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Article: 43 Boyfriend Gift Ideas That Kick Ass

43 Boyfriend Gift Ideas That Kick Ass

43 Boyfriend Gift Ideas That Kick Ass

Incredible Boyfriend Gift Ideas He'll Never See Coming

You think your boyfriend is the coolest guy on the planet and you want to find a gift that’s just as amazing as he is! Boyfriend gift ideas don’t have to be crazy expensive or over-the-top, as long as you get him something nice that’s related to his interests he will love your gift no matter what. Struggling to find a good gift for the guy who has everything and wants nothing? Are you in search of personalized gifts for your boyfriend? Having trouble finding the right gift for your new boyfriend? Whether he’s a geek, beer snob, gamer, or even a classy cigar lover, we found plenty of awesome gift ideas for your boyfriend that work for every occasion.

The Best Boyfriend Gift Ideas Make Him Feel Like a Legend

Ammo Box Set of Manly Boyfriend Gift Ideas

From the moment you met him, you’ve always thought your boyfriend was the coolest guy you have ever known. You try to get him gifts that are just as cool as he is every year, but you’ve never quite found the right one. Well, now you have! Any guy who receives this legendary gift set is sure to feel cooler than Chuck Norris or James Bond. He will be so amazed by every piece in this incredible gift set that he won’t know which one he likes the most. From the custom engraved ammo can to the gnarly hatchet, everything in this set makes it one of the coolest gift ideas for your boyfriend. He will love showing off his new ammo box at the shooting range as well as his pint glass and axe when he goes camping with his buddies. Wherever he goes, everyone will know that he is a pretty cool dude.

For the Manly Boyfriend

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stones with Glasses

Looking for the perfect gift for your manly, rugged boyfriend who enjoys going to the shooting range, spending time outdoors, and drinking whiskey? Only one gift is right for him: this monogrammed whiskey gift set! The bullet whiskey stones alone are the coolest part of this set as they are the most badass way to chill his whiskey. He will love being able to serve an extra manly glass of whiskey to his bros after a day at the range with the unique glasses. Seriously, have you seen any gift ideas for your boyfriend as cool as this set?

Classic Boyfriend Gift Idea

Personalized Knife Gift Box Set

Are you stuck on what to get your boyfriend? Then you need a gift that any guy would love to get, like this pocket knife set! Guys love pocket knives, and you can never have too many of them. He will love that you got him such a neat gift, and he’s sure to treasure it for years. As soon as he opens it, he’ll want to use the cigar accessories to light up a celebratory stogie and try out the various features on the knife just for fun. Whether you two have been dating a short while or for years, he will love this set no matter what.

Badass Whiskey Decanter Set

Bull Decanter Set

Make sure your boyfriend’s home bar stands out from the rest of his home with this impressive decanter set! He will be speechless when he opens this stunning gift on his birthday or anniversary. The badass bull decanter will be the prominent feature of his home bar, proudly standing front-and-center for all to admire. He’ll want to serve his finest scotch from it to everyone who comes over, just to show off his classy taste in whiskey. He will especially enjoy using the personalized double old-fashioned glasses and whiskey stones for romantic after-dinner drinks with you!

A Unique Sign for His Home Bar

Custom Wood Bar Sign Boyfriend Gift Idea

Not everyone who comes over just wants beer, wine, or whiskey, and your boyfriend goes out of his way to make all of his guests feel welcome with any drink of their choosing. He keeps his home bar well-stocked with a variety of alcohol and ingredients to make everyone’s favorite cocktail. Such a generous host needs a proper piece of decor! This fun word art sign is perfect with its unique, modern design.


Delicious Gift Basket

Snack Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with food as a gift for a guy. Whether he’s been your boyfriend for a few years now or you just started dating and you’re stuck on what to get him this year, this gift basket of gourmet snacks and treats is perfect! You two can share it together and enjoy a movie night at home with this scrumptious assortment of food. After he devours everything in the basket, he’ll want one every year!

