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Article: 27 Astonishingly Unique Housewarming Gifts

27 Astonishingly Unique Housewarming Gifts

27 Astonishingly Unique Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new place is always exciting, stressful, and thrilling all at once! To help ease their stress and congratulate them on their new home, it’s an incredibly nice gesture to give friends, family members, or neighbors a housewarming gift. The best, most unique housewarming gifts are magnificent decoration pieces for their new home, practical gifts that make the to make their new space feel like home, and gifts that help them let loose and have fun after the stress of moving. Whether you’re searching for a housewarming gift for someone who has everything or a gift for someone who is in desperate need of decor, we’ve found the housewarming presents they’ll absolutely love!

Incredible Decor for Their New Home

Globe Decanter Set are Unique Housewarming Gifts

Nothing makes someone’s new house feel like a home more than a stunningly beautiful gift displayed inside it. No gift will accomplish this better than this globe decanter set! It’s absolutely gorgeous and will look incredible displayed on their coffee table, home bar, or anywhere else in their home. They will be so impressed with the appearance and functionality of these unique housewarming gifts that tie the room together, and using it will make their time in their new home even more exciting.

Unique Housewarming Gifts for Furnishing the Walls

Customized Wine Cellar Sign

Moving to a new house requires redecorating. Help them refurnish their home with the most gorgeous piece of decor—this wine cellar sign! No matter where they hang it up in their home, it’ll look fantastic and brighten up the space like nothing else could. Seeing their name and the beautiful colors of this sign is sure to make them smile and make their house feel like home.

A Congratulations Gift Box

Engraved Whiskey Bottle Box

You know they really don’t need anything for their home, but you still want to buy them a unique housewarming gift that they’ll really like. This whiskey bottle gift box is the perfect housewarming gift for someone who has everything because you can congratulate them on their new place of residence with a bottle of their favorite spirit. They can even use the cool, customized box to store a bottle of liquor for future consumption!

New House, New Glassware

Wine Decanter Sets Make Unique Housewarming Gifts

A new house calls for amazing new glassware, right? This wine decanter set is an excellent choice for a housewarming gift because it’s both functional and beautiful. It’s the kind of gift that will make the room look awesome. They can use all the time to indulge in their favorite wine while also impressing their guests with their stunning personalized glassware in their amazing new home.

This Gift Has Their Name on It

Custom Ammo Can Beer Gift Set

Getting a new place is a big life accomplishment that’s deserving of a congratulatory present! This ammo can gift set is one of the more unique housewarming gifts because it’s an awesome decorative set for their home. To christen the place, they can use their new personalized pint glasses to enjoy their first drink in their new house!

Plant a Housewarming Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Terrarium is a Housewarming Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Nothing brightens up a room like a plant, so make sure that their new house is full of happy vibes with this awesome gift! They will immediately fall in love with this terrarium container and starter kit because of how bright and joyful it makes their new home feel, and they’ll love how fun it is taking care of their own personal little garden.

Their New Go-To Set

Personalized Whiskey Glassware Box Set

Everyone needs a go-to glassware set in their home, and what better time to give them their first classy set or replace an old one than during a move? This boxed decanter set is an amazing housewarming gift choice because it will help them remember their first drink in their new home. They can even use the box to store essential items for their new home, such as family photos of when they first moved into their new house!


For Their Brand New Kitchen

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

One thing that will make their new place feel like home sooner is a home cooked meal! This cutting board is incredible! It’s one of the greatest housewarming gift for someone who has everything because they’ll love using it in the kitchen to make themselves or their whole family a delicious meal in their new kitchen. They’ll be obsessed with the customization of the board and the way it looks displayed in the kitchen when they aren’t using it to chop up food.

Unique Housewarming Gifts to Brighten Up the Home

Personalized Wooden Sign are Unique Housewarming Gifts

Make their home feel familiar instantly by claiming the space with their name! This wooden family sign will ensure that everyone who comes through your door knows exactly where they are. They’ll be so thrilled to hang up the most attractive home sign ever up in their home anywhere they want, and they’ll want to stare at it forever as it brightens up the whole house and makes it truly feel like home for them.

Welcome and Wipe Your Feet

Welcome Mat

Every new home needs the perfect welcome mat! This aesthetically pleasing black doormat is one of the most unique housewarming gifts that they’ll adore because of how handsome and useful it is. It’ll make every guest they have feel welcome, too, which they’ll really appreciate!

Toast to a New House

Engraved Whiskey Stone Gift Box

Give a toast to the friend or couple who has finally gotten their own place! While some of their things may still be in boxes, this gift is one box they won't mind opening, no matter how tired from moving they are. After what has to have been a long day, when they call it quits on unpacking, this gift set with its engraved cocktail glasses is sure to be their favorite way to unwind!

Help Them Stay Organized

Leather Valet Gift Box is a Housewarming Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

The ideal housewarming gift for someone who has everything is often a practical gift that will simply make their life easier. This leather valet box will help them keep their watches, rings, and any other jewelry safe and sound inside it. Even after they’ve moved and are settled into their new place, they’ll love keeping this box on their bedside table to keep all their accessories organized.

Safety First with Unique Housewarming Gifts

Smart Video Doorbell

Security for a new house is vitally important, so make sure they have a head start on keeping their place safe with this smart video doorbell! They’ll easily be able to see who is at their door using their smartphone, and special features such as motion detector, night vision, and others will give them a peace of mind while they’re in their new home.

