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Article: 31 Retirement Gifts for Men – That Don’t Suck

31 Retirement Gifts for Men – That Don’t Suck

Retirement gifts for men

Entering retirement is a big event, so knowing how to find the best retirement gifts for men is vital. Whether you're looking for retirement gifts for dad or anyone else, you want his first day of freedom to be absolutely memorable. But sometimes it can be difficult to find something for the man who has everything. That's what we're here for.

So what is a good retirement gift for a man? Glad you asked. Let's take a short walk through the best retirement gift ideas for men that are sure to make him smile.

Retirement Gifts for Men: Dads, Husbands, Bosses, and all!

Retirement gift for men

1. Custom Whiskey Decanter Set with Sculpted Glasses

Whiskey decanter set with sculpted glasses as retirement gift for men
Sculpted whiskey glass with whiskey poured in

During his lifetime, every man hopes to be remembered for something amazing. For the man who truly deserves it, memorialize how awesome he is with this unique decanter set! The custom-engraved decanter is a fantastic retirement gift for men because it will bring a smile to his face when he sees the words “Ultra Rare Edition,” on it, which will make him feel special and loved beyond measure. With this set, he can enjoy that feeling each time he pours himself a drink so that he never forgets how awesome he is even during his retirement!

2. Beckham Men's Toiletry Bag

Men's toiletry bag

For a man on the go, a great retirement gift for men that’ll win every time is a personalized men's toiletry bag. Keeping all of his personal items in one place gives him one less thing to worry about when he’s out and about. This handcrafted toiletry bag is made from 100% genuine leather and includes three separate storage compartments. Being among the best retirement gifts for men is an understatement. With this, you’ll get him something functional and stylish.

3. Personalized Wine Decanter Gift for Wine Drinkers

Personalized Wine Decanter gift for retired men

Now that he’s retired, he can begin to enjoy the finer things in life such as wine. With this personalized wine decanter, the retired man in your life can discover entirely new flavors and aromas of his favorite reds. Each glass he pours from the decanter will be an entirely new experience, even from the cheapest of his preferred red wines! You can have your retiree’s name and initial engraved on the decanter for a unique personal touch. This is a nice gift that subtly lets the retired man in your life know that he is aging like a fine merlot, something to be celebrated and enjoyed. Decanters for wine or whiskey make great retirement gifts as beautiful and functional glassware that he can enjoy for years to come.

4. ARCCOS Smart Sensors for Golfers

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Now that he’s going to be retired, he will have plenty of time to enjoy his favorite hobby and sport: golf! One of the best retirement gift ideas for men is this awesome golf gadget called the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors which will make him the best golfer on the green. All he needs to do is attach the sensors to each of his clubs, download the app, and voila! His phone will tell him all about his golfing and how to improve his skills. Thanks to your amazing gift, he’ll be better than all of his friends and be able to enjoy his favorite hobby more than ever!

Retired man posing at golf hole

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5. A Box Full of Retirement Gifts for Men

Engraved Liquor Gift Box

Retirement is a very personal time in a man’s life. He has finally closed a chapter that has spanned decades of his life. All he has known for the past 30 or 40 years has been going to his job day in and day out. Although a bottle of his favorite booze makes a great send-off gift, you can get creative for such a momentous occasion and put it in a personalized gift box engraved with the date he finally hung up his work boots. To take this gift a little further, you can fill it with pictures, cards, or other mementos to make this a set of the most personalized retirement gifts he will get from anyone!

6. All Natural Bamboo BBQ Gift Set for Him

Bamboo BBQ tools with personalized box as retirement gift for men
Bamboo BBQ tools inside box

Part of retirement that every man looks forward to is flipping burgers, searing steaks, and turning brats on the grill. Give him the tools he needs to start that journey with this set of custom grill tools! He will be amazed at how lightweight and easy these unique bamboo tools are to use that he'll want to grill up tasty BBQ for every meal. Now, whenever he has an urge to make some delicious food or has a need to be the chef at the cookout, he’ll always be prepared!

7. Whiskey Decanter and Cigar Retirement Gifts for Men

Whiskey decanter set retirement gift for men

Retirement is an event that should be enjoyed by all, so get him something he can enjoy with ease. This whiskey decanter and cigar gift set is just the item to gift for the cigar and whiskey lovers in your life. This gift set comes with exactly what he’ll need to kick back and enjoy a relaxing chill session. And the best part is that the items included in this gift set are fully personalizable.