For the Classy Boyfriend Who Enjoys Whiskey and Cigars

Engraved Decanter Set with Cigar Glasses

Does your man aspire to be as cool and suave as James Bond himself? He always orders a neat scotch and a Romeo y Julieta on nights out. Make him feel like a legendary man with this awesome decanter set! With these cigar-holding glasses, he can enjoy his two favorite vices like never before. The awesome glasses allow him to puff and sip with one hand while holding his favorite 007 book in the other. He’ll especially love showing off this decanter set to his friends, who will all be envious! As soon as he opens this set on his birthday or anniversary, he will find a prominent place in his office or home bar to display it.

The Coolest Knife He’s Ever Seen

Tactical Survival Knife

Guys love pocket knives. They’re always excited to get them as gifts, no matter how many they have. Pocket knives are the perfect go-to gifts for guys if you don’t know what to get them. One of the best boyfriend gift ideas is this badass tactical survival knife! From the double serrated edges to the hidden survival kit, everything about this incredibly cool knife makes every other knife he owns pale in comparison. He’ll want to bring his gnarly new tactical knife on every adventure whether it’s fishing with his dad or backpacking through the mountains for a few weeks with his buddies.

Show Off His Love of Beer

America Bottle Cap Map

Is your boyfriend really into beer? Some call him a beer snob, but he sure does enjoy trying new brews! One of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend is this kick ass bottle cap map. He can finally show off the many beers he’s tried from all over the country! He will love filling up the sign with various bottle caps over time until he’s completed the map. Even if your boyfriend is the kind of guy who only likes one particular type of beer, he’ll love filling it up until it’s a unique piece of decor in his home bar or kitchen.

Novelty Coasters He’s Sure to Love

Shotgun Shell Coasters Boyfriend Gift Idea

Men enjoy novelty gifts, especially if they’re a humorous or unique take on everyday items. Take these coasters, for example! They’re regular, everyday items that everyone needs, but they’re infinitely cooler because they look like the ends of shotgun shells. It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend is into guns or not, he’ll love these unique coasters because they’re just plain cool! He will love using them in his man cave, hunting lodge, or game room.

The Classic Boyfriend Gift Idea

MVMT Black Watch for Men

Watches are another great go-to gift for guys, especially since they’re perfect for any occasion. Some men like to have a variety of watches to wear with certain outfits, and some like to wear the same watch every single day. Whichever one your boyfriend is, he will certainly be excited about a brand new watch as a gift! A classy black leather watch, such as this one, goes great with most ensembles. Its simple face and gold accents make it ideal for daily wear, but it is definitely nice enough to wear with suits.

Keep His Watches All in One Place

Leather Watch Case

Guys who have an assortment of watches tend to leave them scattered all over their bedside table or dresser. When they want to wear a specific watch for a special occasion, they can usually never find it! Solve your watch lover’s problem with this handsome storage case. Your boyfriend will finally be able to store his time pieces in one convenient place! The leather case will also keep them from getting dusty or falling off the dresser. He can even lock it to prevent anyone else from getting into his prized watches if he wishes.

Even Tom Cruise Would Be Jealous of These Awesome Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Ammo Can Whiskey Set Boyfriend Gift Idea

Have you ever seen a manlier gift set for your boyfriend? He will love every piece in this badass set from the tactical survival knife to the whiskey stones. He’ll definitely enjoy using the glasses and stones for a nice glass of scotch on the rocks while watching Top Gun. Whenever he goes camping, to the shooting range, or to work he will want to use his 30 cal ammo box to store all of his essentials and show it off to his buddies. You can be rest assured that he’ll be prepared for anything thanks to the survival knife. Such a manly gift set is the perfect birthday gift for your man.

