17 Unbelievable 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

Commemorate 2 Decades Together With Our Awesome 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husbands!

Can you believe you and your husband have been married for two whole decades? That’s quite a long time! You want to get him something special for this milestone anniversary, but you’re not sure where to start. After being together for so long, you know the kinds of things he likes. The best 20th anniversary gifts for husbands show just how much you love him, but are also things that he’ll enjoy and use. The traditional gifts for a 20th anniversary are china, but your husband probably isn’t going to want a new china set as his gift because it isn’t practical and he’d likely never get to use it. You could get him something from the modern version of the traditional gift, like an emerald or platinum piece of jewelry as those also represent this special anniversary. You’ve got to think outside the box, but don’t worry! In fact, these gifts are so good that when you’re searching for 25th wedding anniversary gifts for him in a few years, he’ll want want of these gifts then too! So, get ready because we’ve gathered a couple of impressive 20th wedding anniversary gifts that he is sure to love and cherish for the next 20 years.

Luxurious Decanter Set for His Office

Engraved Decanter Set 20th Anniversary Gift for Husbands

After 20 years, your husband has probably climbed the career ladder and landed a pretty nice position that he really enjoys. Give his office a touch of luxury with this personalized decanter set! He’ll love being able to offer his boss and clients a drink from such an exquisite set because it not only makes him look classy, but he’ll feel as cool as James Bond himself every time he uses it. He could also keep it in his study at home where he can enjoy a private after-dinner drink with you or serve a couple of drinks to his friends when they come to visit. This exquisite decanter set is one of the best 20th anniversary gifts for husbands because it’s a timeless, classy presentation piece that will make him look and feel good every time he uses it.

Classy 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift for the Watch Lover

Leather Watch Storage Case

Does your husband have a lot of watches? He probably keeps them on his bedside table or dresser, where they’re strewn about and often fall off onto the floor. One of the best 20th anniversary gifts for husbands who love their watches is this handsome watch case! Not only will it solve the problem of his unorganized clutter of watches, but it will keep them safe from dust and all in one place. He can store up to ten watches in the attractive leather display, and even keep his extra links and repair tools in the handy drawer. Thanks to your thoughtful anniversary gift, he’ll never struggle to find his favorite watch ever again!

A Fun Piece of Decor for Your Home

Personalized Drink Together Wood Sign

Looking for a nice 20th wedding anniversary gift for the husband who has everything? This adorable piece of decor is a must-have! It’s the perfect work of art for the kitchen or dining room, and is sure to bring a smile to both of your faces every time you see it. Even he can’t say no to such a sweet sentiment. All of your friends will want their own custom signs for their homes once they see it, so be prepared to get a couple more of these signs for their anniversaries!

The Perfect Anniversary Gifts for the Beer-Loving Husband

20th Anniversary Gifts for Husbands Who Love Beer

After 20 years of marriage, you’re used to your husband’s love of beer. You even make a point to get him a case of his favorite beer for every gift-giving occasion. For most anniversaries, you take him on a brewery tour or give him a gift card to his favorite liquor store but for this special occasion you want to give him something even better. This complete beer lover gift set is perfect! He’ll never want to use any other beer glasses over his new custom pints, and he’ll finally have a growler to use for brewing at home or to fill up at the brewery. For every new beer he tries, he can save the bottle cap on the nifty sign! This amazing gift set is any beer-loving husband’s dream come true.

A 20th Anniversary Gift for Husbands Who Have Everything

Whiskey Smoke Box System

When you asked your husband what he wanted for your upcoming anniversary, did he say he didn’t need anything? Well, you’re going to get him a great gift anyway! Even the man who has it all can’t say no to a cool gadget that infuses his drinks with a new flavor. Seriously, this smoke box system is totally awesome! He’ll love trying out different liquors and wood chip scents to see which tasty, smoky combination is best. As soon as he tries it out, he’ll call all of his buddies over so that they can try his new high-tech gadget too. Thanks to your incredible 20th wedding anniversary gift, he’ll have a brand new experience every time he has a drink!


Modern 20th Anniversary Gift

Platinum Diamond Ring for Men

According to etiquette, the modern 20th wedding anniversary gift is platinum. After two decades of marriage, your husband could probably use a new wedding ring, which makes this handsome platinum band the perfect anniversary gift for your husband! He will love the classy, simple appearance of this attractive wedding band and its solitaire diamond. Platinum is known to be one of the strongest metals, which means that this new ring will last him for another couple of decades!

Distinguished Crystal Decanter Set

Decanter Set with Cigar Glasses 20th Anniversary Gift for Husbands

Now that your husband is getting along in years, he’s taken on the classic pastimes of indulging in only the finest whiskeys and stogies after work most evenings. Instead of just getting him a pack of stogies and a bottle of Macallan for his anniversary gift, get him this stunning crystal decanter set! The set isn’t just for looks, it’ll add a whole new level of luxury to your hubby’s favorite new hobbies. The unique whiskey glasses have built-in lips that hold cigars so that he and a friend can enjoy a scotch and a stogie with ease. The handsome decanter will be his favorite new piece on his home bar with its stylish engraving and fine details that show off the beautiful hues of his favorite whiskey. Plus, the wooden gift box that holds the decanter set is perfect for storing anniversary keepsakes or even photo albums! You just can’t go wrong with this impressive 20th anniversary gift. In fact, this set is so classy, you could even gift it again when the two of you are celebrating and in need of awesome 50th anniversary gift ideas.