8. Must-Have Golf Accessory

Ball Hawk Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Since you know he’ll be spending all his free time on the green, why not get him a gift that will make it easier to play? These unique glasses have blue lenses, turning his whole world blue -- except for his golf ball! Now he can find his golf ball with ease, even if it gets stuck in a tree or in the rough. These handy glasses will quickly become must-haves for all of his friends once they see him using them to find his lost ball so quickly!

9. Globe Decanter Set: A Unique Travel Gift for Retired Men

Retirement Gifts for Men Etched Globe Decanter Set
Globe whiskey decanter close up

Whether he is a well-traveled man or enjoys unique gifts, this globe decanter set is a special gift that the retired man in your life that he will never forget. He will be in awe of the spectacular decanter that has a delicate glass-blown ship inside it. The globe glasses are also incredibly beautiful and unique glassware that will look great in any home bar, lounge, or kitchen! The retired man in your life will love using these gorgeous glasses and enjoying a drink with a friend or his spouse with this set. Unique glassware such as this set are always great retirement gift ideas as they are decorative, useful, and great conversation pieces.

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10. Put His Favorite Watches On Display

Watch and cuff link display case retirement gift for men

Elegance and organization can go hand in hand from time to time. This is especially true for this premium watch display, which is a great fit for your male retiree who’s got a decent watch collection. The great part about this product is that it not only looks good, but it has an organizational style that’s functional. He can also keep any other of his valuables inside, including cufflinks, rings, and other special pieces. If you’re looking for a gift with function and style, you’ve found it.

Man wearing a watch and suit outfit

11. Personalized Cigar Shadow Box

Engraved Cigar Shadow Box retirement gift ideas for men

Retirement gifts for men are items that need to last. After all, you’re giving them a gift to welcome them to a life of leisure. This personalized shadow box is a great idea for his retirement! It allows him to store the cigar bands of his most memorable cigars while also having a piece of art he can hang on the wall. A multi-functional gift that allows him to indulge in more of his favorite vice? That is sure to be a winner at his retirement party!

12. Glencairn Whiskey Gift Set

Glencairn Box Set of Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Retirement gifts for men shouldn’t be something that just looks classy, they need to be items that he will also love using as well. Nothing captures the qualities of a perfect retirement gift for a whiskey-loving man better than this Glencairn gift set. Perfect for nosing and tasting his whiskey, he can become the aficionado he has always seen himself as. Plus, if his friends are retired too, this is an ideal way to have a tasting party. Now, how could he have more fun than drinking and talking about whiskey with the guys he has been friends with for years?

13. A Whole New Way to Cook

SteakStones starter set retirement gift for men

Some retirees like to take up cooking or learn how to make new recipes. One of the most unique retirement gifts for men who like to cook is this sizzling stone kit! Using it is fairly simple, all he needs to do is remove the stone from the tray and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. When it’s ready, he puts it back in the tray and can cook his steak, seafood, vegetables, or just about anything he wants on it right there in front of him. This way, he can sear his meats to perfection or grill shrimp just the way he likes it. Now, he can enjoy his favorite meals in a whole new way and will love that each and every bite is perfectly cooked and piping hot.

14. Stylish Marble Wine Chiller That’s Comfortably Cool

Marble wine chiller

When you’re enjoying a nice bottle of chilled wine, it’s not always that nice to have to go back and forth to the refrigerator. With this marble wine chiller, that’ll be a thing of the past, and your dad, husband, boss, or buddy will absolutely appreciate the thought. Made from solid, thick marble, this wine chiller is not only durable, it looks and feels amazing. This is an easy win if you’re looking for a retirement gift for men.


15. Phantom Skull Whiskey Decanter

Phantom skull whiskey decanter retirement gift ideas for men

Finding a memorable retirement gift for men can be tough. For those whiskey or liquor drinkers, getting them a phantom skull decanter is a great choice. Not only does it have a unique design with a one-of-a-kind glass skull inside, it’s a bold statement of character and a great conversation starter. Get your dad, husband, boss, or buddy a memorable retirement gift that he’ll truly appreciate.

