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Article: 21 Unique Christmas Gifts for New Boyfriends

21 Unique Christmas Gifts for New Boyfriends

21 Unique Christmas Gifts for New Boyfriends

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your New Boyfriend:

Finding gifts during the holidays is hard, but getting the perfect Christmas gift for new boyfriend? Whoa, that can seem like an impossible feat. However, you don’t have to be Santa Clause to find out just what should you get your boyfriend for Christmas. Instead, simply think of everything you’ve found out about him so far. When you’re after this special gift for your new boyfriend, get him something to do with his hobbies, find him something useful, or even a personalized gift to show the thought and effort you’ve put in. So, while there may not be a single answer to what is the best gift for your boyfriend? How much should you spend on a new boyfriend for Christmas? Or, what is even a good Christmas gift for boyfriend? We have put together a curated collection of amazing Christmas gift ideas that any new boyfriend would consider themselves lucky to get!

A Classy Gift for New Boyfriend

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

On a cold winter evening, there is nothing quite like some delicious whiskey. For your new boyfriend, get him a custom decanter so he can easily enjoy his scotch, bourbon, or whiskey any time he wants! With a gift this good, you know he will always have it out on display, especially around the holiday season where he is sharing his favorite holiday spirit with his friends and family!

Cheers to a New Relationship Gift Idea for Him

Custom Beer Mug Christmas Gift Set for New Boyfriend

Starting a new relationship during the holidays can make getting a gift seem incredibly hard. You are head over heels for him, but you still don’t know everything about him which makes finding the perfect Christmas gift for a new boyfriend feel impossible. Instead of getting a vague gift like cologne or a t-shirt, get him this custom beer mug box set. Every man loves enjoying a good brewski from a beer mug and the fact that you found this amazingly engraved set will make it seem like you are a mind-reading gift-giver!

An Engraved and Unique Gift for Your Boyfriend

Engraved Whiskey Stone Box Set

Have a toast to your first Christmas together using this engraved whiskey glass box set! Talk about the perfect gift to get when you’re stuck wondering what is a good Christmas gift for a new relationship. With his name and initial on this set, you are adding the perfect personalized touch to make this the most memorable Christmas he has ever had. The two of you can even use it for a drink to celebrate New Year’s together!

A Worldly Gift Idea for Him

Vintage Globe Bar Cart is a Gift for New Boyfriend

Wow, check out this awesome gift for your new boyfriend! Do you think he has ever seen anything quite like it? Maybe in movies, but you know there is no way that he has ever seen something this cool in person. What guy wouldn’t love having a vintage bar cart that can make them look and feel like a regal explorer or James Bond villain which allows them to bring their liquor, mixers, and glassware room to room? This is a fantastic gift to give at the start of the relationship because now the two of you have a gift to always go back to and have celebratory toasts from!

The Coolest Christmas Gift for Your New Boyfriend

Custom Ammo Can Set of Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Want your Christmas ideas to be a bit of a surprise set of gifts for your boyfriend? Give him this awesome ammo can gift set. Not only does the ammo can look like the most badass present ever, but it also comes with manly tools inside like the ceremonial hatchet, folding knife, and cigar flask. You can be 100% certain that any new boyfriend will never see a gift this good coming.


A Gift to Keep Him Strong

Onnit Kettlebell

If your guy is a bit of a fitness nut, you can get him a badass workout gift that he surely doesn’t have, a kettlebell. Well, not just any kettlebell, these Onnit Primal bells come with different apes on them for him to show just what an animal he is when he works out! Not only will he find this a useful gift, but it is definitely one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend on the market.

The Sign He Needs in His Home

Unique Gift for a Boyfriend is a Personalized Sign

Make his home feel like the coziest most fitting place for him to enjoy a lager or stout beer with this gorgeous English pub sign. He will love turning his liquor corner, man cave, or even home bar into an official hang-out spot where he and his friends can share a beer in style!

Help Him Survive the Relationship

Survival Knife is a Christmas Gift for New Boyfriend

It doesn’t matter if he is an outdoorsy kind of guy, military man, or something else, every man needs this custom survival knife. Whether he keeps it on his person or it stays in the dashboard of his truck, there are so many useful components to this one gift that he’ll never know when he might need to use it. Besides a blade, this knife also comes with a compass, matches, needle and thread, fishing line, a hook, and a sinker. Seriously, what couldn’t he survive while he has this awesome Christmas gift?

Take a Swing at This Christmas Gift for New Boyfriends

Baseball Bat Decanter Set

For a new boyfriend, throw a fastball of a gift his way with this unique baseball bat decanter gift set. For the guy who loves sports (especially baseball), you will have a batting average of 100% when it comes to gift-giving. This decanter will most certainly become the centerpiece of his man cave or home bar, and you can be sure he’ll be pouring drinks from it all holiday season long!

