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Article: Get Creative with These 17 Custom Anniversary Gifts

Get Creative with These 17 Custom Anniversary Gifts

Get Creative with These 17 Custom Anniversary Gifts

Find Your Perfect Custom Anniversary Gifts Here!

Whether this is your first or fiftieth anniversary, the pressure to find a good gift is always the same. You want to find something that will blow your spouse away and make them feel as loved as the day you two first started your relationship. That is where custom anniversary gifts come in! A gift that has been customized, engraved, or personalized in any way is sure to show your spouse that you took a lot of time and effort to find them the perfect gift for this anniversary! However, we haven’t just found great custom or engraved anniversary gift ideas, we have found epic gifts and gift ideas that get even better when you make them personalized! Make this the best anniversary yet with a set of custom anniversary gifts!

Custom Anniversary Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine Set of Custom Anniversary Gifts

Start your search for custom anniversary gifts off right with this unique wine decanter gift set. After all, what anniversary doesn’t need a quality glass of wine? There is nothing like toasting to a glorious year together with a glass of wine. This set also makes that glass extra-special. Instead of the same old taste, the decanter oxidizes the wine, making your go-to wine taste better than ever before. What makes this gift great is that you and your spouse can use this set year-round for special occasions, dinners, or even just because!

Magnificent Monogrammed Gift Set

Whiskey Presentation Set is an Engraved Anniversary Gift

One of the best anniversary gift ideas you can get is something that you can use the night of your anniversary. Take this engraved presentation set for example, it is perfect for enjoying a few drinks before going out to dinner or for indulging when the two of you have called it a night. You’ll both feel so classy when you’re at home enjoying drinks from a gift set that’ll have you feeling like you’re at the most boujee bar in town!

An Engraved Anniversary Gift Box

Wine Presentation Gift Box

A great gift for anniversaries is always a bottle of wine; however, you want to make this occasion more special and memorable than just a fancy bottle. That is why you need this wine presentation set as your engraved anniversary gift! Inside, the bottle will be gently cradled in cloth while the lid carries all the accessories you and your spouse will need to enjoy such a fantastic bottle of wine. You can even use the presentation box as the perfect storage for a bottle for your next big occasion, talk about a great personalized anniversary gift!

Personalized Decanter Gift Set

Custom Decanter Gift Set

There are few things better than an anniversary gift that you get to enjoy with the love of your life over and over again. This personalized decanter gift set is the perfect gift for the two of you to have nightly drinks with dinner or nightcaps together. With your shared last name and initial on each piece of the set, it’ll feel like the most personal and sentimental time you get to share with your spouse. To make this an even better gift you could even add in a bottle of Buffalo Trace or Woodford Reserve to the gift so the two of you can enjoy it right away!

The Manliest Set of Roses

Bacon Rose Anniversary Gift Box

Everyone has seen the standard flowers for an anniversary, but when you’re shopping for your husband, you know a normal bouquet simply won’t do. Instead, get him this awesome ManlyManCo set of chocolate bacon roses. He’ll love the smokey bacon combined with the sweet chocolate, making this surely an anniversary gift that he’ll never forget. You even get to add a custom message on a card in the style of beef jerky which will be far cooler than any normal store-bought card you could find locally!

A Personalized Sign for Anniversaries

Personalized Anniversary Sign

Whether the two of you have a small liquor corner, are aspiring wine aficionados, or already have a full-on wine cellar, this sign is the perfect engraved anniversary gift! It comes with your anniversary year and last name on it. It is the perfect touch to feel like the connoisseur of fine wine you and your spouse have always felt like. And if you have this combined with one of the wine gifts from earlier, it would be hard to argue that you and your spouse don’t deserve your new wine title!


Classy, Custom Anniversary Gifts

Twist Whiskey Glass Set of Custom Anniversary Gifts

This personalized twist whiskey glass box set is sure to make your anniversary night feel classier than either of you anticipated, especially when you break out the bourbon, scotch, or whiskey. The twist is as elegant as her dress on your wedding day, while the glass itself still retains the stout classic appearance of a rocks glass. Whether you use this for a cocktail before a night out or as a nightcap, the two of you are sure to love using your new whiskey anniversary gift as often as possible.