16. Declare Him the Master of Grilling

A Retirement Gift for Men is a Custom Wooden Grill Master Sign

Grilling is a skill that your retiree mastered long ago. He’s famous in his family for it and is always the go-to cook for the annual neighborhood cookout. Now that he’s retired, he’ll have plenty of time to indulge in his favorite hobby and try new recipes. Show your appreciation for him with this awesome grill master sign! Custom-made just for him, this cool sign is one of the best retirement gift ideas for men who love to grill. He will proudly hang this sign in his kitchen or patio area for all to see his official grill master status.

Retired man BBQing

17. The Smoke Box Deluxe (AKA an Epic Retirement Gift for Men)

Smoke box deluxe
Smoke box deluxe in use

An epic retirement gift for men is what you want. Something he’ll see for the first time and be blown away. That is exactly what you’ll get with this smoke box for drinks and cocktails. Anything quality of drink going into the smoke box always comes out with a new dimension of flavor. Not only that, but it’s something so unique that it’s an instant conversation starter and something his friends will be in awe of. This is easily one of the best retirement gifts for men on this list.

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18. An Essential Whiskey Decanter Retirement Gift For Men

Whiskey decanter with four glasses retirement gift for men

Any whiskey drinker who knows his stuff has got himself a nice decanter set. This whiskey decanter set is perfect for your dad, husband, boss, or any other special man in your life who enjoys a nice drink either solo or with those he cares about. With an Argo-style decanter and four premium Rutherford glasses, this high-quality collection will be noticed at any bar.

19. All Natural Bamboo Cutting Board for BBQers

All natural bamboo cutting board

Does your dad, husband, boss, or buddy love to BBQ? A lot of us do, and one essential piece of equipment that’s often overlooked is a high-quality bamboo cutting board. This cutting board is of extremely high quality due to its natural bamboo material as well as its thickness. The great part about bamboo products like this is that they’re highly durable and naturally antibacterial. This retirement gift aligns perfectly with the BBQ lover in your life.

20. Custom Engraved Cigar Ashtray and Cigar Glass

Cigar ashtray and cigar whiskey glass retirement gift for men

An exceptional choice for anyone looking for the best retirement gift for men is this custom engraved cigar gift set, hands down. All men who love their whiskey and cigars will truly appreciate a gift like this because it turns his relaxing experience into a unique one every time. The material of the cigar ashtray is pure marble and the cigar glass is thick glass, so it’ll last him for years to come. With an added personalized touch, you’ll be giving a special gift he’ll use often and he’ll never forget.

21. A Retirement Gift for a Wine Lover

Retirement Wine Glass Box Set
Wine box set with items in the box

Upgrade his glassware with a gorgeous wine glass gift box. This is an incredibly unique and classy gift to give a man when he is retiring. Sure, some will give him a bottle of wine, but now he has a memorable way to enjoy any bottle he gets for the rest of his life. From the custom gift box all the way down to the personalized wine stopper, this will be the ideal gift to give a man as he walks out the doors of his office for the last time.

22. A Custom Poker Set To Keep the Good Times Rolling

Brown custom poker set retirement gift ideas for men

Whether he plays Texas Hold ‘Em or Seven-card stud, the man in your life who loves a good game of cards will love this custom poker set. One of the great parts of playing cards is the camaraderie you get from hanging out with your buddies and sharing some laughs. Give your dad, husband, boss, or buddy a reason to create long-lasting memories while playing his favorite card games. Get him this custom poker set.

Man at retirement party with family

23. The Gift of Pristine Sound

Noise Canceling Headphones by Bose

For someone who loves listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts, no gift is better than a pair of noise-canceling headphones! These wireless headphones are designed to deliver the most incredible sound quality without letting any exterior interference ruin his favorite song or an exciting part of the book. With 30 hours of battery life, these headphones are perfect for those long days of traveling or simply spending the day relaxing on the couch and listening to a couple of podcasts. By far one of the best retirement gift ideas for men, these headphones are sure to be used often!

24. A Legendary Whiskey Glass For A Legendary Man

Personalized whiskey glass retirement gift for men

Personalization in a retirement gift is key. If you really want a great retirement gift idea for men, look no further than a custom whiskey glass that’s special just for him. “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” is what he’ll see every time he sits back, pours himself a drink, and takes it all in. This piece is not only practical, but it’s elegant in its simplicity. A simple reminder of his professional achievements.

