

Take your drink smoker to the next level with a personalized set. With custom glasses, a custom topper, and even a matching cigar stand, this is the set that’ll have you smoking everything that comes your way! After all, doesn’t a good stogie paired with a beautiful smoked glass of whiskey sound like everything you want from a whiskey-smoking kit?


Monogrammed Cocktail Smoker Kit

Twist Glass Cocktail Smoker Kit

When you want to have a unique drink smoker kit, look no further than a monogrammed set like this one! With a cocktail smoker lid, torch, as well as four glasses, you can be the high-end bartender you’ve always wanted to be when you’re making the most unique versions of a Rose cocktail or Smoke on the Water while serving them awesome-looking monogrammed glasses.

Ultimate Whiskey Smoker Kit

Personalized Cloche Set with Whiskey Glasses

Talk about a complete cocktail smoker kit! This glass cloche set also comes with a smoker, chips, and four engraved glasses. With room for two glasses and some food, you can have one of the most unique flavor profiles at your social gathering. Infusing drinks with wood chip flavoring, as well as snacks, will be a memorable event for all of your friends and family. Plus, they can even give their hand a go at creating unique and smoky flavors themselves with this kit!

Just the Smoker

Cocktail Smoker Gun

Feel like you’re already pretty well equipped but just need one thing to finish off your smoker kit? Get your own smoker then! If you’ve already got an expertly equipped bar and have glasses and a cloche, this smoker is all you need to create deliciously smoked liquor. This smoker even has a speed setting, allowing you to be more delicate and precise with the amount of smoke you’re adding to cocktails or food.

A Glencairn Set for Aficionados

Glencairn Smoke Box

A Glencairn whiskey smoker kit? This is a dream come true for any aficionado. A drink smoker like this is a fantastic way to add and be able to taste all the flavors in your drink. The Glencairn glasses enhance a person’s tasting abilities and with the added smoke flavors, your palate will be dancing with excitement each time it tries a new liquor from this cocktail smoker kit.

Skull Drink Smoker

Sugar Skull Topper Kit

Cocktails or death! But, why not both? This sugar skull smoker comes with everything you need to craft drinks to your smoky flavor desires but unlike other bourbon smoker kits, it adds some fun flavor with a sugar skull. For the aficionado with a unique personality, you owe it to yourself to also have a unique way of smoking your drinks.

Engraved Twist Smoker

Twist Glass Bourbon Smoker Kit

Add a custom twist glass to your cocktail smoker dreams with this awesome gift set. Engraved with your name and initial while also coming with a glass, topper, chips, and lighter, it's the perfect personalized kit to create delicious drinks. For the solo drinker who enjoys a nice drink at the end of a hard day, this drink smoker kit will have you crafting unique cocktails each time you feel the need for a sidecar or old fashioned.


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