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Article: 23 Astonishing Alcohol Gift Baskets

23 Astonishing Alcohol Gift Baskets

23 Astonishing Alcohol Gift Baskets

Don’t Just Get a Gift Basket, Get an Alcohol Gift Basket!

Gift baskets are always great gifts. They are the perfect way of giving a singular gift that has multiple parts to it. Sometimes the basket will have gifts that will last a long time such as a great gift box, glassware, or other unique items. But some gift baskets have something to eat or drink too. It is part of the fun of giving a gift basket! Now that you are an adult of legal drinking age, why not make your gift baskets reflect that by giving alcohol gift baskets! These are just like regular gift baskets but they are centered around gifts that have to do with alcohol. These can be gift baskets with decanters, drinking glassware, or even a bottle of booze. Embrace the fun and find your next or first alcohol gift basket today!

The Most Personal Alcohol Gift Basket

Personalized Whiskey Label Alcohol Gift Baskets with Decanter

Start your search for alcohol gift baskets with one that will be impressive for a lifetime with this personalized whiskey label gift set. The actual design is customized to you or your recipient and will make it look like they’re the owner of their own whiskey brand! Just think of how cool they’ll feel when they share drinks with friends and family, only to show off how it looks like they’ve got their very own distillery based off of this decanter and glass gift basket!

Engraved Beer Mug Gift Basket

Customized Beer Mug Gift Basket

There is nothing like clinkin’ a beer mug with your bros and with this gift basket, you can do that from the comfort of your home on a daily basis. Perfect for the beer lover in your life, these engraved mugs are a testament to their enjoyment of their favorite beverage. Inside the box, there is even room to add in a few bar snacks like pretzels or peanuts to make this feel even more personalized. Or, although a six-pack won’t fit in the box, they'll still be incredibly grateful for a few cold brews so they can use their mugs as soon as they get their hands on them.

The Toughest Tumbler Set

Engraved Tumbler Alcohol Gift Basket

Take a unique approach to an alcohol gift basket with one perfect for every kind of liquor enthusiast out there. This engraved tumbler set works great for everything from beer to wine to cocktails, and more! The blackout styling will have every giftee feeling like they’ve been given the most badass way to enjoy ice-cold drinks every single night. Plus, the custom wine tool won’t be lost on them either. They’ll love having a set that has everything they need all in one place.

Alcohol Gift Baskets for the Outdoorsman

Not every gift basket for alcohol has to be 100% drinking focused, this custom ammo can with tools is great for the outdoor person who enjoys exploring outside just as much as they appreciate a good drink. They can carry every part of this gift set with them when they’re in the depths of the jungle or in the hottest desert, and reward themselves with a victory drink and stogie thanks to the cigar flask this set comes with. Better still, unlike traditional gift baskets, the ammo can is a part they are going to want to keep and use for holding their greatest treasures when they’re at home.

Celebrate with a Custom Champagne Set

Custom Champagne Gift Basket

Champagne is the perfect gift basket when you’ve got someone who is ready for a celebration. Maybe the New Year is coming up, they just got a promotion, it is their birthday, or maybe it is finally Friday, no matter the occasion, they’ll want to feel extra-special when they taste that bubbly on their tongue from a set of engraved champagne flutes which came out of a luxurious black gift box.


Jump for a Jager Gift Basket

Snack Basket with Jägermeister

What would a list about alcohol gift baskets be without a basket that has a bottle of booze in it? This Jagermeister gift basket comes complete with everything needed to make the most out of this delicious drink, fruits, crackers, cheese, chocolate, and Jager–can you imagine a better night from just one gift basket?

An Awesome Ale Horn Mug Set

Awesome Ale Horn Alcohol Gift Baskets are Great Gifts

Throw a truly old school spin on the idea of a gift basket involving alcohol with this ale horn mug box set. Sure, there are classic glass mugs but this is truly classic, all the way back to the middle ages where people enjoyed their ales and mead out of mugs made from horns just like this! Better still because that horn is genuine, each horn will be unique.

A Superior Whiskey Tasting Gift Basket

Personalized Glencairn Whiskey Glass Gift Set

One of the best things an alcohol gift basket can do is elevate the experience of the alcohol it is centered around. A personalized Glencairn gift box will take a whiskey or scotch lover and take them from a casual fan to truly obsessed with trying to hone in their palate and finding every flavor that exists within their go-to brands and bottles. The unique shape of the glass allows the nose and taste buds to experience the full flavor of the liquor which often gets lost in more traditional glasses like a rocks glass. Make the whiskey lover live up to their name with this awesome gift basket.

Great Growler Gift Basket

Engraved Beer Growler and Pint Glass Alcohol Gift Basket

Grant them unlimited power with their gift basket when you give them one containing a custom beer growler! Now, they can enjoy their favorite local craft beer anywhere! Before, they would have to stop off at the brewery but now it doesn’t matter if they’re hiking or going out of state, they can fill the growler before they go and enjoy their drink anywhere. Plus, the matching glasses and coasters are definitely an added bonus for when they want to have a brewery experience from the comfort of their own home.

Personalized Wine Presentation Gift Basket

Personalized Wine Presentation Set

Make your gift alcohol gift baskets feel truly personalized and one-of-a-kind with this gorgeous wine presentation gift basket. Not only does the lid come with their name or a special message engraved, but once you have the box, you can add in their favorite bottle of wine or the bottle they’ve dreamed about. This is the perfect anniversary or holiday gift for a wine lover that they’ll never forget.

