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Article: 17 Amazing Cigar Gifts He Will Love

Cigar Gifts

17 Amazing Cigar Gifts He Will Love

17 Amazing Cigar Gifts He Will Love

In the refined world of cigar connoisseurs, the act of lighting up is not merely a pastime—it's an art, a ritual, a philosophy. Whether it's the contemplative moments of solitude or the exuberant toasts of celebration, a cigar is more than just a vice; it's a testament to life's finest moments. The very aroma of a particular blend can transport one back to a cherished memory.

When choosing cigar gifts it’s important to remember, for the true aficionado, cigars are not an occasional indulgence but a way of life, a passion pursued with fervor. And what better way to elevate this experience than with cigar accessories that complement, not overshadow, the cigar's essence? The perfect cigar gift will help elevate this experience, and these gifts and accessories will help them expand their passion. The right cigar accessories will greatly enhance those cherished moments. So, when we created this gift list we asked cigar smokers what they really wanted. We considered all the elements they could use to amplify their experience, and take their moments of relaxation to unparalleled heights.

The Best Cigar Gifts

#1 Cigar Ashtray + Cigar Glass Gift Set

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Ashtray Cigar Gifts

If you’re looking for a gift to up his style and enjoyment of his passion for cigars then look no further. This monogrammed cigar lovers gift set is a true stand out for any occasion. Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, this striking marble cigar ashtray with it’s natural vein patterns is a testament to one's impeccable taste. Add to that the endlessly handy cigar holding glass and lighter and you’ve got an amazing gift idea here. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, expressing gratitude, or simply want to surprise a loved one, this gift set encapsulates the essence of thoughtfulness and luxury.

#2 Black Diamond Whiskey Smoker and Cigar Gift Set

black diamond whiskey smoker and cigar gift set

Inside view cigar smoker gift set

Designed with the cigar aficionado in mind, this gift boxed set elevates the act of smoking to an art form. The rich, smoky flavors it imparts to cocktails perfectly complement the notes of a premium cigar, making it an indispensable asset and a perfect gift for any cigar lover. When considering a cigar lover gift, this smoker and cigar gift set stands out as a testament to sophistication and a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. Choose it, and you're gifting not just a product, but a promise of unparalleled experiences.

#3 Engraved Cigar Shadow Box

Cigar Band Box

Adding cigar bands to Cigar Box

Cigar Band boxes make great gifts for cigar lovers because it is a way to appreciate his cigars without actually having to have one right that second. Every time he goes to have a cigar, one of the first things he does is take the band off and throw it away. Why not take the decorative part of his cigar hobby and turn it into decoration? With a custom-made shadow box, he’ll be able to show off all of the different brands of cigars he has ever had! It’s a great way to visualize just how long he has been at his hobby!

#4 Manliest Gift for Cigar Lovers

Custom Ammo Can Set of Gifts for Cigar Lovers

He truly sees himself as a man's man. His love for cigars and whiskey have made him feel like he enjoys all the refined things a man is supposed to. He often pairs his scotch flavor with a cigar to match, or vice versa. Make his next experience a more special occasion with a gift he’ll never forget. This ammo can cigar box set will be the perfect gift for a cigar lover, he’ll have everything he’ll ever need to sit back and relax. All he has to do is keep some cigars and scotch in the ammo can and he is ready to go at the drop of a hat!

#5 The Perfect Whiskey & Cigar Gift Set

cigar glasses and decanter gift set

Cigar Glass

Nothing in a man’s world pairs together like a good cigar and a matching quality whiskey; it’s like the sweet and savory of vices, each of them compliments one another. Make sure he is able to enjoy the best flavor profile a man can ask for with his own cigar glassware set! Gifts for cigar lovers need to enhance their smoking experience, and this decanter and set of cigar glasses are doing exactly that. He can relax in refine comfort while having his palate tantalized with flavor!

#6 Engraved Cigar Lover Ashtray Set

Custom Cigar Lover Ashtray

Gifting a wood cigar ashtray personalized for him to a cigar enthusiast showcases the giver's understanding of the recipient's passion and the subtleties that come with it. A ashtray such as this incredible custom ashtray is more than just a cigar accessory. It's an incredible cigar gift idea that enhances the aesthetic of the smoker's space and complements the ritual of lighting up a cigar. Every time the cigar smoker uses the ashtray, it serves as a reminder of the thoughtfulness behind the gift, making it a cherished item in the repertoire of cigar lover gifts.

#7 His Own Custom Cigar Lounge Sign

Personalized Cigar Gift Sign

Cigar gifts do not always need to directly interact with the smoking sensation. Sometimes, something that adds to conversation or that hangs as a piece of art is perfect! Make this cigar sign your gift for him! He can mount it in the hall, the living room, or better yet his cigar lounge! This personalized sign is ideal for any cigar aficionado! You know he’ll love having more cigar decor in his house!


#8 Custom Cigar Gifts Box

Engraved Whiskey and Cigar Gifts Set

For the aspiring aficionado, few things are better than their own custom cigar gift set! This luxurious black box gift set comes with everything they’ll need to celebrate their favorite vices. With these cigar gifts, enjoying a tasting whiskey and pairing it with the perfect stogies will never have been easier. Better still even though the set comes with a rocks glass and whiskey stones, they don’t just have to enjoy this cigar gift at home, they can take it on the go thanks to their personalized cigar stand and their embossed cigar case! Now, they’ll never have an excuse to be without their favorite Padron or Fuente cigars!

