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Article: 17 Astonishing 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

17 Astonishing 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

17 Astonishing 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Celebrate 2 Years Together With These 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 730 days since you and your man made it official. You remember your 1st anniversary like it was yesterday! Finding 2 year anniversary gifts for him that top last year’s can be a challenge. You want to get him a really nice gift that shows how amazing the second year of your relationship has been while also getting him something he’ll actually enjoy. Now that you’ve had another year together, you have a much better idea about what kind of things he likes. However, we are here to help you get gifts so good that he'll be excited to see what you'll do for other milestones, like with his 5 year anniversary gift! But before you get there, we've got you covered for your 2nd anniversary. While the traditional 2 year anniversary gifts are cotton and china, your guy would prefer something a little more practical.

An Exquisite Decanter Set is a Luxurious 2 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set for 2 Year Anniversary Gift

Whether you’ve been married for two years or you’ve been dating for two years, you certainly have better ideas on what to get your man for this anniversary than your first! For example, you know that your man enjoys whiskey, and you often have a glass with him after dinner. What’s a better 2 year anniversary gift for him than a three piece decanter set? The gorgeous crystal decanter will look amazing in the home bar, home office, living room, or really anywhere he chooses to display it. The hefty glasses are plenty big and sturdy enough for double scotches or Whiskey Sours. He’ll absolutely love the entire set, especially as it is personalized just for him. Now you two can enjoy your after-dinner drinks in style like true whiskey connoisseurs!

Give His Home Bar a Rustic Vibe

Custom Wooden Saloon Sign

Over the last two years, you’ve come to realize that your man loves his home bar. It’s his favorite place to hang out in the house and it looks awesome, but it’s missing something. You haven’t been able to put your finger on it, and he’s convinced that it has everything it needs from bar stools to tap handles. What about a proper bar sign? No? Then a personalized bar sign is one of the best 2 year gifts for him! He’ll love the timeless saloon design and how it ties his whole home bar together. He will love that you made it uniquely for him!

Make Him Feel Like a Legend On Your Anniversary

Manly Beer Anniversary Gifts for Him

Your husband or boyfriend is your hero. He is the man you look up to, who’s always there for you, and you want to show him how awesome of a guy he is. Look no further than this incredibly manly and cool ammo can set! From the pint glasses to the tactical survival knife, every piece in this set is just as cool as he is. He will want to bring the ammo can everywhere, to the range or to his annual camping trip with his buddies just so that he can show it off. Every time he uses the pieces in this set, he’ll feel cooler than Chuck Norris. All of his friends who see this gift set will wish they had a partner like you! And in fact, this is so good, he'd love seeing this kind of gift set again when you're shipping for 3 year anniversary gifts for him.

A Timeless Game to Enjoy for Your 2nd Anniversary and Every Anniversary Afterward

Custom Wood Bean Bag Toss Game

One of the most thoughtful 2 year anniversary gifts for him is something he enjoys, of course, but also something that you two can enjoy together for years to come. A custom bean bag toss game is a fun game that you two can play together, with friends, and family! He will love playing this classic game indoors, outdoors, and year-round with all of his favorite people. If you have children, you can teach them to play too as bean bag toss is easy for all ages. The boards are even specially coated with a UV-resistant protectant that will ensure the design lasts for many years!

Beer For Two

Engraved Set of Two Beer Mugs for Two Year Anniversary

Beer can just as romantic to drink together as wine, and you and your man love beer! You two enjoy the same kinds and love going to breweries together for tours and tastings. It would only make sense if you got your husband or boyfriend a set of beer mugs that the two of you can enjoy together for your two year anniversary gift! He will love these handsome personalized mugs, which are plenty hefty enough for any and all kinds of beer. The thick glass will help insulate your drinks so that you can enjoy them throughout dinner without them getting warm. Plus, you can never have too many bottle openers!


A Traditional 2 Year Anniversary Gift: A Cotton Bathrobe

Plush Cotton Robe Traditional 2 Year Anniversary Gift

Besides the boring set of sheets and weird art made from cotton, you’re pretty limited on traditional cotton anniversary gifts that your man would actually like. How about a bathrobe? Guys love cozy bathrobes as much as women do, and this incredibly plush velour robe is made of 100% cotton. Your husband will wear this thing at all times around the house, especially when the weather gets colder. He’ll be so comfy and relaxed thanks to your wonderfully creative 2 year anniversary gift for him!

His Own Poker Set

Personalized Leather Poker Set

After being together for two years, you’ve become familiar with your man’s routine. Every Thursday, he goes to a buddy’s house for poker night. You’ve gone with him and joined the game a couple of times, but it’s not really your thing. He’s often expressed the desire for his own poker set so that he can host the weekly game, and now he can! As a 2 year anniversary gift, surprise him with this personalized poker set! It comes with everything he needs from four colors of chips, two decks of cards, and even a couple of dice for other games all encased in a handsome faux leather carrying case. His friends will be so jealous of his fancy new poker set that they’ll want to use it every time, even if it’s not his turn to host!

A Gift Set with All of His Favorite Things

Whiskey gift set

For your first anniversary, you really struggled with finding your guy the right gift. He has a great many interests and hobbies. This year, you have a better idea of what he enjoys: all kinds of beer, any liquor, and a quality stogie now and then. This awesome gift set is the perfect 2 year anniversary gift for him because it has a little bit of all of his favorite things! When he wants a cocktail or a glass of straight whiskey, he’ll reach first for his new personalized rocks glass. On the go, his flask will always be on hand with a few ounces of his favorite liquor. Or if he feels like a beer, the nickel-plated bottle opener will be there for him. He’ll also love having a new lighter for his smokes! Bonus: the wooden gift box can be reused to store anything he likes from tools to keepsakes. This gift set will top last year’s gift for sure!

