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Article: 21 Upscale Whiskey Gift Sets

21 Upscale Whiskey Gift Sets

Upscale Whiskey Gift Sets

Finding the perfect whiskey gift set can be tough regardless if their new to the game or pros. Selecting the right set depends on a number of factors, which if not considered can make or break your gift. You want them to love every sip of their favorite whiskey even more than they do today. That's a tall order.

But don't you worry because we've got you covered. From sophisticated whiskey decanters to simple whiskey stones, you'll find exactly what you'll need right here in our list of best whiskey gift sets. We'll walk you through everything you need to know and answer all of your questions. Let's dive into it now!

1. The Ultimate Presentation Whiskey Gift Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Tray Set

A whiskey tray with glasses and a decanter is the perfect whiskey gift to make someone feel classy while drinking. It’s one thing to have matching glasses and a decanter, but with a matching tray set they’ll feel like refined luxury and relaxation are the way they're supposed to be living! This is the perfect set for anyone who loves whiskey. They can easily drink on their own or entertain with their new decanter and glasses! When they aren’t drinking, they are sure to have this whiskey set out on display, not only to show off the gorgeous glasswork, but to show off how great their liquor looks inside their own personalized decanter!

Four men in suits drinking whiskey outside

2. Personalized Cigar Glasses and Luxury Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey gift set with cigar glasses
Man holding a cigar glass with whiskey in it

To add a touch of elegance to his home bar, get your whiskey lover this personalized whiskey gift set. It's great because it comes with a stylish decanter plus matching glasses each of which can be personalized with a their name and a message. The decanter is extremely durable and is designed to keep his whiskey fresh while the whiskey glasses will enhance his overall tasting experience. This whiskey gift set is definitely a sophisticated addition to any leisure time he'll embark on.

3. Lismore Square Crystal Whiskey Decanter with Glasses

Nordstrom crystal whiskey decanter set

This crystal decanter and glass set is crafted from high-end exquisite lead crystal and features the renowned Lismore pattern. This is a fantastic set that offers a well-refined experience that your whiskey lover will know immediately. Whether they're hosting a small gathering or simply enjoying a relaxing evening, each of his pours will be special. This luxury whiskey gift set is more than simply a functional item, it's a statement piece that ranks high among the best upscale whiskey gift sets.

4. Superior Smoking Set for Whiskey Lovers

Cocktail Smoker Set is the Best Whiskey Gift
Cocktail torch flaming a glass of whiskey

Have every drink as unique as you are with this cocktail smoker set. The topper allows you to infuse each drink with a unique smokey flavor. Each time you enjoy a cocktail you’re going to feel like a top-tier mixologist. Perfect for the person who wants to dive deeper into their passion for whiskey or for the person who thinks they’ve tasted it all, this set will keep whiskey new and fresh for quite some time!

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5. AR-15 Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses

AR-15 whiskey set with decanter stand and whiskey glasses

There are few whiskey gift sets that can impress a man, and this AR-15 whiskey decanter set is certainly one of them. The AR-15 shaped decanter is not only badass, but it comes with two bullet glasses which makes it truly a statement piece. The unique gun-shaped decanter adds a manly charm while the bullet glasses will always spark a good conversation. This whiskey set is absolutely perfect for your whiskey lover who appreciates a bold style and wants to enhance every pour.

6. Whiskey Decanter with Rocks Glasses Luxury Set

Luxury whiskey box set with whiskey decanter and rocks glasses

Give a gift that offers a personal touch with this personalized whiskey decanter and glasses set. It comes carefully placed in a well-designed wooden box that hits a homerun among the luxury whiskey gift sets. The decanter and whiskey glasses have a cool design and are extremely durable. This gift set is perfect for the whiskey lover who wants to elevate every sip into a luxurious experience. The high-quality glassware not only looks amazing but it’ll boost the aroma and flavor of his whiskey.

7. A Whiskey Decanter Set He'll Never Forget

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Box Set
Pouring whiskey from decanter into whiskey glass

Seriously, this is the best whiskey gift you can possibly give someone who loves their whiskey! The fact that the design on the entire set is customizable makes this beautiful decanter set a truly unique gift. From the exquisite double old-fashioned glasses with their glacier-like bases to the decanter that ensures your whiskey stays fresh thanks to the sealed stopper, everything about this set is amazing. Plus, this decanter set will be a one-of-a-kind gift every time you give it to someone because of the unique personalization!


