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Article: 23 Must-See Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends He Won't See Coming

23 Must-See Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends He Won't See Coming

23 Must-See Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends He Won't See Coming

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Christmas is a romantic and fun holiday for couples, but boyfriends can be so hard to shop for because gifts are the one thing they have a hard time coming up with. We picked out must-see Christmas gifts for boyfriends like personalized gift sets for his hobbies, luxury glassware to spruce up his place, and home decor that helps entertain friends and family. When looking through this list you need to consider a few things: What Christmas gifts can I give that will surprise him? What are the latest technology gadgets that my boyfriend will like? What kind of unique gifts can I give him? Don’t worry, these are the best unique Christmas gifts for boyfriends he won’t see coming this holiday season.

Ammo Can Gift Set

Ammo Can Gift Set for Men

Your boyfriend is a legendary man and the best way to declare it is not through social media, but through a really awesome personalized gift set. This ammo can gift set is the perfect Christmas gift for him, especially if he’s a whiskey drinker and enjoys shooting or the outdoors. The engraved ammunition can is a genuine military-grade storage container that is perfect for storing ammo, fishing gear, camping equipment, and more. The two of you can share a couple of drinks after Christmas dinner with the cool whiskey glasses and have legendary toasts. Gifts sets like this one make the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends who are hard to buy for because sets have multiple gifts in one that he is sure to love.

Beer Gift Set for Two

Beer Gift Set

If your boyfriend loves beer, then this is the perfect Christmas gift for him: 2 personalized glass beer mugs and an engraved bottle opener. Your boyfriend can share a couple of drinks with you or a friend with these awesome beer mugs and never be without a bottle opener ever again thanks to this thoughtful set. He’ll want to have a beer right away after opening this set on Christmas day, so make sure you have his favorite kind on hand.

Man Cave Sign

Man Cave Sign

Does your boyfriend have a place in his home that he often calls his “Man Cave” or has always wanted one? Make his man cave official with this awesome personalized sign. It’s important for men to have a place of sanctuary to hang out with their buddies, and this sign is a great way to encourage it. Your boyfriend will never expect a man cave sign from you this Christmas, so it’ll be a great surprise! You can customize the sign with your boyfriend’s name, a year, and a line of text of your choosing. You could have the line say something like “Good Beer, Good Times” or “Bring Your Own Beer.” This handsome sign will look great wherever he hangs it or displays it on a table. Custom signs make awesome Christmas gifts for boyfriends because he could always use a new piece of decor in his home, especially one as cool as this man cave sign.

Incredible Globe Decanter Set

Globe Decanter Set

If your boyfriend likes to travel, drink whiskey, unique glassware, or all of the above, then he’ll love this incredible decanter set. This Christmas, he’ll never see such an amazing gift coming! This set has an awesome decanter that is etched with a detailed map of Earth that rotates like a real globe, but that’s not the coolest part. Inside the decanter is a beautiful glass-blown ship! This unique detail appears to “sail” through the liquor inside, making a cool decoration and conversation piece. The decanter comes with a wooden base to rest on along with 2 matching whiskey glasses that are also etched with the map of the world. Your boyfriend will be awestruck by the grandeur of this awesome set and will immediately want to fill it up with his favorite rum or bourbon to try it out on Christmas Day. This set will add a worldly and sophisticated touch to any room he chooses to display it in. Unique drinkware such as this decanter set make amazing Christmas presents for boyfriends who indulge in the occasional drink or appreciate decorative glassware. Talk about an impressive Christmas gift idea for him!

