30 Manly Gift Sets and Gift Baskets for Men

30 Manly Gift Sets & Gift Baskets for Men

Finding a good present for a guy is hard enough, but for a manly man it is even more difficult. You want to get him a nice Christmas gift that he’ll appreciate and enjoy, but what would be best? A gift set or gift basket full of his favorite things is your solution. Gift sets and gift baskets are the best kinds of gifts for men who are hard to shop for because they contain a variety of things centered around a specific theme that you know he already enjoys. Is your man a beer drinker? He’ll love an incredible beer gift set with a custom pint glass and bottle opener! Does he like coffee? A gift basket full of different kinds of coffee and treats will be the best present ever. Does your manly man love his whiskey? Get him a gift set that comes with a set of glasses and whiskey stones for Christmas! These 30 manly gift sets and gift baskets for men have a little bit of each for the incredible man in your life.

Whiskey Box Set

Whiskey Set with Rocks Glasses and Whiskey Stones

Gift baskets are so 2010, get your man an incredible whiskey gift set instead! This set is an awesome gift, especially if they don’t yet have the proper glassware and accessories to fully enjoy the experience. The man in your life can pour the two of you or the whole family a couple of drinks to enjoy at dinner with this new gift set for men. Now he’ll have plenty of glasses to serve his friends with at guys’ night when they’re playing poker or watching the game, and they can fully enjoy the flavor without it being watered down thanks to the chillable whiskey stones. He can even repurpose the gift box to store all kinds of things from tools to work gear! This set has the manly gentlemen in mind who appreciate quality drinks, like your father or husband, and would be ideal for Father’s Day.

Golf Gift Baskets for Men

Golf Gift Basket for Men Who Like Golf

Does the man in your life need less me time and more tee time with his friends? Get him a unique gift basket that is a complete set for golfers or men who enjoy simple pleasures like meats and cheeses. Included is an insulated lunch bag he can take to work, a fun assortment of snacks to chow on after 18 holes, and a cutting board. Your dad, husband, or boss who loves golf will enjoy this gift basket themed around their favorite hobby. Golf is a manly sport that takes time and patience, after all, and he’s bound to get hungry!

Legendary Beer Gift Set for Men

Manly Personalized Beer Box Set

Feminine gift baskets with bows and fancy treats are not what your guy wants for his birthday or Christmas. Instead, get him the manliest gift set you can find themed around his favorite thing, like this beer gift set! The wooden gift box, pint glass, and beer growler in this set are all engraved with your man’s name followed by “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” Now he’ll have a growler to bring his favorite beer with him when he goes on trips to the lake, camping, or concerts. He’ll want to crack open a cold one with his new bottle opener and use his new pint glass right away, so make sure you have his favorite six pack on hand.

Unique Knife and Shot Glass Gift Basket

Unique Cigar Gift Baskets for Men with Shot Glass

Gift baskets for men don’t have to be your run-of-the-mill beer bottles in a wicker basket with some snacks. They can be personal and unique, like this gift basket! Made of a cigar box containing a pocket knife and a shot glass, you can customize it to be the perfect gift for your manly guy. There’s plenty of room inside for an additional gift, so think about the things he likes. If he really loves beef jerky or has a favorite liquor, put a sampler size inside. Did you get him a small gift such as a piece of jewelry or a gift card? Place it with the gift basket! The options are truly endless for you to make this gift basket one of the best gifts he will ever receive.

All Around the World Beer Gift Basket for Men

Beer Bucket Gift Baskets for Men

This gift set is for the beer lovers out there. With beers and snacks from all around the world, it’s every beer lover’s dream gift. With twelve different beers and eight snacks, your man is set for his evening drink after work and a delicious snack to go with it for a couple of days. This gift basket for men would make an impressive birthday or holiday gift set for the beer lover in your life.

Manly Ammo Can Box Set

Manly Beer Ammo Box Gift Set

Looking for gift sets for men who like beer, guns, and all things manly? This is it! This awesome box set is ideal for all kinds of men, such as law enforcement, military, first responders, beer aficionados, hunters, outdoorsy types, and lumberjacks. This set is the ultimate manly gift and will be the best present he’s ever received. Don’t worry about finding several small gifts or one big gift, this set has you covered! Includes a personalized genuine military .30 caliber ammunition box, a knife, a genuine .50 caliber shell that has been turned into a super cool bottle opener, and two custom beer glasses. Any guy would seriously love this manly gift set.