His Own Space

Personalized Man Cave Sign

Some of the most useful and attractive unique housewarming gifts are decorative signs for the home. This man cave sign is especially important for the man of the house to establish his own space early on. He’ll be a big fan of how it boldly proclaims to every member of the household and guest that the space belongs to him and him alone.

Savor The Moment

Custom Decanter and Whiskey Stones Set

Sometimes, the greatest housewarming gifts are those that help them remember the moment they moved into their new house forever. That’s exactly what this whiskey decanter set will do! For the rest of their lives, whenever they pour their favorite spirit from the decanter into the crystal glasses, they’ll remember that amazing, exciting time they moved into their new house.

Keep The Memories Safe

Personalized Shadow Boxes Make Unique Housewarming Gifts

Moving into the new house is the start of a new era of their life. That’s why any decor item is a great housewarming gift for someone who has everything or even for the person who has no decor. They’ll love receiving this customized shadow box to hang up in their new place! Storing wine corks, bottle caps, photographs, or anything else that represent a significant memory deserve to be preserved inside this shadow box.

A New Kitchenware Set

Ceramic Cookware Set

New house, new accessories. That’s a great motto to live by, so get them a new cookware set that ensures they will be fully equipped in their brand new kitchen! These unique housewarming gifts are perfect for whipping up a quick lunch or making a fancy dinner for the whole family. The high-quality tools will make them feel like they’d even be able to impress Gordon Ramsey with their cooking!

Unique Housewarming Gifts to Make Their Bar

Custom Pub Sign Housewarming Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

They’ve always wanted a home bar and their new house is the perfect time to start making their own watering hole. This personalized bar sign will be the perfect first addition to the new bar. This way, whether they’re moving into a space that already has a bar or they are starting their bar build from scratch, this sign will immediately make their new area feel like the home bar they’ve wanted for years!


The Perfect Congratulations

Custom Wine Glass Gift Box Set

Is there any better way to congratulate someone on their new place to live quite like this wine glass box set? Definitely not! Thanks to these unique housewarming gifts, they may never even unpack their old wine glass set. Their house will quickly feel like a home when they’re able to have a toast toward a smooth move, a fresh start, and you for such a great housewarming gift!

Create the Ambiance

Essential Oil Diffuser

Make the brand new house smell fantastic with this the coolest alarm clock ever! This essential oil diffuser will not only make their house smell fantastic, but has a touch screen digital clock! Also, if you pick a scent similar to their old home, they can make their new residence feel as homey as their last place. Is there anything that makes a place feel like home as quickly as having the same relaxing scent?

Have a Drink with these Unique Housewarming Gifts

Etched Ammo Can Whiskey and Cigar Set

Moving into a new place makes a person feel good. Make them feel even better by congratulating them with the coolest gift ever—this ammo can gift set! They’ll feel like a king sipping their favorite spirit from these handsome glasses and enjoying a cigar using these tools in their new house. They can even use the ammo can to store important items inside, such as mementos from their first days in their new house.

Help Them Throw a Housewarming Party

Cornhole Set of Unique Housewarming Gifts

The best kind of party is a housewarming party! Give them one of the most awesome and unique housewarming gifts that will make their party tons of fun. This cornhole set is absolutely perfect because it’s an awesome game that all of their guests can play together while having a good time in the brand new backyard, and they’ll be a big fan of the unique personalization!

Organize and Decorate

Mixed Meal Box

Moving takes a lot of work! Chances are, it’ll take a while before they’re fully moved in and prepared to live normally in their new place. That’s why this meal kit is an awesome, useful gift that they can use when the moving truck hasn’t been fully unloaded yet. They’ll be so appreciative of your gift that lets them enjoy a delicious meal with little to no effort on their part. It’ll lighten the load of the move so much!

A Sign They’ll Love

Custom House Sign

They’re proud of their new house, and they want their name proudly displayed for all to see. That’s why this handsome personalized wooden sign is such a fantastic housewarming gift idea. No matter where they display it in their home, it will look great, and they’ll love admiring it every chance they get. They’ll be so excited to have guests and their house who will admire the sign as well.

Let ‘Em Rest

Whiskey Presentation Set

Moving is hard work, and people who have recently moved are much deserving of a break. Help them relax with a phenomenal housewarming gift for someone who has everything—a whiskey presentation set. It’ll feel so worth it when they sit in their new place, admiring this gorgeous glassware and sipping from their personalized glass. They’ll be very thankful for a gift that helps them relax!

Versatile Home Decor

Full Length Mirrors are Unique Housewarming Gifts

Mirrors are the perfect housewarming gifts because they are effortless decor pieces that work in any room! Not only do they come in handy when you’re rushing out the door to make sure you look good, but mirrors also make any room seem bigger. This full length mirror is a terrific gift that’s the most versatile piece of decor out there.

Congratulate Them with a Unique Housewarming Gift Box

When all else fails, a bottle of their favorite wine is always an amazing housewarming gift idea. It’s made especially fantastic when it’s given inside this customized leather wine box! They’ll absolutely love the wine tools included in this box, and it’s the perfect place to keep a bottle of wine safe before their next special occasion.


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