Custom Flask for Boyfriend

Custom Liquor Flask for Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend often saying that he wish he had a drink right now when you’re at a concert or on an outdoor trip? With this cool flask, he can bring his favorite spirit with him to have a shot the next time you two go camping or hiking. The handsome matte black flask is engraved with an initial for a personal touch. These flasks are specially designed to fit in most pockets whether he's wearing jeans, cargo shorts, or even a tuxedo. After this Christmas, your boyfriend will always be prepared thanks to this cool flask.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Set

If your boyfriend is a gamer, then he knows that virtual reality is the hottest thing this year. Give him the gift of the best gaming experience in his life this Christmas with the incredible Oculus Rift. This amazing VR set hooks up to his computer and has hundreds of games both single and multiplayer that he can play. The set comes with 6 free games to get his gameplay started and you can give him new games the following Valentine’s Day or for his birthday to build his collection. He will love this advanced way of gaming and watching movies, and you will too! Game-related gifts are the easiest Christmas presents for boyfriends who like to play video games in their leisure because they keep them entertained and happy.

Stainless Steel Beer Set for the Boyfriend Who Loves Beer

Beer Set for the Boyfriend Who Loves Beer

Beer should always be served cold, and your boyfriend is always complaining about how he can never bring his beer with him when he goes traveling outdoors and keep it cold in a convenient way. This holiday season, you’re going to solve his problem with this stainless steel insulated beer set! The set comes with a double walled beer growler that will hold 64 ounces of his favorite beer and keep it cold all day long. The set also includes 2 double walled pint glasses so that even poured, his beer is fresh and cold as he drinks. All three items in the set are also engraved with his initials for a permanent personal touch that will last for years. Now your boyfriend can have ice cold beer everywhere he goes with this durable and insulated set. He’ll never expect a gift so awesome that it keeps on giving, making this Christmas the best yet. Travel Christmas gifts for boyfriends on the go are the best because it makes their trips a little easier and more fun.


The Vaportini: A New Way for Your Boyfriend to Drink


If you want to give your boyfriend something really cool and unique, the Vaportini is a revolutionary way of drinking that he’ll never see coming this holiday season. The Vaportini is a clever invention that vaporizes alcohol and lets him inhale alcohol rather than drink it. The vapors enhance the aromas and flavors of any liquor he chooses and it will be absorbed directly into his bloodstream, making him feel the effects immediately. Because of the quick buzz, the Vaportini is a way to encourage more responsible drinking and less consumption. Your boyfriend will love this cool new toy and will want you and all of his friends to try it. With the Vaportini, this Christmas celebration and every party afterward will be both more fun and responsible than ever before!

Custom Spiegelau Glasses for Boyfriends Who Love Stout Beer

Custom Beer Glasses for Boyfriends Who Love Stout Beer

Does your boyfriend enjoy stout beer? Then he needs the right glassware to fully enjoy it! These Spiegelau glasses are specially crafted to aerate the beer so that every hint of flavor can be tasted. This is achieved through the wide bulb and rounded base of the glass. He will love these two personalized glasses to share a dark roast brew with you or a friend. Both glasses are personalized with three lines of text of your choice. You could include his name and a phrase like “Beer Aficionado” or “Beer Legend.” Starting this Christmas, your boyfriend will experience his favorite type of beer in a whole new way thanks to these unique glasses.

Extra Large Wine Glass for Boyfriends Who Like Wine

Giant Stemless Wine Glass for Boyfriends Who Like Wine

If your boyfriend prefers wine to liquor, then he needs a wine glass that can hold as much wine as he wants. This extra large stemless wine glass is engraved with his name and initial and holds an entire bottle of wine! He won’t even need to refill this colossal glass after a particularly long day. Wine glasses are the perfect gifts for boyfriends who would rather uncork a new bottle of cabernet than pop open a cold beer. You could throw in a bottle of his favorite wine to make it a complete gift that he can use right away at Christmas dinner.

