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Article: 27 Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Him

27 Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Him

27 Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Him

Make This Anniversary Great and Get One of These Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Him!

Whether it was just last year or it has been a few decades, the two of you have an anniversary coming up (Whoo-Hoo)! Now, it's time for the two of you exchange gifts to celebrate the amount of time you two have spent together. However, even in relationships that have been going strong for years, it can be hard to find the perfect gift. Make sure that you get him the top anniversary gifts for men. These classy gifts are the perfect way to celebrate your marriage as well as being something incredibly useful for him to enjoy around the house. Your anniversary gifts for him should be some of the most meaningful gifts you get for him all year! So, if you’re stumped on just what will be perfect or maybe even what to explore some more unique options, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got the perfect anniversary gifts for him from every anniversary from your first to your fiftieth!

A Complete Decanter Set of Anniversary Gifts for Men

Block Monogram Decanter Set

Some guys fashion themselves true whiskey connoisseurs, but they've never had the right glassware for their drink of choice. This whiskey decanter set will ensure their whiskey, scotch, or bourbon will look and taste amazing. It has enough glasses so your guy can share with his friends and family. He'll love serving from a custom decanter. He can even store watches, cigars, or whatever else he wants in the sharp wooden gift box.

Personalized Man Cave Sign

Round Brewery Bar Sign are Anniversary Gifts for Men

One thing that makes a great anniversary gift is something that will last which is why signs are great anniversary gifts for men! This personalized sign is a great addition to his man cave. He'll love the personal touch the custom sign will bring to the place he goes to relax and have fun. The classic wood barrel design looks great in any man cave.

A Sweet Ship Decanter Set

Anniversary Gifts for Him are Ship Decanter Sets

Want one of those anniversary gifts that will stop your boyfriend in his tracks? This Seven Seas decanter will be sure to do just that. With a “ship-in-a-bottle” design, resting atop a solid oak base, it seems like it would belong on any pirate ship. He will love the new way to display and serve his favorite liquor. It will also look much better than loose liquor bottles around the house. Now, if your boyfriend runs off to become a pirate after receiving this gift we are not legally liable for any distress that may cause. Talk about one of the best anniversary gifts for him!

Update His Wardrobe

Monthly Wardrobe Gift Box

If your better half’s closet is still filled with t-shirts he wore rolling into his morning college classes half an hour late, then this wardrobe subscription from Sprezzabox is exactly the anniversary gift he needs. Every month he’ll get sharp looking clothes and accessories without ever having to go leave the house. This set even works great as a last minute anniversary gift for him, and he'd never know! With a gift set like this, people around him will be sure to take notice of his upgraded fashion sense.

A Perfectly Aged Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter and Rocks Glasses Set

You’ve shared beers, cocktails, and bottles of wine. Why not have an excuse to share a glass of perfectly aged whiskey? This is an awesome anniversary gift for him because not only will he love the quality craftsmanship, but it also gives him an excuse to share his most treasured spirit with the person he loves.


An Italian Leather Watch Case

Italian Leather Watch Case

Some men like to collect watches without having a clue what to do with them when they’re not on their wrists. They get flung on top of dressers, bookshelves, or anywhere they find a free space. Now this leather watch case is one of the best anniversary gifts for him that’s not only practical, but gives him a stylish way to display his favorite watches. He’ll love showing off his collection to anyone that shows the slightest interest.

Arm Him with One of the Coolest Anniversary Gifts for Men

Initiated Ammo Can Gift Set of Anniversary Gifts for Men

There will be anniversary gifts that your man will remember years later. A custom ammo can is practically unforgettable. And that’s before he even opens it and sees two engraved pint glasses, a lockback knife with a rustic handle, and 50-caliber bullet bottle opener inside. He can store his ammo, tools, or liquor inside the ammo can. He'll always be ready to enjoy his favorite craft beers with the bullet bottle opener. You can even engrave the bottle opener to further elevate this is awesome, surprise anniversary gift. He’ll be sure to brag about this set of anniversary gifts for men to everyone at the office.

