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Article: 19 What to Ask for for Christmas Gift Ideas

19 What to Ask for for Christmas Gift Ideas

19 What to Ask for for Christmas Gift Ideas

There are plenty of blogs out there that help you find gifts for the guy in your life, your wife, your parents, your siblings, even your friends. But what about what you want? Why does no one help you figure out what you want, though? When you’re figuring out what to ask for for Christmas, you want to find things you’d never buy for yourself normally but are still things you’ve been wanting all year long. But, things that are special to you as well as being incredibly memorable gifts can be great choices too. So this year, whether you're asking someone important in your life for an awesome gift you’ve wanted for a long time, wanting to treat yourself to the best Christmas gift ever, or wondering what to get my husband for Christmas, you can be sure these Christmas gifts are going to put you in the holiday spirit!

A Cool Custom Christmas Gift

Whiskey Stone Set is What to Ask for for Christmas

Make sure you’re 100% positive you’ll be in the Christmas spirit this year with a gift you asked for, this personalized whiskey stone gift set! Nothing will fill you with holiday joy quite like when you’re sitting by the fire with your giftee, as you’re enjoying a perfectly chilled whiskey or bourbon. With the personalization on the glass and box set, you’ll always remember the exact Christmas you got this gift from too!

What Should I ask for for Christmas? This Beer Set!

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Not sure what to ask for for Christmas? If you even have a remote interest in beer you simply can’t go wrong with this beer mug box set! You’ll feel like Santa messed up and gave you too many presents since this set comes with two custom beer mugs built to make each glass of beer you enjoy better than you could’ve ever hopped! With a Christmas gift set this good, the only bitter taste that’ll be left in your mouth this holiday season will be from your favorite IPA!

An Engraved Cigar Humidor

What Should I ask for for Christmas - Cigar Humidor

“What should I ask for for Christmas?” has been circling through your head since October, and the holidays are almost here! Instead of simply settling for a gift, why not enhance one of your favorite hobbies with this custom cigar humidor? Never again will a cigar be as dried out as a fall leaf, instead, they’ll always come out perfectly! Even if you don’t smoke cigars, the tough humidor is a great gift that can protect your sensitive valuables from humidity like your collectible baseball cards or comics.

A Steal of a Gift for What to Ask for for Christmas

Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

One thing you can do to make sure you find the perfect gift for Christmas is to ensure it is a gift you know you are going to be using all year round. A gift like these engraved stainless steel wine glasses are sure to become your go-to glasses for years to come, especially once you see them in person! The gift box will make them feel like a true surprise, but inside, you’ll find the glasses that are perfect for keeping your wine or cocktails chilled for hours!

A Classy Monogrammed Cigar Whiskey Gift Set

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Christmas Gift Set

Make yourself feel incredibly classy with the gift you figured out you wanted when you finally answer your question of “What to ask for for Christmas?” with this monogrammed cigar and whiskey gift set! There is no one you won’t feel like the coolest person in the room when you’re able to smoke your Fuente and sip your Makers 46 with one hand and open presents with the other! Talk about one of the coolest Christmas gifts out there!


Spice Up Your Life

Magnetic Spice Rack

Spice things up for the holidays with a Christmas gift that you’ll be using every single day when you ask for this magnetic spice rack! You can even choose from over 200 spices, so these magnetic jars will come topped off with everything from salt, adobo, baharat, to Szechuan peppercorns! How cool will it be to have a wide range of spices that are easy and convenient to use off of such a gorgeous display?

For the Home Cook

Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

There is nothing quite like a good home-cooked holiday meal or even a home-cooked meal in general. Don’t let the lack of a good cutting board ever be an excuse to not prepare some delicious food at home ever again! This year when you find yourself wondering, “What should I ask for for Christmas?” You need to put this engraved cutting board at the top of your list. Not only is it super functional, but it is also incredible to look at too. You’ll never love your time in the kitchen more than when you're preparing your favorite meals while using your new custom Christmas gift!

Dream of the Green Even in Winter

Embossed Flask Bag Tag and Divot Tool

Even in the winter, golfers can only think about their next round on the green, so it comes naturally that golf gifts are at the top of your list when you're searching to find what to ask for for Christmas. Instead of clubs, a new bag, or new golf shoes, you know that these personalized bag tag, divot tool, and flask are going to be the custom and classy personal touches on the course to make you feel like you deserve to be on the pro tour!

