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Article: 17 First Married Christmas Gifts for Couples

17 First Married Christmas Gifts for Couples

17 First Married Christmas Gifts for Couples

First Married Christmas Gifts are Unforgettable!

You’ve been with your spouse for sometime and you’ve had a couple of Christmases together, but this upcoming one will be the first time you’ve had a Mr. and Mrs. Christmas holiday. This is a memorable occasion that will allow you to give the one you love the most an amazing set of first married Christmas gifts! These are special Christmas gifts due to the fact that you’re sharing this time together for the first time after tying the knot! Don’t think of these as newlywed gifts either, after all, these are Christmas gifts. So get in the holiday spirit, grab some cocoa, and find your ultimate set of first Christmas together gifts!

First Married Christmas Gifts for Crystal Lovers

Crystal Whiskey Set of First Married Christmas Gifts

Spend the holidays in great spirits (literally) with this crystal glass and custom decanter luxury box set. You and your spouse will never forget this set of first married Christmas gifts because you’ll always be using it! This is the perfect set for the holidays, anniversaries, date nights, or when company is over. A classic set like this is not only a fantastic gift but great for any occasion too.

The Perfect Couples Glassware Set

Engraved Marriage Christmas Wine Glass Set

Finding those perfect first Christmas together gifts can feel quite daunting. However, just think about what both of you as a couple will enjoy. For wine lovers, what could be better than this custom wine glass gift set? It celebrates your wedding anniversary or it may mark the date of your first Christmas, making it an unforgettable gift and keepsake!

Your New Favorite Photo

Custom Acrylic Photo Block

One of the best gifts that a couple can enjoy together on Christmas is a memorable photo. Take one of your favorite moments and immortalize it with an acrylic block. Perfect for a desk or mantle, you can proudly display your love for one another with a custom message. Great for a couple during the holidays but something you can also enjoy year-round together!

An Awesome Christmas Couples Sign

Engraved Drink Together Sign

Couples that get along the best always have a few things in common, for the two of you it has got to be your love for a drink! At the end of the day, the two of you love nothing more than kicking back and indulging in some liquor together. This Christmas, share your love with a sign that has been personalized for your home. And maybe have cocktails ready for you and your partner to enjoy and christen the sign with.

For Sophisticated Drinking Only

Whiskey Tasting Glass Set of First Christmas Together Gifts

Speaking of liquor, if you’re in search of awesome first married Christmas gifts for people who love scotch, whiskey, or bourbon these tasting glasses are just what they need. They’re crested with their last initial and due to their unique design are perfect for nosing and tasting the finer and more subtle flavors in liquor. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than getting lost in the flavor of your favorite spirits?


First Christmas Together Gifts for the Worldly Couple

Airplane Decanter Set of First Married Christmas Gifts

Take off on your search for fantastic Christmas gifts for your spouse with this amazing plane decanter. It is the perfect way for your two to enjoy a drink while talking about your epic exotic honeymoon or to plan out your next Christmas vacation together.

A Barrel of a Good Time

Personalized Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Share your first Christmas together gifts in a unique and awesome sense of style with this personalized couples wine tumbler gift set. Engraved with you and your spouse’s names as well as your wedding date, this is a great way for the two of you to indulge in a glass of wine over the holidays together.

Coolest Custom Christmas Cutting Board

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Sharing food as a couple is practically a holiday tradition. However, when you’re in search of personalized gifts for newlyweds as newlyweds, a lot of the ideas were likely taken up when you got your gifts for being married. Surprise your spouse with an engraved cutting board. Not only does it look great, but the two of you will love looking at your name and wedding date each time you make your signature dishes for Christmas.

Keep Cool as a Couple

Custom Ice Bucket

While the weather outside is frightful, your cocktails can be just as delightful. Keep your cocktails as cold as the snow with this awesome insulated ice bucket. Enjoy drinks by the fire with your lovely spouse without having to get up for more ice ever again! This personalized ice bucket is the ideal Christmas gift that any pair of cocktail lovers absolutely must have!

A Luxury Wine Decanter Set of First Married Christmas Gifts

Unique Wine Aerating Kit for Couples Christmas

Embellish your love for wine as a couple with this unique set of first married Christmas gifts. It is a decanter and aerator set combo. That means as the two of you sit down for Christmas dinner together, you’ll finally be able to get the most flavor from your wine as this glassware aerates and decants your bottle. How cool is that?

Engraved Wine Chiller

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Never suffer a warm drink of wine ever again if you have to with a personalized marble wine chiller. These are fantastic for chilling a bottle in a short amount of time, making them great for date nights. However, since it is engraved marble, this also looks fantastic in general! For Christmas dinner, you’ll be certain that this is the centerpiece of the table.

His and Her First Married Christmas Gifts

His and Her Glasses are First Christmas Together Gifts

Sometimes you’re in the mood for one drink while they want something else. Use your first Christmas together gifts as the perfect opportunity to get a his and her set. This way the both of you can share a drink together with a personalized style but without having to both want the exact same drink.

Custom Sign for Married Couples

Personalized Married Christmas Sign

A custom sign is a perfect gift for the holidays. As a couple, it not only shows off your love for one another but also is an easy and fitting way to decorate your home. This anniversary sign is absolutely the perfect choice for your first year as a married couple. As this hangs on the wall, you’ll always reflect back on your wedding day with such fondness. Talk about a great year-round Christmas gift idea for newly married couples!

Personalized Valet Tray

Personalized Valet Tray of First Christmas Together Gifts

First married Christmas gifts can be awesome his and her presents. This personalized valet tray is a fantastic gift idea that both of you can enjoy. With eight spots for watches, you and your spouse can both store and show off your best watches while still having plenty of room for cufflinks and earrings in the drawer. This is a great-looking gift that also allows you to always look your best with ease.

The Perfect Liquor Gift Box

Custom Liquor Gift Box

Got a husband or wife that has a favorite bottle of liquor? Go the extra mile this Christmas with this personalized liquor gift box. It is the perfect way to dress up a gift that could feel like there was little thought in it. However, with a personalized gift box, they’ll know you wanted to make this holiday season as special as possible.

Engraved Shadow Box for Holiday Memories

Personalized Shadow Box for Christmas

A shadow box is a phenomenal Christmas gift for couples. They allow you and your partner to have a place to share and store memories. From wine corks to other memorable trinkets, each time you walk past your custom shadow box you’ll think of all those good times you have had with your partner.

A Twist on First Christmas Together Gifts

Engraved Twist Whiskey Glass Set of First Married Christmas Gifts

Still looking for those first married Christmas together gifts? Make things memorable with a classy whiskey gift set. You’ll always remember your first Christmas when the two of you shared drinks by the fireplace while having a toast to a fantastic first year of marriage.


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