Beer Subscription - A Boyfriend Gift That Keeps on Giving

Beer Subscription

Don’t know what to get your boyfriend this Christmas? How about a subscription box of his favorite drink? This awesome beer subscription has five different kinds of boxes: microbrew, U.S. and international variety beer, hoppy beers, international beers, and the rare beers. With the exception of the rare beer box, the subscriptions come with twelve bottles of beer that comes from various breweries and are different types. He will love getting his monthly subscription and trying the awesome variety of brews. Subscription boxes are some of the best Christmas presents for boyfriends because they keep on giving and it gives him something fun to look forward to each month. If he finds a new favorite beer, you can get him a case every gift-giving occasion as an extra special gift.

Bottle Cap Shadow Box

Custom Shadow Box

Does your boyfriend like to collect bottle caps or has always wanted to start? This Christmas, give him a cool shadow box to store his collection. This unique way of showing off a collection unique and fun as either a wall decoration or on a table. Anywhere he chooses to display his bottle caps will be a colorful and interesting addition. This shadow box even has his name on it along with a cool beer graphic featuring the many kinds of beer. Your boyfriend can start his collection this Christmas or move his collection to the shadow box rather than using an old tupperware container.

Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Boyfriends who enjoy whiskey, bourbon, rum, or cognac will love this awesome decanter box set. This set comes with a liquor decanter, 4 glasses, and a handsome wooden gift box. Each item in this set is engraved his full name and initial. When he opens this amazing gift set on Christmas Day, he’ll want to pour a round of drinks for everyone. He can keep this elegant set on display as classy decor or store it in the gift box. The sturdy wooden gift box can be used to store various items such as Christmas cards, photographs, liquor bottles, or even ties as a unique keepsake box. Gift sets such as this one are really great Christmas gifts for boyfriends who appreciate nice glassware.

Globe Bar

Globe Bar

If your boyfriend enjoys a taste of luxury every now and then, this gorgeous globe will be the most expensive-looking decor in his home this holiday season. But this awesome globe isn’t just decorative, it’s also a liquor cabinet/bar! He can store glasses and bottles of wine or liquor both at the base of the stand or inside the beautiful globe. This amazing globe bar is perfect for entertaining as it can be moved from room to room or as a lovely pit stop after dinner. The bar will look gorgeous anywhere in your boyfriend’s home and make him feel like James Bond himself this Christmas.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Does your boyfriend enjoy cooking? Is he the kind of cook who likes to experiment with flavors? Then you should get him this awesome hot sauce making kit for Christmas! He can make six different kinds of his own hot sauce to spice up his dishes. The kit has everything he needs: various spices and peppers like cayenne and chipotle, brown sugar, apple cider, white vinegar, six bottles and lids, six customizable labels, a funnel, a pair of gloves, a bottle of sanitizer, and an instruction booklet with suggested recipes. DIY kits like this one are the best Christmas gifts for men who like to try new things because they can put their own unique twist on something like hot sauce or invent something entirely new to share with everyone. Food-related Christmas gifts for boyfriends are always great ideas, but something as unique as this DIY hot sauce kit will be a fun surprise.

Bamboo Cutting Board for the Boyfriend Who Cooks

Custom Bamboo Cutting Board for the Boyfriend Who Cooks

If your boyfriend is a professional or home chef, this beautiful bamboo cutting board will be a thoughtful addition to his kitchen. This cutting board is engraved with an elegant initial in the corner and made of the finest bamboo so that he can chop, season, or dice with mess-free ease. If he’s in charge of making Christmas dinner, then this will be a lovely gift for him to open that morning and put to use right away. Your boyfriend will love having a nice cutting board to work on instead of making a mess of his countertops.

Beer Tap Handle for the Boyfriend Who Brews

Custom Tap Handle for Home Brewers

Does your boyfriend like to brew his own beer at home or have a keg on hand at all times? Then he needs a beer tap handle to make his home bar official! This wooden handle is personalized with two lines of text in your choice of font as well as a choice of symbol at the bottom. You could have it say something like “Jack’s Brewing Company est. 2018,” “Ben’s Craft Beer,” or something even more personal like a trademark phrase of his. The tap handle is easy to install and use and will make your boyfriend feel like a bartender. Tap handles are great for entertaining, such as beer tasting parties or guys’ night. He won’t expect such a cool gift this Christmas! Beer tap handles are some of the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends who like to brew their own beer at home, have a kegerator on hand, or are aspiring home brewers.

Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

Cigar Holding Glass

If your boyfriend is a classy guy who enjoys cigars and whiskey, then you should get him this awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass this Christmas. This revolutionary glass is designed with a special indentation that perfectly holds his favorite stogies so that he can have a smoke and a drink all in one neat package. The glass is even engraved with his initials for a personal, classy touch. He’ll never see this awesome gift coming this Christmas, but make sure you give him some stogies and a bottle of jack to make it a complete gift. This awesome glass is one of the coolest Christmas gifts your boyfriend will ever get!


Beer Cap Brewery Sign

Beer Cap Brewery Sign

Is your boyfriend an aspiring home brewer or has his own home bar? Then he’ll love this awesome brewery sign. Personalized with his name and doubles as a beer cap collection, this custom sign will make his bar official. He’ll be so surprised when he unwraps this sign on Christmas Day because of how cool this bar sign is. You should pair this sign with a mixed six-pack of his favorite craft beers to get his bottle cap collection started to make this one of the best Christmas presents for your boyfriend.

Shot and Chaser 2-in-1 Glasses

Jager Bomb Shot and Chaser Glasses

If your boyfriend likes to take shots with his friends but they’re never fast enough with the chasers, give him these awesome 2-in-1 glasses that hold both the shot and the chaser all in one glass. The unique shape of these glasses ensures that the two stay separated, but still go down with ease. No more cringing from the initial shot and desperately grasping for the chaser! These glasses will be a hit at every party your boyfriend has and everyone will want to try them. This set of two glasses are engraved with a single initial and will make awesome surprise Christmas gifts for the boyfriend this year. These glasses are the perfect size for stocking stuffers and can easily be gifted with a few bottles of his favorite liquors and chasers.

Sports Fan Gift Set

NFL Gift Box

Every guy has a sport he is incredibly passionate about and you know he loves to show off his love of the game. Give your boyfriend the ultimate sports fan gift this holiday season with this mystery box of NFL gear from his favorite football team! Be the perfect girlfriend by getting these unique autographs from players across the league as a unique Christmas gift for your boyfriend this year!

Personalized Hatchet

Engraved Hatchet

If your boyfriend is an outdoorsman that likes to do yard work and go camping, then a great gift he won’t see coming this Christmas is this handsome personalized hatchet. As everyone learned from reading The Hatchet, this is an incredibly useful tool that has multiple purposes. It’s a must-have tool in every man’s arsenal as it can be used to chop wood, clear brush, do yard work, and more. The beautiful black blade is engraved with his name as well as a title and date if you wish. Hatchets are great for camping and fishing if your boyfriend likes to go on outdoor adventures with you or friends, so he’ll love this awesome and unique Christmas present.

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set for Him

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set for Boyfriend

Gifts sets are always good Christmas gifts for boyfriends, especially themed ones like this whiskey gift set. The set contains a wooden gift box, a rocks glass, bottle opener, flip-top lighter, and a stainless steel hip flask. The gift box and glass are all engraved with 3 lines of text of your choosing with the option to engrave the flask as well. You could engrave it with something like his name or a phrase like “Chris’s Whiskey,” “To Max, Merry Christmas 2018,” or “Kyle. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” The options are endless, so be creative! Your boyfriend will have a new favorite rocks glass to enjoy his favorite bourbon in and have a flask to bring it with him on the go. He’ll also have a new bottle opener since he’s always misplacing them and a flip-top lighter to light a cigar with. He can even use the gift box as a custom storage box for small keepsakes such as photos or cigars. He’ll never see this awesome gift set coming on Christmas Day and will treasure each item within it for years to come.


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