The Manliest of Gift Sets

Cool Personalized Gift Set for Men with Survival Knife

You thought you’d seen plenty of manly gift sets and gift baskets for men huh? You’re just getting started! This incredibly awesome gift set is about as manly as possible with the custom engraving, bullet whiskey stones, survival knife, and a bottle opener made from a real bullet. Your brother, boyfriend, or best bro will love using the bullet whiskey stones to chill his bourbon after a long day. When he shows them off to his friends, they’ll think he’s using actual bullets and is just that badass! Any guy would love to receive this gnarly gift set for their birthday, a promotion, or for a graduation.

Beef Jerky Crate

Beef Jerky Gift Crate for Men

Do you have a man in your life who just can’t get enough of beef jerky? This gift basket for men is full of beef jerky in all kinds of varieties. This is a fantastic gift basket for any occasion that the manly guys in your life will love and never want any other present again! You can give it to him every year on his birthday or at Christmas as an annual gift that he’ll look forward to. Now he’ll be set with a couple of gourmet versions of his favorite snack at home, work, or on the go.

He Drinks and He Knows Things

Custom Cigar Case Gift Set with Rocks Glass

The guy in your life is a suave gentleman who enjoys drinking scotch and smoking a stogie to relax after work. He doesn’t have a proper cigar case and tends to carry them around in his pocket in a Ziploc bag, and always has to borrow a lighter from a friend because his is always out of lighter fluid. This manly gift set will solve all of his problems! The durable stainless steel cigar case is wrapped with a faux leather case that conveniently holds a cigar cutter and up to three stogies. He’ll have a handy new lighter as well, and the Game of Thrones glass is the perfect complement to this set whether he’s a fan of the show or not. You could surprise him with this set as a “just because” gift or it would make a great anniversary present.

One of the Best BBQ Gift Baskets for Men

Personalized Grilling Tools Gift Baskets for Men

There’s nothing manlier than grilling! Get your manly grill master his very own personalized BBQ tools so that he has the finest tools to grill up juicy steaks, gourmet burgers, and all kinds of delicious BBQ for everyone! He will love that you even had the handsome carrying case engraved just for him, but the fact that he can bring these essential tools along with him to his buddy’s house or the lake makes these tools even more awesome. Seriously, this set is one of the best gift baskets for men whether you give it to your dad, husband, or grandpa.

Hot Sauce Gift Baskets for Men

Hot Sauce Gift Basket for Men Who Love All Things Spicy

Does your man absolutely love all things spicy? He’ll go nuts over this hot sauce gift basket for men! He can sample a variety of sauces to give his favorite foods and new recipes a unique kick. This is a great gift for professional chefs, guys who like to grill, foodies, and men who enjoy experimenting when cooking. Hot sauce is a totally manly food, and guys often like to test the limits of their taste buds with it. This would make a great birthday gift for any spicy guy in your life.

Whiskey Gift Sets for Men Don’t Get Cooler Than This

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Gift Sets for Men

Just because you’re looking for manly gifts doesn’t mean they can’t be classy, too! He will feel manlier and cooler than even James Bond when he uses this exquisite set for his usual glass of scotch and a cigar. He can share a glass of his best whiskey with you or a friend with the pair of elegant glasses, and the cigar case allows him to bring along up to three stogies so that he has one on hand at all times for him and his bros. Everything about this incredible gift set will make him feel like a million bucks each time he enjoys it!

Must-Have Beer Mug Box Set

Engraved Beer Mugs with Box and Bottle Opener

Drinking beer is manly in and of itself, but you know what’s manlier than a cold one in a bottle? A brewski in a large beer mug! The large capacity, size, and weight of these beer mugs will instantly make him feel stronger and manlier than he’s ever felt while drinking beer. Plus, he can share the experience with his dad or a buddy as the set comes with a pair of awesome beer mugs. By far one of the most impressive gift baskets for men, this beer mug set is a must-have for any manly man.

Bacon Gift Basket for Men Who Love Bacon

Bacon Gift Crate

This is the gift basket for men who love bacon. It features bacon treats six different ways! This set would make an incredible birthday or Christmas present for any man in your life who can’t get enough of the candy equivalent of meats. He’ll love the unique snacks and sweets, such as the bacon brittle and the dark chocolate bacon bar. He won’t want any other present from now on! Thanks to this delicious gift basket for men, your presents are covered and gift-buying stresses are over.

