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Article: 37 Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

37 Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

40th birthday gifts for men

Reaching the age of 40 is a significant milestone for any man, and it deserves an extra special celebration. To make such an occasion memorable, it's crucial to choose the perfect 40th birthday gift for him. What are the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men? How much should you spend on a gift? Who can customize it for you?

These are all essential questions to consider when selecting a unique 40th birthday gift for him. Keep reading for some of the top gift ideas that will make his birthday truly spectacular.

Cool 40 year old in the street holding coffee

1. 40th Birthday Whiskey Glass Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter 40th birthday gift ideas for men Set

He's 40, time to ditch the plastic cups and bargain glassware. For the man who loves to entertain, no 40th birthday gift for him would be better suited than a set that allows him to entertain the neighbors and other guests. This Oakmont wood boxed whiskey set includes four engraved whiskey glasses, a handsome liquor decanter and it all comes in a customized maple gift box. Your father, brother or best friend will be the envy of the neighborhood with this divine whiskey set.

2. Halo Engraved Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

Cocktail smoker with whiskey glasses and smoke covers
Torch smoking a glass of whiskey

Turning 40 is a milestone like no other that absolutely deserves a notable celebration. This halo engraved cocktail smoker kit does just that, and it's an exceptional choice for 40th birthday gift ideas for men. This kit will win your 40-year-old, especially if he likes a smoky flair to his drinks. With a strong base and smoking cover, this smoker kit takes mixing his favorite drinks to new heights.

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3. 40th Birthday Gift Worthy of a King - Custom Royal Portrait

The General custom royal portrait

A unique and unforgettable 40th birthday gift idea is here with this custom royal portrait. Easily send in his photo and watch as his face is expertly blended into a classic looking painting. This isn't just any gift, it's a ticket to immortality on canvas. This will create a lasting piece of art that's sure to spark conversations and laughter among plenty of people.

4. Practical 40th Birthday Gift Idea - Beckham Mens Toiletry Bag

Men's toiletry 40th birthday gift idea for men bag

Looking for a classy and personalized gift for a man who loves to travel in style? Look no further than this monogrammed brown saddle leather dopp kit! This premium-quality toiletry bag is crafted from high-quality leather with a rich, timeless look. It's not just about good looks though, this dopp kit is also incredibly functional with multiple pockets to keep all his grooming essentials organized and easily accessible. Whether he's a frequent flyer or a weekend adventurer this toiletry bag is sure to be his favorite travel companion.

5. Grilling Tools for His 40th Birthday Gift

Custom Grilling Tools Made From Bamboo

No 40th birthday gift ideas for men are better than these personalized grilling tools, especially for the man who loves to grill! He will be so excited to use these essential BBQ tools to grill up burgers, steaks, kabobs, and more for all of his friends and family. The fact that he can easily store and bring his trusty tools anywhere from the lake to his friend’s house makes this incredible birthday gift even more awesome.

6. A Wallet That Will Last Him Far Beyond 40

Ridge Wallet Gift for 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

So your husband or best friend has reached his fortieth year and he’s still using that old wallet from high school. Don’t you think it’s time to help the guy out? This wallet exudes class and sophistication and is worthy of any 40 year old. Give him this cool minimalist carbon fiber wallet. Bonus: If you're gifting this as a gift for a friend, call his mom and see if you can’t track down that senior picture he hated so much and slide that bad boy into the wallet to really give your buddy the business and add a personal touch. He’ll enjoy it for years to come.

7. High-end Whiskey Presentation Gift Set

Handcrafted Presentation Gift Set - A dignified 40th birthday gift ideas for men

Here’s a fun 40th birthday gift for men. Consider one of these these personalized serving sets for entertaining guests in style, poker games, or the big game. No matter what he uses it for, you can rest assured your gentleman will be ready for the event with drinks and snacks for all the guests. It will keep him from spilling a single drop of that single malt scotch or handcrafted bourbon. It’s fancy and convenient. One of the more fantastic gifts for the 40th birthday man in your life!