8. Custom Glencairn Luxury Whiskey Gift Set

Glencairn luxury whiskey gift set with custom black box

Here's the best way to enhance the experience of his whiskey drinking adventures; the personalized Glencairn whiskey set. This luxurious whiskey gift set stands out with a 9-piece collection that features an elegant wooden box that's designed to impress. Each Glencairn glass is known for enhancing the flavors and aromas of his whiskey and they can be personalized for that unique touch. This whiskey set also comes with a well-designed decanter, which makes it perfect for both displaying and enjoying his favorite whiskey.

9. 7 Piece Sparta Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

Sparta whiskey gift set with six glasses

Boost his whiskey experience with this insanely classy whiskey decanter and glass set. It comes with a uniquely shaped decanter and six fantastic looking glasses, all of which are designed to enhance the pleasure of his favorite whiskey. This whiskey gift set has a sophisticated design with craftsmanship that'll make every sip a special occasion. It's absolutely perfect for hosting a group of friends or simply enjoying a relaxing evening.

10. Must Have Whiskey Stone Set

Engraved Whiskey Stone Box Set with 2 Glasses

Personalized glasses and stones are a classic whiskey set. Everyone who enjoys whiskey will love getting their own box set with personalized glasses. This set is a fantastic gift because it works for all levels of whiskey enthusiasts. If they are just getting into exploring the world of whiskey, they will now have the perfect way to chill their drink while the experienced whiskey connoisseur will appreciate the display box and glass set as the refined gift it is.

11. 6 Piece Cigar Gift Set with Whiskey Twist Glasses

Twist whiskey gift set with cigar accessories
Man in suit holding a whiskey twist glass

Boost his whiskey and cigar enjoyment evenings with this personalized cigar gift set with whiskey glasses. This set comes with twist whiskey glasses and unique cigar holders, all of which are engraved with his name and initial. The twist design on the glasses will enhance his whiskey's aroma and taste while the cigar glass brings together his two passions effortlessly. This whiskey gift set not only adds a touch of sophistication to his drinkware collection but also makes his leisure time more enjoyable.

Man in suit lighting a cigar

12. Custom Military-Style Whiskey Set

Whiskey military gift set with wooden box

A great way to honor the service of your true American hero is with this personalized whiskey set. This military-style whiskey set comes with a custom whiskey decanter and matching glasses that all feature a unique design made for American heroes. The high-quality craftsmanship makes sure that his preferred whiskey is enjoyed in the utmost style, which makes every one of his toasts a tribute. It's more than just a gift, it's a symbol of appreciation and respect for their service in the military.

13. The Manliest Whiskey Decanter Set Out There

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Upscale whiskey gifts don’t always have to be the most refined gifts in appearance. Sometimes, the best upscale gifts are about how it makes your guy feel. An ammo can set is a great gift for whiskey lovers because it becomes their whiskey bug-out kit. Anytime they need to break out a good drink, they’ve got their glasses and stones ready to go. They could even keep their best bottle of bourbon in the ammo can as well! There’s also something right about pairing whiskey and ammo cans, no matter if they love guns or if they love whiskey, this set is ideal for all whiskey enthusiasts!

14. Shade Whiskey Decanter with Glasses

Macy's decanter set

Enjoy whiskey with utmost style using this elegant whiskey gift set. It comprises a sleek decanter and two matching glasses, all displaying exquisite craftsmanship. The decanter is not just a storage container, but a symbol of sophistication. The comfortable and well-designed glasses enhance the experience of tasting whiskey. This whiskey gift set is a perfect choice for any occasion, making it an ideal gift for whiskey enthusiasts who appreciate both functionality and fashion.

15. Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Gift

Personalized Cigar Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Surprisingly, some upscale whiskey gifts come in small packages. For the man who loves cigars and whiskey, there are few sets out there more fit as a gift than this. He will have his own personalized cigar holder and uniquely styled whiskey glass. This is perfect for the guy who likes to socialize and is constantly on the move. While he is out shaking hands or talking with his hands, he can easily hold his cigar and whiskey in one hand securely!