A Smokin' Anniversary Gift for Him

Cigar Decanter Box Set of Anniversary Gifts for Men

If you’re looking for one of the best anniversary gifts for him, look no further than this whiskey decanter set! It doesn’t matter how many years the two of you have been together, this is a great gift for a first, fifth, or even twentieth anniversary! He’ll love celebrating all the time the two of you have been together as he enjoys a scotch and a stogie while using his custom cigar glasses. He may even like this set so much that it may never go in the box again which will make it the perfect keepsake for his favorite memories, collections, or anything else!

All Signs Point Toward This Being a Great Anniversary Gift

Man Cave Signs are Anniversary Gifts for Him

Sometimes, great anniversary gifts for him are ones that allow him to make a space his own. Maybe he already has a man cave or he has been wanting to turn the basement or garage into his official hangout spot. Help him out a bit with a personal sign that will be the ideal way to establish that this new space is his! This is the ultimate manly decor that he and his buddies will love looking at when they’re throwing back brewskis. Even though it's a super manly gift, you can be sure he will always think of your anniversary each time he sees it!

A Fitbit is Always a Perfect GiftFitbit Watch

Your man likes to stay in shape. It’s admirable. Now you can get the fitness junky one of the best anniversary gifts for him and show him how much you appreciate the effort he puts into being healthy with this awesome, water-resistant fitness watch by Fitbit. It works great whether he prefers the home gym or running down neighborhood streets.

A Manly Mug Anniversary Gift

Engraved Beer Mug Gift Set

Anniversaries often get lumped into romantic occasions, classy date nights, and sentimental gifts. However, few of those things fit your guy. He is, and always will be, a man’s man. So, how do you get him to love celebrating anniversaries? Simple, make it a manly occasion for him with a gift set that lets him have a custom beer mug in each hand! Not even a spilled bottle of beer could wipe the grin he gets from this gift off his face!

Engraved Cocktail Shaker

Custom Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

If you’re wanting a unique anniversary gift for your husband that you can also get some mileage out of then look no further. Customize the cocktail shaker with your husband’s initials and watch him make the perfect cocktail for the both of you. Your husband will love finally getting a chance to make a proper Tom Collins or Sidecar for you and his friends. It’s a nice way to celebrate an anniversary, whether you’re going out or staying in.

Engraved Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Cigar Case and Cigar Glass

On some occasions, awesome anniversary gifts for him can come in small packages. However, these small packages need to pack a BIG punch, and nothing comes with more power per square inch than this whiskey glass and cigar set! No man can refute just how awesome this anniversary gift for him really is. It is the perfect way to celebrate years together and to unwind too. Just make sure to add in his favorite liquor and a few stogies to give it just a little bit more of that personal touch that all anniversary gifts should have.

Monogrammed Beer Stein

Monogrammed Beer Stein

If your guy loves his beer than this monogrammed beer stein is one of the coolest anniversary gift ideas for him. He'll love toasting to your anniversary. He'll soon find excuses to toast to all other occasions. This is a gift he won't soon forget.


Make Memories with Anniversary Gifts for Him

Custom Shadow Box are Anniversary Gifts for Men

This custom cigar shadow box is one of those anniversary gifts for men that looks great in the home, builds memories, and will be appreciated. He'll be able to save the wrappers from cigars during big moments in his life. Every so often, your man can gaze at his collection and remember the time he celebrated with a cigar when a friend got married, for the birth of a child, or when the Cleveland Browns finally won the Super Bowl.

Custom Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set

Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Your guy might be the type that loves to share a bottle of wine over dinner or with good conversation. If that's the case then he will love this wine gift set. The four glasses have a timeless design that he will love to show off almost as much as he loves sharing a bottle of wine. It doesn't matter if he prefers red or white, he'll love to pour a bottle into this quality glassware.

Beer Set of the Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

Personalized Beer Tasting Set of Anniversary Gifts for Him

A cool and unique anniversary gift for him is something that gives him a new experience or makes one of his favorite things even better. A custom engraved beer set with every tasting glass he could ever want is definitely that gift for the man who loves his beer. Instead of enjoying each brew from a bottle, can, or a pint glass, he can now use the glass specifically made to highlight all the flavors and aromas he has been missing! Plus, he can even use the box to store bottle caps which will bring him back to a fond memory of that hoppy or bitter beer he loved so much!