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Engraved Anniversary Bamboo Cutting Board

The very best custom anniversary gifts do more than be awesome. They bring the couple together. With this custom bamboo cutting board, they’ll be spending more time than ever cooking and preparing meals together in the kitchen. Even when they’re not using the bamboo board for slicing and dicing, it makes a wonderful piece of decor for the kitchen or it can even be used as a charcuterie board when they have guests over.

A Gift to Remember Every Good Time

Unique Shadow Box for Anniversary

If there is one thing that is important to all couples, it is the memories. After all, that is what the two of you share together—reminiscing on old times. Make bringing up those old times in conversation easier than ever with a custom shadow box. Now, you and your spouse can display the best of times inside the glass and wooden case. From ticket stubs to wine corks to cute handwritten notes, anything the both of you love can easily fit inside!

Map Out Your Relationship

Star Map Anniversary Gift

The night the two of you met, clearly, the stars were aligned in your favor. Keep that good luck with you with one of the most sentimental anniversary gifts, this star map! Simply enter the date the two of you met or got married and this map will come out as an exact replica of the night sky from the best evening of both of your lives!

A Useful Engraved Anniversary Gift Set

Coaster Set is an Engraved Anniversary Gift

Anniversary gifts don’t always have to be some crazy elaborate gift that can only be used once a year (if that). Sometimes, something practical is just what you need. Make sure that you and your spouse are able to celebrate your anniversary each time you have a drink with these engraved marble and wood coasters. Now, you may even have a smile come to your face when you’re having your morning coffee and see both your names and of course, that special date.

Creative & Custom Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Personalized Wine Barrel and Glass Gift Set

Gift the love of your life an engraved anniversary gift like they’ve never seen before with this wine barrel toolset with a set of matching personalized wine tumblers. They’ll love the convenience and uniqueness of a miniature wine barrel that holds everything they need to open, aerate, and save a bottle of wine that will surely be enjoyed on their anniversary night! This set looks so good, you know they won’t want to use it for just anniversary dinners either. In fact, they’ll surely want this set left out on the counter or home bar all the time.

A Fandom Gift with Force

Unique Star Wars Popcard

Get creative with your anniversary gift with this unique Star Wars popup card! Leave the Hallmark cards on the shelves, instead make them feel like you spent weeks looking for the ideal card with one that has your handwritten message on it as your favorite Star Wars heroes are shown narrowly escaping the explosion of the Death Star.

One of the Best Anniversary Gifts in the World

Custom Anniversary Globe Decanter Set

A globe decanter is the ideal gift for all couples, old or young. While you two celebrate another year together, you can reminisce on places you’ve lived, plan new and exciting travel adventures, and more! It doesn’t hurt either that you’ll each be enjoying a glass of whiskey or your favorite cocktail either.

Throw in This Engraved Anniversary Gift Idea

Personalized Cornhole Bag

While flowers, chocolates, and a fancy dinner tend to be the norm for many, you want creative and custom anniversary gifts, which is exactly why you need this cornhole gift set in your life! With this set, you and your spouse can have a blast outside challenging each other to a game of bags. Better still, this is great for when you host parties or get-togethers where everyone will be clamoring to get a turn!

Rustic Tree Sign for Anniversaries

Rustic Lovers Sign

Get your spouse a fantastic rustic gift that fits any home aesthetic with this tree sign. Perfect for couples or the whole family celebrating their anniversary, they can have their initials and a date personalized on the tree, just like if they had carved them in a living tree themselves!

Unique Gift Set for Wine Lovers

Wine Tumbler Set of Custom Anniversary Gifts

Your anniversary is the perfect time to get a classic gift that has been upgraded to fit the twenty-first century, like this personalized wine tumbler box set. Encased in a gorgeous black gift box, they’ll already know they’re getting something special before opening the latch. However, they’ll love the stainless steel tumblers which are ideal for chilled drinks. Now, even if the two of you get caught up watching a movie from start to finish, your drinks will still be at a perfect temperature by the time you come back to them.


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