The Ultimate Liquor Gift Basket

Ultimate Alcohol Gift Basket

Got someone who likes it all? Any kind of liquor is their favorite? Then get them a gift basket with a little bit of everything: Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, and Grey Goose. From straight drinks to cocktails, they’ve got multiple evenings of celebrating or unwinding covered with just one gift basket! It even has snacks so this is quite literally a party in a gift basket.

An Alcohol Gift Basket for Cigars and Whiskey

Custom Cigar Glass and Decanter Basket

You’ve been scrolling for a little while now and you haven’t seen any alcohol gift baskets like this yet! An engraved cigar and whiskey gift set is the perfect gift basket for the person who enjoys pairing their vices. After all, cigars and whiskey are like the adult version of peanut butter and jelly, the flavor combinations just work. Now, thanks to this gift basket they can enjoy the two with ease, especially thanks to the whiskey cigar glasses.

A Mythically Good Gift Basket

Engraved Pint Glass Ammo Can

Keep them armed to the teeth with everything they need using this custom ammo can pint glass set as the ultimate alcohol gift basket. This gift basket is just as good for a cold pint at the end of the day as it is for a day at the gun range or for a night out. Complete with everything the most manly man needs to have a good time, you can’t find a more masculine gift basket.

Go All In On an Incredible Gift Basket

Personalized Poker Gifts with Bourbon Glasses

Bet that you’re giving the perfect gift basket when you give this personalized poker gift set. Poker and whiskey go together since poker was invented, so it only makes sense that these two eventually came together in one unique package. The bourbon glasses keep with the traditional theme poker tends to stick with. However, you can be sure whoever you give this gift to, they’ll be starting a weekly poker night as an excuse to enjoy their gift even more.

A Classic Crystal Set

Classy Crystal Whiskey Gift Basket

Crystal glassware is a fantastic thing to add to alcohol gift baskets. After all, few things feel as classy and traditional as a crystal decanter. Give this personalized whiskey decanter set as a way to give some sophistication into their next cocktail, and with the set of four glasses, they might even have you join them in a toast to test out their brand new gift basket.


Luxurious Liquor Gift Basket

High Class Bartender Gift Basket

This fancy bartender gift basket for alcohol lovers has everything needed for them to feel like their own bar keep. The basket is even the perfect item to leave on their counter as it holds all their tools and glasses in one neat area. In fact, the gift even comes with a bottle of alcohol of your choice, allowing you to tailor this gift to their exact needs!

Amazing Alcohol Gift Baskets for Beer Lovers

Engraved Beer Tasting Alcohol Gift Basket

Embrace everything they love about beer with this amazing personalized beer tasting set! This has got to be the ultimate alcohol gift basket for the person who can’t get enough of their favorite hoppy beverage. With snacks, a bottle opener, and tasting glasses, this will take them from an enthusiast to a connoisseur of beer in no time!

An Amazing Decanter Gift Basket

Custom Decanter and Whiskey Glass Gift Basket

Surprise them with a gift basket unlike any they’ve ever seen before with this amazing decanter and glassware gift set. Perfect for sipping on fine whiskeys, scotches, and bourbons, even work for cocktails like Whiskey Sours and Old Fashioneds. The gorgeous set is so good looking the glasses, decanter, and the gift basket alike will sit confidently on your home bar for you to always have out and ready to show off to friends, family, as well as for creating tasty drinks too!

An Engraved Wine Gift Basket

Personalized Wine Glass Gift Set

Get fancy and luxurious with your choice of alcohol gift baskets when you go with a classy, custom wine gift basket! This is the ideal gift to get someone for a special occasion that they want to remember forever. Aside from the bottle of wine, this gift basket has everything they need to make a night memorable. Perfect for spouses, parents, and friends, if you want to show that you care more than they could know, make sure to get them this classy wine gift basket.

Smooth, Simple Gift Basket

Whiskey flask gift set

Keep things simple with a gift basket for the person on the go. This flask set is a great gift they can take on the go which also allows them to enjoy their gift anywhere they want to. A flask is a great way to enjoy liquor without having the confines of a house to worry about. Plus, the actual basket is built for cigars, meaning they can use that as a cigar box. How cool?

For the Morning After

Alcohol Gift Baskets are Bloody Mary Kits

Sometimes, it is the morning after enjoying some alcohol that you really need something to take the edge off. Be a little untraditional with a Bloody Mary alcohol gift basket. This way, you can help them get a drink while also relieving the worst part of drinking–the hangover!

Custom Cognac Gift Basket

Engraved Cognac Gift Set

Got a brisk fall night or maybe a cool December evening on the horizon? There is no better way to enjoy the crisp night air than with a glass of cognac in hand. Make that even better with an engraved cognac gift set. Ideal for sharing with your spouse, this alcohol basket keeps things simple and classy, allowing you to enjoy and embrace the bold flavors of your cognac as well as maybe a cigar too.

The Ultimate Whiskey Lover Alcohol Gift Basket

Ultimate Whiskey Tasting Alcohol Gift Basket

Alcohol gift baskets are great gifts to gift as a way to embrace a love or passion that someone has. For the whiskey connoisseur, this ultimate tasting gift set is all they’ll ever need. It gives them two tasting glasses, two Glencairn glasses, and two rocks glasses–plus whiskey stones. Whether they want to do tasting tests or have cocktails, this gift basket has them covered. This will be an unforgettable gift that they may even want to share with you from time to time.


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