Men in suits drinking whiskey outside

8. Luxury 40th Birthday Gift - Breitling Mens Watch

Breitling Superocean Heritage watch
Man wearing Breitling Superocean watch

A big birthday like a 40th calls for a big gift, so you need to take a look at this classic Breitling watch. It's made from pure style and has a deep historic brand that's been around for decades. Made from stainless steel and a classy mesh bracelet, he can wear this timepiece anywhere, including 200 meters under the water. This watch is a gift that's unmatchable, and he'll know it.

9. Engraved Box Set of 40th Birthday Gifts for Men

Box set of 40th birthday gift ideas for men

Know someone turning 40? This engraved box gift set is one of the perfect gifts among the 40th birthday gift ideas for men. This set has a personalized flask, rocks glasses, and a multi-tool all enclosed in a sophisticated wooden box. The classic monogram personalization transforms it into a cherished keepsake too. Whether he has his favorite drinks to chill with or a stylish night out with his buds, this set adds a touch of sophistication to his milestone celebration.

10. Engravable Golf Pens for 40 Year Old Golfers

Golf pens inside golf bag holder

Turning 40 is big, so if you're looking for a great gift for a 40 year old who loves golf then this golf-themed pen set wins. The club-shaped pens look awesome on a desk and they just work. The set includes a cool miniature golf bag pen holder that's both fun and functional. It's obviously something he can use as a writing tool, but it's also a conversation starter. Celebrate his 40th birthday by gifting him something that he'll love.

11. Personalized Boxed Cognac Glasses Set

Personalized Cognac Gift Set
Cognac glasses and cigar accessories inside wood box

If you're looking for an exceptional birthday gift idea for men then this personalized cognac glasses set is a top pick. These elegant glasses are made for savoring cognac and come with a classy wooden box that can be engraved with his name. Whether he's a connoisseur or a casual sipper this set will lift up any drink into a luxurious experience.

12. Opulent Custom Black Marble Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie board with food on it

As he enters his 40s, you want to add a touch of class to his life. And what better way than with a custom charcuterie board? It's absolutely perfect for those who love to host, combining fine acacia wood with clean black marble to present a good looking display for all types of food. It's large, so it's ideal for entertaining guests and can easily be the centerpiece of his next party. Personalized for a thoughtful touch, it's not just a gift but a stylish and functional addition to any home.

Man cutting food on a charcuterie board

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13. Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells - A Gift for 40yr Old Athletes

Man curling Bowflex dumbbells

Still looking for 40th birthday gift ideas for men? Look no further than these adjustable Bowflex dumbbells! They're the best fitness game-changer since they can easily switch between 5 to 52.5 pounds. This makes them perfect for any strength level. Also, the space saving design makes it so they won't clutter up their home gym. Additionally, the durable molding around the metal plates makes a smooth, quiet lift every time. Whether he's a fitness newbie or a seasoned pro, these dumbbells are sure to help his workout routine!

14. Personalized Wine Decanter and Glasses

Wine decanter and wine glasses full of wine

Celebrating a 40th birthday is big time. This personalized wine decanter and glasses set is a standout among 40th birthday gift ideas for men. It's perfect for wine enthusiasts and includes a stylish decanter and matching glasses all of which can be personalized. The set is designed to enhance the taste and aroma of his favorite wines adding a touch of sophistication to any home bar. It's not just a wine accessory, it's an elegant way to commemorate his milestone.

15. Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stones

Bullet whiskey stones with tongs and wooden box
Bullet whiskey stones inside wood box

These personalized bullet whiskey stones are a unique and impressive 40th birthday gift for any man. Made from high-quality stainless steel, they preserve the pure flavor of whiskey without diluting it. The bullet shape makes them a conversation starter at parties and custom personalization adds a special touch. Let's make his 40th toast unforgettable with these exceptional whiskey stones!