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16. Personalized Triangle Bishop Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey decanter set with bishop glasses

The perfect gift is out there, especially when it comes to something as classy as this engraved whiskey decanter set. This whiskey set is a standout in luxury whiskey gift sets because it includes a stunning decanter and matching whiskey glasses. All personalized of course. The well-crafted design and artistry shine, which makes it more than just a functional item but also a piece of art. This set is perfect for the knowledgeable whiskey enthusiast.

Man in suit with a beard drinking whiskey

17. Personalized Whiskey Set with Bullet Whiskey Stones

Whiskey wood box set with two glasses and four bullet whiskey stones
Personalized bullet whiskey stone set

Enhance his whiskey experience with this unique whiskey gift set which includes personalized Buckman glasses and cool looking bullet whiskey stones. These whiskey stones chill the perfect drink without diluting it with water which ensures a perfect sip every time. The custom-made glasses will add a personal touch to his home bar and will make for a stylish and practical addition to his collection. This whiskey set is more than just a gift, it's a smart investment in his enjoyment of whiskey.

18. A Twist On Classic Whiskey Gift Ideas

Sculpted Whiskey Glass Box Set

You’ve seen plenty of different whiskey gift sets in your search for something for your home. Make sure the one you get is unique to all others with this stand-out and classy gift set, a sculpted glass box set. With unique edges, no one will have ever seen any glassware quite like this. An added bonus isn’t that these glasses just look unique, but the edges contour perfectly to the ridges in your hand ensuring a solid grip and comfortable feel.

19. The Peaks Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

The Peaks crystal gift set

For the whiskey drinking in your life, get him this crystal decanter gift set. This whiskey set includes whiskey glasses that are beautifully created with iconic mountains unlike no others. On top of that, they're made from heavy X1 Crystalline, which makes them extremely durable. It also comes with a Chill-Charge System for rapid cooling and an Everest crystal glass decanter that brings out the drinking experience of any whiskey. On top of that, this whiskey set comes with a Whiskey Flavor Wheel that includes an element of excitement to every sip.

20. Personalized Devonshire Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Devonshire whiskey set with two whiskey glasses

How can you add a touch of sophistication to his bar? Get him this personalized whiskey decanter set. This whiskey set comes with an absolute classic Devonshire decanter with matching glasses, all of which are customized to your preference. This adds an awesomely elegant hint to his home bar while not getting too gaudy. The Devonshire decanter beautifully showcases his whiskey while the whiskey glasses boost every sip. Not only is this whiskey set well-designed, but it's also a timeless addition to all his special moments.

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21. Coolest Crystal Glassware Whiskey Set

Engraved Decanter and Crystal Glassware Box Set
Man in suit removing the top of a whiskey decanter

Every occasion that you want to raise a glass will feel like a sophisticated event with these personalized decanter and crystal cut old-fashioned glasses. Talk about one great upscale gift set for whiskey lovers. Crystal is a classic material for glassware and it will be timeless in your home bar. Add in the decanter and with just this set alone you’ll leave your guests stunned when you pour them a glass of Pappy Van Winkle.


Whiskey Set FAQ

Is a whiskey set a good gift?

A whiskey set is a gift that'll always win for those who are true lovers of whiskey. They're extremely practical and stylish, making them fantastic additions to any home bar. Seasoned veterans to beginners, they'll absolutely love getting a whiskey set as a gift.

What do whiskey drinkers want as a gift?

Whiskey drinkers want gifts that enhance the drinking experience. From high-quality whiskey glasses to well-crafted whiskey decanters to unique whiskey stones and everything in between. When combined into a whiskey gift set, these additions will always be a hit.

How much should you spend on a whiskey gift set?

How much you spend depends on multiple factors. First is budget, which is important because whiskey gift sets can get pricey. The second is what level of whiskey connoisseur they are, which indicates they may already have certain items included in a set. Hit the price range of around $100 to $200, and you'll be sure to get him something he'll truly appreciate.


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