The Ultimate Manly Gift Set for Men

Beef Jerk Ammo Can Gift Set

When you give him this amazing gift set, he’ll be speechless because of how many unique items are in it that he won’t know which piece to try out first! From the engraved ammo can to the gourmet beef jerky sticks, everything in this set is practical, manly, and downright awesome. The beef jerky sticks are sure to be consumed right away once he gets over the shock of seeing such an incredible gift! He’ll never want to leave the house without his new multi tool, and once he returns home from work, he will reach for his new flask for a quick drink. The only thing that would make this gift set even better is if you also got him a bottle of his favorite liquor too!

Manly Shaving Kit

Shaving Gift Set

Military and uniformed men who constantly have to keep a clean shaven face will really appreciate this ultimate shaving kit. This gift basket for men has everything he needs to have a smooth shave: soap, face wash, a quality lathering brush, and an old-fashioned straight razor that will give him the closest shave he’s ever had. Your husband or boyfriend will never have an itchy face or razor burn thanks to this quality grooming set! You could give this set to him on his birthday or for Christmas every year so that he has a constant supply.

Best Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

Birthday Snack Gift Basket

Looking for birthday gift baskets for men? This one’s got all kinds of popcorn, candy, and cookies for your man with a sweet tooth to enjoy. After all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Your boyfriend or brother who boast about their manliness but have a soft spot for sweets are the perfect people to give this basket to. 

One of the Most Unique Gift Sets for Men

Engraved Watch and Whiskey Gift Sets for Men

Sure, you could get him a new watch for his birthday or Christmas, or you could do one better and get him a whole gift set! With a watch, watch case, rocks glass, and even a flask, this unique and manly gift set is the ideal gift for him. Each item is even personalized with his name and initial, how awesome is that? He’ll love sporting his new wooden watch and manly flask when he’s hanging out with his bros or enjoying after-work drinks with his coworkers!




The Manliest Whiskey Set for Him

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

What’s manlier than drinking whiskey on the rocks? Drinking whiskey with whiskey stones that are shaped like bullets! This incredibly manly set is by far one of the coolest gift sets for men you can possibly get your boyfriend or husband no matter what the occasion is. Heck, he’d be doubly thrilled if you surprise him with this badass gift just because you wanted to! The fact that he can share his manly drinks with you or a friend makes this awesome set even better.

Gift Basket for Men Who Fish

Manly men like to fish and hunt, so why not a gift basket to make his annual trips to the lake even better? This set has everything from a wild boar bacon bar to delicious beef jerky to snack on while waiting for something to bite. Dads and husbands will love this cool gift basket for men for their birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. You could even throw in a new fishing pole or a set of bait and tackle to make a whole fishing-themed present!

Most Stunning Whiskey Glassware Set

Whiskey Decanter Set with Crystal Glencairn Glasses

He loves impressing his guests with awesome glassware, so this is the perfect gift set for him. The crystal cut Glencairn glasses are not only amazing for whiskey tasting because of their distinct shape, but they’re absolutely breathtaking. The decanter will keep his Jack Daniels or Jim Beam whiskey fresh inside, and it will look awesome displayed on his home bar. You can’t go wrong with this phenomenal whiskey gift set for men!

Ammo Can Gift Set

Monogrammed Beer Ammo Can Set with Hatchet

This gift set is for military, law enforcement, and guys who like guns. Your manly man will love all of the cool things included in this set: the custom pint glass for a refreshing cold one, a neat hatchet for everyday use or outdoor adventures, a handy flask to take with him everywhere, and an amazing custom ammunition box. He can store his favorite tools or plenty of ammo in the genuine military-grade ammo can for duty or just a fun day at the range. Afterward, he can relax with a fresh, cold beer. While a gift basket all about guns or food would be cool, this gift set for men has variety and practicality that you just can’t beat.

Coffee Basket

Coffee and Snacks Gift Basket

Men often refer to coffee as their lifeblood, so give your coffee lover this ultimate gift basket! Included are three different kinds of ground coffee as well as an assortment of delicious treats to go with them. Now your man can enjoy a gourmet cup of Joe in the mornings before work and bring a yummy snack along for his second cup before lunch. After all, high quality coffee beats Starbucks any day.