16. Personalized Pocket Knife 40th Birthday Gift Idea for Men

Pocket knife 40th birthday gift idea for men set with cigar

Celebrating his 40th birthday is a monumental transition that calls for something special. This personalized pocket knife gift set is easily one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men since it's both practical and sophisticated. This unique pocket knife is ideal for everyday use and even the outdoors. The great part is it comes with a cool looking bottle opener and a strong wooden gift box that can be fully personalized. This simply adds a thoughtful touch, making it something he'll remember rather than just put it in the cupboard and forget.

17. Custom Bamboo Cutting Board for Men

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Keep him happy in the kitchen with one of the coolest and toughest 40th birthday gifts for him, a custom bamboo cutting board! He’ll love seeing the engraving with his name on it each time he goes to slice some tomatoes or dice a few onions. Plus, aside from making him happy, now that he has a new cutting board, you can be sure he’ll be firing up his grill way more often than he ever has in the past.

18. A Blackout Set of Luxury 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Make your guy celebrate like it is his 21st birthday all over again with this gorgeous black box gift set perfect for celebrations like his birthday. He’ll have never felt like a classier birthday boy than when he has a cigar in one hand and his custom glass in the other. Better still, he can take the cigar case and acrylic stand with him in case the two of you go out for dinner and he wants to have a cigar as the ideal complement to his meal. With 40th birthday gift ideas this good, you know you’ll see him using this set at home all the time from here on out!

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19. Workout for the Techie 40th Birthday Celebrator

Virzoom VR Workout Bicycle

It’s even more important to stay in shape the older you get. If you want a 40th birthday gift for him that appreciates the fact that he takes care of himself then look no further than Virzoom. It combines the workout of a quality exercise back and blends it with a unique VR experience. It’s perfect for tech heads and certainly beats watching the local news while burning calories.

20. An Epic 40th Birthday Gift Idea for Beer Lovers

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set of 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to finding the best 40th birthday gifts for him, think first about the things he loves. For a beer lover, this custom beer mug box set is ideal! He will love being able to enjoy his favorite beers in a hefty beer mug that’s just like the ones at his favorite pub whenever he wants. He can even share a brew with a friend since the set comes with two mugs! These mugs will definitely be used often, just make sure you get a six-pack of his favorite beer so that he can try out his new mugs as soon as he opens his birthday gift.

Three men drinking beer from mugs

21. Black Marble Ashtray for His 40th Birthday

Personalized Ashtray 40th Birthday Gift for Him

Every cigar smoker needs a proper ashtray. And it’s difficult to even conceive of a more luxurious ashtray than the Monogram Marble Cigar Ashtray. Made with a naturally shed horn inlay that makes each one unique unto itself, your forty-year-old smoker will know just how special he is. The built-in stainless steel bowl will make sure none of those pesky ashes get away.

22. Custom Watch Case To Keep Him Organized

Personalized Watch Case

After many Christmases, anniversaries, and of course birthdays, he is sure to have quite the watch collection at this point in his life. While most 40th birthday gift ideas for men are watches, you know he has plenty of them. From his day-to-day Fitbit or his finest timepiece, why not make organizing his watch collection easier than ever with a gorgeous black wood and leather watch case? Engraved with his name, this will be one of the best ways for him to keep all his accessories. Nevermore will he be searching around for the ideal watch or for both cufflinks. Now, getting ready for casual days at the office to classy date nights will be a breeze!

23. Marcato Atlas 150 Classic Pasta Maker

Marcato pasta maker
People making pasta with Marcato pasta maker

Men love pasta, even if they say they don't. So get them this pasta maker and ravioli stamp set as a perfect 40th birthday gift idea for men. This set is made to make awesome pasta in a fun way. The pasta maker can roll the dough to the perfect thickness while the ravioli stamps give him a way to create delicious pockets of tastiness. It's highly durable and user-friendly, making it perfect for homemade Italian cuisine. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving, especially if he's a food enthusiast.