A Classy Anniversary Gift

Monogrammed Presentation Set

You simply cannot have a list of some of the best anniversary gifts for men and not have an incredibly class gift set. Your man will be in shock when he finds that his initials have been engraved as a monogram on this gorgeous presentation set. This is the ideal way for the two of you to celebrate your anniversary, with a drink from his new gift! It’ll be a fantastic way for him to share a drink with you, another couple, or even when his friends come over too!

Old School Music Cool

Crosley Turntable

Record collecting has been on the rise. Why not give your man an excuse to join in on the finest way to listen to music with this really cool anniversary gift? It doesn’t matter if he prefers Simon & Garfunkel, Bomb the Music Industry, or that Violent Femmes song that everyone knows. They’ll all sound like he’s hearing them for the first time on this Crosley turntable. It’s a fun way to upgrade one of the things he’s most passionate about.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Maybe your guy plans to cook a romantic meal for your anniversary. If that’s the case then this personalized hardwood cutting board will make a stunning anniversary gift. You can customize it with your names and the date of your wedding so he remembers who he’s cooking for any time he makes a meal. He’ll love it so much that he will find reasons to cook for you again and again.

Bet the House on This Anniversary Gift

Custom Poker Chip Set with Cigar Glass

Okay, so this gift may not involve the two of you enjoying something together (although it still could!) but a poker set, especially a custom one like this, makes a fantastic gift for every guy. If he doesn’t already have a weekly or bi-weekly poker night with the boys, he for sure has been thinking about making one. Let him have the upper hand when the chips are down with a poker set that his friends won’t be able to take their eyes off of. He’ll be using this gorgeous set for years, what more could you ask for out of what has got to be some of the best anniversary gifts for him?

Custom Signs That He Will Love

Custom Signs That He Will Love

A custom made sign is an original gift that he will love this anniversary. These custom signs proclaiming anything from master grilling abilities to your shared love of drinking. They're fun signs he will love to hang in his man cave, the garage, or somewhere around the house. This is one of those anniversary ideas for him where his friends will be sure to ask where he got such a cool sign.

A Steel of an Idea for the Best Anniversary Gifts for Men

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

Nothing quite makes an anniversary like a glass of wine for the two of you to celebrate with; however, this is a special occasion so a special set of glasses are needed. This stainless steel wine tumbler box set will by far and away be the coolest and most unique way he’s ever enjoyed a glass of wine with you. The two of you can clink glasses while drinking from his engraved gift set. This gift is so good he won’t just save it for anniversaries either, he’ll want to use this every opportunity he gets!

Stein Him Up for the Hoppiest Anniversary Gifts for Him

Personalized Beer Stein

Have him feel like a king inside his own house with his own personalized beer stein! Steins are some of the top anniversary gifts for men. These are the perfect anniversary gifts for any anniversary. Whether it is the first, second, tenth, or higher, any guy will love having this classic glassware as their gift. They can celebrate another year with you, drink from it nightly, or make it the coolest display piece on their mantle!

Personalized Golf Flask Set

Custom Golf Flask Set of Anniversary Gifts for Men

If your guy is the kind that hates rainy days above anything else because he can't be spending time on the golf course then this is the kind of anniversary gift for him he will remember. Not only does he have a convenient spot to hold his tees, ball marker, and divot repair tool, but he now has a great place to store his link when he's out golfing with friends. He'll love the gift and love avoiding the clubhouse drink prices.

Foodie Dice Are an Awesome Anniversary Gift That You’ll Both Love

Foodie Dice Anniversary Gifts

We’ve all been there – unable to decide on dinner plans, we settle on instant ramen or the same old drive-thru time and time again. Luckily, Foodie Dice came up with a simple game to make that a thing of the past. Simply roll the dice to decide what you’re having, how it will be cooked, seasoned, and what drinks to serve with it. It’s a fun way to celebrate your anniversary that will have all your friends asking where you got the dice and he will love the newfound gamesmanship of meal time.

Fore the Guy Who Loves to Golf

Custom Beer Sign with Golf Accessories

There is nothing quite like doing your favorite activities to celebrate your anniversary. For him, that means snagging a round of golf before the date night begins. Make his round better than ever when you surprise him with this divot tool and bag tag set as some of the best anniversary gifts for him. Plus, when he gets home from a few hot hours on the green, the best way he could think of cooling off would be under his own bar sign with a cool, refreshing drink! Perfect for any room in the house, this will be the crowning piece of decor in his garage or man cave!


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