Show Off His Cigar Band Collection

Personalized Shadow Box for Collecting

For the past several years, your husband has been saving every cigar band from the stogies he’s smoked. He’s always kept them in an old shoe box or a little wooden chest on his desk, but they’re not exactly on display. Surprise him with this custom shadow box for your 20th anniversary! With a shadow box, he’ll be able to display his entire collection and have plenty of room to collect even more bands. This unique piece of decor will look great in his study or office and he’ll love seeing his collection grow over time.

The Most Luxurious 20th Anniversary Gift for Husbands

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set

Add a personal, luxury touch to your hubby’s office or home bar with this gorgeous decanter set! Whether he enjoys the occasional glass of bourbon or considers himself a connoisseur of cognac, he will feel like a million bucks every time he uses this stunning decanter set for a drink. He can use any spirit of his choosing to store in the decanter as the delicate curves will help aerate the flavors while also showing off the various hues. Once he unwraps this beautiful decanter set on your 20th anniversary, he’ll want to pour a glass for the two of you to enjoy in celebration of two decades together!

Make Him Feel Like a Legend On Your Anniversary

Manly Beer 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

After 20 long years, your husband is probably starting to have a few gray hairs and feel a little older. One of the best 20th anniversary gifts for husband you can give is something that makes him feel young and hip again, like this awesome ammo can set! The entire set proclaims your hubby as the coolest man in the world and will remind him of the good old days. He’ll enjoy his new custom beer glasses and survival knife, but most of all he will love the ammo can. He can take the re-purposed military surplus ammo box to the shooting range full of ammunition, use it to store tools in the garage, or keep his hunting gear secure on his next trip with the guys. On your 20th anniversary, he’ll feel like a whole new man thanks to your awesome gift.

Unique Anniversary Gift

New York Times Anniversary Memory Book

You want to give your husband something really nice and special to commemorate your 20th wedding anniversary, but the traditional and modern themes don’t quite fit your man’s tastes. You should get him something personal but unique, like this New York Times book containing newspaper headlines from the day of your wedding and every year afterward! This unique time capsule will show him the headlines and major events going on the same day as the past anniversaries from the day you both said “I do.” This book is a really cool 20th anniversary gift for husbands, especially for the men who say they have everything!

A Nice Decanter Set to Enjoy on Every Anniversary

Monogrammed Decanter Set is a 20th Anniversary Gift for Husbands

Are you looking for a 20th wedding anniversary gift that you and your husband can enjoy together? This beautiful whiskey decanter set is perfect! This classy set is entirely engraved with your initials so that you have a special, one-of-a-kind keepsake to cherish for years to come. Your husband will want to keep the whole set on display and use it for after-dinner drinks on every anniversary starting from this special milestone anniversary!

The Perfect 20th Anniversary Gift for Husbands Who Love Cigars

Custom Ammo Box Cigar Humidor

Every man who enjoys smoking cigars wants his own humidor to store his various favorite brands of stogies in, and your husband is no exception! This badass cigar humidor is one of the coolest 20th anniversary gifts for men who love cigars. It’s made from a .50 caliber ammo box that was one used in the U.S. military, how awesome is that? He will love the manly appearance of this cool humidor and that it has plenty of room to store all of the stogies he desires. The watertight seal, included hygrometer, and humidifier will ensure that his cigars are going to stay the perfect humidity so that he always has a fresh stogie whenever he likes.

Unique Rustic Grilling Set

Wood Grilling Gift Set

For as long as you’ve known him, your husband has always been really into grilling. Every time the weather is good enough, he’s out there on the patio cooking up a tasty steak or burger. For your 20th anniversary, make him feel like the ultimate grill master with this complete gift set! The rustic, wooden theme of the entire set will go great with your patio or outdoor kitchen decor, and he’ll especially love that every piece is personalized just for him. With the bamboo grilling tools, wood coasters, and the cool cutting board, he’ll have everything he needs for a proper cookout with friends and family. Plus, he’ll have a cool new piece of decor for the patio that tells everyone what a fantastic griller he is.

The Ultimate Whiskey Gift

Custom Whiskey Glass Set

Is your husband really into whiskey? It doesn’t matter if he’s just gotten into whiskey tasting or he’s been known as a connoisseur for some time, the best possible 20th anniversary gift for your husband is this ultimate whiskey glass set! This complete tasting set comes with the five most popular tasting glasses used in the world, with each glass having its own unique qualities and effects on the liquor. Some, like the Canadian Glencairn and the nosing glass, are meant for enjoying specific kinds of whiskey while the rocks glasses will give him the perfect way to enjoy a mixed-drink. He and a couple of friends can have their own whiskey tasting with this amazing gift set!

Improve His Golf Game

Golf Swing Analyzer

Now that your husband is getting along in years, he enjoys spending time doing his favorite hobbies more than ever, like golfing! He loves the sport, and is always wanting to improve. For your 20th anniversary, get him this high-tech swing analyzer! This amazing little sensor clips onto your husband’s golf glove and analyzes his swing, even showing him a virtual playback of his shots so that he can see exactly how he can improve. After a little time on the green with his new gadget, he’ll play better than ever thanks to your thoughtful 20th wedding anniversary gift!

Something Simple and Sweet

Monogrammed 20th Anniversary Cigar Gifts for Husbands

Give your husband something to look forward to every evening with this relaxing whiskey and cigar gift set! The awesome cigar glass and handy cigar case will let him enjoy his favorite stogies like never before. He won’t have to keep his favorite stogies in a plastic bag or in their original package any longer thanks to the secure cigar case, which will keep them safe and fresh! When he feels like a glass of whiskey with his stogie, the unique glass lets him enjoy both at the same time. Even if your husband insists that he doesn’t want or need anything for your 20th wedding anniversary, he can’t possibly say no to such an amazing gift.