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Article: 27 Impressive Cheap Gifts for Men

27 Impressive Cheap Gifts for Men

Cheap Gifts for Men

We all know that “it’s the thought that counts” when buying a gift, but you also have to consider your budget. But that doesn’t mean that an inexpensive gift isn’t a good gift! In fact, cheap gifts for men can be just as impressive as a high dollar item. How so? Personalization makes all the difference between a regular old beer mug and a unique glass made just for him. Plus, you can get multiple items in a nice gift set for a great deal.

But where do you start? Do you look into his hobbies? Do you simply search for unique gifts for guys and hope they fall within your budget? No, start right here! Put down those coupons, because we did all of the hard work for you and found 27 of the best inexpensive gifts for men regardless of the occasion.

1. Roly Poly Rocking Personalized Whiskey Glass

Roly poly rocking cheap gifts for men single whiskey glass

When you're enjoying a nice whiskey or some other liquor, you've got to have a little fun. With this roly poly glass, he'll be able to do just that and show it off to anyone he's drinking with. This uniquely designed glass appears to be tipping over, but in fact it's cleverly designed to tip and twirl with a drink inside without tipping. While it's a fun idea, it's also extremely practical if you have a drink that needs a swirl or two so that it can open up. This hand blown glass is awesome and sits at the top of the most cheap gifts for guys with expensive tastes out there.

2. Personalized Tactical Survival Knife

Personalized tactical survival knife

Still looking for a great but cheap gift for men? Look no further than this personalized tactical knife, which comes with much more than a simple blade. This survival knife is perfect for the man who finds himself on adventures or simply enjoys having a knife close by. Inside the knife is a secret compartment that stores important survival gear, including a fishing line and hook, a sewing kit, and some matches. There's also a compass at the butt of the knife so he can find his way anywhere.

3. Terracotta Hydroponic Grow Kit by Modern Sprout

Hydroponic grow kit sitting on a table with grown plant
Terracotta Hydroponic Grow Kit by Modern Sprout

Are you looking for a cheap gift for guys who probably need a plant or two in their lives? Look no further than this hydroponic grow kit, which comes in a neat little package that allows him to plant it indoors anywhere. This grow kit is impressive as it comes with everything he'll need to grow a plant indoors with simply a pot and water. It also has a number of plant options to choose from, including a palm, a bonsai, a spruce, or a cactus. Whether he puts it on his desk or on a coffee table, it's a great way to green up his space.

4. Serrated Personalized Hunting Knife

Personalized serrated hunting knife with carrying pouch

A fine gift for a man who enjoys adventuring into the outdoors, whether it's hiking or hunting, needs a good, solid knife. With this personalized pocket knife, he'll have everything he'll need at the tip of his fingers. What's great about this pocket knife is it has a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker for those moments when you just need them. On top of that, it comes with a carrying pouch and can also be personalized. If he needs a knife, you found it.

Man in suit holding multiple cheap gifts for men

5. Pistol Liquor Decanter with Bullet Shot Glasses

Pistol decanter and two cheap gifts for men bullet shot glasses

Some of the more fancy and unique whiskey decanters easily fall outside of the range of affordability. However, this unique pistol decanter set is one of the few exceptions as it's not only made with thick, high-quality glass but it's uniquely designed. With this decanter set, he'll be able to awe anyone who gets a drink served from it and will always have a conversation starter. Not only is it in the shape of a pistol, but the two accompanying shot glasses have a bullet wedged into the glass. Hard to get cooler than that!

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6. JLab Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Cheap Gift for Techies

Man wearing affordable gifts for men wireless earbuds
JLab True Wireless Bluetooth Cheap Gift Earbuds

Listening to music with headphones on isn't new, but something we've learned over the years is how annoying wires can be. With these wireless earbuds, he won't have to worry about getting wires tangled up or in the way of whatever he's doing while jamming out. These earbuds are perfect as they're not only incredibly affordable, they're made by an extremely popular brand that's known for making amazing music accessories. It also comes in a number of colors and is accompanied by a portable charging case.