24. One-of-a-kind Personalized Poker Set

Brown poker set with cards, chips, and dice
Custom poker set with poker items inside case

Reaching 40 is a big deal, and this personalized poker set is a winning hand for 40th birthday gift ideas for men. Perfect for the card enthusiast, it comes with cards, dice, and professional-grade chips, all in a sleek brown case. The personalization makes it more than just a game set, it's an item he'll cherish. Whether for hosting game nights or casual games, this set is a sure bet to make his 40th memorable.

25. Upgrade His Style - Backpack Worthy of a 40yr Old

Blue large cargo backpack
Blue large cargo backpack opened up

Is he always on the go and needs a better way to stay organized? If yes, then he needs this stylish and spacious cargo backpack. It's especially designed for the modern man who juggles work, family, and play. This backpack has plenty of compartments to store his laptop, documents, and even gym clothes. The ergonomic design and padded straps guarantee comfort during his long commutes. Also, it's crafted with durable materials making it a reliable tool for his regular adventures.

26. All the Vices Custom 40th Birthday Gifts for Men Ammo Can

Ammo can with whiskey and cigar accessories

Ammo cans are a fantastic gift idea, especially if you stuff them full of items that fulfill some of his urges. This all-the-vices ammo can does just that, and is ideal for the 40-year-old man who wants to indulge from time to time. Every time he opens this box will welcome a new adventure, which he can embark on with anyone who wants to join. It comes with personalized whiskey glasses, a lighter, and a cigar cutter. All his bases will be covered with this 40th birthday gift idea.

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27. Name His Cave With This Awesome 40th Birthday Gift Idea

Custom Wooden Man Cave Sign

At 40, he is sure to have his own area of the home that you know he simply can’t get enough of. This is where he reads, plays games, watches movies, or hangs out with his friends. What could be a better gift than making that spot his official man cave? He’ll love having a custom sign to tell the world that he has his own man cave, and that he runs the show there! 40th birthday gifts for him like this personalized sign will have him enjoying his man cave more than ever, and it's all thanks to you!

Men watching sports in man cave

28. 30 Cal Ammo Can Beer Gift Set

Ammo beer can with multiple items

Who wants a beer? He wants a beer, and this 30-caliber ammo can beer gift set will help him get one. This ammo box is awesome since it's made from an original military-grade ammo can and is large enough to store all his beer essentials. It also comes with two glasses, a standard bottle opener, and bullet-style bottle opener. When it comes to ammo boxes, you're getting the masculine touch, which we're sure he'll appreciate.

29. Wine Box Sets are Luxury 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Luxury Wine Glass Box Set with Wine

A custom wine set full of 40th birthday gift ideas for him is a fantastic gift idea to help him celebrate his special day. Make sure you’ve got a bottle of wine for him ready and he’ll put this set to use before the candles on his birthday cake have had a chance to even go out yet. But seriously, he’ll love using this gift set each night when he has his glass of wine with dinner or after a long day at the office. Add in the gorgeous gift box and wine tools, and this will be a 40th birthday gift for the ages!

30. Personalized Golf Ball Display Case

Golf ball shadow box with golf balls inside

He's only going to turn 40 once, so get him something special. This personalized golf ball display case is an amazing gift idea for men who enjoy hitting the links. It's great because it allows him to show off his golf balls from the courses he's been to or simply memorable games. The display case, also known as a shadow box, looks good and fits anywhere, and you can get it personalized with his name and a special message. Whether it's for his home or his office, this shadow box turns his golfing achievements into a celebratory centerpiece.

31. A New Twist on Cigars and Whiskey

Custom Twist Glasses and Cigar
Twist whiskey glass with whiskey splashing from it

This set of cigar and whiskey gift set will quite literally smoke out the competition! This is a milestone occasion for any guy, and he deserves to celebrate his 40th in both class and style! Toasting from his new personalized glasses at the start of the celebration, or having a relaxing drink after the festivities will be the best way for him to start or finish his big day. He can even enjoy a stogie as a way to make the smell of cigar smoke a constant reminder of how great his birthday celebration was!