Whiskey Box Set for Cowboys

Manly Cowboy Gift Set

Looking for a unique gift for the cowboy in your life? This cool set has everything he needs to enjoy his liquor. Engraved with a gnarly bull skull and crossed rifles, the gift box and rocks glass also bear his name and a year. Also included are a set of whiskey stones and a leather wrapped flask that can be engraved to match. He can bring his favorite spirit with him out on the ranch to round up the cattle or bale hay thanks to the cool flask. Cowboys are super manly, rugged men who enjoy harder liquors such as tequila, bourbon, and absinthe, which are all perfect for drinking in the cool glass. Plus, his drinks will never be watered down from ice again thanks to the chillable whiskey stones! Your cowboy can even use the wooden gift box to store his revolver, boot spurs, or chewing tobacco.

Game Night Gift Set

Card and Dice Gift Set with Whiskey Glasses

Your dad loves to play poker and card games whether it’s with his friends or the rest of the family. He always has a glass of whiskey in one hand, a cigar in his mouth, and his cards in the other hand! Father’s Day or his birthday is the perfect time to get him this perfectly cool and manly gift set. He’ll love having his own custom whiskey glass and a proper cigar case for his must-haves for game night, as well as an easily portable game set to bring with him everywhere! Now he’ll be prepared for a game whether he’s visiting you or one of his friends out of town.

Microbrew Gift Basket

Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket for Men

Speaking of beer, micro brewing is more popular than ever right now! This gift basket for men is ideal for those who enjoy craft beers. Included are six different brews as well as two kinds of popcorn, two kinds of nuts, and a box of beef jerky. This set would make an awesome birthday, holiday, or retirement gift. Now he can sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best beers and snacks in the country with this gift basket for men.

Whiskey and Axe Gift Set for Men

Manly Gift Set with Axe

What gift set is manlier than a set of rocks glasses, whiskey stones, and an axe? Seriously, it doesn’t get manlier than this. This incredibly awesome set has it all: personalization, quality drinkware, a high quality new tool, and cool new drinking accessories. Your man’s name is engraved on each piece in this set so that everyone knows who these incredible items belong to. The two whiskey glasses are ideal for sharing a cold glass of whiskey with some whiskey stones with you or a friend. The stones will make sure that his drinks are chilled, but not watered down. The axe is a must-have item in every man’s toolbelt, as he can use for chopping firewood in winter or clearing brush in the summer. This would be a gnarly Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or holiday present for the manly dude in your life.

Presentation Set

Whiskey Serving Tray Set

This set is a little bit different than the rest as it is both a handsome gift set and a gorgeous piece of decor! Your whiskey-loving man can display this in his home bar, home office, or dining room to add a touch of luxury. A set such as this one is quite different from a gift basket full of a guy’s favorite things, yes, but as long as he enjoys whiskey (or even other liquors!) then he will appreciate such a fine gift. This would be perfect for Father’s Day, a promotion, retirement, or birthday gift for the sophisticated guy in your life. Now he’ll have a proper drinking set to entertain with!

A Manly Gift Basket with All of His Favorite Things

Engraved Ammo Can Gift Basket with Hatchet

You love how manly your husband is. He loves doing yard work, going on outdoor adventures, drinking beer, smoking cigars, the works. He is the definition of a manly man. The thing is, you struggle to find a gift that’s worthy enough for him. You can stop looking for his birthday gift this year, you’ve found the perfect gift! Packed with a few of his favorite things such as a custom ammo can for his hunting trips, a hatchet for camping, and a set of whiskey stones and whiskey glasses for those after-dinner drinks you love to share together. He’ll love that this set is so perfect for him, and especially that you had it custom engraved to be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Ultimate Whiskey Tasting Gift Sets for Men

Personalized Set of Whiskey Glasses

The manly guy you’re shopping for is a bonafide whiskey connoisseur, and makes sure that everyone knows it. He could go on for hours about whiskey is a man’s drink and why, the most expensive bottles of scotch he’s tried, and the differences between bourbon and scotch. He’s got an assortment of a few rocks glasses, but he’s been wanting a whiskey tasting set for a while. After all, what’s more manly than an official whiskey tasting set for him to show off his knowledge? A personalized one! His friends will be so jealous when they see this amazing whiskey set. Comprised of five glasses, whiskey stones, and a matching customized gift box to store his precious tasting set in, he’ll be over the moon with excitement to try it out!




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