The Coolest Christmas Gift Box

Custom Ammo Can is What to Ask for for Christmas

If you’re asking for someone else to get you your Christmas gift this year and want it to have more of a personal touch, you can’t go wrong with this patriotically engraved ammo can. Plus, thanks to the unique engraving on the side, you’ll know this is the gift you asked for right when you see it! Inside, they can top it off with anything that is unique to you! Now, when you open it up to find ammo for a trip to the range, old photos, or even a six-pack of beer, you’ll know this is one of the best Christmas gift ideas ever!

Keep Up Your Christmas Spirit with a Presentation Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Presentation Set

Turn the classy and sophisticated meter up to 11 this year for Christmas when you want to really feel refined when you are thinking about, “What should I ask for for Christmas?” With this personalized presentation whiskey gift set! Your nightly cocktail or whiskey on the rocks will never feel as sophisticated as it does when it comes from a whiskey gift so good you only ever dreamed of it! Better yet, this year on Christmas when you’re surrounded by friends and family, you can easily share a few drinks with them using your new gift too!

A Gift for Your Feet

Bombas Sock Gift Set

If there is one universal truth, it is that the holidays are some of the coldest times of the year, so make sure your toes never turn blue with a set of comfy and warm socks from Bombas! This set of 8 ensures that you can wear a new set every day of the week and even have a spare pair. These could even make the perfect stocking stuffer, no matter how funny it’ll feel getting socks inside of a giant sock!

For the Holiday Memories

What Should I Ask for for Christmas - Shadow Box

The holidays are all about creating memories, but you shouldn’t have to only enjoy them during Christmas, instead, when you’re asking yourself “What should I ask for for Christmas?” You definitely need this custom shadow box that lets you store and show off wine corks, flowers, baseball tickets, or anything else you love to collect!

What Should I ask for for Christmas? This Whiskey Gift!

Custom Whiskey Decanter Box Set for Christmas

There is no better way to keep warm for the holidays than with a nice whiskey. Your favorite liquor is one of the best ways to cut through the cold that sunk into your bones while shoveling the front driveway or from hanging up the Christmas decorations. So, make sure that you can always enjoy a cocktail or neat glass of whiskey with ease thanks to your personalized decanter box set!


Make Your Home Brew-tiful

Personalized Brewery Bar Sign

Up your home decor game with a home brewery sign! This is the ideal gift for the person who simply can’t get enough of their favorite drink, beer! It will make you feel like you’re hanging out at your favorite brewery, bar, or pub! But you don’t have to brave those slick and cold winter roads. Besides, now your home will become the best place to enjoy a pint ever when you’re doing so under this unique sign.

A Whiskey Set As Unique As Each Snowflake

Unique Sculpted Glasses with Engraved Decanter

Part of finding the perfect Christmas gift for yourself is getting something incredibly unique, after all, what is the fun in having something that everyone else has? These uniquely sculpted glasses with the personalized decanter will surely be a standout gift that is so good looking it’ll never leave your home bar or coffee table! You’ll count on the uniqueness as the perfect conversation start and reason to share a drink with one of your guests!

Switch Thinks Up

Nintendo Switch is What to Ask for for Christmas

Who doesn’t like playing games? Never be held down by a console or handheld again when you get a Nintendo Switch for Christmas since it lets you play both! It doesn’t matter if you’re at home finishing a game you’ve sunk hours and hours into or you’re on a plane for work and want to kill some time with a fun pick up game, this handheld console has you covered!

Make Room for the Game Room

Personalized Wooden Billiard Sign

A great thing about asking for Christmas presents is it gives you time to get a gift that you really have wanted yourself but just haven’t been able to get yet. This year, finish off or start creating your game room with this personalized billiard sign! Perfect for the fully furnished man cave or the room you're just starting with, this unique sign will always remind you that you created this space as the most relaxing and fun place to hang out.

What to Ask for for Christmas? A Custom Wine Set

Engraved Stemless Wine Glass Box Set for Christmas

There is nothing quite like celebrating the holidays (and to be honest any other occasion) with a glass of wine. So, when you’re in search of what to ask for for Christmas, consider outfitting your house with the classiest engraved wine glass box set you’ve ever seen! It's so good in fact, you probably won’t ever see your old glasses ever again! Now, thanks to this gift set that you asked for, it’ll be easier than ever for you and your friends and family to get into the holiday spirit!

The Perfect Gift Box for Under the Tree

Rocks Glass Cocktail Gift Box for Christmas

Even as an adult, there is nothing quite like finding the perfect gift box under the Christmas tree when you wake up. Since you picked this gift out, when you see the personalized wooden cocktail box resting there, you’ll know you're in for a fantastic gift! Great for eggnogs or Christmosas, you’ll want to put your new gift to work right away!


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