7. Engraved Whiskey Glass Cigar Holder

Man holding a cigar glass while playing cards

Some of the best times are enjoyed over a glass of whiskey and a superb cigar, especially if you're a cigar and whiskey aficionado. This cigar glass is absolutely perfect for that exact person and is a pack leader when it comes to affordable gifts for men. The design of this cigar glass is impeccable as it's made of thick, premium quality glass, and has a specific attachment made into the glass for his resting cigar. With this glass, he'll always have a place to put his lit cigar when enjoying his favorite drink.

8. Custom Whiskey Glass Gift Box

Custom Whiskey Glass Gift Box with Whiskey Stones

Sometimes you just got to sit back and relax with a nice glass of your favorite drink. Give him that opportunity every time with this awesome whiskey glass box set, which comes with everything he'll need to enjoy his next glass. This set comes with the essentials, including a whiskey glass, several whiskey stones, and a wood box to keep everything in. The best part is both the glass and box are personalizable, so you can gift him something both unique and affordable.

9. Custom Coffee Mug - Super Cheap Gift for Men

The Best Cheap Gift for Men is a Custom Coffee Mug

What’s the best cheap personalized gift? A custom coffee mug! Most guys drink coffee or tea, and one can never have too many mugs. He’ll love the simple design of his name and initial. He can keep the mug at home to add to his collection of mugs or take to work and make sure that no one else will steal his favorite mug thanks to the personalization. Pair this mug with a box of his favorite coffee and you’ve got a great, cheap gift for men that’s perfect for any occasion or just because!


10. Casablanca Cocktail Coupe Glasses

Cocktail Gift Set of Casablanca Glasses
Champagne inside two cocktail coupe glasses

Enjoying a nice cocktail starts with mixing the drink and ends with the presentation, which you need a particular glass for. These Casablanca cocktail glasses are the perfect pair to enjoy his favorite cocktails and certainly sit at the top of the best inexpensive gifts for the man who has everything. Made from premium glass, the elegant and classic Coupe design is unmistakable and will be obviously noticed by anyone witnessing them. Whether he's into traditional or contemporary cocktails, these glasses will do the trick every time.

11. Travel Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter

Cigar travel case with cigar cutter attached

Keeping it classy within a budget can be difficult, especially if you're looking for a gift for cigar lovers. With this travel cigar case, you'll be able to achieve classiness while still getting an inexpensive gift for guys. The great part about this cigar case is it fits three full size cigars comfortably, with the inside having a cedar lining keeping his cigars fresh and ready to smoke. It also comes with a metal cigar cutter which he can attach directly onto the case. This is an incredibly thoughtful and practical gift for cigar lovers.

12. Black Diamond Engraved Cocktail Smoker

Black Diamond engraved cocktail smoker

Maybe he's into mixology or simply enjoys trying new things when it comes to preparing and enjoying his favorite drinks. In that case, you need to seriously get him this cocktail smoker, which can turn a standard drink into something much more special. This smoker kit comes with everything he'll need to smoke any of his drinks, including a torch, smoke chips, a metal filter, a smoke lid, and a cleaning brush. Let him shock and awe those around him while get prepares some delicious smoked drinks.

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13. Carhartt Cheap Acrylic Watch Hat

Acrylic watch hat inexpensive gift for men by Carhartt

Finding inexpensive gifts for a guy friend doesn't mean you need to get them some off brand products. This acrylic Carhartt hat is a great example of a popular brand that offers one of its most iconic items for a very reasonable price. As you're probably aware, this hat is a common but cool looking hat that's not only cool looking but will keep his head incredibly warm. On top of that, it comes in a number of awesome colors including the classic Carhartt brown, which is a color that is unmistakably cool.

