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Article: 13 Whiskey Gift Ideas for Aficionados

13 Whiskey Gift Ideas for Aficionados

13 Whiskey Gift Ideas for Aficionados

The Absolute Best Whiskey Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

Buying a gift for someone who drinks whiskey is not as easy as you’d think! You have a lot to consider: Do they enjoy whiskey tasting? What’s their favorite brand of whiskey? What does every whiskey drinker need? The best whiskey gift ideas are those that make the overall whiskey drinking experience more enjoyable whether it’s something that makes the flavors better, pairs well with their favorite whiskey, helps them become better at noticing the differences in whiskeys during tastings, or even some unique glassware! For those of you that know what kind of whiskey they enjoy the most, you’ve got the first step of your gift already as any of these awesome whiskey lover gifts pair perfectly with a bottle of their favorite brand! For the rest of you, check out our recommendations with each gift idea to see which whiskeys our experts suggest would be the perfect addition!

Every Whiskey Lover Needs a Set of Glencairn Glasses

Personalized Glencairn Glass Box Set of Whiskey Gift Ideas

When it comes to figuring out what a whiskey lover needs, the number one answer is a Glencairn glass! Seriously, this Glencairn glass set is the very first suggestion for the best whiskey gift ideas for a reason. Designed by whiskey experts to be the world's best whiskey tasting glass, these unusual, curvy little glasses change the whole experience. Even the most experienced aficionado trying a Glencairn for the first time will be amazed by how smooth, flavorful, and aromatic the whiskey is in one of these awesome glasses compared to a rocks glass. Because of their impressive effects on whiskey, this set pairs best with an inexpensive whiskey so that they can truly appreciate the power of these incredible glasses.

Create Their Own Whiskey Label

Custom Whiskey Label Decanter Set of Whiskey Lover Gifts

As far as whiskey lover gifts go, this impressive decanter set and its inspired, customizable label design is by far the most creative! Every whiskey drinker has dreamt of their own whiskey brand named after them, and you can make that dream a reality with this awesome whiskey decanter set. The entire design can be customized so that you can make it a truly one-of-a-kind gift that no one, not even your other whiskey-loving friends, will have! Perfect for giving them with a bottle of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, or Elijah Craig, the whiskey lover who gets this incredible gift will love telling people that the whiskey they’re tasting from this set is their very own custom blend.

The Perfect Pairing of Whiskey Gift Ideas

Cigar Case and Cigar Glass Monogrammed Pair

Cigars and whiskey go together like gourmet cheese and wine, they’re just the perfect pairing! With this monogrammed duo, the whiskey lover in your life will be able to enjoy a glass of whiskey and a fresh stogie all at once! Make sure you give them a bottle of Macallan or Woodford Reserve and a couple of La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor or Romeo y Julieta cigars to go with this duo to make their gift ready to enjoy as soon as you give them!

A New Way to Enjoy Whiskey

Smoking Cloche with Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Struggling to find a good gift for the whiskey lover in your life? Get them something that will give them an entirely new whiskey experience: a whiskey smoker! This incredible smoking cloche and the personalized whiskey glasses allow them to enjoy a delicious, smoke-infused glass of whiskey. They can share the experience with a few fellow whiskey lovers or enjoy a tasting of four different whiskeys with this amazing set. For someone who enjoys whiskey tasting, you should get them a sampler set of different whiskeys or different flavors of their favorite brand if they’re devoted to a particular one.

Must-Have Whiskey Lover Gifts

Whiskey Gift Ideas Monogrammed Presentation Set

What do whiskey lovers need? Decanters! And this decanter set is far from average, in fact, it’s downright luxurious! With a set of four glasses and even a serving tray, this set is the ultimate centerpiece of any whiskey lover’s home bar. Perfect for storing and serving their favorite Pappy Van Winkle or Knob Creek to their fellow aficionados, this amazing decanter set is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys whiskey. Plus, the fact that the entire set is monogrammed with their initials makes it that much more of an amazing gift.


Eating Whiskey is Just as Good as Drinking It

Whiskey Treat Gift Basket

Give the whiskey aficionado you know a gift box full of whiskey treats! Not only is this a guaranteed-to-please gift for the whiskey drinkers who are hard to buy for, but it’s one that you can give to anyone you know who drinks whiskey! In fact, they’ll love these boozy treats so much that they will want more. From the whiskey shortbread to the delectable scotch caramels, everything in this gourmet gift box is a delectable treat they’ll savor every bite of.

