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Article: 19 Wonderful Wedding Reception Gift Ideas

19 Wonderful Wedding Reception Gift Ideas

Wedding reception gift ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to find a gift for those you love, but oftentimes it’s a tricky adventure with lots of guessing. This is especially true when coming up with wedding reception gift ideas because there are simply so many different options to choose from. But if you’re already privy to the newlywed’s interests, you’re pretty much at the finish line.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you the best wedding reception gift ideas for the newlyweds in your life! Each idea in our list is expertly selected and tailored for a diverse range of tastes so don’t worry. From practical products to home decor to customizable items this list is fully stocked and will help you and anyone else find the perfect gift for their newlyweds. Let’s get into it!

1. A Beautiful and Classy Wedding Reception Gift Idea

Personalized Wedding Reception Gift Whiskey Decanter Set
Personalized Wedding Reception Gift Whiskey Decanter Set Inside Wood Box

The bride and groom will adore this stunning decanter set! Perfect for surprising them on the day of the wedding either before they walk down the aisle or at the reception, they can enjoy their first drink together as husband and wife using this wedding reception gift. They can also have a round of drinks with their parents and new in-laws! Once they get it home, this gorgeous personalized decanter set will be the centerpiece of their home bar or living room.

2. A Wedding Reception Gift to Display In Their Home

Wooden Welcome Sign for the Wedding Reception

This beautiful custom sign is the perfect way to welcome guests into the wedding reception and into the bride and groom’s home! Make sure you give the happy couple this lovely piece of decor before the reception so that they can display it before their guests arrive. After the wedding, they’ll love having it hang in their entryway at home. Even many years from now, whenever they see this sign as they come home they’ll be reminded of their wedding day thanks to your thoughtful gift.

3. Comfy Robes to Wear At Home

Mr and Mrs Personalized Bathrobes

These adorable and super soft Mr and Mrs bathrobes are sure to come in handy on the day of the wedding! Give them to the bride and groom before the day of their wedding so that they can wear them while they get ready for the ceremony or so that they can have something comfy to wear for their wedding night. Either way, they’ll love these robes so much that they’ll be their new bathrobes from now on!

4. Custom Flutes Gift for Their Wedding Recetion Toast

Custom wedding reception gift flutes

The bride and groom will obviously be making a toast at their wedding which is always a moment to cherish. With these personalized champagne flutes you can help them take it to a whole new level and make it even more special than it already is. This amazing wedding reception gift will definitely touch their hearts and can be used to celebrate their many future anniversaries. Every time they take a sip from the flutes you gifted them they’ll be reminded of their special moment.

People celebrating with wedding reception gifts and champagne flutes


5. A Fancy Way to Display Their Appetizers

Engraved Bamboo Charcuterie Board for the Reception

Make sure the bride and groom’s snacks, appetizers, and hors d’oeuvres at the reception look amazing by giving them this fancy bamboo charcuterie board to display them on! They will love seeing the elegant design featuring their new shared last name as they enjoy some gourmet treats from the impressive charcuterie board. At home, it’s great for food prep and, of course, for creating charcuterie spreads! This bamboo board is something they’ll be using often for years to come.

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6. A Map of a Special Moment In Their Lives

Our first date GPS location plaque wedding reception gift

Give the bride and groom something special to display at their reception with this custom map plaque! Showing the location of a milestone moment in their relationship such as their first date, where they got engaged, or even where they’re getting married, this unique plaque is a memento they can treasure forever. They will be so excited when they unwrap your thoughtful gift that they might just cry because it’s so sweet! It’ll be on display for everyone to admire at the wedding reception, and then when they get home they’ll make sure it gets a special place for them to see every day.

7. Romantic Wine Wedding Reception Gift Idea

Personalized Wine Decanter Set of Wedding Reception Gifts
Wine decanter with wine inside

Now that they’re through the wedding, the newlyweds can finally relax and celebrate their nuptials with their family and friends. Engraved with their names, wedding date, and “Mr & Mrs,” the bride and groom can enjoy their first drink together as a married couple using this lovely wine decanter set at the reception. They’ll definitely be using this set for every anniversary in the future as well as other special occasions. When they’re not using it, this wine decanter set will look lovely on display in their home bar or dining room.

8. Wine and Family Custom Wooden Sign

Wine and family wedding reception gift idea custom sign

Few things can impact a home’s warm feeling than beautiful decor which is why this custom wooden sign should be on your list of wedding reception gift ideas. This unique home decor piece brims with warmth in whatever living space they put it in. The sign is made of premium wood and boasts a rustic design to make it all the more alluring. It’ll look great in their kitchen, living room, and even dining room which makes it quite versatile.

9. Celebrate Their Union with Drinks

Monogrammed Wedding Reception Gift Presentation Set

One look at this incredible monogrammed decanter set and the bride and groom will be speechless! They will love seeing their initials surrounding their new shared last initial on the entire set as a representation of their union. This set is perfect for having celebratory drinks with their loved ones at the reception and any time someone comes over to visit their home. The happy couple will surely treasure this amazing gift forever!

10. Start a Collection on the Day of Their Wedding Reception

Custom wine cork shadow box

The bride and groom will get a kick out of the fun phrase engraved on this shadow box when they first see it, but once they realize just how great of a gift this is they’ll be so excited to use it, too. By starting a collection of wine corks (beer bottle caps, can tabs, or whatever they want!) on the day of their wedding, they’ll be collecting keepsakes of each and every drink they share together from now on as well as the memories that go with them. From their first drink together as a married couple to the special wine they enjoy on their 50th anniversary, this shadow box will store all of their memories and display them at the same time!