25. His Very Own Engraved Cigar Ashtray

Personalized marble cigar ashtray

Smoking cigars is oftentimes treated as a ritual by cigar lovers. With this engraved marble cigar ashtray, you can enhance that ritual and make it all that more special. Made from solid black marble, he’ll get a highly durable, highly functional ashtray and an aesthetically pleasing piece. Not only that, but it’s also very easy to keep clean due to the polished surface. Make his retirement moments that much more special with this personalized cigar ashtray.

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26. Whiskey Retirement Gifts for Men

Whiskey Label Set of Retirement Gift Ideas for Men
Two old fashioned whiskey glasses

He only retires once, so make the most out of the occasion with this ultimate whiskey-label gift set. If he has a favorite whiskey, he’ll love using this set that makes it look and feel like he is the owner of his own distillery. From the decanter to the glasses to the sign, this has to be one of the most encompassing retirement gifts for men out there. Each day, he’ll look at his sign with pride as he has his nightcap from his matching glasses.

27. Incredibly Comfortable Male Slippers

UGG male slippers

A perfect retirement gift for men will slip him into comfort without effort. These male slippers do just that without making a fuss when it comes to style. A simple style that feels great on his feet is what he’ll get with these slippers. With a super flexible sole and a upper body of top-quality suede, this offers durability and style that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. You want him to get the chance to relax? Let him slip these on.

28. A Classy Set of Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Whiskey and Cigar Gift Box of Retirement Gifts for Men

Yay! Working is finally over forever. For his retirement, make sure he has everything he needs to celebrate to the fullest that he’ll never punch a clock again with this awesome set of retirement gifts for men! From the personalized whiskey glass to the embossed leather-wrapped cigar case, he’ll love that you went all out with a set of gifts that lets him celebrate as soon as he has officially retired!

Retired man holding gift

29. The Manliest Retirement Gift You’ve Ever Seen

Custom Pint Glass Ammo Can Retirement Gifts for Men

Retiring is no small feat. The man in your life has worked for 60+ years creating a career and a life for himself, as well as providing for his family. Now, he can relax and enjoy quality time with his loved ones. He’s a manly guy who loves drinking beer, traveling, and going to the shooting range. Whether he’s retiring from the military or law enforcement, he’ll love getting this manly beer gift set to celebrate his retirement. He and his son or his wife can enjoy a nice cold beer in the two-pint glasses after cracking them open with the cool bullet bottle opener. He’ll love showing off his personalized ammo can as he brings his ammo the range or uses it for storing camping gear. He’ll certainly treasure this entire gift set for years to come!

30. A Retirement Gift for the Legend

Mythic Whiskey Gift Box for Him

In your life, this guy is an absolute legend. So it is only fitting that his end of work gift tells him that! This custom whiskey gift box tells him 3x that he is the most legendary and mythic man you know! Make this the most memorable gift at his retirement party by including a few miniature bottles of his favorite liquor so the two of you can have a toast toward his last day of work using both of his new rocks glasses!


31. For the Man on the Move

Embossed Flask Box Set retirement gift for men

While this flask gift set may be on the smaller side of retirement gift basket ideas for a man, there is no denying that he will get use out of it all the time. After all, a flask is incredibly versatile. When he is out enjoying his day, he can have a few nips while he is fishing in waders, during his time in the shop when he is sanding his handcrafted boat, or even use it for special occasions where a toast is needed!

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Retirement Gift Ideas for Men FAQ

Do you give a gift to someone who is retiring?

Yes! Retirement is a monumental occasion his life and it should be reciprocated and acknowledged with a gift, small or large, to show that not only are you going to miss working with him but that you appreciate their time and can’t wait for their life to take the next step. Whether you give them a plaque, a bottle of booze, a custom gift, or something else, every retiree will appreciate something that makes their transition to retirement all the easier and more joyful.

What is a typical retirement gift for men?

When looking for retirement gifts for men, typical gifts include everything from awards, plaques, bottles of whiskey and wine, gift boxes, and sometimes cards. The right gift really depends on how well you know the person who is retiring and how you want to show your gratitude toward them. Make your gift unique to them so they’ll know how much you valued the time the two of you had as coworkers.

How much should I spend on a retirement gift?

How much money you spend on a retirement gift for a man really depends. Keep in mind that it's a rather big event for him, so going the extra mile is always appreciated. If you're not sure if you want to spend a lot of money, see if anyone you know would like to pitch in and get their name on the card. The most important thing you can do is make the gift both memorable and fun!


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