14. Custom Divot Tool with Ball Marker

Personalized divot tool on the green
Personalized divot tool detached from custom ball maker

If he's a golf head, there's no doubt he's bent over endless times to fix a divot or mark his ball. If that sounds familiar, you need to get him this personalized divot tool, which is something every golfer out there should have. This tool is perfect for the golfer in your life as it works as a divot tool and has a ball marker attached. It even has a magnetic material so he can easily attach it to his golf bag or club, so he can't lose it when out on the green.

15. Beer Cap Map of His Home State

Beer cap map of any US state

Does he happen to try out different beers whenever he gets the chance and enjoys showing off his pallet discoveries? With this cool beer cap map, he'll not only be able to show off the caps of his favorite beers, but he'll do so by representing his state. The map can come in the shape of whichever US state you want, so he can fill up his own state's beers as he wishes and even fill up other states where the beers he drinks come from. This is an awesome gift for beer drinkers in need of an inexpensive gift for men.

16. Set of Four Inexpensive Twist Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Four inexpensive twist personalized whiskey glasses

The next time he's serving and enjoying a whiskey with others, let him throw a twist that no one will ever forget. You can do exactly that with these personalized whiskey glasses, which are designed with a unique style that's truly one-of-a-kind. These twist glasses come in a set of four and are made with a twist design that's not only unique, it oddly feels very natural in your grip. On top of that, these glasses are personalizable, so it'll be a cherished gift he'll get to experience for a long time ahead.

Woman giving her man an inexpensive gift

17. Show Off a Collection With a Shadow Box

Custom Collection Shadow Box

Your anniversary with your boyfriend is coming up and you want to get him something nice, but money’s tight at the moment. You could make him something, but you don’t have time. What can you give him that’s meaningful but won’t break the bank? A shadow box! You could give it to him empty so that he can start a collection on his own, or you could fill it with little mementos of the previous year(s) of your relationship. For example, the receipt from Valentine’s Day dinner or the ticket stubs from all of the concerts and movies you’ve attended together. However you choose to present this thoughtful gift, he’ll be speechless once he sees it. Cheap gifts for guys with expensive tastes can be turned into something really meaningful no matter the price.

18. Personalized Cheap Gift for Men English Pub Glasses

Four cheap gifts for men pub pint glasses

The classic beer glass comes from your traditional English pubs, and sometimes those glasses aren't that cheap to come by. With these personalized English glasses, you'll be able to find a cheap gift for guys that are also exactly what you'd experience at a proper English pub. These beer glasses come in a set of four and can be personalized with his initials or name. The awesome part is they each hold a whopping 20 ounces, so him and his buddies can enjoy a nice tall glass of beer the next time they're hanging out.

19. Magnetic Bookmark - Cheap Gift for Book Worms

Magnetic bookmark in daily planner notebook
Magnetic bookmark cheap gift by Leatherology

Keeping it simple when it comes to cheap gifts for men is the best way to keep it classy. With this magnetic leather bookmark, you'll be giving the bookworm in your life the perfect gift that he'll actually use on a regular basis. Made by Leatherology, this bookmark is an item that will last him a very long time and it's something he can use with whatever book he's reading due to its flexible and thoughtful design. This truly is a great gift for the man in your life who enjoys reading.

20. Custom Liquor Flask - A Classy But Cheap Gift for Men

Cheap Monogrammed Liquor Flask

A custom flask is always a cool gift to get a guy whether he’s your best friend, boyfriend, brother, or husband. This monogrammed leather-wrapped flask is a classy, useful, cheap gift for men. He will enjoy bringing it along when he hangs out at his friend’s house or goes camping with his family. A flask is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift to any guy in your life, but make sure to include a bottle of his favorite liquor too so that he can fill it up after unwrapping it!

21. Inexpensive Custom Pool Hall Sign

Custom Wooden Billiards Sign

Does your brother or father have a game room with a pool table? Make the room official with this cool custom wooden sign! The vintage and colorful design will go great with his current decor. Definitely a conversation piece, he’ll love showing it off to his friends when they come over for a game. This cheap personalized gift is the ideal housewarming or holiday gift to the billiards player in your life.