Manly Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Flask Gift Set with Pocket Knife

Your boyfriend is a pretty cool guy and you normally know exactly what to get him for the holidays and special occasions. Surprise him with this unique flask gift set that he’ll never expect! The leather-bound flask is perfect for bringing along when he goes camping or over to a buddy’s cookout so that he can enjoy a drink whenever he likes. The pocket knife will become his new go-to with its handsome wooden handle and carbon steel blade. There’s even room inside the gift box to add another gift such as a liquor bottle to fill up the flask or his favorite candy. Plus, the gift box itself is actually a cigar box to store all of his stogies! Your boyfriend will be amazed by everything in this awesome gift set whether you give it to him for Christmas or even his college graduation.

Upgrade His Grilling Tools

Wood Grilling Tools with Custom Case

No matter what time of year it is, your boyfriend loves to grill. He’s braved extreme temps and even cooked through the night if it meant he could have the perfect ribs, steak, or burgers. He’s a master griller, and you love everything he cooks on his trusty grill. One of the best boyfriend gift ideas for him is this set of wooden grilling tools! He will love the professional quality of this three piece set, as well as the handsome wood carrying case they come in. Now, he can bring his trusty tools along with ease when he goes camping or even to the park.


The Ideal Gamer Boyfriend Gift

Power Bank Portable Game

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary gaming console. Actually, it’s a power bank! No, seriously, it’s a power bank for your boyfriend’s phone that he can play over 200 games on. He’ll never be bored again thanks to this amazing gift! This handy little gadget comes with all kinds of classic games such as the original Angry Birds, Donkey Kong, Tetris, and so much more. Even if he’s stuck somewhere without internet, he’ll always have his trusty power bank to keep him entertained. Plus, his phone will always be charged! Can a boyfriend gift idea be any more awesome?

Enjoy a Scotch on the Rocks Together

Engraved Whiskey Glass Set is a Boyfriend Gift Idea

There’s nothing like a romantic dinner, especially with drinks together afterward. You and your boyfriend often enjoy a glass of whiskey or a cocktail after dinner on date nights, but you noticed that he doesn’t have a set of actual rocks glasses or even whiskey stones. The best gift ideas for your boyfriend is this complete three piece whiskey gift set! He’ll love these unique engraved glasses and the set of whiskey stones. Now you two can enjoy a proper scotch on the rocks together without the hassle of ice! After-dinner drinks will be better than ever thanks to your fantastic gifts.

Must-Have Flask

Custom Liquor Flask

Flasks are great accessories to have on hand whether you’re out on the town with friends or on a trip in the wilderness with family. With a flask, you can always have a little bit of your favorite spirit wherever you go. Your boyfriend would love a flask so that he can enjoy a shot of Jameson while fishing or to make his coffee Irish during a weekend getaway. This attractive matte black flask is perfect for him, especially since it’s designed to fit discreetly in any type of pocket. You can give it to him just because or even for his Christmas stocking!

Make His Home Bar Cooler Than Everyone Else’s

Custom Pub Sign

Your boyfriend’s home bar is starting to come together. He’s been attempting to make his extra cool to compete with his friends, so naturally you want to help him out. A custom bar sign is the perfect piece of decor to set his home bar apart from everyone else’s! He’ll love this classic pub-style one as it makes his bar look official. With this unique art as the finishing touch, his friends will be wanting their own custom bar signs to compete with him!

A Classy Gift for a Classy Guy

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

What do you do when you have a boyfriend who says he has everything and doesn’t want a gift for his birthday? You get him a cool upgrade to something he already has, like a new whiskey glass and cigar holder to replace his regular ones! He will absolutely love this awesome glass that holds his stogie for him. His new cigar holder holds up to three stogies of various gauges, and even comes with a cigar cutter, how cool is that? Even the boyfriend who wants nothing will enjoy these awesome gifts.

Every Boyfriend Needs a Leather Jacket

Men's Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a must-have staple in every man's closet. The versatility of a leather jacket is unmatched as they’re great for any style, outfit, or even season! Your boyfriend definitely needs one if he doesn’t have one already, or perhaps the one he has is pretty worn out after having it for years. This stylish moto-style jacket is rather popular and makes your man look extra cool even if he doesn’t actually ride motorcycles.