For the Classy Man Who Loves His Cigars

2 Year Anniversary Cigar Gifts

Your guy is a classy, charismatic gentleman who loves to smoke a cigar every once and a while as a treat. He’s got an average ashtray, sure, but does he have a beautiful monogrammed marble ashtray that doubles as a unique piece of decor? No? Then get him this gift set for your 2 year anniversary! He’ll also enjoy having a rocks glass that holds his stogie for him, freeing up a hand to hold a book or his phone. As soon as he sees this incredible gift set, he’ll want to show it off to his friends immediately and you’ll be voted the best girlfriend or wife of the year for sure.

Romantic Wine Gift Set

Shadowbox wine gift set

Speaking of romantic drinks together, if you’re more of a wine couple then this is the set you need! You two will love the large stemless wine glasses as they are great for red or white wine and can hold a pretty good amount. The handy corkscrew multi tool will make sure that you never have to choose liquor over wine when you can’t find the corkscrew ever again. After uncorking, you can drop the cork inside the shadow box and start a collection! Have you ever seen a more romantic 2 year anniversary gift?

Ultimate Game Night Set

Whiskey and Poker Gift Set

Do you and your man enjoy playing card games together? You’ve taught each other classic card games such as Blackjack, Blitz, and Le Truc, and even enjoy the occasional dice games like Farkle and Craps. Make your game nights even better (and portable!) with this ultimate gift set for your 2 year anniversary! He will love the convenient travel case that holds the two decks of cards and a set of dice. You two will enjoy using the rocks glasses, too, for a glass of whiskey to sip on throughout or make a game into a drinking game. He’ll certainly enjoy the cigar case set, too, which allows him to bring his favorite stogies everywhere he goes. All in all, this set is one of the coolest 2 year anniversary gifts that you can enjoy together!

A Unique Cotton Anniversary Gift You Will Love Too

Cotton Free Standing Hammock

Your guy isn’t really into home decor or clothing as a gift, so what are you going to give him for your cotton anniversary? A cotton hammock of course! The two of you will love snuggling up on this comfy hammock to look at the clouds on a beautiful summer day or curl up with a book in the evening. This amazing gift is sure to last for years, and your husband will love using it all the time!

Nothing Like a Warm Glass of Cognac

Custom Cognac and Cigar Gift Set for 2 Year Anniversary

On most date nights, you two like to have a drink together after dinner by the fire. Sometimes it’s whiskey, sometimes wine, and sometimes it’s cognac! The latter is best for colder weather, but it’s always a good drink. Why not make your romantic drinks even better on your 2nd anniversary with this custom cognac and cigar gift set? He will love having cognac glasses and a proper set of cigar tools to make him feel like a classy connoisseur. You can pick out a couple of his favorite brand of stogies and put them in the wooden storage box as an additional gift. He will want to try out the set immediately after opening his anniversary gift, so make sure you have a bottle of Hennessey or his favorite cognac on hand too!


The Best Way to Travel in Style

Large Duffle Weekender Bag

Whether he's hitting the gym, packing for a romantic weekend getaway, or just needs a cool carry-all, this duffle bag has got him covered. He'll dig the rugged look and durability, and every time he uses it, he'll think of you. Perfect for the dude on the go, hel'll surely appreciate this duffle bag to carry all of his essentials no matter where the day takes him.

The Manliest 2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Ammo Can Set with Hatchet and Whiskey Glasses

Your sweetheart is a manly man who loves to show off his prowess. You’ve seen him pull a tree stump out of the ground with his bare hands once, and he often carries all of the groceries in one trip. That’s pretty impressive, so show how much you love him and his manliness with an equally amazing and manly gift set for your anniversary! From the custom rocks glasses and whiskey stones to the hatchet, he’ll feel like the coolest guy in the world. You two can enjoy a nice glass of chilled bourbon after he uses the brand new hatchet to trim all of the trees in the yard with ease. The ammo can will come in handy in a variety of situations as it can be used to store tools, ammo, or even food thanks to its military-grade metal and watertight seal.

Comfy Cotton Shirts for Practical 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him

When in doubt, guys can always use more clothes. They don’t like shopping for clothes themselves, so they usually don’t get new ones until what they have is ruined beyond repair. For your 2nd anniversary, get him a traditional cotton gift that’s also super useful: a set of cotton T-shirts! Now he’ll have new must-have shirts to wear at home, under work shirts, and out and about on the weekends. This set is by far one of the most useful and thoughtful 2 year anniversary gifts for him!

A Proper Whiskey and Cigar Set

Customized Glencairn Cigar Box Set

For the two years you’ve been together, you’ve noticed that your man really enjoys whiskey and cigars. He loves learning about the ingredients in each whiskey, trying new kinds of stogies, and has even joined a local whiskey tasting club with his friends from the cigar lounge! Show him how much you care about him and his hobbies with his own whiskey and cigar gift set for your 2 year anniversary! The Glencairn glasses are considered the whiskey glass because they were designed to deliver the most delicious and aromatic experience every time. He will love using the set to hold his own whiskey tastings and displaying the awesome decanter on his home bar. Thanks to your thoughtful anniversary gift, he’ll feel like a whiskey expert!


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