The Essential Whiskey Gift Ideas

Custom Whiskey Stones with Glasses

Any whiskey aficionado will tell you that whiskey stones are so much better at chilling your whiskey than ice. However, not all whiskey drinkers have a set of whiskey stones, and this is your chance to give some as a gift! Not only is this whiskey stone set personalized, but they even come with matching double old-fashioned glasses. With this essential set along with a bottle of Maker’s Mark or Bulleit Bourbon, the whiskey lover you know can sip on their perfectly chilled and not-watered-down whiskey until the very last drop.

Impressive Whiskey Lover Gifts

Engraved Whiskey Decanter with Cigar Glasses Box Set

Liked the cigar-holding glasses you saw earlier? This set comes with two of them so that your whiskey lover and a friend can enjoy the awesome multitasking experience of sipping on whiskey and smoking a stogie all at once. The gorgeous decanter will be the perfect addition to their home bar as well, especially when it’s next to the matching engraved glasses and gift box! Such an incredible set of whiskey gift ideas is sure to leave any whiskey drinker speechless when you give it to them.

Official Bourbon Drinking Set

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Lover Gifts

Yes, these really are the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail glasses! Now the whiskey lover in your life can enjoy their favorite Kentucky bourbon whiskey just like they would in the many renowned distilleries of the Bluegrass State but in the comfort of their own home. Any Kentucky whiskey fan will love having their own official glasses for whiskey and bourbon tastings, but the fact that these are personalized and even come with a set of whiskey stones makes this the perfect gift! Ideal for giving with a bottle of Evan Williams or Angel’s Envy, blends from the Trail, so that they can have the full experience as soon as you give them this awesome set.

For Whiskey Drinkers Who Enjoy Cocktails

Whiskey Cocktails Book

Whether they’re a big fan of whiskey cocktails already or are wanting to expand their knowledge on mixed drinks with their favorite spirit, this is the must-have book! With over 100 different recipes to choose from, this incredible whiskey cocktail book will turn your whiskey lover into a whiskey cocktail pro in no time. Also within this handsome leather book are historical facts and guides on the best whiskey distilleries, the differences between every type of whiskey, and more! Make sure you pair this awesome cocktail recipe book with a cool cocktail shaker or bar tool set and you’ve got the ultimate whiskey lover gift.

Unique Whiskey Gift Set Unlike Any Other

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Are you looking for truly unique whiskey gift ideas? This set is out of this world! These futuristic whiskey glasses and incredibly realistic bullet whiskey stones are so cool that the whiskey drinker you give this set will be absolutely speechless once they see it. These unusual whiskey gifts aren’t unique in appearance just for aesthetics, they’ll actually improve their experience! The shape of the glasses helps direct the aromas to the nose and enhance the flavors in the wide bowl while the stainless steel chilling stones will ensure that their whiskey is just the right temperature without affecting the flavor. Together, this is an unforgettable whiskey experience that any aficionado would enjoy!

Stunning Whiskey and Cigar Gifts

Whiskey Gift Ideas with Cigar Glasses and Ashtray

Looking for the perfect gift for the whiskey aficionado you know that also enjoys cigars? Then these are the ideal whiskey gifts for them! With stunning monogrammed glasses, a genuine marble ashtray, and even a handy cigar case to bring their stogies everywhere, this set has everything they need to enjoy their two favorite vices together. Well, almost everything! To go above and beyond for your whiskey lover, you could give them a pack of Macanudos and a nice bottle of Buffalo Trace to make it complete.

Not Your Average Whiskey Lover Gifts

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Box Set with Canadian Glencairn Glasses

Looking for a combination of the amazing gift ideas you’ve seen so far? This ultimate set has it all: unique whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, and a decanter! These Canadian Glencairn whisky glasses are, as their name suggests, perfect for Canadian whisky like Canadian Club but they’ll enhance the flavors of Irish whisky such as the famous Jameson! With this amazing set, the whiskey aficionado in your life can enjoy their favorite whisky or whiskey to the fullest.


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