A New Way for Him to Enjoy Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Glass and Stone Set Boyfriend Gift Idea

Using ice in a glass of whiskey is a thing of the past. No more will your boyfriend have to deal with a watered down drink thanks to this unique whiskey stone set! The large, round stones will ensure that his favorite scotch is perfectly chilled and full-flavored until the very last drop. Since the set comes with two spheres, he can always ensure that there is one in his freezer at all times; that way he can enjoy a glass of chilled bourbon whenever he likes. The double old-fashioned glass is plenty big enough for the spheres even if he wants a cocktail instead of a neat whiskey. His birthday or Christmas is the perfect time to get him this fantastic gift, just make sure you don’t forget a bottle of his favorite whiskey as well!

His Own Poker Set

Personalized Poker Set is a Boyfriend Gift Idea

Going to a friend’s house for a poker game is always fun, but it’s even more fun to host! Your poker-loving boyfriend has been wanting to host a poker night with the guys for some time, but hasn’t gotten around to getting a new chip set. The one he has is pretty old, so surprise him with a brand new personalized set! He will love that the entire set (plus dice for other games!) comes in a handsome leather carrying case. As soon as he gets it, he’ll want to invite the guys over for a game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Help Him Start a Collection

Custom Shadow Box for Collecting

Whether he’s looking for a new hobby to start or needs a proper place to store his collection, a shadow box is the way to go! With this awesome piece of decor, he can show off his prized bottle caps, golf balls, ticket stubs, or just about anything else he wants to collect. He will love filling up the shadow box with more pieces as his collection grows over time. A shadow box is by far one of the most thoughtful boyfriend gift ideas you can give!

The Manliest Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Manly Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Your man is the manliest guy you know. You’ve seen him catch a fish with his bare hands in a river, chop down a tree with just a few swings, and even try the hottest pepper in the world without even breaking a sweat. You struggle to find a gift worthy enough for such a cool guy, but you’re determined to get him something amazing. Look no further than this incredibly manly and awesome ammo can gift set! He will love the vintage-inspired design on the custom double old-fashioned glasses for his nightly glass of bourbon. When he goes hunting or to the shooting range, his trusty new ammo box will be there to carry all of his rounds and range gear for him. The little hatchet is a fun new tool for him to use for yard work and gathering firewood on his outdoor adventures. Seriously, everything in this set is the epitome of manliness and he’s sure to love it all!


A Pair of Awesome Headphones

DJ Headphones

Your boyfriend always manages to break his headphones, so you often have to get him a new pair as a gift. You’re in luck, because this particular pair is designed to be extra durable! Designed with DJs in mind, these incredibly flexible and powerful headphones are meant to deliver the best possible sound wherever he goes. Even if he isn’t a DJ himself, he will appreciate the superior quality of these awesome headphones.

Make Him Feel Like a King

Regal Crest Beer Mug

Your man loves to drink beer, especially at breweries where they serve beer in mugs rather than regular pint glasses. He’s often said that he wants his own beer mugs, but he’s never gotten around to getting them. Make him feel like the king of beer with this German-inspired mug! This hefty piece of glassware is pretty awesome, and not just because it’s huge. The unique design encourages the hops to flow to the top, allowing your boyfriend to thoroughly taste the complex flavors. He will love the regal pewter crest on the glass that’s emblazoned with his initial, proclaiming the mug as his to use and his alone. He’ll feel like a royal every time he has a beer from this awesome glass!

A Fun Game to Play at Parties

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game

Does your boyfriend enjoy hosting BBQs, tailgates, and other types of parties? Then he definitely needs this custom bean bag toss game! An absolute must-have at any party, this timeless game is super easy to play and tons of fun. He can set it up indoors, outdoors, at Christmas with the family, or take it along on a road trip with his bros. He will love playing this classic game at every party he hosts and teaching everyone else how to play. Pretty soon, it’ll become a tradition to have it as his parties!