32. Marble Wine Chiller 40th Birthday Gift Idea for Men

Marble wine chiller 40th birthday gift ideas for men

Reaching 40 calls for a celebration with a touch of sophistication. With this personalized marble wine chiller, he'll achieve just that. As one of the best choices among the 40th birthday gift ideas for men on our list, it's an easy win. Made from fine marble, it's both functional and stylish. This item is absolutely perfect for keeping his favorite wine at the perfect temperature and adds a touch of class. Customize it with his name or initials and it becomes a special item that'll boost his celebratory moments.

33. Personalized 50 Caliber Ammo Box

Man holding a 50 caliber ammo box can

Turning 40 is a big milestone that deserves a big gift. That especially goes for this personalized 50-cal ammo box. This box is a good choice for 40th birthday gift ideas for men, and it's made from genuine military surplus. Both tough and historical. Perfect for storing anything from tools to keepsakes and has a personal touch with the recipient's name. This gift is more than just an item, it's a piece of history and a keeper of stories. Make his 40th birthday a memorable one!

34. Golf Birthday Gift Set He’ll Look Fore-ward to Using

Personalized Golf 40th Birthday Gifts for Men

Is he spending his birthday on the golf course? Before he goes, give him these golf gifts! Perfect for any man who loves golf, he’ll appreciate having the flask on hand to have a celebratory drink for every hole-in-one he makes. The custom bag tag will look great on his club bag, and the 2-in-1 ball marker and divot tool will certainly come in handy as he plays. Once you give him these 40th birthday gift ideas for men, he’ll never want to go golfing without them from now on!

Man pulling flask from his leather jacket

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35. Brown Custom Insulated Ice Bucket

Personalized ice bucket full of ice

Celebrating a 40th birthday is a special occasion, and this personalized insulated ice bucket is a perfect gift for men. It's not just an ordinary ice bucket, but a stylish addition to his home bar. The durable, insulated interior keeps ice cold for hours, making it ideal for any gathering. The elegant brown exterior can be personalized with his name or initials, adding a sophisticated touch. This ice bucket is perfect for parties or enjoying a drink alone, combining functionality with luxury.

This personalized insulated ice bucket is a perfect gift for men celebrating their 40th. It's not just an ordinary ice bucket, it's a stylish addition to his home bar. The durable, insulated interior keeps ice cold for hours making it ideal for any gathering. The elegant brown exterior can be personalized with his name or initials, which adds a sophisticated touch.

36. 50 Cal Ammo Can Humidor 40th Birthday Gift Idea for Men

50 cal ammo box cigar humidor
Ammo can cigar humidor hygrometer close up

Celebrating a 40th birthday is a big occasion that calls for an extraordinary gift. If you're thinking about gift ideas for men, get him this custom 50-cal ammo can humidor, which is both unique and practical. This humidor is a creative play on the traditional design repurposed from a military ammo can to keep cigars perfectly humidified. It's lined with Spanish cedar to preserve freshness and flavor and it makes for an excellent conversation starter.

37. Top-of-the-line Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Label Decanter Set

One of the best 40th birthday gift ideas you can give him is a dream come true: his very own namesake whiskey label! Any man who’s had Jack Daniels or Jim Beam has wondered what a whiskey brand named after him would look like, and your birthday gift makes it a reality. By customizing all of the text in the unique design, you can make this decanter set a one-of-a-kind gift that no one else will have so that it’s extra special.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men FAQ

What is a good 40th birthday present for a man?

A good gift for a 40 year old is something that's both classy and useful. On top of that, if it fits into his favorite activities, hobbies, and interests, that's even better. Think about personalizing your gift to give it that extra touch of thoughtfulness. It'll be appreciated.

What symbolizes the 40th birthday?

The Ruby Jubilee is referred to when someone turns 40 years old. It originally represented a monarch's 40th year of ruling over their kingdom and so it's still used today, but without the royalty.

What can I do for my husband's 40th birthday?

A good 40th birthday gift idea for a husband would be something that's close to the heart. Think about what you've experienced together over the years, and use that as a catapult into what you get him. Add a touch of personalization, and it'll become a gift he'll never forget.


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