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22. Personalized Traditional German Beer Stein

Personalized traditional German beer stein with lid
Top view of open traditional German beer stein

In Germany they don't mess around when it comes to serving and drinking beer. If he's the type to make his beer drinking experience optimal, you've got to get him this German beer stein. This stein is truly made with a traditional German style design with a thick glass body and handle with a pewter lid that keeps his beer safe in between drinks. You can also get his name on it as well as a personal message, so you have the additional bonus of turning it into a keepsake he can use whenever he wants.

23. Men's Tri-Block Ankle Socks by Bombas

Men's Tri-Block Ankle Socks by Bombas
Man wearing tri-color ankle socks

The feeling of putting on warm, comfortable socks is a feeling we all know and love. Give him that feeling every time with these tri-block ankle socks, which come in a variety of cool color combinations so you can find the one that matches his style. What makes these socks so special is they're specifically designed to be softer and cushier than your average ankle sock. Made from a collage of high-quality materials, these will be his favorite socks in no time.

24. Engraved 50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener

50 caliber bullet bottle opener

There aren't too many cheap gifts for men that'll really blow him away. This bullet bottle opener is certainly one that will and easily falls within the budget of any shopper. This bottle opener is seriously badass as it's made from an authentic 50 caliber bullet from the U.S. military. It can be engraved with his name on it as well so there'll be no mistaking who's bullet it belongs to. Whether he's opening a soda or beer, this bottle opener is fun and an instant conversation starter.

25. Tennessee Whiskey Custom Bourbon Decanter

Tennessee Whiskey Custom Bourbon Decanter

Getting him an inexpensive gift doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on quality. For the whiskey lover in your life, he'll need a custom whiskey decanter if he doesn't already have one. This decanter is specially designed to house a comfortable 26 ounces of liquor, which is enough for him and others to have some drinks together. It's also made of thick, high-quality glass and has added bonus of being personalizable, so he'll not only have it for a long time, but he'll cherish it also.


26. Easily Charge His Phone On the Go

Wireless Charging Dash Mount for His Phone

The future is here, and in the form of a wireless charging dashboard mount for your man's phone! Now he can charge his phone while navigating to that brand new restaurant that opened downtown for your date night. This mount can hold any smartphone and be mounted anywhere he likes in his car, even the windshield! Traveling has never been easier.

27. A Beer Mug to Quench His Thirst and Save Your Wallet

Cheap Gift Gigantic Engraved Beer Mug

Your brother is famous for his ability to chug entire mugs of beer. He even won a local contest for it and won a prize for chugging beer faster than the previous champion! For his birthday one year, you got him a WWE-like belt that says “2013 Beer Chugging Champion.” This year, however, you’re stuck. He doesn’t like expensive gifts, and you’re shopping on a budget. Worry not, because this humongous beer mug is the best possible cheap personalized gift you can give! With a 33.8 ounce capacity, your brother will be facing a real challenge if he attempts to chug it.

Cheap Gifts for Men FAQ

What is an inexpensive gift for a guy?

There are a lot of great, inexpensive gifts for a guy friend, including personalized beer glasses, a BBQ grilling set, or a nice gourmet coffee. Even though you may be on a budget, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on a quality gift. Most importantly, make sure the gift is personal, and he'll be sure to love it.

What can I get my husband for his birthday with no money?

If you're not able to spend any money on your gift, consider making something with your hands. Something like a photo album, a very personal and heartfelt letter, a fancy meal, or simply a movie night with his favorite movie. Regardless of whether you spend money or not, what matters is the experience you have with each other during his birthday.

How much should I spend on a cheap gift for guys?

The amount you spend really depends on what you consider cheap, but a good price to aim for is definitely under $100. Consider getting something anywhere between $25 and $50, and if you've got a little bigger budget upwards to $75 and $100. Remember, you can get amazing personalized gifts for relatively cheap, so you absolutely do not have to break the bank to offer him an awesome gift he'll love.


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