Unique Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Personalized Glencairn Cigar Accessory Set

Whiskey and cigars go together like wine and cheese. It just isn’t the right experience without both! Your boyfriend enjoys a glass of scotch with his stogie every time he feels like a smoke. One year you got him a bottle of Pappy’s 15 Year Whiskey, last year you got him a nice cigar humidor, but what are you going to get him this year? Something awesome, like this whiskey and cigar lover set! He’ll have the tools he needs for the best glass of whiskey and the best stogie thanks to this set. The Glencairn glasses actually improve the taste and aroma of his whiskey so that he can fully experience the whiskey properly.

The Perfect Piece of Decor for Him

Funny Boyfriend Gift Idea is a Personalized Sign

Have you ever seen a sign that so perfectly describes your man? He’s a suave guy who likes cigars and enjoys being a walking Wikipedia. He’s the kind of guy who knows random facts and interesting tidbits from history that most people don’t think about. This fun sign is a must-have for his home whether he displays it in his home bar, living room, or even his home office. He’ll love showing it off to his friends, who will all agree that it’s the perfect artwork for him.

A Fun Game to Play with Friends

Original Cards Against Humanity Card Game

You’ve definitely played this hilarious game before, but your boyfriend probably doesn’t have his own set! The original Cards Against Humanity is great fun at any gathering with friends and promises hours of hilarity. Your boyfriend will love inviting over new friends to play this amazing card game. There are tons of expansion packs that make fantastic holiday gifts to go with the original game!

Beer Mugs to Enjoy Together

Personalized Beer Mugs Gift Set

There’s nothing like having an ice cold beer with your man while watching your favorite sport on TV! You two love to try new beers together and going on brewery tours, so it only makes sense that you would both enjoy having these personalized mugs! By far one of the most romantic boyfriend gift ideas, you two will never want to drink beer straight from the bottle or can again after trying out these hefty mugs. The large capacity and wide rim allows plenty of room for beer and foam so that you can get just the right amount of beer and flavor every time.

For the Boyfriend Who Loves Movies

Custom Wood Movie Theater Marquee Sign

Is your man always the first one in line at the theater when a new movie comes out? He’s taken you to every new Star Wars film, Marvel movie, Disney reboot, and so many more. You’ve gone to more premieres than anyone else you know! A movie buff like him has always dreamt of his very own home theater, and he probably has it started already. One of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend is this classic movie theater sign! He will love having an official piece of theater decor because it makes his favorite room in the house even more awesome. He’ll want to hang up the sign above his giant TV so that he can admire his new favorite decor every time he sits down to watch something.

A New Way to Enjoy Jack on the Rocks

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Set

Your boyfriend’s favorite drink is Jack Daniels over ice, but he often complains about how quickly the ice melts and waters down his drink. Solve his problem with this unique whiskey glass set! The wedge melts slower than regular ice cubes so that he has more time to enjoy a full-flavored, chilled glass of whiskey. The decanter is perfect for storing his Jack Daniels in between drinks and will awesome on display in his home bar.

Drink Beer the European Way

Engraved Vintage Ceramic Beer Stein

Beer is best served in a mug or a stein. Your boyfriend has always wanted his own beer stein, but they’re hard to come by these days. Not anymore! Surprise him with this hand-painted ceramic beer stein, which is designed to resemble the original beer steins that have been used in Germany since the 14th century. This beautiful beer stein is perfect for a beer during a movie or a game as the natural coolness of the ceramic will keep his beer cooler for much longer than it would in a normal glass.


The Ultimate Men’s Body Care Gift Set

Complete Skincare Gift Bundle

You want your boyfriend to look good, smell good, and feel good, so it’s only natural that a body care gift set would be on your mind. Forget the basic sets of all-in-one shampoos, your guy needs quality products! The natural skin care kit put together this incredible gift set of just about everything he needs from cleansers to moisturizing balms. Seriously, he’ll be set for a while with all of his body care needs after you present him with this amazing set.