11. Bonacorso Wine Wedding Reception Gift Box Set

Wine wedding reception gift box

Can’t find the perfect wedding reception gift for your newlyweds? A fancy bottle of wine can’t lose especially when presented in this fancy wine gift box. Let them begin their journey with a nice bottle of wine cozied inside this custom wine gift box. The wine box is etched with a congratulatory message which will surely make their special day all the more special. It also features handy wine tools for their home bar making it highly functional. This is a gift they’re going to want to open right away!

12. A Gift to Enjoy with Everyone at the Wedding Reception

Cornhole wedding reception gift for bean bag players

Want a wedding reception gift idea that everyone can enjoy with the happy couple? This custom cornhole set is perfect! Everyone young and old will have fun playing this easy game, and it’s sure to be a big hit with the adults as much as it will be for the children. In fact, the bridesmaids might just team up against the groomsmen and see who’s better! Perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings, this cornhole set comes in two color options so that you can make sure it matches the decor. After the wedding, the bride and groom will love playing this fun game with their friends and family every time they have company over!

13. An Impressive Wedding Reception Gift Idea

Twist Decanter and Glasses
Two twist whiskey glasses with ice and whiskey

“Wow!” will be the first thing the newlyweds say once they open up your impressive gift at the reception. As far as wedding reception gifts go, this stunning whiskey decanter set is by far one of the most luxurious! The happy couple will be so excited to use the elegant twist glasses for their toast, and the decanter will look amazing on display at the reception table. Once they get the set home, they’ll want it to be front and center in their home bar, living room, or dining room so that everyone who comes over will see it. They’ll be sure to use this three-piece set for evening drinks, date night cocktails, and anniversary toasts for years to come.

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14. Make it Official with a Custom Sign

Wedding reception custom sign for newly married couple

Sure, the bride and groom have decked out the reception hall with plenty of unique decor, but they won’t have a personalized sign like this one! The beautifully stained wood will match any wedding colors they’ve chosen and it will look lovely on display at their reception table, for the wedding guest book table, or even to hang above the buffet. They can take it home with them after the reception to display, making it their official home as a married couple. Whenever they look at this lovely sign, they’ll be reminded of their wedding day like it was yesterday even if it’s 50 years from now!

Bride and groom dancing outside at wedding reception

15. Make Sure the Newlyweds Have Chilled Wine

Portable wine chiller with wine bottle inside

Once the bride and groom get to the reception, they’ll be thirsty and hungry since they’ve been busy making sure the ceremony went smoothly. One of the most thoughtful wedding reception gifts you can give them is this portable wine chiller, especially if you put a bottle of wine in it before you give it to the happy couple! They will love being able to enjoy a nice glass of chilled wine to help them relax and enjoy the reception. After the wedding, they can use this chiller to bring wine on their honeymoon, weekend getaways for their anniversaries, or even just to bring a bottle to a friend’s house!


16. Luxurious Bedding for the Newlyweds

Egyptian cotton bed sheets by Pure Parima
Egyptian cotton bed sheets wedding gift by Pure Parima

Now that they’re husband and wife, their home decor deserves an upgrade. Give them these luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets at the reception so that their first night as a married couple is extra comfortable and special! They will love how soft and silky smooth these sheets are, and once they lay down on them they’ll feel like they’re laying on clouds. Thanks to your thoughtful wedding gift, the happy couple will sleep better than ever!

17. Rocks Glasses Engraved with Their Initials

Buckman whiskey glass wedding reception gift set

The bride and groom probably have rocks glasses already, but these whiskey rocks glasses are quite unique! They will love that each one is personalized with a unique monogram of their initials and new shared last initial as a subtle symbol of their union. When you give them these glasses at the wedding reception, they’ll want to use them for a toast with their parents and in-laws right away. Plus, when they get home, they’ll be excited to try them out for cocktails and romantic drinks together as newlyweds!

18. Lovely Wine Wedding Reception Gift Set

Wedding reception gift ideas for wine lovers

This personalized wine gift set is one of the best wedding reception gifts! Not only can the happy couple use the custom glasses for their drinks at the reception, but they can also enjoy this set together on date nights, anniversaries, and other special occasions. They can even use the wooden gift box for storing wedding keepsakes such as the wedding invitation, the groom’s tie, and the bride’s veil.

19. Whiskey Gift Set for Two

Twist whiskey glass set with whiskey stones
Twist whiskey wedding reception gift idea with whiskey splashing

Make sure the moment the bride and groom share their first drinks together as husband and wife is extra special by giving them this beautiful whiskey gift set for two! Whether they’re using them at the wedding reception or afterward in their honeymoon suite, these lovely wedding reception gifts are perfect for sipping on a fine whiskey or a romantic wedding cocktail. They can even use the gift box to store keepsakes from their big day such as the bride’s jewelry, the groom’s cufflinks, and a copy of the wedding invitation.

Wedding Reception Gift Ideas FAQ

What should you get for a wedding reception gift?

A good wedding reception gift is one that’s tailored to match the couple's interests. It could be elegant wine glasses, custom home decor, or even a gift they can experience together. Whatever you get them make sure the gift celebrates them and their journey together.

What is a wedding reception gift called?

Wedding reception gifts are commonly referred to as wedding gifts and are given either during the reception or right after. This practice is a great way to send them off on a beautiful journey together that’ll last a lifetime.

Can you give money as a wedding reception gift?

You can definitely give them money since the couple can choose how they want to spend it especially if they already have a home. Instead of getting them something they won’t need, you can help them go on a longer honeymoon or splurge on a home renovation they’ve been thinking about. It also gives them some flexibility as they start their new journey together.


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