#9 Engraved Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

Engraved Ammo Can Humidor Cigar Gift

One of the best things you can get when looking for gifts for cigar lovers is not always to get something to make smoking easier but a gift to keep their precious cigars in pristine condition. A humidor makes a fantastic gift; however, a custom ammo can humidor is simply an even more badass version of a humidor gift to give! Now each time they go into their cigar gift, it’ll feel like they are getting resupplied by the military with their much-needed stogies!

#10 Legendary Whiskey and Cigar Holder Set

Whiskey and Cigar Holder Gift Set

He has just picked up a handful of truly high-end cigars. He just knows he is getting that big promotion or has closed the deal he's been working on for weeks. For situations like these, a normal celebration just won’t do. Make this a legendary occasion with cigar gift set that will blow him away! Pack the two cigars you know he’ll love in his new flask, and prepare his best whiskey for when he gets home! This set is an instant celebration gift set for any man who loves cigar and whiskey!

#11 The Perfect Cigar Starter Pack

Initialed Twist Whiskey Glass and Cigar Travel Case

He sees himself as a cigar aficionado. He has recently started googling and searching everything related to cigars. He has also been trying out different combinations of whiskey, bourbon, scotch, to find the best pairing for his cigars. He hasn’t yet hit the point where he needs a humidor, but he definitely needs some more specific cigar gifts. Help him find the right pairing by getting him the best whiskey glasses he’s ever seen and a cigar set that lets him carry his cigars with him! Help turn the novice into a seasoned professional with this awesome gift!

#12 Luxurious Gifts for Cigar Lovers

Personalized Cigar Decanter Gift Box

Give him the experience of a lifetime each time he has a craving for rolled tobacco and a drink with this amazing custom cigar gift! This decanter set will have Don Draper feeling outclassed and under-dressed if he were to show up. Now, every night at home will feel like a top-tier CEO event even when he is hanging out with just his best friend or family while he uses his unique cigar whiskey glasses.


#13 Luxury Cigar Humidor Set

Engraved Wooden Cigar Humidor with Cigar Accessories

Never let him have a stale stogie again. Instead, when you’re looking for gifts for cigar lovers, make sure you put this luxury cigar humidor and custom accessories in your shopping cart. This wooden cigar humidor is a great way for him to store his precious cigar before he enjoys them. Pair the humidor with the acrylic cigar stand, matching lighter, and blackout cigar cutter, and he’s got everything he needs except for his go-to brand of cigars!

#14 Ultimate Cigar Gift Set w Wood Box

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Box Set

This cigar and whiskey gift set is perfect for the guy who wants to celebrate or relax in style. The uniquely shaped whiskey glass makes his whiskey look even classier than normal while the personalization on the box and glass gives this set a truly refined feel. Have him smoke in style with his own cigar set that is perfect for those just starting out with cigars yet fitting for the guys who have been into them for years.

#15 All Cigar Signs Point to a Great Gift

Personalized Sign Cigar Gift

Many cigar lovers enjoy a product that is simple but of quality, much like a good cigar or high-end whiskey. Make the decoration to the cigar lounge resemble the sort of quality he looks for in the simple elegance of his favorite vices. Use this sign to personalize his space and as a label for exactly what it is. He’ll love seeing his name as the “Proprietor” of his own cigar lounge and the date he started smoking them!

#16 Personalized Marble Cigar Ashtray

Engraved Marble Cigar Ashtray

Give him the cigar ashtray that he deserves and elevate his smoking experience with this engraved marble ashtray. The elegance and sophistication of black marble makes it an excellent gift idea for cigar lovers. The marble and generous heft of this cigar ashtray complement the luxurious aura of cigar smoking while it also serves as a stylish centerpiece for any smoking lounge or personal space.

#17 A Luxury Cigar Lighter

Luxury Cigar Lighter

When considering different cigar gifts, be careful not to overlook the significance of a reliable and elegant lighter. This luxury cigar gift, the 2 cling cigar lighter with gold finish from S.T. Dupont of Paris stands above all others in this category. Crafted with meticulous precision, its gold finish exudes an aura of sophistication, making it not just a cigar accessory, but a statement piece you man will love showing off. It’s a subtle luxury but one that true cigar aficionados will notice as every discerning cigar lover knows that the lighting process can make or break the experience. With this luxury cigar lighter, you're not just gifting a lighter; you're bestowing an emblem of class and an assurance of perfection.

BONUS - A New Twist on a Classic Cigar Gift

Custom Twist Glass with Cigar Gifts

Put a modern twist on gifts for cigar lovers with this elegant twist whiskey and cigar set. Instead of the same old rocks glasses and cigar holder, this cigar gift set comes with a modern take on the classic gift set. The acrylic holder is a bold and stylish way to cradle your cigar each time you need a free hand to enjoy a sip of whiskey from the twisted rocks glasses. So put a cool new twist on tradition with this custom cigar gift set!


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