His Own Whiskey Label on a Rocks Glass

Engraved Whiskey Label Glass is a Boyfriend Gift Idea

Guys who are into whiskey all have the same dream: having their very own whiskey brand that’s as popular as Jack Daniels! You might not be able to get him a distillery or buy him everything he needs to start making whiskey, but you can certainly create a custom label for him on a unique rocks glass. This awesome whiskey glass is customizable so that you can create a truly one-of-a-kind design that no one else in the world will have. Who knows? Your thoughtful gift might actually inspire him to get into distilling!

A Place to Keep His Stogies Safe

Custom Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter

Whenever your boyfriend brings his stogies along to guys’ night, he tends to put them in a Ziploc bag and keep them in his pocket. Naturally, they get crushed, and his cigars get ruined. Make sure his favorite stogies stay safe and secure with this durable cigar holder! It can hold up to three stogies and even comes with a handy cigar cutter. The stainless steel ensures that his cigars don’t get crushed in his pocket and stay fresh. Guys’ nights will be great again thanks to your awesome gift!

The Ultimate Beer Lover Gift

Personalized Beer Lover Gift Set

The best gift ideas for a boyfriend who loves beer is, of course, beer, but you could do one better and get him this gift set as well! He will love bringing the growler to his favorite brewery so that he can fill it up with plenty of his new favorite brew to enjoy at home. The pint glass will surely become his new go-to glass for every beer, and his new trusty bottle opener will be there to crack it open for him! He can even use the wooden gift box to store all kinds of things such as a bottle cap collection, his various bottle openers, or just about any kind of keepsakes. Such an incredible beer gift is perfect for your anniversary or his birthday!

The Perfect Gift Idea for the Boyfriend Who Cooks

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Is your beau the kind of guy who enjoys experimenting with flavors in every dish he makes? He loves cooking and baking, trying new recipes all the time, and improving upon his favorites. Naturally, he’s probably got a cutting board already, but it’s starting to look a little worn. Surprise him with a new personalized bamboo cutting board for Valentine’s Day or his birthday! He will love the smooth, lightweight, easy-to-clean bamboo. He can use the handy cutting board to chop, dice, and prepare all kinds of ingredients with it for every meal of the day. Don’t forget to get the board oil to keep it smooth and clean!

Manly Flowers He Will Love

Beef Jerky Bouquet

Guys don’t usually like getting flowers, but your boyfriend will be overjoyed and amused when you present him with this amazing beef jerky bouquet! That’s right, the adorable flowers are made of beef jerky. How cool is that? This unique boyfriend gift idea is perfect for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, and he’ll want to get one every year. The bouquet even comes with a vase that doubles as a pint glass!

A Unique Way to Show Off His Favorite Beers

Bottle Cap Brewery Sign

Is he more of a beer lover who enjoys trying new kinds of brews? Forget a brewing kit or a tour of a local brewery, you can do so much better than that. Surprise him with this unique piece of decor that allows him to show off the bottle caps of his top 35 beers! He will love placing the bottle cap in his cool new sign and filling it up over time to create a one-of-a-kind bottle cap collection. The sign is the perfect piece of decor for his home bar, man cave, or even the kitchen.

The Best Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Tumbler Flask Set is a Boyfriend Gift Idea

When it comes to buying gifts for your boyfriend, you know exactly what he likes. You always get him the best gifts for every occasion, and this year is no exception! Your boyfriend will love this unique three piece gift set. The insulated stainless steel tumbler will keep his coffee piping hot for up to 6 hours or his ice water chilled for up to 24 hours. When he feels like a drink, his trusty flask will be at his side. Plus, the new pocket knife will go everywhere with him! He’ll love everything in this awesome gift set whether you give it to him for Christmas, your anniversary, or even his birthday.


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