Monogrammed Humidor for Him

Monogrammed Cigar Humidor Gift Set for Boyfriends

One of the best things about Christmas is that it is the perfect time to over-indulge in your gift-giving. Sometimes, you just want to spoil the person you love, and this monogrammed humidor gift set is a great gift to do that with. Considering the acrylic stand and lighter are monogrammed with his initials, and he gets a fully functional humidor, this must be the most unique gift for the holidays he has ever gotten. He won’t believe he has such an amazing girlfriend to find him the most badass Christmas gift he has gotten in his whole life.

These Sweet Sounding Shades

Bose Sunglass Headphones

Surprise him with one of the most unique Christmas gifts for new boyfriends you could ever think of with these stunning Bose sunglasses. But wait, isn’t Bose an audio company? They are, which is why these sunglasses come equipped with speakers on the frames so he can listen to his favorite tunes on the go while looking stylish at the same time. How cool is that?

Engraved Beer Stein

Personalized Beer Stein Gift for a New Boyfriend

Give a gift that looks as classy as it feels with this personalized traditional beer stein. When you are still getting to know your boyfriend, you may not know all the finer details of his life. However, you will know if he enjoys a good beer, and if he does, there is nothing better than a stein to give an awesome gift when you're still early in the relationship. Now, he has a fantastically classic way to drink or a great-looking gift to put on display. You simply can’t go wrong with a personalized beer stein for Christmas.


Custom Cutting Board

Engraved Cutting Board

Give a unique gift for your boyfriend this Christmas with a personalized cutting board. Everyone needs to eat so you know he will get good use out of your gift. Plus, this custom cutting board makes the preparation part of the experience for each meal more unique. However, when you give this gift, you may want to bring a few steaks and aromatics because with a cutting board this good, he may just want to make a homemade Christmas dinner on the spot.

A Legendary Gift Set

Whiskey Gift Box for Boyfriends

What better Christmas gift for a new boyfriend to get than one that makes him feel like a legend? This set literally has that written all over it. These whiskey glasses as well as the gift box make for a fantastic first Christmas gift together. Now, he can indulge in a few holiday spirits, share a glass with you, and even celebrate New Year's, all with one amazing gift!

The Toughest Gift for New Boyfriends

Personalized Ammo Can Christmas Gift for New Boyfriend

Show him what a badass you believe he is by getting the coolest and most unique gift for boyfriend you’ve ever seen with this custom pint glass ammo can gift set. Complete with a tactical survival knife, lighter, cigar cutter, and don’t forget the pint glasses, you know he has never quite gotten a gift like this for Christmas. You can even stuff the inside of it with photos together, Christmas candies or anything else to make it a true one-of-a-kind gift!

A Stylish Jacket for Him

Luxury Parka for Boyfriends

During Christmas it is cold! There is no debate about that. So, when you’re having a hard time finding the perfect gift for new boyfriend, why not make sure that is he is warm, comfy, and stylish all winter long by getting him a fantastic looking parka he can wear when the two of you go our or for when he is clearing off both of your cars from snow.

Unique Wine Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Custom Wine Glass Box Set

As an adult, is there a more fitting time of year to enjoy wine than the holidays? If you’re stumped on what to get your boyfriend for your first Christmas together, then look no further than this personalized wine glass gift set. The engraving makes it a sentimental gift he’ll never forget but he will love sharing a glass of wine with you, friends, or family throughout the holiday using all four of these glasses constantly.

Custom Bar Sign for Him

Bar Sign Unique Gift for Boyfriend

Got a man who loves his beer? Then he simply must-have this custom tavern sign to add to his home. It doesn’t matter if he has a fully stocked home bar that would put most dive bars to shame or if this would go up in his office—for a man who is serious about his brews—he will love seeing his name upon this custom wooden sign. This way, he gets to feel like a true beer aficionado every time he snaps the top off of his favorite beer.

The Only Glass He Will Ever Need

Etched Cigar Whiskey Glass

Not every Christmas gift for your new boyfriend needs to be a massive set, after all, it is a new relationship so getting a giant gift may be a little bit much. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get something truly badass. This engraved cigar glass is an incredible gift for your boyfriend if you want to keep things on the smaller side. Now, he can easily enjoy a drink and cigar with one hand. Leaving his other hand free to have you around his arm all holiday season long. You can even make this gift a little bit more like a set if you want to find a few of his favorite cigars and add them into the wrapping too!

Cooking Made Easy for Him

Digital Air Fryer

Cooking is not always every guy's strong suit, but that is okay. Make meal prep a breeze for him with one of the ultimate gifts for new relationships, an air fryer! Now, he can easily make all his food for the week at the push of a button, and better still it is healthy. He could even make the two of you a Christmas dinner using his new gift if he wants to break it in right away!

Perfect Wine Christmas Gift for New Boyfriend

Wine Tool Box Gift Set for New Boyfriend

Want to keep things romantic around the holidays? Few gifts are better than a bottle of wine, but if you have made it this far, you’ve already thought of that and you clearly want to take things to the next level. When you give your wine, make sure you put it inside this custom wine gift box. It cradles the bottle perfectly while also giving it a gorgeous presentation for when your boyfriend opens his gift on Christmas morning.


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